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Good Vocations

SM, a not for profit organization managed by Goodwill of Middle Georgia and the CSRA, has provided job skills training for individuals with disabilities since 1998. This training helps people with severe disabilities prepare for jobs that provide competitive wages, good benefits, and lead to greater independence and quality of life. Good VocationsSM training programs are created to provide hands-on training and work experience that will prepare clients to meet employer needs. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to work. We believe work is the cornerstone of the American Dream and the foundation for strong families.

Most training and employment opportunities are made possible through contracts at federal facilities and procured through the AbilityOne Program – the largest single source of employment for people with disabilities in the United States. In 2011, over 47,000 people were employed through AbilityOne. Through a partnership with AbilityOne, Good VocationsSM places skilled individuals into quality jobs. Good VocationsSM has been training and placing individuals with disabilities into meaningful jobs at Robins Air Force Base in Macon, GA for more than 30 years and at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA for more than 16 years. There are currently 193 employees and trainees, most of whom are diagnosed with severe disabilities, at Robins Air Force Base and Fort Gordon. Good VocationsSM custodial services employees are responsible for cleaning over 26 million square feet every week at these two locations. . Good Vocations customer, Marshall Wall, Jr, P.E. Chief, 78th Civil Engineer Ops Support Flt at Warner Robins says, “Good Vocations strives to provide good customer service. Good Vocations' supervisors and managers are cooperative, easy to work with, and support a good communication between Good Vocations personnel and the Government. Good Vocations' project managers effectively concentrate efforts on performing inspections, improving service quality, and resolving customer and employee issues.” Without Good VocationsSM, many of its employees could be part of the more than 21 million people with disabilities nationwide who are not working. Employees are engaged in a wide range of service sectors including custodial services, manufacturing and assembly work, stocking, fleet services, vehicle retro-fitting, and warehousing. Your support to our organization ensures that we can continue to grow our services to serve people with disabilities. Thank you for helping us provide the opportunity to work.

W. Jonathan Martin, II Board Chair Good Vocations

Good Vocations Employees of the Year SM

Ft. Gordon - Steve Jarrell

Steve Jarrell has walked side by side with tragedy for much of his life. Growing up in rural middle GA, Steve started drinking and using drugs at age 15 to try to overcome his innate shyness. Steve says, "My friends drank and did drugs, so I just went along with them. I just wanted to fit in." Steve continued for years drinking and using drugs, but managed to always work. As a young adult, more tragedy occurred. Steve's sister , mother, and father were brutally murdered by his brother-in-law in a fit of rage. Steve said "my brother-in-law just got mad one night and killed them all." He continues, this tragedy "really blew me out of control. I went deep, deep, deep into drinking and drugs to try and forget." In addition, Steve suffered from constant pain in his hip so the drinking and drugs helped to numb that physical pain as well. Steve was in the Army when he found his way out of the darkness. At the age of 38, he needed a hip replacement to end the pain. In order to undergo the surgery, he had to get sober. He moved to Augusta GA to enter a rehab program through the VA. Once there, he got sober, and had the hip replaced. At that point, he was eager to get back to work. Steve found Good Vocations/AbilityOne through the Vocational Rehabilitation program at Ft. Gordon in Augusta GA. He started work with Good Vocations in April 2010 - and has never missed one day of work. Steve was just promoted to Team Leader. Steve states that the Good Vocations/ AbilityOne Program "changed my life a great deal. I believe work is very important. It keeps you focused." Despite all of the tragedy in his life, Steve wants to make sure that this nomination committee knows that he "loves God and believes that all things are possible. I am an example of that."

Warner Robins Air Force Base - David Myrick

Responsible for cleaning nine different areas on Warner Robins Air Force Base, David always has to be on his toes. The majority of his work day is spent cleaning the Air Force Museum, a high profile area which hosts many dignitaries, visitors, and government/social functions. Because of the social function of this area, David's schedule changes frequently to accommodate events. He never questions the change in schedule and his supervisors say he "goes above and beyond to make sure the Museum is ready." Since coming to Good Vocations in July 2010, David has never missed one day of work. When asked what his thoughts about working are, he says "It's easy. When you want something to get done, you just do it." His supervisor says, "David gets along very well with all of the Good Vocations employees, as well as the Air Force employees. He is known for being in a good mood and being respectful of others. If another employee is absent, David is always willing to pick up the slack." As for himself, David says, “I love working here with everyone. I try to do the best I can every day. Every day I get up and think how am I going to get this all done. I just start by getting the big things done first." David is dedicated to his job, and takes tremendous pride in doing the best he possibly can. Several of the Air Force building managers commend David on his dedication and state that David "responds to issues right away - without complaint." When asked the question what he enjoys most about his job, David's positive attitude is evident in his response, "I just want to work. I want to be able to say I have a job. I don't care about the pay. I like being able to advance my abilities." David admits to having one pet peeve - being late for anything.


- Sir Winston Churchill

What We Do - AbilityOne Contract Sites

Good Vocations/Goodwill Industries in conjunction with NISH and the AbilityOne Program places individuals with disabilities into meaningful jobs to help give them a better quality of life. Good Vocations provided more than 130,000 training hours to job seeking clients, most with severe disabilities. Last year, commissary workers stocked over 1.3 million cases of groceries and custodial workers cleaned over 5.5 million squre feet each day between the two bases. Commissary Contract at Robins Air Force Base

At Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA, Good Vocations provides warehousing, receiving, shelf stocking and custodial services. This contract began its 30th year on April 30, 2011. It employs 34 people, most of whom have severe disabilities.

Commissary Contract at Fort Gordon

Good Vocations provides warehousing, receiving,shelf stocking, and custodial services at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA. This contract has been successful for 15 years and employs 28 people, most of whom have severe disabilities.

Robins Air Force Base Custodial

Fort Gordon Custodial and Day Care Center

Good Vocations is responsible for cleaning over 100 government buildings as well as the Day Care Center located at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA. This contract began August 2, 2010, and employs 45 people, most of whom have severe disabilities.

By the Numbers:

Warner Robins Air Force Base 133 - Total number of personnel 4,085,000 - Total square feet cleaned each day 20,500,000 - Total square feet cleaned each week 5,330,000,000 - Total square feet cleaned each year Ft. Gordon 60 - Total number of personnel 1,120,000 - Total number of square feet cleaned each day 5,600,000 - Total number of sqaure feet cleaned each week 1,456,000,000 - Total number of square feet cleaned each year Good VocationsSM is managed by Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA

Annual Report 2010 - 2011

At Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA, Good Vocations provides competitive professional custodial services to the majority of the buildings at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA. This contract started 22 years ago with one building with 80,000 square feet of cleaning space and employed about 18 persons with severe disabilities; today this contract has grown to 280 buildings, with over 4 million square feet of cleaning space and employs over 110 people, most of whom have severe disabilities.

2010-2011 Good Vocations Annual Report  

2010-11 Good Vocations Annual Report

2010-2011 Good Vocations Annual Report  

2010-11 Good Vocations Annual Report