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OPENING STATEMENT Tim O’Neal, President & CEO In the decades since Goodwill of Central Arizona first opened its doors

here in Arizona, we have helped thousands of people find work and get back on their feet. We are very proud of the impact we have had so far on our state, but it’s not even close to that which we need to achieve.

When you look at those who are unemployed, underemployed, or have simply given up on finding work, there are close to 650,000 people in

Arizona who could benefit from services just like the ones we provide. As we look toward and plan for the future, we envision an Arizona where unemployment no longer exists. It is this vision of ending

unemployment that serves as the guiding “north star” of Goodwill of Central Arizona; everything we do must align with it, and move us one step closer to achieving this ultimate measure of success.

In order to fulfill our long-term vision for the future, we must evolve our programs to meet the needs of our community today. We must grow sustained revenues to ensure financial stability, and form innovative

partnerships to leverage resources and maximize impact. We must find

new ways to help more people discover the dignity and power of work. With the vision of ending unemployment at the forefront, we have

developed a strategic plan to strengthen our operations, align key

stakeholders, and guide our actions as an organization over the next

five years. By implementing the strategies outlined in this document, we will empower individuals, strengthen families, build stronger

communities, and advance our efforts to create the pathway to a better future for all Arizonans by helping those who desire self-sufficiency. Our vision of a future in which unemployment no longer exists

and all people have the opportunity to learn, work and achieve

their greatest potential is what drives and inspires us every day. It’s a vision that may take several lifetimes to achieve, but we believe it’s one worthy of our pursuit.


Through the work of Goodwill of Central Arizona, all people will have the opportunity to learn, work and achieve their greatest potential. This vision will be fulfilled only when unemployment is eliminated here in Arizona. Job seekers of all abilities and backgrounds will discover the dignity and power of work. We will partner with cities, nonprofit organizations, employers, educators and policy makers to eliminate barriers to employment. Together with our partners, we will ensure that job training and support services are accessible to all Arizonans, and we will continuously evolve to meet the needs of those we serve. We will ensure that anyone who wants to work has the opportunity to do so. We will wage a war against unemployment by focusing on four pillars of operational success: 1 sustaining growth through financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility; 2 engaging with key stakeholders and strategic partners; 3 implementing strategies to maximize resources and infrastructure; and 4 promoting a culture at Goodwill of Central Arizona that embraces growth

and development.

GOODWILL OF CENTRAL ARIZONA’S MISSION: Through the goodwill of others, we create the pathway to a better future for all by helping those who desire self-sufficiency. We will achieve this mission through strategic initiatives and partnerships that: EMPOWER INDIVIDUALS.


We will be a resource, advocate and

We will provide parents with resources

partner for all job seekers. By providing

and support to obtain and advance in

education, training, employment placement

family-sustaining jobs. This will in turn

services and other resources, we will equip

put them in a better position to maintain

Arizonans with the knowledge, skills and

secure and stable housing, nurture family

confidence they need to secure sustainable

bonds, and provide a better quality of life

employment and achieve self-sufficiency.

for themselves and their families.

BUILD STRONGER COMMUNITIES. We will serve as a conduit for social change by forming strategic partnerships in our region and connecting people in need with life-changing support that has widespread social and economic impact.

The Goodwill Circle of Impact

The circle continues‌

By empowering individuals, we help build stronger families and communities. This leads to more people who are better able to give back themselves.

Empowering individuals.

Our programs and services do more than help people get hired. We empower individuals to develop new skills, pursue educational advancement opportunities, increase their earnings, and reach their fullest potential.

It starts with a donation.

When items are dropped off at one of our 70+ donation centers, we give them new life as Goodwill merchandise. This is the first step in fighting unemployment in Arizona.

If something doesn’t sell, we recycle it! We keep more than 130 million pounds of goods from going directly into Arizona landfills each year.

Let the shopping begin!

Purchases made in our stores support programs that help people right here in our community get and keep jobs with local employers of all sizes and industries. Every purchase makes a difference.

Shopping and donating fund our career centers and job programs.

Through the goodwill of our community, we’re able to give thousands of people every year the training and support they need to find jobs, build successful careers, and provide a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Our career centers are open to everyone, and offer job training, career advisement, and employment placement services—at no cost.

We put 90 cents of every dollar toward programs that help people achieve employment and self-sufficiency.

FY2016-2020 Strategic Initiatives 1. GROW AND DIVERSIFY REVENUE STREAMS TO FUND PROGRAMS THAT RESULT IN SIGNIFICANT SOCIAL IMPACT. As a self-sustaining social enterprise and nonprofit, we will expand our retail operations and develop new business lines to support and grow our programs and ensure long-term financial stability. We will strengthen our resource development efforts by increasing engagement, fostering donor relationships, forging meaningful partnerships, and creating Goodwill ambassadors throughout our community.

2. EXPAND OUR PROGRAMS AND SERVICES TO PROVIDE MORE INTENSIVE AND IMPACTFUL SUPPORT TO A GREATER NUMBER OF JOB SEEKERS. In order to meet the diverse needs of Arizona’s job seekers, we will continue to evolve and grow our mission services and make them even more accessible to the public. We will expand our use of technology to deliver greater virtualization of services, and partner with complementary organizations and cities to increase our capacity to reach underserved populations and rural communities.

3. PROMOTE INNOVATION AND COLLABORATION TO STRENGTHEN ARIZONA’S WORKFORCE. To ensure economic vitality and growth of our region, we must develop an employee base that is well-trained and prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. Goodwill of Central Arizona will lead the way in establishing strategic partnerships, advocating for workforce development initiatives, and creating new programs focused on developing Arizona’s talent pipeline and advancing the region’s competitiveness. We will fight unemployment in Arizona by engaging local employers, other nonprofits, industry leaders and economic development agencies to identify the workforce and skills needs of individual sectors. We will address those needs by ensuring that the people in our state have access to education, training and opportunities that lead to jobs with familysustaining wages in targeted and emerging industries.

4. PARTNER WITH COMPLEMENTARY NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS TO LEVERAGE RESOURCES AND STRENGTHEN COLLECTIVE IMPACT. By expanding our strategic partnerships and forming new collaborations with other nonprofits in Arizona, we will increase awareness of and access to Goodwill of Central Arizona’s programs and other support services that can assist people in their quest for employment. We will explore opportunities to establish new access point locations throughout the region. We will strengthen efforts to partner with nonprofits that focus on serving low-income individuals and families to increase awareness of the services that we provide and help more people in need. We will develop and deploy programs to support the career and educational advancement of parents, and form partnerships with social service organizations to reach underserved populations. Through leadership and alliances that combine assets and mobilize community resources, more people will be able to receive the level of support they need to achieve employment and self-sufficiency.

FY2016-2020 Strategic Initiatives 5. LEAD COLLABORATION WITH SCHOOLS AND EMPLOYERS TO IMPROVE SCHOOL-TO-WORK TRANSITIONS FOR ARIZONA YOUTH. Through strategic partnerships, we will prepare youth for successful educational and financial futures by eliminating barriers to employment early on. We will collaborate with postsecondary institutions, economic development agencies and employers to develop programs that align with the expectations and needs of postsecondary educational institutions and employers, and prepare young people for careers with upward mobility.

6. EXPAND AND PROMOTE ENVIRONMENTAL VALUE OF GOODWILL. By recovering the value in people’s unwanted material goods, we will continue to divert millions of pounds of goods from local landfills each year. We will expand the number of Goodwill donation centers in our state to make repurposing easier, more convenient and accessible to more people. We will explore new processes and technologies to improve environmental practices and resource efficiency. And by working with a diverse group of partners (including municipalities and educational institutions) we will develop innovative sustainability and recycling strategies and practices to protect the planet and support Arizona’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

PROJECTED OUTCOMES More educated and qualiďŹ ed labor force.

7. INVEST IN THE PEOPLE WE SERVE BY INVESTING IN THE PEOPLE WHO SERVE. We will strengthen Arizona’s labor force beginning with our own employees. We will invest in creating a highly engaged workforce united by the shared purpose of ending unemployment in Arizona, and we will provide our team members with the training and resources they need to contribute to the advancement of our mission, support their families, and be contributing members of their own communities.

Increased number of people placed into jobs. JOB


Decreased regional unemployment rates. Decreased use of public assistance. Greater synergy and increased collaboration among complementary organizations.

Increase in the number of Arizona families earning livable wages.


Increased regional competitiveness and economic growth.


Goodwill of Central Arizona’s FY2016-2020 Strategic Plan drives our mission of creating the pathway to a better future for all by helping those who desire self-sufďŹ ciency. By implementing the strategies set forth in this document and together with our strategic partners, we will empower individuals, strengthen families and build stronger communities throughout Arizona.

2626 W. Beryl Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85021 (602) 535-4000

Strategic Plan Report  
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