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H I G H LY CO M M E NDE D Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership for 2018

Beating Cancer Together Through Digital Partnership Overview Client Background — Hospitals face a unique challenge when advertising since they need to reach patients who need medical services but must do so in a way that doesn’t feel invasive. Our client, a New Jersey health system, promotes upbeat and patient-focused advertising. As their digital media partner, Goodway Group also strives to promote a patient-centric message. Campaign Objective — The health system needed help reaching new prostate cancer patients in New Jersey to promote proton therapy, an advanced version of radiation therapy. Our objective was to increase site traffic and generate high-value proton therapy patient leads for the health system by encouraging prospective patients to complete a lead form on a customized landing page or use a click-to-call link to reach out to the hospital’s call center. Ideally, these leads would turn into patient cases and increase the number of patients receiving treatment at the hospital.

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Patient Privacy and Medical Sensitivity We take patient privacy seriously at Goodway Group. Here’s how we ensure we’re following medical sensitivity best practices: • HIPPA Certification — All Goodway Group employees take HIPAA certification classes every two years. • Secure, anonymous data — We use a secure hashing process to anonymize hospital CRM data before we target it, and we delete the data after the campaign is over. • No targeting based on illness or treatments — We do not behaviorally target or domain retarget users based on medically sensitive information, such as ailments or treatments. • Positive creative messaging — We only run medical creative that focuses on positive, treatment-focused messaging.


Strategy Our ongoing partnership with the health system allowed us to draw on our years of experience in medical advertising to follow best practices from the campaign’s start. Our research showed that cancer patients investigate treatment options thoroughly, so we focused on SEM and desktop display, but also employed crossdevice targeting to reach patients across all their devices. We began the campaign with the SEM channel, giving it time to ramp up and increase quality scores. As our display campaign influenced patients to search for the hospital, they would see our ads at the top of the search results, increasing the efficiency of both campaigns. We started with a test budget in Q4 2017 to try out different tactics to reach potential patients, and in January 2018, we launched the main initiative. We continued with our SEM and display campaigns and applied learnings from the test campaign to the main campaign to


Total Patient Leads in 2018

114% Performance Above Goal

Include click-to-call ad extensions to encourage action.

Campaign Foundations


Find patients through first- and third-party data targeting.

further emphasize the best-performing behavioral targeting segments so that the media would be pre-optimized and we wouldn’t be starting from scratch. Additionally, we implemented real-time decisioning to guide our optimizations and focus on the best-performing segments.

Success Our campaign helped to increase site traffic and activities as well as generate leads for the hospital. We saw an increase of 196% in site traffic throughout the campaign. We also saw a 252% increase in display activities. Additionally, we generated 30 high-quality patient leads in 2018. Due to the high barrier to entry and the high revenue opportunity for the hospital, our goal is only 2 leads per month. We achieved an average of 4.3 leads per month from January to July, surpassing our goal by 114%.

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