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Combined Tier 2 and Tier 3 Advertising Drives Car Sales in Kansas City Metro Area Overview Our client, an auto manufacturer’s regional office, wanted to increase awareness and sales in the Kansas City metro area. A competing manufacturer dominated the market and made getting onto a consumer’s consideration list difficult. Our client’s goal was to boost qualified website activities for their individual dealers, as well as drive more leads and sales. Goodway’s challenge was to determine how to make an impact, through digital advertising, in a highly competitive market.

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Strategy To generate demand and create awareness in the Kansas City market, Goodway ran a comprehensive campaign combining both Tier 2 and Tier 3 advertising. All area dealers would benefit from the Tier 2 advertising, and individual dealers could choose to participate in the supplemental Tier 3 program to boost their exposure. The threemonth media plan featured cross-device display and video advertising for both tiers, with an emphasis on mobile devices. The campaign leveraged a conquestfocused approach, primarily targeting the largest competitor in the region, as well as other key competitive brands. To ensure each dealer’s campaign targeted the right competitor, we customized each of their conquest sets by using registration sales data to determine the top three competitive models. This strategy acknowledged the nuances of the brand’s audience from dealer to dealer. Goodway optimized the competitive audience as the campaign ran, adjusting the targeting to rival brands that converted at the highest rate.




5 Participating Dealers

5 Nonparticipating Dealers








Success The five dealers who chose to participate in the Tier 3 campaign saw the highest lift in sales, conversions and leads. Due to the combined Tier 2 and Tier 3 efforts, they experienced a sales increase of 2.1%, a 6.5% lift in conversions, and a 30% increase in leads. The nonparticipating dealers saw a benefit from the Tier 2 advertising but didn’t reap the same benefits as those who participated in the complementary Tier 3 program.

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