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GENERATING LEADS FOR THE CABLE INDUSTRY THROUGH A COMPREHENSIVE DATA STRATEGY CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND Moving is a stressful experience, filled with tons of decisions. Hire movers or pay your friends with pizza for their help? Keep your old furniture or buy new furniture? Get cable at your new house or try out satellite or streaming services? The cable industry aims to take the stress out of that last decision, by providing movers with multiservice offers. It’s a win-win, as consumers receive attractive offers and the cable companies keep customers in their ecosystem. To achieve this win-win, our client, a cable industry marketing group, collaborates with Goodway on digital media and data strategy and relies on Goodway for campaign execution. Our years-long partnership has led to a deep relationship built on trust and transparency. The campaign has taken many shapes over the years as the ad tech market has evolved. What started as a simple banner campaign is now a multichannel execution that uses a layered media and data strategy. The past year has been especially momentous as we have taken campaign performance to new heights by incorporating an offline-toonline data strategy, which allows us to reach users at every stage of their moving journey.

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES The overall objective of the campaign is to generate leads for the companies providing TV, internet and phone services, also known as multiservice operators or MSOs. We achieve this objective by identifying and attracting the moving population in every stage of the moving process. Our goal is to get movers to fill out a lead form with their address and zip code to route them to their local MSO’s website. We try to hit as low an effective cost per lead (eCPL) as possible, with a current goal to keep the eCPL under $10. We dedicate a portion of the campaign’s annual budget to testing. Our testing program allows us to seek out the newest programmatic opportunities and evaluate them, without affecting the performance of the primary campaign. We use the testing budget to try out new data segments, targeting methods, and media placements. We’ve uncovered several successful tactics through testing over the past year, including dedicated email blasts, specific site-direct placements with Trulia and Zillow and changing the structure of our Facebook campaigns.

STRATEGY We target the moving audience in several different ways. Our biggest focus is on how to best use data to target moving consumers. We use a combination of offline and online data layered on top of our media buys to find our audience. Additionally, we’ve also placed strategic site-direct buys on real estate websites and email newsletters to reach our target audience.

Offline Data Strategy One of the primary ways we reach our client’s audience is through targeting offline mover data, which is refreshed daily. We upload this unique data into various platforms such as Facebook, Amazon and

our preferred demand-side platform to match it to online users whom we can then target. These data files are updated daily. Our strategy is to reach these users in every place possible to remind them to sign up for a new cable offer, so we target users as they shop, as they browse the web and as they navigate through their social feeds. We also create look-alike models from the offline data to reach users who are similar in profile and behavior to our target moving audience. This technique allows us to scale our audience since the moving data is limited. Often, we’ve seen better results with the look-alike model than the offline data itself.

Once consumers disconnect their cable services, the clock starts ticking to get them to stay onboard. We target anonymous offline mover data and use it build online segments that target audiences across various platforms and tactics:

Online Data Strategy We also use online data in various ways, including both third-party and first-party data. We target the standard third-party data segments, focusing on new movers, mortgage-seekers and users looking for cable or internet services. We continuously optimize these segments and add new relevant segments as they appear and weed out segments that don’t perform or aren’t cost-effective. Using our client’s first-party data is key to our success. We have placed pixels on their site and retarget users who have hit the landing page but did not fill out the lead form. We also create look-alike models from these audiences to extend our reach and improve retargeting performance. Finally, we target users who are out of the area for the particular MSO page they are visiting when they start to fill out a widget to get information about their local MSO, but abandon the widget before completing it.

Third-Party Data •• In-market for real estate •• In-market for cable or internet •• “New mover” demographic First-Party Data •• Domain retargeting •• Widget retargeting •• Look-alike modeling

Site-Direct Strategy We have placed several strategic site-direct buys with all the major real estate websites, including Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Homes, For Rent, Apt Ratings and Yellow Pages. However, we don’t just place a sitedirect buy and call it a day. We’ve taken the time to build relationships with these sites over the many years we’ve worked on this campaign. Our longterm relationship with our client and management of this campaign has put us at an advantage with these publishers, allowing for unique opportunities. However, we regularly test and evaluate our placements to make sure we’re buying the most efficient lead-generating ads for our cable client. On, we utilize link placements that users will see when they are searching for a specific property. A “Special Cable Offers” link takes them directly to the client’s offers page, so the user can see who the cable provider is in the area, and what packages are available. While these placements aren’t exclusive, we’ve worked hard to stand out by using different link colors, and other unique identifiers.

Zillow is another site that has provided us with a unique opportunity. After looking up a property on Zillow, you can click on the Home Expenses section to get a sense of estimated costs of living in the house. Our ads take you straight to see an offer, with the address of the property pre-populated in the lead form. Right now, we are the only advertiser utilizing the address pass-through feature. We tested this placement before adding it to the main campaign, and we found that pre-populating the address led to a 56% increase in leads for this tactic, and contributed toward a 24% increase in overall leads when we implemented it in March 2017. While we don’t run email marketing for our client, we can leverage email’s high-performance impact by placing in-email banners in category-specific newsletters. We target email newsletters geared toward movers, renters and general real estate and home design enthusiasts. We even have an exclusive dedicated email placement with, which is one of our top lead-generating placements. It’s been a successful strategy, largely because these newsletters are all opt-in, indicating a highly engaged and tightly targeted audience.

RESULTS Our strategy has produced successful results for our client. We’ve seen an impressive 79% drop in our eCPL and 80% increase in leads over the past 12 months. Our offline data and site-direct strategies have resulted in the biggest month-over-month gains. Testing has proved to be a crucial element in finding new performance drivers, and the immediate impact of adding tested tactics to the overall campaign is clear.






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60,000 54,042 50,000



$9.84 17,217

$8.64 16,991

$8.58 16,461

27,299 $9.73



10,989 JUN


• Refreshed Facebook offline data audience


Source: Goodway Group and CTAM




• Budget shift from high season to low season







• Added Zillow & Trulia Home Expenses placements after testing in December • Tested Facebook pricing from CPC to CPM




$4.81 APR


• Zillow & Trulia address passback implemented • Shifted site-direct placements from brand awareness to lower funnel • Moved Facebook CPM structure to main campaign

Added Zillow & Trulia Home Expenses placements after testing in December

Tested Facebook pricing from CPC to CPM

10,000 0

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