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Full-funnel Display Strategy Drives ROI and Purchase Intent

Overview Our client, a men’s clothing company with an ecommerce site, needed a full-funnel display strategy — from building awareness at the top of the funnel to driving sales at the bottom. In a saturated online retail market, it is often tough to stand out. To achieve the client’s goals, we needed to create a dual strategy to reach upper funnel customers with awareness-based tactics and lower funnel customers with direct response tactics.

Strategy First, we devised a comprehensive display media strategy to reach the client’s male 25-54 audience at both ends of the funnel. To increase awareness, we focused on site targeting, keyword contextual targeting and private marketplace deals; all centered on categories that tend to skew male, like sports and technology. To increase sales, we included behavioral targeting focusing on the demo and inmarket clothing shoppers, and retargeting, to capture users who browsed several items or put items in their cart but did not complete a purchase. For both sets of tactics, we utilized a cross-device strategy to reach users on all their devices. Next, we implemented a Nielsen Vizu brand study survey to measure our effectiveness in influencing consumers to consider our client’s brand. We surveyed both control and exposed groups, asking how likely they would be to purchase our client’s clothing. Finally, we ensured our campaign reporting tied back to purchase data so we could calculate the return on investment from our advertising.

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One Question Survey How likely are you to purchase our brand’s clothing? Definitely will Probably will May or may not Probably will not Definitely will not

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90% ROI achieved by our successful full-funnel strategy

Success The campaign was a great success, regarding both brand awareness and sales. Our brand survey study showed a 101.4% lift in users who responded that they “Definitely will” or “Probably will” purchase our client’s clothing after exposure to the ads. We also saw an impressive 90% ROI on our display tactics, with most of the sales resulting from our retargeting strategy.

Brand Lift Study Results Control


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Lift: 101.4%

Users who responded “Definitely will” or “Probably will” purchase our client’s clothing.

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