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Dynamic Creative Produces Thrilling Results for Amusement Park Chain Overview Our client, a national amusement park chain, aims to create loyal visitors by promoting season pass purchases and renewals. We strategize together on both year-round campaigns and seasonal initiatives, combining ongoing efforts with heavyups and special sale targeting. Additionally, our client relies on Goodway to help solve two of their business challenges: 17B Š 2018 Goodway Group. All rights reserved.

Client’s Business Challenges Shortening the amount of time it takes to get creative to market

Developing a robust first-party data strategy to market effectively to various audience segments


Prospect to Pass Holder Current Customer Data

Deliver High Value New Prospect Message

Customer Is Now Thrill Seeker

Thrill Seeker

Views Amusement Park’s Local Hours Online

Becomes Season Pass Member

Season Pass Offer

Prospect Message

Create Season Pass Look-alike

Prospect Visits Theme Park Site

Deliver Thrill Seeker Message

Push to Buy Now

Season Pass Member

Strategy Goodway’s mission was to find a way to tie together media, data and creative strategies to provide a solution that works for both ongoing and seasonal promotions and addresses our client’s challenges. Dynamic creative proved to be the answer, allowing us to send specific messages (creative) to specific customer segments (data) across all targeting tactics (media). We utilized dynamic creative across all campaigns. Our summer always-on campaign showcases a typical example of our

strategy. We uploaded our client’s first-party data and created several audience segments, including current pass holders and non-renewals. We also created a look-alike audience. Users first received a “Get ready for the drop.” message, and once they interacted with the site, they were placed in a Thrill Seeker group, receiving a “More thrills. Less bills.” message. Users continued to receive different creative messages after each interaction until the final “Get your thrill on.” message pushed users to convert.

Success Using dynamic creative allowed us to run over 6,000 creative messages at once to reach various audience segments across multiple locations. Additionally, dynamic creative’s template-based setup increased trafficking efficiency, reducing creative time to market by five days.

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6,000+ Creative Messages Live at Once

Reduced Creative Time to Market by

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