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Connecting Digital Advertising With Real-life Results

Overview If you’re an auto dealer, you spend a lot of money on advertising, from TV to radio to digital. At some point, you may stop and ask, “Is this advertising really helping me sell cars?” That is the very question we set out to answer when working with one of our auto-dealership groups on a campaign study. We teamed with Oracle Data Cloud, a best-in-class data-analysis company, to run a Datalogix (DLX) auto study. Datalogix’s partnership with Polk, a leading automotive data provider, allowed us to anonymously match our client’s offline auto-purchasing data with online ad-exposure data.

Data-Collection Period: 90 days


Campaign-Exposure Period


Sales-Measurement Period: 90 days

Post-Campaign Sales Window

Datalogix-Analysis Period

+8 Weeks

Collection and Measurement Timeline Campaign-Exposure Period

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Campaign-Exposure Period

+4 Weeks

Polk DMV Data Aggregation




We ran display banners for four different auto brands, combining several different targeting strategies, such as domain retargeting, behavioral targeting, and audience-based site targeting. Datalogix implemented tracking tags on our campaigns to identify users exposed to the ads throughout the three-month campaign flight. They also built a similar audience of unexposed users to function as a control group. DLX then matched both groups of users against Polk’s anonymized DMV data to determine which group of users saw greater sales lift: the users exposed to ads or not exposed to ads? They measured this by calculating a buy-through rate (BTR), which is total vehicle sales divided by total households exposed.

DLX Buy-through Rate (BTR) Sales Activity Compared to Audience Exposed to a Campaign

÷ Total Brand Vehicle Sales

= Total Households Exposed

Datalogix’s BTR Index

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In all four brand campaigns, the households exposed to our ads were more likely to buy a car than the households who weren’t exposed to our ads. Auto brand 2 saw particular success with a BTR index of 213 — 85 points higher than the control group index of 128 for that market. This study showed that Goodway’s digital advertising successfully aided our clients in selling cars.

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