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QSR Chain Serves Up Success with Sales Lift Study How Offline Sales Attribution Works

Overview Goodway’s client is a quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain with over 200 locations in the Atlanta DMA. The client was looking for a way to prove value from their advertising since traditional digital measurement solutions present a challenge for QSR advertisers. If local customers are already aware of the nearest chain location and they don’t need to click on the ad or go to the website and convert, how does the client know the advertising had an impact? Goodway’s mission was to provide offline sales attribution to help our client understand if their advertising was driving sales and reducing wasted dollars.


Goodway captures ad exposures


Users pay with a credit or debit card


Control and exposed groups that meet targeting criteria identified


Based upon exposed and control group demographics, ROI partner applies a proprietary model to derive the number of transactions from the ads exposed

Strategy First, we determined which channels to run this campaign, which included video, mobile and display buys. Then we implemented a sales lift study, one of Goodway’s offline attribution solutions. We provided the client with metrics such as: •• Total amount exposed and control groups spent at the restaurant •• Average number of transactions per month by exposed and control groups •• Average amount spent per transaction by cardholders This enabled the client to learn whether exposed users were purchasing more than control users, showing a correlation between Goodway’s advertising and a lift in sales.

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Ads served Transactions



% Campaign Lift

The ROI sales lift study showed our advertising campaign made a huge impact on the Atlanta DMA with a 15% lift in spend, a 17% lift in number of transactions and a 9% lift per transaction amount. Cardholders exposed to advertising spent more, went to the restaurant more frequently and spent more each time they visited than nonexposed users, demonstrating that Goodway’s advertising impacted sales.


9% Avg Spend per Acct

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Avg Number of Transactions per Acct

Avg Transaction Size per Acct

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