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Max's Is Back! It is now 40 years since the release of the indie single that turned the entire world on to the New York City rock scene, one which played a key role in transitioning what had been the glitter/glam scene into punk. Max's Kansas City was the downtown New York club where the

Max's album gave us three tracks: "Cream In My Jeans," “Flip Your Wig," and the roll call of the downtown scene, "Max's Kansas City,1976." The decision was made to release the lengthy "Max's" as a single, split into Parts 1 and 2, the A and B side of the single, something that James Brown often used to do in the 70s. The single took on iconic status as the first properly released indie single to come out of the scene, as well as name checking every band (as well as one that didn't even really exist yet) that mattered to what was about to become the punk scene. Members of The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, and others all spoke of getting that first Max's album and playing it until the grooves wore

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Who: Joe Rock & The All-Stars continue to forge on as one of Long Island’s favorite live bands, a rock, blues, punk, and rockabilly outfit with a strong fan base and an even stronger set list. The Artists & Their Sound: From their official bio: “With a highenergy live show and impressive sound that covers a wide-ranging genre spectrum from rock to blues, punk to rockabilly, and so much more, Joe Rock & The All-Stars have been carving their path through the Long Island music scene for years. Led by singer, songwriter, guitarist and WBAB radio personality Joe Rock, the band brings the true rock & roll experience to life through an eclectic mix of original music and covers, playing stages from The Paramount to The Space At Westbury, music festivals such as Great South Bay and Oyster Fest, and many more. Now, as they’ve recently launched their new website, if you missed them on September 20 playing Dee Snider's Ride to Fight Hunger on Long Island at Lido Beach Town Park, mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 2 (Thanksgiving Eve) as they open for Zebra at The Patchogue Theater. Built around the ‘core four’ players of Joe Rock, Lou Carrollo, Gene Linefsky, and Mark ‘The Animal’ Mendoza, the band is most commonly a quartet, but are available from Joe solo acoustic up to a 10-piece band with a horn section, female singer and more. The All-Stars show is high energy with lots of audience participation. Joe and the band do both covers and originals in a fun, rockin’ style that makes every show a party and always leaves audiences groovin’.” To Learn More About The Artists: Find Joe Rock & The All-Stars at their newly updated website,, or find them at Facebook, ReverbNation, Twitter (@JoeRockNY), Instagram, and YouTube.

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scene was born in 1965. By 1976, Max's had changed hands, from original owner Mickey Ruskin to Tommy Dean, who took on the brilliant Peter Crowley as the club's manager and booker. Peter had already been working with Warhol star Wayne County (these days known as Jayne), and together Crowley and County took on the challenge of branding a new, harder scene that had been born from the ashes of The New York Dolls and The Velvet Underground, who had started playing a new kind of rock & roll around the same time that County moved from acting to fronting Queen Elizabeth, the most fierce, visionary creation to come out of downtown

Manhattan. As the scene began to gain attention worldwide, a decision was made to record and release an album spotlighting some of Max's biggest attractions, including County, The Fast, and Cherry Vanilla, as well as the turbulent Suicide and the visiting out-of-towners Pere Ubu. Many had been waiting for something recorded by Wayne County, who had been signed in 1973 to MainMan, the company that Tony De Fries had built around David Bowie, but after mounting the ambitious stage production “Wayne County At The Trucks" for one night only at The Westbeth Theater (which had been recorded and filmed), MainMan cut ties with County, who continued to headline shows and attract massive press worldwide. By 1976, a County recording was long overdue, and the

down, when none of them had even come together as bands yet. After Max's closed in 1981, the Max's label recordings pretty much became collector's items – until Alan Hauser at Jungle Records decided to do what had to be done to make them available again. Jungle, which has enjoyed success with albums from Max's superstars Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, is re-issuing the Wayne County "Max's 76" single, Parts 1 and 2, in a limited edition white vinyl seven-inch format, destined to be a collectible moments after it hits the streets (after the white vinyl first pressing is gone, it reverts to equally collectible black vinyl). Plans are underway for a deluxe edition of the Max's 76 album to be released sometime next year, in honor of the album's 40th anniversary, the first indie compilation album documenting the birth of the scene that we have all come to accept as the soundtrack to our lives. Don't wait too long to advance order your copy of the historic single "Max's Kansas City, 1976" by Wayne County & The Backstreet Boys, and get ready for the big parade.

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