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Chris Fury LI’s Fiery New Guitar Sensation

Who: Chris Fury is a Long Island-based progressive rock guitarist who incorporates virtually all music styles into both his playing and original songs, including jazz, blues, funk, rock, R&B, fusion, and very other facet under the sun. A deft soloist and seasoned live performer, Fury recently took part in an official release party for his new album, From Darkness, at Revolution in Amityvile. He’ll take part in a tour in the coming months in support of the new disc. The Artist & His Sound: From his bio: “Chris Fury speaks, lives, and breathes music — all through the guitar. Born in Long Island, a breeding ground for instrumental rock guitar virtuosos such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci, Fury brings a refreshing sound to the genre. Fronting his own instrumental rock guitar band, The Chris Fury Trio, his music is an eclectic taste of progressive rock, fusion, blues, and jazz elements with the guitar in the forefront. “Based in Brooklyn, Fury’s band features bassist Ian Underwood, a Berklee College Of Music graduate, and Chris Markwood, a reputable Los Angeles session musician. Performing Chris’s originals as well as ambitious cover tunes such as Eric Johnson’s ‘Cliffs Of Dover’ and Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing,’ The Chris Fury Trio performs at a high level of technicality few musicians reach ... Chris is developing a unique voice on the guitar. His sound reflects the grace and funk of John Fruciante of The Red Hot Chili Peppers combined with the technique and virtuosity of Joe Satriani

RHYTHM TRACKING Brit Invasion: It was 50 years ago … oh, dear. I just watched A Hard Day’s Night starring The Beatles on TCM, and the host reminded me that this film was released in the summer of 1964 – and I saw it that summer, not yet a teenager, totally over the moon, as they say in the UK, over this mania that had infected the world. After all this time, it still brings a chill and a

A Hard Day’s Night

and Steve Vai, creating a mixture of originality all his own. “Although predominantly selftaught, an obsession to further his musical skills led Fury to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2008 from Binghamton University. He has also studied under world-renowned guitarists Tom Hess (Rhapsody Of Fire) and Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, and a solo artist). In 2010, Fury’s track “Reborn” was featured on the compilation album Shrouded In Sound: New Guitar Music For A New Decade,” with 14 other artists from around the world. “Fury’s full-length debut release From Darkness is comprised of 13 instrumental emotional tracks, each telling a story within and showcasing Chris’s command of the instrument. The CD was written over a period of five years, with some of the earliest ideas coming from his college dorm.” To Learn More About The Artist: Fury’s new album is available on his website, and is available everywhere music is sold, including iTunes and Amazon. Contact Chris Fury through social media at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (via “ChrisFuryGuitar.”)

thrill, and I can’t wait until July 4, when the film will be shown in theatres in the USA to celebrate its half-century (ouch!) anniversary. Criterion Collection is also going to release a Blu-ray, multi-disc box set to mark the event (meaning that I want to buy it again ... and I will!). It’s quite a trip to realize that The Beatles are still the biggest rock & roll band on the planet. Watching the film, I caught some interesting things: John Lennon is looking at a trade magazine, maybe Billboard (or the U.K.’s Music Week), with an advertisement for “Love Potion #9” by The Searchers on the back cover. In the night club scene, Ringo Starr and the big tall guy are actually inventing the pogo, jumping up and down in place, which would finally surface in the UK in 1976/1977 during punk, although there was no gobbing to be seen. The myth that The Monkees TV show was the template for MTV and music video? Sorry – it was clearly A Hard Day’s Night, and seeing it all again on broadcast TV was like seeing it for the first time. That night, TCM also ran Go Go Mania, Having A Wild Weekend, Hold On, and other “British Invasion” flicks featuring the also powerful at the time Dave Clark 5 and Herman’s Hermits, and forgotten names like The Rocking Berries alongside legends such as The Animals with Eric Burdon. My goodness, we had it so good

By Jimi LaLumia

back then; I don’t think we realized how lucky we were to be around for all this ... until now. See you at the movies on July 4 for A Hard Day’s Night. Here’s To You, Ms. Robinson: The trend-setting Lisa Robinson has finally put it down in writing: A new book, There Goes Gravity: A Life In Rock And Roll (Riverhead Books), tracks the saga of this event-setting woman who glammed up the 1970s while providing even reportage. We follow her at her career inception, meeting and working with her future husband Richard and her editor status at Hit Parader Magazine before birthing Rock Scene Magazine. Like my mentor, Gloria Stavers, Robinson included herself in the mix, and being seen with all the scene makers – rightfully so, as no one was a bigger scene maker than she was. Her column in Creem Magazine, “Eleganza,” focused on fashion in rock & roll before anyone else did, and gave her the chance to turn us on to exotic creatures like The New York Dolls, Bette Midler, and Wayne County. Robinson, in fact, penned a Rock Scene advice column to County, “Dear Wayne,” which in the early-70s was a total mind-blower – imagine, transgendered advice to rockers in 1975! This book is a must, as it’s a historical document of who’s who and what’s what, and how ballsy Lisa Robinson was, and is. Her standoff with Berry Gordy for a Vanity Fair feature (where she has been music editor forever) is worth the price of admission alone. Enjoy There Goes Gravity, because it’s just brilliant.

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