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2 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

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There’s A Beatle On Your Wall:

Fine Art Sale In Water Mill

In celebration of The Beatles’ arrival in America that took place 50 years ago, “The Beatles Art Show & Sale” takes place on May 30 and 31 and June 1 at Duck Walk Vineyards, located at 231 Montauk Highway in Water Mill. Show hours are Friday from 11 am to 8 pm; Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm; and Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. The Beatles art show will be Long the official “kick off” Island for Duck Walk’s 20th Live anniversary in the Steamers Hamptons.

Good For The Planet:

Greenfest In Long Beach

The annual Greenfest environmental day returns on Saturday, May 24 from 10 am to 4 pm at City Hall Plaza in Long Beach. For information, contact Joe Sinnona at Splish (516) 897-2700. Splash As in past years, the event will feature green vendors, food, music, and arts.

Best Bets For Area Fun history, and corporate rogues. Actor, former Marine, and a seat holder on the New York Stock Exchange, Stephen Axelrod, will host this event.

All Aboard: Live Steamer Trains In Brookhaven

Long Island Live Steamers presents an opportunity to ride actual minature steamer trains at events running through October at Southhaven County Park, located at Victory Avenue in Brookhaven. These events run from 10:30 am through 3 pm each day they’re offered; upcoming events are May 26, June 9 and 30, and July 14 and 28. More information: (631) 345-0499, (631) 854-1414, or More on Long Island Live Steamers can be found at Experience a real railroad in miniature as you travel behind live steam, diesel, and electric locomotives. Trains accommodate passengers of all ages.

Get Wet: Splish Splash Returns

Be Your Own Wolf:

Virtual Wall Street

A unique event, “The History of Wall Street: A Virtual Tour,” will be Thursday, May 29 at 7 pm at Connetquot Public Library, located at 760 Ocean Avenue in Bohemia. For more information: (631) 567-5079, or log on to Those taking part can learn the history of Wall Street, including how the stock markets started, stock market crashes throughout

Stephen Alexrod (inset): A Virtual Wall Street “Tour”

Splish Splash Water Park in Calverton is back, and has a new feature for 2014: “The Battle Of Mutiny Bay.” This interactive water attraction is something different for the popular park, as passengers inside the boats utilize their water cannons to shoot against the other vehicles and against the people around the circuit. Splish Splash opens the 2014 season on Memorial Day weekend; for more information, call (631) 7273600, or log on to

Hot Tips: Queens

Under-The-Radar Activites In The Borough Huge Book Fair In LIC

The Greater Astoria Historical Society’s annual “Book Extravaganza” will be Saturday, May 31 from 10 am to 4 pm at 35-20 Broadway, 4th Floor, in Long Island City. Displays will include books both donated and authored by the Greather Astoria Historical Society, and a large selection of both new and used books will be sold in every genre including fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, novels, history, children’s titles, sports, architecture, biographies, adult reading, and more. Also on sale will be DVDs and Long Island City, Astoria, and Sunnyside t-shirts, as well as refreshments.

Farmstand Returns To Queens County Farm

Link It Up: World’s Fair In LEGOs

After the massive success of the recent The LEGO Movie, this was probably to be expected: a massive World’s Fair constructed entirely of LEGOs is now the featured attraction at The Queens Theatre; the exhibition is on display at 14 United Nations Avenue South in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Information: (718) 760-0064 or worlds-fair-legos. The iconic symbols of the 1964 World’s Fair are reimagined in LEGOs by commissioned expert LEGO builder Cody Wells. Exhibition hours are Monday from 11 am to 2pm, and Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission is free.


Zebra isn’t the only Long Islandbased music act enjoying a lengthy career and still drawing legions of fans to their concerts. Here are other veteran regional acts that certainly have enjoyed their fair share of staying power: Kerry Kearney: The gifted guitarist plays more area shows than you’ve had hot dinners, ranging from the biggest theaters in the area to the music bar around the corner. Twisted Sister: Every year, they show up for their annual Christmas-season concerts – and every year, they not only sell the venues out but also bring the houses down in the process. Dee Snider remains our pick as coolest guy in Long Island. Barnaby Bye: We’d love to know the fountain of youth they collectively have found, because these 70s favorites somehow look younger and sound better than ever. Gary U.S. Bonds: The legendary R&B star (whose label is located in Wheatley Heights) always looks fantastic, and sounds exactly as he did during this “Quarter To Three” glory years. His autobiography is a must read. Brian Setzer: A must: Hometown boy made good Setzer’s annual holiday concerts, still rockin’ all these years.


Photo courtesy NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Mark Schoen

LI’s Rock Kings Return To Westbury


ebra – the legendary Long Island-based trio that still features its classic lineup, and still rocks as hard as ever – returns to The NYCB Theatre at Westbury for its annual headlining appearance on Saturday, May 31, with the fast-rising local teenage band Youth Be Told serving as their special guests and opener. Tickets are now on sale; log on to or TheTheatre; call the NYCB Theatre’s “Charge By Phone” at (800) 745-3000; or visit the NYCB Theatre box office (which opens Monday through Saturday at 12:30 pm). For more information, call (516) 334-0800. Clearly, Zebra will remain one of the area’s favorite rock band as long as it chooses to continue to ply its trade. Bursting onto the scene in the 1980s and scoring a long string of FM radio hits including “Tell Me What You Want,” “Why,” and “Who’s Behind the Door,” the band – Randy Jackson (guitars and vocals), Felix Hanemann (bass,

4 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

Fresh and friendly: The annual seasonal farm stand returns on June 4 and runs each Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 pm at The Queens County Farm Museum in Floral Park. The Queens County Farm grows more than 50 varieties of vegetables, with seasonal selections available each week. These events also allow guests to meet the farmers and learn about the Museum’s four-season growing operation. EBT and food stamp benefits are accepted.

keyboards, and vocals) and Guy Gelso (drums and vocals) – is a unit that has somehow, some way remained youthful and vibrant three decades after their first appearance on the national scene. Perhaps it’s that steadiness that keeps their fans coming back time and again; a Zebra concert guarantees hard rock that’s accessible and

years ago. “I don’t want to become a band who just plays our old stuff.” In that light, Zebra and its members have kept busy issuing new music. Jackson’s latest album, Empathy For The Walrus, was released on iTunes during February. “We’re a family,” said Jackson in

melodic, wherever the venue. The band, which started its career in New Orleans, is proud to have not one but two areas of the country where their influence never fades. Their enduring popularity isn’t lost on Jackson. “For me, it’s about keeping the music flowing,” said Jackson, who now lives in South Seatauket, in an interview with Good Times two

the 2012 interview. “The biggest troubles were in the first five years of the band. That’s when you are learning everybody’s little quirks and whether you will be able to deal with them. Once you get past that hurdle, it’s smooth sailing unless somebody’s character changes.” Clearly, it’s Zebra’s always steady character that has kept them on top for so long.

PERFORMANCE Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty, Sexy, Funny: Jenny McCarthy Lynne Koplitz Justine Marino Paula Bel Tammy Pescatelli The Paramount Huntington

Following fast on the heels of the “Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty, Sexy, Funny” special on the EPIX cable network last month came McCarthy’s multi-comic tour to Huntington’s lavish showroom, with body parts and fluids flying fast and furious directly into the audience – which, in this case, happened to be a very good thing. Unlike the juvenile raunch from the usual “dirty nursery rhyme” male comics, McCarthy and her comely A-list comedy crew proved that naughty doesn’t have to mean hackneyed. Yes – raunchy, unbridled, and quite ribald this show certainly was, so before we continue, let us deliver a warning to unsuspecting eyes before we start this review in

Great Area Shows You Should Not Have Missed earnest:

McCarthy, beaming with enthusiasm since her announcement that she was engaged to actor Donnie Wahlberg (who made a brief cameo here), is a smart entertainer. Realizing she’s not an actual standup comic (and admitted so in her introduction to the show), she still managed to show her comedic acting shops in a series of film vignettes that were originally included in her EPIX special – including a strip tease gone awry that may be the funniest thing she’s ever done (clearly, there’s never been a star that merges sexy with funny like this blonde wonder). Smartly, she quickly brought the comics to the stage, and each shined in different ways. The four female standups (originally billed as five, but nobody was complaining at the end of this stacked show) were the wry and pretty Justine Marino, a safe bet to be a sitcom star in the future, who

Crabtree, South Park’s screechy bus driver; Tammy Pescatelli, uproarously depicting her put-upon sex life and wacky marriage; and set closer and Long Island native Lynne Koplitz, who gave a list of the three things men love – and finished with a treatise on how some guys get more than a bit rough during oral sex, an on-target bit of truth that rang true to the crowd of mostly young couples. There have been countless theater shows featuring multiple comics in the area of late, but McCarthy’s all-star team of unbridled female comedians may have been the best presentation yet. Not for the easily offended (obviously), the “Dirty, Sexy, Funny” tour may be new, but we’d wager it’s got the legs – literally and figuratively – to be an annual comedy event; it certainly beats listening to graying old men spew half-assed nursery rhymes and dirty piano limericks for the 9,000th time. – Bob Smith

waxed on about her love of doughnuts and her inability to deliver a quality hand job; Paula Bel, who is the living embodiment of Veronica

Film Reviews


Starring Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Emjay Anthony, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Sofía Vergara, Oliver Platt, Amy Sedaris, Robert Downey Jr., Russell Peters Directed and written by Jon Favreau Open Road Films

If we showed you the list of A-list film stars you see above and asked you to guess the film that they all were appearing in together, we’d expect you to anwser Godzilla, some new Marvel action meller, or perhaps the pending Justice League film – and we’d think none the less of you for doing so. However, somehow, some way, director Jon Favreau assembled this incredible cast for a new, small scale film about a chef who starts his own food trucks. That’s it. That’s all this film is about – and if you’re not in the mood to see Hulks and Thors and Captain Americas and Spider-Men and instead want to view something realistic, warm, moving, and funny, Chef is something you can really sink your teeth into. It’s just the tonic for summer blockbuster-itis, and for that we thank the film gods for having the temerity to release this very good film in May. Favreau, a Queens native, plays a fine chef,

Carl Casper, who does pretty much what we all dream of doing: He works at a top Los Angeles restaurant, but tells his boss (Hoffman) to cram it when the meddling owner wants him to prepare jejune food choices instead of his own gourmet creations. So he moves to Miami, and teams up with old friends to launch a food truck. That’s it. Frankly, we think this film will resonate with the masses nearly as much as Spider-Man battling Electro this summer. America is clearly now a land of “foodies”; there are two

major cooking channels on the cable dial, as well as more cooking and dining shows than Felix Unger could shake a ladle at. Chefs such as Bobby Flay, Emeril, and Rachel Ray have reached celebrity status. This film plays right into the national psyche; it’s a love letter to food and those who stick their necks out to bring great tastes to our plates. And this whole film is wonderful, from its first frame to its last – it’s a movie about realseeming people with reachable dreams and problems that you end up caring about. There are no explosions, explicit sex scenes, or bad guys in this move – but Chef is about as exhilarating an experience as you’ll find at a mallplex this year. Frankly, we are now excited for any good restaurants that are located new movie theaters, because they’re going to be filled with hungry patrons after film fans check out the yummy concoction that Favreau and his all-star team has whipped up. And that’s it. – Cody Bell

Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014 • 5


Jazz & Blues

Bob’s A Card: These days, going to the drug store to pick up a greeting card seems old-fashioned, and consumers seem to agree, as “personalized” digital greeting cards are one of the hottest online trends. On April 29, launched “Crafty Bob’s Free Card Creator” in an attempt to take a market share in the personalized cards marke currently dominated by two big players, Moonpig and Funky Pigeon. hopes that the Crafty Bob Card Creator’s unique selling points will help them gain a lead on their rivals. “The main advantage we have over Moonpig and Funky Pigeon is that our service is quicker and completely free,” said CEP Rob Jackson. “Unlike our competitors, we email the finished personalized card to our customers as a Salem downloadable file ready for them to print on any inkjet printer. This unique selling point means that our customers get their printable cards in seconds, and there is no chance that their specially designed cards will get lost in the post or delayed by postal strikes.” The new Crafty Bob Facebook app is currently trending as word spreads about the new product. WGN & Bear It: Chicagobased, Tribune Company-owned TV “super station” WGN America – long known only as the home of Chicago Cubs games on a limited number of cable systems – is quickly becoming a key player as a legitimate cable network as it competes with TBS, USA Network, and others. WGN

America’s first original scripted series, “Salem,” surged to more than 3.1 million “total viewers” in what is designated as “time shifted Live + 3 viewing” for its April 20 premiere. Tribune Company announced last year WGN America’s expansion into original programming to become a toptier destination for viewers driven by highquality content. The premiere of “Salem” and its impressive viewership – on a network that is available in only 62.3 percent of U.S. households – represents momentum for WGN. “We are proud to have attracted so many viewers to ‘Salem’ and that the performance of the network – which few people are familiar with –- was on par with some of the more wellestablished cable brands on the air today,” said Matt Cherniss, President and General Manager, WGN America and Tribune Studios. “As with ‘Salem,’ our launch this summer of ‘Manhattan’ reflects our commitment to reshape WGN America through investments in quality, distinctive and original programming.” The Salem series re-imagines the infamous witch trails in the 17th


century Massachusetts town and dares to uncover the dark, supernatural truth behind them. Salem stars fast-rising star Janet Montgomery as well as Shane West, Seth Gabel, Xander Berkeley, Ashley Madekwe, Tamzin Merchant, Elise Eberle, and Iddo Goldberg.

6 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

Photo: Frankie Manning by The Riz (Commons)

Deanna Bogart

Real Time in 2007 and Pianoland By All Means, Bogart This CD: in 2012, plans to issue Just A Deanna Bogart recentlyfinished Wish Away... early this summer. recording her latest album for Blind Pig Records. The awardManning Swings – Three winning multi-instrumentalist, Nights To Honor Star: “The known for her vast musical Frankie Trifecta,” three nights of range, broadens her horizons swing dancing to honor the even more on Just A Wish memory of Frankie Manning, Away..., a new disc that finds take place on consecutive nights her collaborating with a new in New York City: May 23 at The cast of top genre musicians. Edison Ballroom; May 24 at The On this new effort, Bogart Jewish Community Center; and invites listeners on her own per- May 25 at St. Jean Paptiste sonal and musical transitional Catholic Church. Tickets, journey that’s taken her in a sin- locations, and information: gle year from the Chesapeake Bay to Nashville, and from the This event is a celebration of high desert of Southern the dance legend Manning, the California to deep in the most celebrated “Lindy Hop” Louisiana bayou, where the CD dancer in history. Thanks to was recorded. Bogart is a rarity: several of New York’s longtime She’s a pianist, saxophonist, swing producers, dancers from singer, composer, and bandaround the world have new r leader all at the same time. easons to come to Frankie’s The new album is produced hometown, New York City, and by JoeBaby Michaels, Bogart, participate in what would have Charlie Wooton, and Joshua been his 100th birthday celebraFairman, with Marty Rifkin tion. Manning performed on (Bruce Springsteen), The stages all over the world, as well Bonerama Horns (Harry as in films and featured shows. Connick Jr.), Charlie Wooton (Royal Frankie Manning Southern Brotherhood), Scott Ambush (Spryo Gyra), Cris Jacobs (The Bridge), Terrence Houston (George Porter), Derwin “Big D” Perkins (Jon Cleary), and Rafael Pereira (Janelle Monae) all taking part. Blind Pig Records, which released Bogart’s debut album (Out To Get You) in 1990, and reunited with her for


The Biggest Events At Area Performing Arts Centers & Theaters Long Island Comedy Showcase: Chris Davis John Santo Chris Roach Hosted by Paul Anthony Suffolk Theatre, Riverhead May 23 at 8 PM (631) 727-4343

Jane LisaMonheit Loeb March 1 at 8 Center, pm • Staller Center for Boulton Bay Shore the Arts, Stony Brook University May 21 at 8 PM (631) 632-2787 969-1101 The lovely Loeb, thankfully, never changes:

Our idea of a great night out: A great dinner, followed by loads of laughs – something you can get in one stop as Suffolk Theater presents the wacky standups of Long Island Comedy. This show will feature the red-hot Chris Roach, whose new short film, Umbrellas Kill, was recently released to rave reviews; as always, Paul Anthony serves as both master of ceremonies and low-key comedy master.

Her latest album, No Fairynative Tale, may be the the The beautiful Long Island returns to the most (andsongs rocking) hernew career. She The Stalleraccessible Center with fromofher album, started her career with #1 hit Heart Of The Matter. Athe starplatinum-selling in both the jazz and “Stay Missedsince You),emerging ” and to this she in is still cabaret(I worlds as aday finalist the the only artist to score a #1 single while competinot signed Thelonious Monk Institute’s 1998 vocal to a recording contract. However, the bespectacled tion, the Grammy-nominated Monheit has recorded star maintained her popularly through livethe ninehas studio albums and has worked alongside performance, soBlanchard, expect oneTom of the tastiestand andIvan likes of Terence Harrell, most Lins. lilting concert experiences to pass through the area this year.

Musicians Alert:

Paul Anthony

Rickie Lee Jones Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center

May 24 at 8 PM those who cannot attend but would like to donate may call (718) 463-7700, extension (631) 288-1500229.

This two-time Grammy winner exploded onto the pop scene in 1978, and has made a career of fearlessly experimenting with her sound and persona. Jones is both a character in the songs and as the songwriter singing, defying convention with her sometimes brazen sexuality and the mixed bag of jazz, rock, and what has come to be known as “confessional” songwriter performances. She’s touring and recording as much as ever; she’ll release her next album later this year.

Bands Wanted for Hot New Showcases

Musicians are always on the lookout for new venues to showcase their talents. Big news in that regard: Three of the major players in the Long Island music scene are opening their facilities to local artists. The Space at Westbury is quickly becoming one of the hottest venues on Long Island. The Lounge at The Space is a new intimate performance venue located within the main entrance, and there are plans to host an array of local music and comedy acts as well as open mic nights. Sister Monk will play the launch party on May 29; Butchers Blind and comedian Mike Feeny perform on June 12. For more information on The Lounge, visit Musicians interested in performing at The Lounge should email Many Long Island musicians have visited Guitar Center; it has almost become a rite of passage for both beginning players and professionals. When we attended the recent D'Addario NYXL press party at Sister Monk

Guitar Center Carle Place, studio manager Harry Antoniou tipped us off to the Guitar Center Jam Night , which launches May 30. An interesting combination of an open mic and a free-form jam, participants can take a guitar off the wall, plug in, and rock out. This event serves as a great opportunity for local musicians to both hone their crafts and make connections. For more information, visit carle-place, or call (516) 248-2020. KJ Farrell's new live karaoke event is perfect for vocalists looking for the visceral experience of singing with a live band. Every Thursday night is hosted by the Partyokee guys and features the versatile band Rockjunky backing up vocalists on a wide range of material. Each week, a winner was chosen; they’ll perform at the final event on June 5. First prize winner gets a cool $1,000 and a chance to sing an entire show with the band. Head down to KJ Farrell's to experience karaoke like never before. Info:, or call (516) 804-9925.

Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014 • 7


By Lloyd Carroll

No one could have been more relieved with the Nets escaping the first round of the playoffs victorious against the youthful and pesky Toronto Raptors than their general manager, Billy King. Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov was furious with King last year at this time after the Nets dropped a sevengame series to the Chicago Bulls as the feeling around the NBA was that the Nets were soft. Nets head coach PJ Carlesimo was fired the next day. King knew that he would be next on the chopping block unless he did something dramatic. On the night of the 2013 NBA Draft he traded three future first round picks as well as some deadweight on the Nets roster to the Dillon Boston Celtics for aging veterGee ans Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry, who would later be dealt to the Sacramento Kings. Do you get the feeling that former NBA Commissioner David Stern is enjoying his retirement a little bit more given the fact that he did not have to deal with the Donald Sterling situation? Stern has known Sterling for over thirty years and you have to believe that he knew that this guy was a ticking time bomb. My guess is that Stern would have loved to have gotten rid of Sterling in 2009 when one of the NBA’s greatest players and gentlemen, Elgin

Baylor, sued Sterling for discriminatory employment practices after he was fired as the team’s head coach. The problem was that it would have been impossible for Stern to have all the owners back him if he did try to forcibly remove him. His successor, Adam Silver, did not have any such difficulties as every one of Sterling’s fellow owners couldn’t wait to expel him from the lodge as his repugnant comments were causing blue chip sponsors to rethink their support of the NBA. Few people are held in higher esteem than Earvin “Magic” Johnson is but I think that even Magic would agree that May hasn’t been a good month for him. He showed poor form by publicly cheering Mike D’Antoni’s dismissal as Los Angeles Lakers head coach. Magic may also have been smarting from the fact that he was linked socially to Donald Sterling’s gold digging ex-paramour V. Stiviano. I have a feeling that Johnson’s colleagues at the investment firm of Guggenheim Partners probably put the kibosh on a possible purchase of the Clippers because they don’t want his name and

BOWLING NEWS Legends All: Villages Finalists

Juniors News: Vanessa Strocchia, Matt Lasorsa, Mitchell Pincus ,and Matt Farber were crowned Adult/Junior Champions at the LIYBT tournament event on April 20 at Farmingdale Lanes. Fifty-one teams packed the house for the LIYBT’s second adult junior event, competing for more than $2,500 in scholarships. The Kegel challenging pattern kept the scores moderate, with a +64 to earn scholarship in the scratch division, and +22 for the handicap division. This year, the adults posted the highest scratch score of 1143, with the juniors coming up with a 1090. Scholarship winners for this event: Handicap division: Vanessa Strocchia $400, Jonathan Mercado $300, Olivia Strocchia $250, Isiah Adams $125, Jesse Maharaj $100 Scratch Division: Mitchell Pincus $400, Brandon Soedarmasto $300, Aaron Levine $250, Mike Ruben $125, Adam Zimmerman $100 Scratch Eliminator 17 entries: Alex Oquendo $30, Jacob Klein $15, James

theirs dragged through the mud by the media as they would undoubtedly delve into how Stiviano and Johnson knew each other. Even if it were just an “hello, how are you?” relationship, it’s probably

Mike DAntoni

not worth the aggravation. Magic and Guggenheim are probably better off trying to get the NFL to finally put an expansion team in LA. It doesn’t seem to matter if the Rockies are good or if they stink but Denver is always a house of horrors for the Mets. The Amazin’s lost the first three games of their four-game series to the Rockies this past weekend. They were spared the ignominy of

Photos: Villages Finalists courtesy PBA, LLC: Brian Voss courtesy USBC

Tagliafaro $10. The LIYBT’s “End Of Year Invitational” will be June 8 at AMF Babylon Lanes, with a $1,000 top scholarship (based on entries). For registration forms and information on all events, log on to Sunday, May 18 brings the LIYBT’s youth bowling tournament at Coram Country Lanes. PBA50’s Nifty: Here is news from the PBA’s last actual tour: The PBA50 division (formerly known as seniors), as reported by Jerry Schneider: Norm Duke won the PBA50 United Heatlh Care Sun Bowl on April 22 at Spanish Springs Lanes in The Villages, Florida. Duke topped a field of PBA greats including Tom Baker, Pete Weber, Parker Bohn III, and Walter Ray Williams Jr. to earn the crown. “I tell you, there were more titles in that final than I can even think about so it makes winning that much more gratifying,” Duke said. “I’ve bowled against these guys on Tour so many times, but it’s still the same – a battle for every game, a battle for every frame.” From the PBA’s Bill Vint: In a best-ofthree-game final between PBA Hall of Famers, Brian Voss defeated Walter Ray Williams Jr. 221-216, 257-247, to win $2,000 and his seventh PBA Regional title in the PBA50 Sarasota South Open at Sarasota (Florida) Lanes on April 18.

8 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

Highs At Herrill: League scores from Herrill Lanes in New Hyde Park:

Jen Madden 243; Gregg DeAngelo 753 series; Jennifer DeVoti 203, 214; Ed Marquez 276; Tommy Genova Sr. 758 series; Annette Brasen 225; Marilyn Sarracco 204; John Coughlan 736 series; Andreas Chios 276; JoAnne Perry 649 series; Tommy Genova 739 series; Kathy Chernow 245; Debbie Soldner 203; Dora Soho 243; John Coughlan 733 series; Rob Camerino 750 series; Jan Pepe 208.

We gladly publish all men’s sanctioned league scores 275 or higher or women’s 200 or higher, plus significant series. League secretaries: Send scores to gtmag

Brian Voss


By Lloyd Carroll Photos: Dillon Gee by Bob Smith; MikeD’Antoni by Matt Hickey (Commons)

being swept on Sunday when Dillon Gee came to the rescue as he pitched yet another gem as the Mets finally beat the Rockies 5-1. Gee is one of the best pitchers in the majors and yet gets surprisingly little recognition for his fine work. With Ivan Nova gone for the season and Michael “Pine Tar” Pineda being questionable, the Yankees really need 39 year-old Hiroki Kuroda to step up for them this year. Unfortunately Father Time appeared to be beating Kurdoa based on what we’ve seen the first month of the season. This is the first year that Major League Baseball

is using technology such as instant replay from a variety of angles to determine close calls. Surprisingly it is the players and not the umpires who appear to be the least happy about its implementation. Braves second baseman Dan Uggla told me that the delays in the game cause muscles to tense up as well as concentration to lapse. Other players have echoed Uggla’s sentiments even when their team is the beneficiary of an overturned call. They figure that calls even out over the course of a season. I spoke last week with retired umpire Al Clark, who is promoting his autobiography, “Called Out But Safe,” (University of Nebraska Press) that was co-written with the fine baseball scribe Dan Schlossberg. “If the technology has caught up with the game then let’s use it,” says Clark who is a huge proponent of using replay to make decisions. Al Clark acknowledged Uggla’s complaint about games dragging because of the use of replay. “My solution would be to have a fifth umpire at the game whose job would be to sit in a technology center at the ballpark who


would quickly make a decision on close calls.” “Called Out But Safe” is a fascinating behind-the scenes look at the world of Major League Baseball umpires, a topic that has rarely made its way into book form. Clark talks about the ill-advised umpire mass resignation of 1999; how Angels manager Jim Fregosi pretended to argue a call with him just to fire up his team and their fans: and why he ejected Cal Ripken from a game. TTPM is the toy industry’s annual spring showcase. After years of creating computerized games and going app crazy, it appears that the long overdue return to basics is finally happening in the toy biz. Yomega and Mattel both introduced toys designed to improve eyehand coordination. Yomega showed a simple game that had a ball attached to a rubber string and the goal was to have the ball land in an egg cup. It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. Mattel displayed a number of outdoor target practice games with its Boom Co line. Wrestling collectors will love the gigantic likeness of World Wrestling Entertainment superstar John Cena that Wicked Cool Toys will be putting out this summer.

Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014 • 9

STARGAZING Martina McBride

Movers, Shakers, & The Hottest News Photos: Paul McCartney courtesy Nasty Little Man (M.J. Kim)

McBride Sets New Country Charts Record

Country star Martina McBride made history as she became the first solo female artist to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart with an independently released and distributed album in the chart’s 50-year history. The album, Everlasting, is also Martina’s fifth #1 on the Top Country Albums chart. On The Billboard 200, Everlasting debuted at #7, marking Martina’s sixth Top 10 debut and her highest since 2007. Everlasting is Martina’s first independent project on her new label, Vinyl Recordings. “Putting ‘Everlasting’ out on my own label felt like a good decision,” she said. “I’ve only been signed with two major labels, RCA and Republic Nashville, and have always had great relationships with them so making the change was not about that. But Kobalt has many of the elements of a major label and it just seemed like the right time to try a different business model .... We put together a great team to carry this through.”

National News & Notes

Red-hot singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran – fresh off his star-maknig appearance on “Saturday Night Live” – has announced plans for his first headlining arena tour of North America. The cross-country trek kicks off at Seattle’s WaMu Theater on Ed August 22 and marks Sheeran his first stateside tour to support his forthcoming second album, x (pronounced “multiply”), slated to arrive June 23. New York and Long Island weren’t listed on his itinerary, but more tour dates and on sales will be announced soon. For more ticket information and tour updates, visit ... Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee John Oates (Hall & Oates) has released a solo album, Good Road To Follow, and its lead single, “Stone Cold Love,” a collaboration with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder. The album started as a yearlong series of digital singles and has culminated in a three-disc set of genre-specific EPs aptly named Route 1, Route 2, and Route 3. “This project has been a labor of love,” Oates said. “Almost every song was recorded with a different proJohn Oates ducer and a different co-writer, so I got to step into the worlds of so many creative and inspiring people,” later adding that “Each song became an intense and focused creative experience … it was a pure collaboration from beginning to end.”

10 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

Macca: Never Slows Down

Following a busy 2013 that saw Paul McCartney’s “Out There” tour launch in Brazil and visit 23 cities across South America, Europe, North America and Japan, “Macca” has confirmed another half dozen dates on the 2014 U.S. “Out There”tour. Paul will open the 2014 U.S. leg of the tour on June 14 with his first ever appearance in the hometown of his beloved Buddy Holly, playing the United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, Texas. Tickets and tour news are at

Paul McCartney

Mercury Honored With Comic

Bluewater Productions has released a new comic book biography on the life of longtime Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury; it’s now available in both print and digital formers as part of its Tribute series. Released will be seven alternate exclusive covers by Michael Troy and Graham Hill.

The comic book features the story behind the legend of Freddie Mercury – his childhood in Zanzibar, his exile to England, and going on to become the front man for the classic rock band Queen. “His work has gone on to inspire generations of musicians,” said writer Mike Lynch. “He will always be remembered as one of the greatest performers in music history, and it was an honor to have worked on this biography.” Info:

HEADLINERS Rascal Flatts Sheryl Crow Gloriana Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh May 30 at 7:30 PM (516) 221-1000 This lively country music triple-bill – yes, we are including Crow on that list, as her last album was Americana to its roots – is one of the packed multi-actshows kicking off this year’s beach summer concert season. Also of note: Former Bee Gees leader Barry Gibb takes part in his first tour in many years; he headlines here on May 23 at 7:30 pm. Gibb has been reticent to perform live, and his first country in ages is making headlines. Also coming to Nikon: The big 106.1 “Summer Jam” featuring the red-hot Austin Mahone, Jason Derulo, Fifth Harmony, A Great Big World, Cody Simpson, R5, and more on June 1.


The Sound Of Fury: CD Release Show One of the area’s newest guitar stars, Chris Fury, will perform at a CD release show on May 25 at Revolution in Amityville. His newest album, From Chris Darkness, is Fury being released that same day. Fury, a Long Island resident, is an independent artist and a guitarist with a style that harkens back to such stars as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. The album is comprised of 23 instrumental guitar tracks; a preview of the album can currently been on YouTube; the music video for the new single, “The Nexus,” should be posted by the time you read this. Fury graduated Binghamton Uniersity with a music degree; he has studied with Greg Howe, who has worked with Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. More:

Dark Star Orchestra

The Space At Westbury May 31 at 8 PM (800) 745-3000

Having just celebrated its 16th anniversary as one of the biggest Grateful Dead tribute acts, Dark Star Orchestra reached its biggest milestone earlier this year as it actually surpassed The Grateful Dead in number of shows played: an incredible 2,318 performances in almost half the time of The Dead’s 30 years of playing

together. Ever committed, DSO has been endorsed by critics and fans and has played alongside every living member of the original Grateful Dead - as well as their soundman of nearly three decades (“I can close my eyes and go back 30 years,” he said). Also coming to The Space during this time period: Blazing hot Conor Oberst wtih Dawes (listed as sold out at press time) on May 22; Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Live on May 24; and the wild-haired classic rocker Billy Idol on June 1.

Hot Artists And Events Rocking The Area Scene Radio Riot Covers At Mulcahy’s OmniPop till you drop: One of the area’s more successful and influential cover bands, Radio Riot – co-fronted by the spectacular Cina Smash – headlines at Mulcahy’s Pub & Music Hall in Wantagh on May 31 at 9 pm; tickets, info, and more are at Unlike many cover bands, the charismatic Radio Riot can be watched as well as listened to, which accounts for their lasting success on the area club scene. RR’s “non-stop party” guise serves it well as it battles for supremacy on the local cover/tribute circuit.

Paula Poundstone

Punny Poundstone At Bay Street

Mirth for Memorial Day Weekend: Comedian Paula Poundstone headlines at Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor on May 25 at 8 pm; tickets are available through Poundstone, these days among NPR’s favorite entertainers for her work on “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me” as well as a best-selling author, continues on with her solo comedy tours, which, if they continue unabated, will put her in league with the greatest standups of her generation.

Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014 • 11


Make Your Plans Now For These Huge Events Buckcherry Fozzy Heaven’s Basement The Paramount, Huntington May 30 at 8 PM • (631) 673-7300

This is one of those rare triple-bills where any of the three acts could headline. Buckcherry gets the nod – but Fozzy, featuring a former Long Island resident and WWE superstar in frontman Chris Jericho, is one of the hottest in hard rock at this writing. Buckcherry forges on as one of the most unique bands in comtemporary rock, appealing to both old school fans and hipsters: “We never feel out of place,” said guitarist Keith Nelson. “We’ve played with everybody from AC/DC to Slipknot. We have a passion to get it right and deliver every time. There’s also something for everybody.”

FF o oz zz zy y Jane Monheit Chelsea Handler MarchNYCB 1 at 8Theatre pm • Staller Center for At Westbury the Stony Brook University May 23Arts, at 8 PM • (631) (516)632-2787 334-0800 NYCB Theatre has been the site of late night stars of late: Craig appeared May 11native and next comesto the TheFerguson beautiful Long Island returns Handler, star of E’s “Chelsea Lately” but reportedly Staller Center with songs from her new album,on The theHeart verge Of of even bigger and better things. In The Matter. A star in both the the jazzmeanand time, this stop is part of Handler’s “Uganda Be Kidding cabaret worlds since emerging as a finalist in the Me Tour” in support of her new book of the same name Monk Institute’s 1998including vocal competi– Thelonious which follows her other best-sellers the tion, the Grammy-nominated Monheit has recorded hilarious Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea.

nine studio albums and has worked alongside the

12 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

Tom Groney & Friends

standups of Long Island Comedy. This show will Patchogue Theatre feature the red-hot Chris Roach, whose new short 5 atrecently 7:30 PM film, UmbrellasJune Kill, was released to rave reviews; as always, Paul Anthony serves as both (631) 207-1313 master of ceremonies and low-key comedy master.

This show marks the end of this season’s “Live In the Lobby” series as Bayport’s Tom Gronenthal (otherwise known as those who cannot attend but would like to donate “Groney”) headlines, presenting an evening may call (718) 463-7700, extension 229. of music he has written over the years in a performance that will feature “friends, fellow musicians, and band members who have contributed to his growth and accompanied him on his journey,” according to the Theater. Lobby performances are a combination of standing room and seating; seating is limited. Doors open at 7 pm.


Tuesday, May 20

Nassau Rickey Roche – Paddy's Loft (Massapequa) Jazz Jam Session – Walk Street Tavern (New Hyde Park) Body & Soul – City Café (Garden City) Southbound/DJ Cowboy Ben-E – Nutty Irishman (Farmingdale) Songwriters Roundtable hosted by 42nd & Nelson – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Suffolk Acoustic Open Mic Nite hosted by David Jon Paisley – 50 Yard Line (West Babylon) Open Mic with Dan Acosta + DJ Harry-Oke – The Thirsty Scholar (Holbrook) Open Mic with David Jon Paisley – 50 Yard Line (West Babylon) Open Mic – Comiskey Park Bar (Saint James) The Cogs Singles Open Jam – Gator Blue (East Islip) Paul Mahas – Dockers Waterside (Quogue) InterROBang Productions Present Open Mic Night – Amityville Music Hall (Amityville) Open Mic w/Steve From That 70's Band – Nutty Irishman (Bay Shore) NYC/Queens Solo Piano – Kitano New York Hotel (NYC) Karrin Allyson – Birdland Jazz Club (NYC) Uh Huh Her – Highline Ballroom (NYC) The Ink Runs Dry – City Winery (NYC) Yoed Nir – Cornelia Street Café (NYC)

Wednesday, May 21

Nassau Open Mic w/The Night Owls Band – Phat Daddys (Oceanside) Jerry Costanzo And His Trio – Don Lorenzo's Restaurant and Lounge (Glen Cove) Donny Celenza and Nina Gordon – Mickey Malone's (Floral Park) Blues Jam w/Joe Vicino Band – Sunset Grill (Seaford) Tommy T. Mudcat Blues Jam w/Mike Nugent and Ian Petillo – The Breakers Bar (Bayville) Open Mic hosted by Robert Sloan – Front Street Pub (Massapequa Park) Spoonwalk/Wonderous Stories – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore)

Your Guide To Local Events Eddie Sessa – City Café (Garden City) Wonderous Stories – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Open Mic w/"Big Daddy" John Struck – The Homestead (Oyster Bay) Kane Daly – Big Daddy's (Massapequa)

Thursday, May 22

Nassau Pep & The Soul Explosion Band – JC Cove (Freeport) Frank Walker Open Mic – Sunset Grill (Seaford) Salsa Night – Holiday Inn (Carle Place) Suffolk Classic Rock & Blues Jam w/Curt Arnel & Open Blues/Jazz Jam – Park Avenue Friends – Callahan's (East Meadow) Studios/Briggs Music (Huntington) Jazz Jam – Wickers Club (Hicksville) The Cogs Singles Open Jam – The Stadium Open Mic Night – Spice's Restaurant (Baldwin) (Bohemia) Open Mic Night hosted by Mike Longo – Mr. Open Mic hosted by Johnny B. – Quogue East Beery's (Bethpage) Pub (East Quogue) Jazz Night: Marty Phillips/Daryl Pooser/Bill Annie Morgan – Dockers Waterside (Quogue) Smith – Viana Hotel + Spa (Westbury) Open Jam w/Ed The Hat & Friends w/Ed Jazz and Sushi Night – Allegria Hotel (Long D'Alessio – The Beach) Diamond Club Frank Walker (Ronkonkoma) Open Mic – Kid & The Koots Sunset Grill – Bobbique (Seaford) (Patchogue) Eddie Sessa – Jam Night City Café w/Brother Dave – (Garden City) Club Treme (Islip) Don Bikoff, Crisis Crayons, acoustic blues – All One, Giant Still Partners Teeth, A Day (Sea Cliff) Amongst Songs In The Martyrs, Nomadic Attic (Billy Joel State – 89 North Tribute)/Live (Patchogue) Band Karaoke – Big Shot May 30 Whiskey Road – K.J. Farrell's Nutty Irishman Mulcahy's Pub & Concert Hall (Wantagh) (Bellmore) (Bay Shore) Karaoke w/DJ Joey Mongoose – Blue Parrot Kid + The Koots – Bobbique (Patchogue) (Massapequa) Lisa Loeb – Boulton Center (Bay Shore) Jazz Trio – Big Daddy's (Massapequa) NYC/Queens Open Mic with Lesly Bernard and The Tony Stevenson Band – Tillman's (NYC) Paula Atherton & Interplay – Battery Gardens (NYC) Karrin Allyson/David Ostwald's Louis Armstrong Eternity Band – Birdland Jazz Club (NYC) Moda – Highline Ballroom (NYC) Devin Gray's Relative Resonance – Cornelia Street Café (NYC)

Suffolk Acoustic Open Mic with Dave Christian – Lefty's (Lindenhurst) Live Jazz with Anthony Raffa – Cirella's (Melville) Fusion Collective – Hennessy's (Huntington) Open Mic – Zebra Club (Copiague) Project Vibe – Publick House (Southampton) Blackmore's Night – The Paramount (Huntington) Syncrosanct – Bobbique (Patchogue) Jim Kolman and Friends – Club Treme (Islip) The Electrix, The Sea Monkees, Tom Maxwell + Ed Travers – 89 North (Patchogue) Blackmore's Night w/Mike Clemente w/Ritchie

Blackmore and Candice Night – The Paramount (Huntington) Acoustic Hi Def – The Meetball Place (Patchogue) Tony Orbit, Kid Kurupt + Dwlow, Craig Evan, Von G, Alphamale, Diesel-E, Tri, The Season – Revolution Bar (Amityville) Syncrosanct – Bobbique (Patchogue) Outrageous Open Mic/Mash Up!! – Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett) NYC/Queens Comedy + Trivia Show – LIC Bar (Long Island City) Tiny Bubbles Burlesque – Bubble Lounge (NYC) Henning Stumm/Eliana Marcia/Banda Azul – Giovanna's Restaurant (NYC) Nick Ziobro/Karrin Allyson – Birdland Jazz Club (NYC) Sleepy Hahas – Tammany Hall (NYC) The Elderchild Ensemble – Cornelia Street Café (NYC)

Friday, May 23

Nassau Barry Gibb – Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (Wantagh) John Wilkes Booth/Borgo Pass/Wormsmeat – Mr. Beery's (Bethpage) James Maddock – Swing The Teapot (Floral Park) The Acchords – City Café (Garden City) Kerry McQuade – Eleanor Rigby's (Mineola) The Outliers – The Homestead (Oyster Bay) Full House – JC Cove (Freeport) Mr Hyde – Blue Parrot (Massapequa) Free Ride/Peat Moss – Nutty Irishman (Farmingdale) Johnny Mac – Big Daddy's (Massapequa) Pure Led (Led Zeppelin Tribute)/Clapton Chronicles (Eric Clapton Tribute) – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Jim Jefferies – The Space (Westbury) Suffolk The Melody Rose Quartet – The Elks Club (Huntington) The Long Island Banjo Society – VFW Hall (Copiague) Rusted Root & The Wailers w/special guest Adam Ezra Group – The Paramount (Huntington) Luka Bloom, Alfredo Meret, Nancy Atlas Project

Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014 • 13


Your Guide To Local Events

– Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett) Panic – Nappertandy's Pub (Miller Place) A.J. & Company/Jellyband – Bobbique (Patchogue) Danny Kean – Club Treme (Islip) 45 RPM/Desert Highway – 89 North (Patchogue) Lou Peragine Acoustic – Napper Tandy's Pub (Smithtown) The Lone Sharks – Grey Horse Tavern (Bayport) MSRP – Giacomo Jack's (Amityville) King Wellington/DJ Sparky – Nutty Irishman (Bay Shore) Status Joe – The Meetball Place (Patchogue) The Rising, Crowes Addiction, Slick Rick – Revolution Bar (Amityville) Soul Junkies – Brickhouse Brewery (Patchogue) AJ + Company/Jellyband – Bobbique (Patchogue) NYC/Queens Sweet Licks with DJ Souljah + DJ Marcus – Tillman's (NYC) Hailu Mergia & Low Mentality w/Zongo Junction – Le Poisson Rouge (NYC) Karrin Allyson – Birdland Jazz Club (NYC) Rasputina – Highline Ballroom (NYC) Diego Garcia/Wasabassco Burlesque – City Winery (NYC) Joe Sanders, Taylor Eigsti Duo – Cornelia Street Café (NYC) New York Funk Exchange – The Cutting Room (NYC)

Sunday, May 25

Nassau Carolyn Harding Trio Jazz Brunch – Diletto's Restaurant (Westbury) Tree House Studios Open Mic – Ziggy's Corner (Massapequa) Rich Walker – The Brokerage (Bellmore) Porch Groove/Thunder Road – JC Cove (Freeport) Fawkes – Blue Parrot (Massapequa) Au Privave Jazz/Santo + Billy – Big Daddy's (Massapequa) Kenneally-Bendian-Lunn (With R. Balducci) – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore)

Laurence Juber - May 30 YMCA Boulton Center (Bay Shore)

Saturday, May 24

Nassau Black Suit Youth and Pals – Mr. Beery's (Bethpage) Wayne Sabella & Eddie Sessa – City Café (Garden City) Barao vs. Dillashaw – Mulcahy's Pub (Wantagh) Dude Automatic – Still Partners (Sea Cliff) Urban Street Gypsys – Eleanor Rigby's (Mineola) 45 RPM/Off The Road – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Robert Moran – The Homestead (Oyster Bay) The Project – Blue Parrot (Massapequa) Hi Def – Nutty Irishman (Farmingdale) (Who) – Swing The Teapot (Floral Park) Pep & The Soul Explosion Band – JC Cove (Freeport) Suffolk Open Mic hosted by Foreverman & Joe Brown – Mug's Pub (Smithtown) The Electrix/Half Step/Dave Diamond – 89 North (Patchogue) Taj Mahal, Rubix Cube - Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett) Spoonwalk – Fat Fish Bistro (Bay Shore) Blue Tourmaline – Bobbique (Patchogue) Kerry Kearney – Club Treme (Islip) Ahmad Ali – Jamesport Vineyards (Jamesport) Kegbelly – Giacomo Jack's (Amityville) All Star – Nutty Irishman (Bay Shore) John Browns Body, Free Noise Brigade, Dune Local, Non Stop To Cairo – Revolution Bar (Amityville) Blue Tourmaline – Bobbique (Patchogue) Crush – The Meetball Place (Patchogue) Jah People – Brickhouse Brewery (Patchogue)

14 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

NYC/Queens The Night Owl Band – The Luna Restaurant (Manhattan) Karrin Allyson/Barbara Carroll – Birdland Jazz Club (NYC) The Sway Machinery & El Imperio – Le Poisson Rouge (NYC) Upright Citizens Brigade TourCo – Highline Ballroom (NYC) Clarence Penn Quartet – Cornelia Street Café (NYC)

Suffolk Jazz Jam w/Melody Rose – Declan Quinn's (Bay Shore) Open Mic – Comiskey

Park Bar (Saint James) Paul Mahas – Dockers Waterside (Quogue) Bobby Sexton/Don Sands R&B Jam – Picollo (Huntington) The Monkees: Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork & Micky Dolenz – The Paramount (Huntington) Booga Sugar/Southside Johnny & The Poor Fools – Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett) Brother Dave and Friends – Club Treme (Islip) Soundswell, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, The Lawn Boys – 89 North (Patchogue) Southbound – Napper Tandy's Pub (Smithtown) Tom Falco and Kevin Griffin – Grey Horse Tavern (Bayport) Chris Fury CD Release Party – Revolution (Amityville) Chris Fury, The Natives, Vigilance Committee – Revolution Bar (Amityville) NYC/Queens Comedy with Hannibal Buress – Knitting Factory (Brooklyn) Bossa Nova Brunch – S.O.B.'s (NYC) Open Mic w/Anthony Gibney – Diving Bell (Sunnyside) Tony Middleton Trio Jazz Brunch – Kitano New York Hotel (NYC) The Birdland Jazz Party/Arturo O'Farrill Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra – Birdland (NYC) Klezmer Brunch/Victor Prieto/Taj Mahal – City Winery (NYC)

Monday, May 26

Nassau Open Mic hosted by The Reflectors – Connolly Station (Malverne) Industry Night – Allegria Hotel (Long Beach) Weeds – Mulcahy's Pub (Wantagh) Five Stone Band – JC Cove (Freeport)

Calendar Open Mic & Jam – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Suffolk Open Mic Comedy Show – Fin's Pub (Oakdale) Open Mic with Dave Drew – The Bartini Bar (Babylon) Open Mic Night w/Kenn – Village Lanterne (Lindenhurst) Spoonwalk – Fat Fish Bistro (Bay Shore) NYC/Queens Jam with Richie Cannata – The Bitter End (NYC) Open Jazz Jam Session – Kitano New York Hotel (NYC) Open Mic Jazz for musicians & singers w/The Jon Weiss Trio – Cleopatra's Needle (NYC) Bob Dylan Birthday Bash: The Complete Unknowns/Others – B.B. King's Blues Club (NYC) Taj Mahal – City Winery (NYC)

Tuesday, May 27

Nassau Rickey Roche – Paddy's Loft (Massapequa)

Your Guide To Local Events NYC/Queens Open Mic with Lesly Bernard and The Tony Stevenson Band – Tillman's (NYC) Paula Atherton & Interplay – Battery Gardens (NYC) BossaBrazil featuring Marcos Valle & Roberto Menescal /David Ostwald's Louis Armstrong Eternity Band – Birdland (NYC) Bun B & Kirko Bangz – Highline Ballroom (NYC) World Party w/Gabriel Kelly – City Winery (NYC) Joe Lovano's Village Rhythms Band – Blue Note Jazz Club (NYC)

Thursday, May 29

Nassau Pep & The Soul Explosion Band – JC Cove (Freeport) Frank Walker Open Mic – Sunset Grill (Seaford) Salsa Night – Holiday Inn (Carle Place) Classic Rock & Blues Jam w/Curt Arnel & Friends – Callahan's (East Meadow) Jazz Jam – Wickers Club (Hicksville) Open Mic Night – Spice's Restaurant (Baldwin)

The Clapton Chronicles - May 23 - K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Jazz Jam Session – Walk Street Tavern (New Hyde Park) Body & Soul – City Café (Garden City) Rattlesnake Dawn/DJ Cowboy Ben-E – Nutty Irishman (Farmingdale) Suffolk Acoustic Open Mic Nite hosted by David Jon Paisley – 50 Yard Line (West Babylon) Open Mic with Dan Acosta + DJ Harry-Oke – The Thirsty Scholar (Holbrook) Open Mic with David Jon Paisley – 50 Yard Line (West Babylon) Open Mic – Comiskey Park Bar (Saint James) The Cogs Singles Open Jam – Gator Blue (East Islip) Paul Mahas – Dockers Waterside (Quogue) InterROBang Productions Present Open Mic Night – Amityville Music Hall (Amityville) Us & Floyd Tribute Band – Revolution Bar & Music Hall (Amityville) The People's Open Mic – Grey Horse Tavern (Bayport) Ricky Roche – Nutty Irishman (Bay Shore) NYC/Queens Solo Piano – Kitano New York Hotel (NYC) BossaBrazil featuring Marcos Valle & Roberto Menescal – Birdland (NYC) Jon Fiedler Trio – Cornelia Street Café (NYC) Joe Lovano's Village Rhythms Band – Blue Note Jazz Club (NYC)

Wednesday, May 28

Nassau Open Mic w/The Night Owls Band – Phat Daddys (Oceanside) Jerry Costanzo And His Trio – Don Lorenzo's Restaurant and Lounge (Glen Cove) Donny Celenza and Nina Gordon – Mickey Malone's (Floral Park) Blues Jam w/Joe Vicino Band – Sunset Grill (Seaford) Tommy T. Mudcat Blues Jam w/Mike Nugent and Ian Petillo – The Breakers Bar (Bayville) Open Mic hosted by Robert Sloan – Front Street Pub (Massapequa Park) Eddie Sessa – City Café (Garden City) Wonderous Stories – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Open Mic w/"Big Daddy" John Struck – The Homestead (Oyster Bay) Beta Blockers – Big Daddy's (Massapequa) Suffolk Open Blues/Jazz Jam – Park Avenue Studios/Briggs Music (Huntington) The Cogs Singles Open Jam – The Stadium (Bohemia) Open Mic hosted by Johnny B. – Quogue East Pub (East Quogue) Annie Morgan – Dockers Waterside (Quogue) Open Jam w/Ed The Hat & Friends w/Ed D'Alessio – The Diamond Club (Ronkonkoma) Joanne Amante & Frank Walker Open Mic – Medley's Lounge (Islip) George Cintron – Bobbique (Patchogue) Southbound – Nutty Irishman (Bay Shore) The Dan Band – The Paramount (Huntington)

Open Mic Night hosted by Mike Longo – Mr. Beery's (Bethpage) Jazz Night: Marty Phillips/Daryl Pooser/Bill Smith – Viana Hotel + Spa (Westbury) Jazz and Sushi Night – Allegria Hotel (Long Beach) Frank Walker Open Mic – Sunset Grill (Seaford) Eddie Sessa – City Café (Garden City) Ian Petillo (7-piece Jazz Band) – Still Partners (Sea Cliff) Uppercut/Live Band Karaoke - K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Karaoke w/DJ Joey Mongoose – Blue Parrot (Massapequa) Ricky Roche – Nutty Irishman (Farmingdale) Jazz Trio – Big Daddy's (Massapequa) Kansas – NYCB Theatre at Westbury Suffolk Acoustic Open Mic with Dave Christian – Lefty's (Lindenhurst) Live Jazz with Anthony Raffa – Cirella's (Melville) Fusion Collective – Hennessy's (Huntington) Open Mic – Zebra Club (Copiague) Project Vibe – Publick House (Southampton) Syncrosanct – Bobbique (Patchogue) Hootch and The Bluesicians – Club Treme (Isip) Earphunk, Funknasty – 89 North (Patchogue) The Irish Sessions – Grey Horse Tavern (Bayport) Tyrone Paris – The Meetball Place (Patchogue) Dog Fasion Disco, OAC, Psychostick, The Burry The Bear, Ashes in The Sky – Revolution Bar (Amityville) Dan Bailey Tribe – Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett) NYC/Queens Comedy + Trivia Show – LIC Bar (Long Island City) Tiny Bubbles Burlesque – Bubble Lounge (NYC) Henning Stumm/Eliana Marcia/Banda Azul – Giovanna's Restaurant (NYC) BossaBrazil featuring Marcos Valle & Roberto Menescal – Birdland (NYC) The Adicts – Highline Ballroom (NYC) World Party w/Gabriel Kelly – City Winery (NYC) Joe Lovano's Village Rhythms Band – Blue Note Jazz Club (NYC)

Friday, May 30

Nassau Streetfighter – Sunset Grill (Seaford) Jam Band Night/Sofus/Band of Dwellers – Mr. Beery's (Bethpage) Legendary Murphys – Maliblue (Lido Beach) Big Shot – Mulcahy's Pub (Wantagh) Body & Soul – City Café (Garden City) Acoustic Blue – Eleanor Rigby's (Mineola) 90s Alt Rock + Grunge Night – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Exit 49 – The Homestead (Oyster Bay) NY Minute Band – JC Cove (Freeport) Steve Pisani & Said Hamdan Acoustic Rock Classics – Blue Parrot (Massapequa) Jimmy + The Parrots/Ready In Ten – Nutty Irishman (Farmingdale) Mike Barry – Swing The Teapot (Floral Park) The Bogs – Big Daddy's (Massapequa)

Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014 • 15

Calendar Suffolk The Melody Rose Quartet – The Elks Club (Huntington) The Long Island Banjo Society – VFW Hall (Copiague) Rock & Roll University/E3 – Bobbique (Patchogue) The Affordables Blues Band - Club Treme (Islip) Killing Is My Business – 89 North (Patchogue) Shinebox – Napper Tandy's Pub (Smithtown) The Falco Brothers – Grey Horse Tavern (Bayport) Krissy O'Del – Giacomo Jack's (Amityville) Uppercut/DJ Sparky – Nutty Irishman (Bay Shore) Five Stone – The Meetball Place (Patchogue) O El Amor, B-Side Bandits – Revolution Bar (Amityville) Reckoning/Ed Travers – Brickhouse Brewery (Patchogue) Girls Girls Girls/Guns N' Hoses (late show) Revolution Bar (Amityville) Black and Sparrow, The Counterfeiters – Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett) Laurence Juber – Boulton Center (Bay Shore) Buckcherry w/special guests Fozzy and Heaven's Basement – The Paramount (Huntington) NYC/Queens Sweet Licks with DJ Souljah + DJ Marcus – Tillman's (NYC) Sage Francis w/Metermaids /B. Dolan – Le Poisson Rouge (NYC) BossaBrazil featuring Marcos Valle & Roberto Menescal – Birdland (NYC) Yan Tiersen – Highline Ballroom (NYC) Kristian Bush of Sugarland – City Winery (NYC) Andy Biskin CD Release – Cornelia Street Café (NYC) Joe Lovano's Village Rhythms Band – Blue Note Jazz Club (NYC)

Saturday, May 31

Nassau Liverpool Shuffle – Sunset Grill (Seaford) The Great Lie/Wiretap Crash/Half Ton Session – Mr. Beery's (Bethpage) The Electrix/For The Record – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore)

Your Guide To Local Events Rear View Mirror – CJ Wellington's (Franklin Shore) Square) Rockstars From Mars – The Meetball Place Al Murphy – Sonny's Canal House (Baldwin (Patchogue) Harbor) Neon Knights, Love Rage For Order, Damage Radio Riot – Mulcahy's Pub (Wantagh) Inc – Revolution Bar (Amityville) Joanne Amante & Frank Walker – Eleanor Buster Poindexter, Roctopus, Money Delicious Rigby's (Mineola) – Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett) Wayne Sabella & Eddie Sessa – City Café Sweet Blues Band – Zebra Club (Copiague) (Garden City) Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra – Boulton Center Half Step (Grateful Dead Tribute) – Still Partners (Bay Shore) (Sea Cliff) Walker and Amante – Eleanor Rigby's (Mineola) NYC/Queens Cool Hand Lou & The Downtown Daddy-O's – The Night Owl Band – The Luna Restaurant Michael's Porthole (Oceanside) (Manhattan) Fred Gatti Quartet – The Homestead (Oyster Alex Winston/ Bay) Neighbors/Lolo Vital Signs – – Le Poisson Blue Parrot Rouge (NYC) (Massapequa) BossaBrazil feaSquarebag/The turing Marcos Zoo – Nutty Valle & Roberto Irishman Menescal (Farmingdale) /Barbara Carroll– Dinny Keg Band Birdland (NYC) – Swing The Yan Tiersen – Teapot (Floral Highline Ballroom Park) (NYC) Dark Star Matt Brewer – Orchestra – The Cornelia Street Space Café (NYC) (Westbury) Sweet Blues Band - May 31 Joe Lovano's Long Island Zebra Club (Copiague) Village Rhythms Legends Zebra – NYCB Theatre Band – Blue Note at Westbury Jazz Club (NYC) Suffolk Open Mic hosted by Foreverman & Joe Brown – Mug's Pub (Smithtown) Gabriel Iglesias - Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center Legendary Murphys – Cedar Beach Hut (West Babylon) Diane McArdle & Frank Walker - Cooper Age Inn (Baiting Hollow) Sly Geralds Band – Bobbique (Patchogue) French Cookin' – Club Treme (Islip) Rush Tribute, Black Dog – 89 North (Patchogue) Tony K. – Giacomo Jack's (Amityville) Full House/Mean Machine – Nutty Irishman (Bay

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Sunday, June 1

Nassau Carolyn Harding Trio Jazz Brunch – Diletto's Restaurant (Westbury) Tree House Studios Open Mic – Ziggy's Corner (Massapequa) Rich Walker – The Brokerage (Bellmore) Savannah Sky – Massapequa Street Fair Billy Idol Live! – The Space (Westbury) Suffolk Jazz Jam w/Melody Rose – Declan Quinn's (Bay Shore)

Open Mic – Comiskey Park Bar (Saint James) Paul Mahas – Dockers Waterside (Quogue) Bobby Sexton/Don Sands R&B Jam – Picollo (Huntington) Thom Penn Nonet – Club Treme (Islip) Skip Bement – Grey Horse Tavern (Bayport) Caroline Doctorow + The Come What Mays – Stephen Talkhouse (Amagansett) NYC/Queens Comedy with Hannibal Buress – Knitting Factory (Brooklyn) Bossa Nova Brunch – S.O.B.'s (NYC) Open Mic w/Anthony Gibney – Diving Bell (Sunnyside) Tony Middleton Trio Jazz Brunch – Kitano New York Hotel (NYC) Klezmer Brunch w/Daniel Ori/Muriel Robin Returns…Tsoin Tsoin – City Winery (NYC) Jacky Terrasson Trio w/Burniss Travis & Justin Faulkner – Jazz Standard (NYC) Joe Lovano's Village Rhythms Band – Blue Note Jazz Club (NYC)

Monday, June 2

Nassau Open Mic hosted by The Reflectors – Connolly Station (Malverne) Industry Night – Allegria Hotel (Long Beach) Open Mic & Jam – K.J. Farrell's (Bellmore) Suffolk Open Mic Comedy Show – Fin's Pub (Oakdale) Open Mic with Dave Drew – The Bartini Bar (Babylon) Open Mic Night w/Kenn – Village Lanterne (Lindenhurst) NYC/Queens Jam with Richie Cannata – The Bitter End (NYC) Open Jazz Jam Session – Kitano New York Hotel (NYC) Open Mic Jazz for musicians & singers w/The Jon Weiss Trio – Cleopatra's Needle (NYC) Muriel Robin Returns…Tsoin Tsoin – City Winery (NYC) Morgan James Record Release Show – Le Poisson Rouge (NYC) Mingus Orchestra – Jazz Standard (NYC) Albare – Blue Note (NYC)


BEER & SPIRITS Beer lovers rejoice; it is time for our monthly Beer and Spirits fix. Last month we brought you a detailed look at some of Long Island's finest brewpubs. If there is any indication that we are experiencing a craft beer renaissance right here at home, one can look to the several craft beer-oriented festivals as proof. These large events welcome breweries from all around the world, and usually feature live music and local food vendors to boot. These events are excellent options to consider for thirsty readers who want to expand their palettes and have some fun this Summer.

The North Fork Craft Beer, BBQ & Wine Festival takes place at the Peconic Bay Winery on August 9. 100 brews from 50+ breweries around the country are paired with gourmet offerings from Maple Tree BBQ (a sandwich and side are included in your ticket price). Local craft heavyweights such as Blue Point Brewing Company, Long Ireland Beer Company and the Port Jeff Brewing Company are all represented here, and the award winning local wines for which the region is renowned for will also be available. Ticket sales will benefit the Beer for Brains Foundation, which raises awareness and funds for brain cancer research. For more information, visit or call 631-9407290.

Since their invention at the Anchor Bar in upstate Buffalo in 1964, Buffalo wings have become a pub-grub staple which perfectly compliments ice cold craft brews. Wing lovers can finally celebrate

this beloved culinary institution at the second annual Long Island Buffalo Wing Festival, which takes place at The Nutty Irishman, Even Flow Bar & Grill, and TJ Finley's on August 24. Guests will get to taste the finest wings Long Island has to offer while drinking their favorite craft brews. Awards will be given out for the best wings by a panel of judges. For more information, visit or call 631-671-7014. In a rare tie-in with our ongoing Casinos & Resorts column, The Grapes and Grain at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on June 7 will provide casino-goers with a chance to try a wide variety of micro-brews and wines in one package. Ticket price includes a souvenir glass and unlimited tastings for ambitious session drinkers. Various food vendors, artisans and live music round out the deal – the added option of hitting the slots afterwards is also a plus. For more information, visit or call 609-449-1000. You don't have to be a festival to have great beers; KJ Farrell's in Bellmore now offers 27 craft beers on tap, including Blue Point Hoptical Illusion, Great South Bay Lethal Cupcake, Harpoon Summer Ale, Newcastle Cabbie, Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA, Singlecut Billy 18 Watt IPA, and Southampton Keller Pilsner. In addition to their wide selection of tap beers, each month they have a Tap Takeover, where a different brewery comes in with exclusive samples and discounted $5 pints. To learn more, visit or call 516-804-9925. If you're looking to take advantage of the nice Summer weather while trying out new and exotic craft beers, plan ahead to visit these events. The total number of breweries represented here is astounding; for the price of admission the selections simply cannot be beat. The chance to catch some Long Island music and sample some local cuisine make these events worth checking out for beer lovers of all stripes. Gather your friends, find that designated driver and head out to these festivals to enjoy a cold one in the sun. – Peter Mancini


pring is in full swing once again, and people are shedding winter baggage and taking to the streets. Everyone knows the change of seasons brings with it a bevy of entertainment options to consider while making weekend plans. For those lusting to get away, look no further than casinos and resorts, which offer great shows that are sure to please music-lovers and laugh-a-holics alike. Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City welcomes R&B Soul Legend Smokey Robinson to the stage on May 24. Referred to as America’s “Greatest Living Poet” by Bob Dylan, Robinson’s career spans over four decades of hits. America’s Got Talent finalist Tom Cotter delivers his acclaimed comedy routine on May 29, and The Purple Xperience: A Tribute to Prince (which features original members of Prince’s Rod Stewart At Mohegan Sun

band) takes the stage on June 5. For more information, visit or call (609) 441-5000. Menopause: The Musical will make a

to Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino & Resort on May 24, and Blue Oyster Cult takes the stage on May 31 in support of their acclaimed Columbia Records box set. An IMAX 3D screening of Disney’s Maleficent, which tells the backstory of Sleeping Beauty’s iconic villain, will be shown May 29 through June 5. Whether this is an

Blue Oyster Cult At Tropicana

exciting new direction for the aging Disney franchise or a desperate move to court the Twilight demographic remains to be seen. For more information, visit or call (609) 340-4000. Late night talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler performs at Caesar’s Atlantic City on May 25, while sibling country-rock trio The Band Perry takes the stage in support of their latest record Pioneer. Their previous album, If I Die Young, went platinum an astounding four times and spawned the hits “You Lie” and “All Your Life”. Despite all the speculation about today’s music industry, Nashville is still cranking out hit records – this show is not to be missed. For more information, visit or call (609) 348-4411. Mohegan Sun in Connecticut welcomes Rod Stewart and Santana on May 25, which is an interesting pairing of two polarizing rock icons who have readily embraced commercial success without abandon (or remorse). Long gone are the glory days of The Faces

Smokey Robinson at Harrah’s

showing from May 24-26 at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. The play, set to classic hits from the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s, provides a humorous look at what women have been laughing about for years. Rising house music three-piece Cash Cash rolls in on May 27, and Atlanta-area hip-hop pioneer Lil Jon plays a DJ set on May 30. Hot on the heels of a sold-out show at MSG, Bachata musician Anthony Santos takes the stage on May 31. For more information, visit or call (860) 312-3000. CBGB-era Punk legend Blondie heads

and Abraxas – it should be entertaining to see how these aging rock superstars can repackage themselves yet again. Don’t forget to buy a t-shirt on your way out. Rising country star Brant Gilbert plays the arena stage with special guest Jack Ingram on May 30, and JJ Grey and Mofro play the Wolf Den that same night. For more information, visit, or call (888) 226-7711. Spring is a great time to hit that big jackpot, and you have plenty of reasons to roll the dice this season. – Peter Mancini

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LGBT NEWS Long Island Pride At GLBT Festival: The annual Long Island Pride Festival will be June 14 in Huntingon Village and Heckscher Park in Huntington. The event begins at noon with a gay pride parade; the Festival follows from 1 to 6 pm. Admission is free for

Taylor Dayne

what annually is Long Island’s largest GLBT event (more than 15,000 attendees were reported to have enjoyed the previous event). This year’s headliners are dance music superstar and Baldwin native Taylor Dayne (“Tell It To My Heart”), Christine W, Prince Poppycock, and other musicians. PrideFest features food, a beer garden, activities, live performances, and more attractions. For more information, call (516) 323-0011. Secure Your Future: The difference between a same-sex couple getting married and taking specific pro-active steps, and not getting married and not taking these pro-active steps, can be the difference between running out of money and having $1.4 million during their retirement years. So says Pittsburgh-based CPA/Attorney James Lange who, after having done extensive research on the subject, is on a mission to educate and help. “Finally, thanks to changes passed into the law in 2013, same-sex couples that get married and take the appropriate pro-active steps can enjoy the same favorable financial benefits that well-informed opposite-sex married people currently enjoy — but only if they get married and take the appropriate steps,” said Lange. Lange has written a new book, Retire Secure! For Same Sex Couples, designed to help these new-age couples navigate the challenges and enjoy the rewards of the new laws. According to the author, Lange is donating all the money he receives

Organizations: Submit News & Events One Month Prior To from book sales to Freedom To Marry (, a non-profit organization that promotes marriage equality. Though not official (at press time), the book will likely be an AARP book with a foreword by same-sex marriage advocate Evan Wolfson. “There are now life-changing financial reasons to tie the knot,” said Lange. “Getting married and combining new strategies (previously only available to married couples) with old concepts like maximizing Social Security benefits (using the apply-and-suspend technique) and by making a series of Roth IRA conversions can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars – or even more than $1 million of additional income to same-sex couples over the long term.” Lange adds that there are new opportunities for same-sex couples in estate planning, particularly when one of the partner/spouses has an IRA or retirement plan. “The tax laws heavily favor passing an IRA or retirement plan to a spouse,”said Lange. “Now, same-sex couples who get married can enjoy the enormous tax benefits available to a surviving spouse inheriting an IRA or retirement plan. Add in some of the advantages of the different techniques for taking

spousal benefits for social security while both spouses are alive and after one passes, and other innovative strategies, and you have an arsenal at your fingertips to substantially increase wealth and financial security,” said Lange. Learn more at

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COMEDY acclaimed “Nasty Sho,” and Jefferies Jibes: Jim Jefferies, garnered one of the biggest press easily one of the hottest standup comedy talents on the road at this articles about the Festival, and has been selling out his solo shows writing, will headline on Friday, May 23 at The Space in Westbury. ever since. In England, Jefferies has Advance tickets are available at appeared on such shows as ITV2’s Make plans quickly: Because of demand, a second show Jim has been added for this Jefferies same date; more information is available at This Australian stand-up comedian, the star of “Legit” – the FX series which he also wrote and produced – is hailed as one the fastest rising, stand out talents of his generation. A native of Sydney, Jefferies first found an audience for his comedy in Britain before moving to Los Angeles in 2009. He has been selling out in the United States ever since. He was first seen on HBO’s “Down and Dirty With Jim Norton,” which led to his popular one-hour HBO special, “I Swear To God.” He followed that up with the Showtime special “Alcoholocaust,” and last year he continued his “Comedy Cuts” and “If.Com long line of hit comedy specials Eddies,” as well as on BBC1’s with the airing of “Fully “Heaven & Earth,” and BBC2’s Functional” on EPIX. “Never Mind The Buzzcocks.” Jefferies is also a headline Jefferies was also on Channel 4’s performer in Canada, Asia, South “The History of Offensive Africa, Europe and the U.K. Humor” as well as “The World including being one of the most Stands Up” and “Edinburgh and successful acts at Edinburgh Beyond” for the Paramount several years running. In Comedy Channel. Edinburgh, Jefferies performed Now based in the U.S., Jefferies for more than 5,000 people with now ranks as a world-class headFromThe HBO Special liner who doesn’t pull any punches, making audiences roar with laughter at the kind of material many comedians would never pull off. He’s one of the rare standups that has the ability to both charm and challenge a crowd in equal measures. Although he’s his critically acclaimed smash hit solo shows. He was the talk of the been lambasted by more than a few blue noses – the UK’s Montreal “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festivals, wowing Christian Voice described him as audiences with his performances. “sick and repellant” – Jefferies can He first appeared at the “Just for also deliver family friendly mateLaughs” Festival in 2005, where rial when required, as he’s done he performed in the highly often during his TV appearances.


Screen To Stage Rocky Winter Garden Theatre The Bridges Of Madison County Schoenfeld Theatre

Andy Karl might be the hardest working actor on Broadway. The star of the souped up musical “Rocky,” Karl not only belts out songs (by “Ragtime” and “Once on This Island’s” Tony winners Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty), dances and throws punches (at times in slow motion), ducks and weaves in choreographers Steve Hoggett and Kelly Devine’s spectacular boxing match finale. He also creates a truly sympathetic, winning underdog hero in the career-making role written by and staring Sylvester Stallone in the 1976 Oscar-winning film “Rocky.” Award-winning Broadway vet Thomas Meehan (“Annie,” “Hairspray,” “The Producers”) and Stallone have co-written this musical adaptation which follows the film’s crowd-pleasing template, including the familiar, beloved set pieces and character quirks like Rocky’s pet turtles, his practicing his punches on the sides of beef in a meat freezer, and taking his shy girlfriend skating at a closed rink. All of the beloved characters are here, too: Adrian (beautifully played and sung by Margo Seibert), the shy wallflower who blossoms under Rocky’s sweet attention; her psychologically abusive brother and Rocky’s buddy Paulie (Danny Mastrogiorgio); and boxing old-timer Mickey (Dakin Matthews) who, won over by Rocky’s persistence, become his trainer. A sentimental tale of a working-class loser, a lug with a big heart, driving himself to win the girl and hold his own against champ Apollo Creed (here played with a cocky swagger and genuine charm by Terence Archie),

By Jane Klain

“Rocky: The Musical,” which originated in 2012 in Hamburg, Germany, is a schizoid production, both an intimate love story (which gets the strongest songs in this merely serviceable Ahrens and Flaherty score) and an exhilarating and exhausting assault on the senses with striking video projections of Rocky running through South Philly streets as he trains for the big fight and a dazzling finale staged with propulsive energy by director Alex Timbers (“Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,” “Here


Lies Love”) in which a full-sized boxing ring descends from the ceiling, covering the front of the orchestra; the displaced audience members transformed into ringside fight fans for the Rocky-Apollo fight, which is projected by Jumbotrons. Unfortunately, the most exciting numbers are Bill Conti’s original “Rocky” theme and “Eye Of The Tiger” in this visually spectacular but ultimately disappointing musical. “The patron saint of Iowa housewives” is how Francesca, a lonely Iowa housewife, jokingly describes the handsome, worldly stranger who turns up at her

farmhouse door when her husband and children are “conveniently away at a state fair” in Pulitzer Prizewinning playwright Marsha Norman’s (“’Night, Mother,”) adaptation of Robert James Waller’s bestselling 1992 novel. A cheesy Harlequin Romance fantasy “Bridges” — both beloved (selling more than 50 million copies) and ridiculed — was turned into a far better 1995 Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood film. It has now has been adapted into a heartbreaking Broadway musical with a ravishingly lyrical score by composer/lyricist Jason Robert Brown (“Parade,” “The Last Five Years,” “Honeymoon in Vegas”). Focusing on the passionate four-day affair between a lonely, alienated married housewife and mother (“South Pacific’s” Kelli O’Hara in her richest, most thrilling performance) and a restless, rootless photographer (wonderfully portrayed by the ruggedly handsome Steven Pasquale), the book and film are tightly focused, intimate tales about a woman’s sensual awakening. In translating “Bridges” to the musical stage librettist Norman has unwisely opened the story to include sympathetic portraits of Francesca’s well meaning husband (a thankless role, well played by Hunter Foster) who is clueless about the dreams his Italian war bride forfeited in marrying him in postwar ravaged Naples, uprooting herself from her Italian heritage and her cultural aspirations; her bickering children and nosy, but kind-hearted neighbors (Cass Morgan and Michael X. Martin). Director Bartlett Sher has unwisely peopled the stage with ever-watching townspeople who often sit “Our Town”-like on the sides of the stage, but they cannot obscure the white-hot flame that sizzles between O’Hara and Pasquale in this lovely, urber-romantic tragic love story. – Jane Klain

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Studio News

Savage Sounds in West Hempstead knows what the top industry professionals know about sound: “A great recording can only happen when all of the elements come together properly. It takes a combination of room

sound, gear selection, mic placement, instrument quality, talent, and most of all, a good musical vibe in the studio,” noted the studio. But we'll take that a step further: A great engineer serves as the ears for any major project, and that's what you'll find at Savage; musicians who have worked there rave about the

results they’ve gotten. Log on to to learn about recording rates, block rates, production services, mixing, CD/DVD replication, and much more. Pop's Music Room in Port Jefferson is a Ray 24-hour Lambiase access, fully equipped rehearsal area will new gear, a lounge with a flat screen TV and refreshments, and much more. Learn all about it at (631) 3882603, or log on to Another relatively new facility you should be aware of is the unique Music Box LI, where monthly rehearsal rooms are available with 24-hour access – it's like practicing in your own place. This exciting new studio is located in the central South Shore, convenient to all of Long

20 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

Submit recording studio news to

Island and Queens; learn more by Jenna Rose – featured in our last issue’s Long Island Spotlight – calling (516) 643-5179, or write to recently worked there. Five Towns College in Dix In the past, we’ve looked at the Hills is a great place to begin a team of music professionals that pro audio career. To learn more, help local recording aritsts at call the staff at Critical 1 Studios in Bay Shore. (631) 656-2100. One of them is Luciana Maneri Evolution Soundstage is a top facility that must be experienced by serious area musicians wishing to record video demos – or anything else. Call them at (516) 794-ROXX. This facility is perfect for imporant video shoots and showcases,features tour bus-accessible loading, top professional backline, Line Array sound, truss/lighting, and a spacious 30' stage and lounge. If you're serious about your music, you owe it to yourself to check out Evolution. Contacts: (516) 794-7699 or log on to the website evolutionLuciana The Maneri At red-hot young pop star Critical 1


Studio News Sabella’s Licence Plate Guitar” On YouTube

and her affilation with Push Broom

Gang Productions, originally named by the late Wycliffe “Steely” Johnson and was formed in his memory of what began as his journey of music. Between New York and Jamaica, Mareri works closely with Critical 1 Studios, Steven Stanley Studios, Studio 2000, E2 Recordings and various other studios throughout Jamaica and the USA. To learn more about Critical 1, log on to or call (631) 586-4462 or (631) 796-0400. Here’s one for the “We Don’t Get It, Either” file: Soda brand Dr. Pepper has launched its first music studio in partnership with Complex Media. Located in Hollywood, the cuttingedge facility seeks to be a new recording home for musical artists. “Complex’s industry-leading

initiatives reach consumers in ways that others can’t. Our partnership goes beyond a Dr. Pepper logo placement to delve deeper into the music scene with some of today’s most remarkable producers and artists,” said Jaxie Alt, senior vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper. “We have created an experience that captures the true of essence of what Dr Pepper is all about: being one of a kind.” Sounds like a gas ... literally and figuratively. Local artist news: Eight Feet Deep’s newest EP, Time For A Change, was produced by one of the region’s top audio professionals, Micky James, at his Freedom Of Speech Studios; the album was produced by James and the band’s Billy Fridrich … The newest by the red-hot Montauk Project, Belly Of The Beast, was recorded at Sonoma Beach Studio, engineered and mixed by Matt King … Michael Weiskopf’s lastest disc, Suffering Fools, was recorded at Monk Music Studios in East Hampton, and produced by Weiskopf and Cynthia Daniels … The new Gathering Time folk music disc featuring their new lineup was

recorded at Wrong Gathering Side Of The Tracks Time Studios in Oyster Bay … Glen Cove’s Tiki Recording Studios was the home to a pair of excellent music albums: James Talia’s Stories To Be Told and Ray Lambiase’s Time Leaves Things Behind. Log on to either to catch the newest innovation from Sabella Studios: license plate guitars that are fully playable and more than a little bit cool. YouTube features a clip of Sabella Studios owner Jim Sabella playing one of these homemade beauties. To learn more about Sabella Studios in Roslyn Heights, log on to And The Day the website Is Mine listed above or call (516) 484-0862. Tom Stiegler’s Blokhed Studios has always been at the forefront of new sounds and concepts –

and even their website follows suit: Log on to and you’ll discover that those booking time can actually pay for their sessions online. Blokhed has been the home to And The Day Is Mine and other top acts in recent months; call them at (631) 586-4111.











Cover concerts, films, plays and local events. Call Rich at (516) 280-2100 for information, or send resumé to

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PLEASE NOTE: Classifieds are for individuals only (looking for a musician, etc). not commercial businesses. Display ads showcase your business, get results – and they're cheap! INSTRUCTION

Available. East Rockaway Music, 53 Main Street, East Rockaway, N.Y. (516) 599-6693. (1103) Guitar Setups and Re-Stringing. Professional guitar tech who has worked for Iron Maiden, Lady Gaga, Foreigner, TSO, Godsmack and more. Same day service available. Get your guitar or bass ready for your next gig or recording session. Pickup and drop off service available. (516) 315-7972. (1146)


Guitar and Bass Instruction with Larry Meyer. Immediately learn exactly what you want! World Class Pro, Author of Books, Recording Artist. All levels, styles, techniques, original solo improvisation. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Classical. Call Larry, 631-757-2495. (TFN) EQUIPMENT FOR SALE

Huge Amp Blowout - Amps by Vox, Marshall, Randall and more. All reduced to ridiculously low prices! Call Murphy’s Music today! (631) 5494510 (TFN). 6 Pc. Professional Ludwig DrumSet with Zildjian Cymbals and All Heavy Duty double braced polish chrome hardware. Purchase New In 2011. Call, Ask for Bobby. 631-8212581 $800 dollars. (1140)

Care Aid. Will Care For You In Your Home. Experienced. Light to Moderate Cooking. Prepare meals, personal, duties, grooming. Some Shopping. Organize appointments. Medicate and Doctor. Chores, Companionish. Always a Friend. Call Arlene 631-384-9620. Personal, private. Any Age. 20-----up. (1145) Joel Rosenblatt, Wednesday, May 21, 7:00 PM at The LI Drum Center. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance at our store or online at Seating is limited. (1146)


GET YOUR MUSIC NOTICED! Nowadays you need a music video to get your music noticed, but to do a music video can cost $3000 or more, but now you can to a music video for only $490, call (516) 642-6174 (1140)


Specializing In Guitar and Amplifiers Repair. Authorize Repair for Major Brands. Over 40 Years Experience. Expedited Service


Retired Rock Drummer Looking to Join Contemporary Country Music Band, Originals, Covers, My Last Effort Before I Hang Up My Gun's, Sideman Work Only, No Drums, Solos, Will Audition. Ask For Bobby 631-821-2581. (1142) MUSICIANS WANTED

Rock and Country Band Wanted to Produce and Record. Mail Demo to 17 Central Ave., Amityville NY 11701 or call (631) 691-4205.(1145) Bass and Drums Sought for Cream Style, Recreational Weekends. (631) 462-5987. (1142) Sax and/or keyboard player needed to complete jazz band. Reliable only! Call Frank (516) 520-5174. (1140)


Sound and Lighting Technicians needed for Event Planning Company. Weekend Work. Great Pay. Experience a must. Send Resume. (1083) BMX Instructor Needed For Lessons At Oil City Skatepark. Saturday & Sunday Mornings. Call 516-442-0703. Ask for Chris. Double Reed/Woodwind Teacher Oboe, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet Preferred. Call 631-549-4510 or email resume to (TFN)

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Larry Meyer


Recording Artist, World Class Pro, Author of Guitar Books Learn exactly what you want immediately!


Mollys Irish Bar. Bartenders Wanted. Must Be Experienced. Brookhaven (631) 278-4997. (1122)

Develop Original Style & Soloing Rock, Metal, Blues, Classical, Jazz, All Levels, Styles SKYPE LESSONS NOW AVAILABLE New Album “Sky Music” Go To



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AGING LIKE WHINE We love our classic rockers and aging legends as much as anyone, but a few of our all-time favorites are getting a little dog-eared, tired, or generally are showing their respective ages pretty poorly of late: Neil Young: We are as excited by PonoMusic, Young’s new high fidelity digital music listening device, as anyone – but we can’t think of a note of music that Young has made for the past 15 years that’s worth much. His work on the last CSNY album? Living With War? Greendale? Young’s been collaborating with White Stripes “genius” Jack White of late … oh, dear. We’re sure whatever they come up with will be on par with White just about ruining Wanda Jackson’s comeback with the dog of an album White “produced” for her in 2011. The Guess Who: No Randy Bachman or Burton Cummings; now it’s the original rhythm section performing with faceless guys seemingly less than half their age. Yeah, it sucks as bad as it sounds. See Cummings, a master performer, instead (he’ll be at City Winery in NYC this summer). The Eagles: Don Henley and Glenn Frey have kicked out so many members, the refugees should form their own band – and it

Photo: Neil Young by Per Ole Hagen

would be far superior to the current version of The Eagles, Just For Men-coated stick figures playing by-the-numbers oldies that somehow command $200 a ticket. Not from everybody.

Her Quest For Homes For Everyone


ublic housing provides homes and services for approximately 2.2 million people in the U.S.; however, the need is much greater than that. Given current economic and federal budget conditions, public housing availability continues to decrease, while the need for it continues to grow, according to reports. Recently, ReThink ambassador and four-time Grammy Award nominated singer/songwriter Jewel invited Americans to take a minute to think about their home and share why housing matters to them. Jewel will be writing a new song about “Why Housing Matters” to raise awareness of the benefits of public housing and to encourage Americans to rethink their perceptions of public housing. Jewel recently encouragd Americans to go to and submit a short essay and optional photo describing why home matters to them. Soon, the public will have the chance to cast a vote for their favorite entry; top 10 entries will serve as inspiration to Jewel as she creates her new song. The person with the winning entry will meet Jewel in Los Angeles and attend an exclusive performance of the song they inspired

her to write. Once homeless herself, Jewel understands the importance of having a stable place to live. She remembers what it was like to not have a roof over her head or not know where her next meal was coming from. As

ReThink Ambassador for the second year, Jewel will continue to spread news about the initiative through media appearances in the coming weeks and launch the new song about


Private Rehearsal Studio

Short Run - Quick Turn Specialists!

Joe's Garage Monthly Rooms rehearsal facility, 24/7, fully alarmed and central station monitored, 24-hour video surveillance. Locations In West Babylon & Amityville

516-794-ROXX (7699) Evolution Soundstage and Joe's Garage (West Babylon) are all conveniently located1/4 mile from the Southern State Parkway, 1/2 mile from Long Island Railroad, 1 mile from the Long Island Expressway, 45 minutes from NYC/NJ. All studios are surrounded by restaurants, lodging, and more.

Holiday Special - 10% off when you mention this ad for 100 - 500 pcs CD-R, w color print, 2 panel color insert & tray card in a jewelcase with shrinkwrap. $1.48 each! Turn time - 2 business days

Doing Business For Over 30 Years


(631) 249 - 9200

housing later this year. “I’m so honored to have the opportunity to continue to work with ReThink to raise awareness for people who may not have a stable place to live,” said Jewel. “ReThink is an important initiative that inspires people to think differently about the importance of home. I’m truly looking forward to gathering perspectives and inspiration about what your home means to you, and turning it into a song that I hope will help shed light on this important cause.” Courtney Rice, Corporate Communications and Branding Manager at Housing Authority Insurance, Inc., noted that “Jewel has been an incredible partner and advocate in sharing stories from her past. Now, we’re thankful to have her use her songwriting talent and voice to help connect with Americans on the importance of having a home.” Visit for more.

24 Hour Access-Fully Equipped with All New Gear - Lounge with Flat Screen TV with a Bar and Refreshments

Call 631-388-2603 1509 B Main Street Port Jefferson, NY 11777


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Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014 • 23

Arts Announcements

Photo: Caterpillar by Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

Crazy For Caterpillars At Alley Pond Park

Art Don Resnick: Essence Of Place Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University Museum, Hempstead Through August 15; (516) 463-5672; This exhibition features landscapes by the internationally recognized Rockville Centre artist (1928-2008), and includes oil paintings, watercolors, and works on paper.

Children/Family APEC Safari Walk Alley Pond Environmental Center, Douglaston May 24 at 11 am; (718) 229-4000; Intended for children ages 6 through 11, this is a rain-or-shine hike through the trails of Alley Pond Park; pre-registration is required by calling the number above. On the same day: “Crazy For Caterpillars”(for 5 and 6-year-olds) at 1:30 pm.

Concerts Good Old Dance Band St. Sylvester’s Parish Center, Medford Check website for show dates; (631) 730-3333; The regular monthly show of Mike Virostko and his 17-piece swing band. Dancing, raffles, and more. Log on for the next show dates.

Long Island Banjo Society VFW Hall, Copiague Fridays at 8 pm; (516) 889-2184; All banjo players – beginners, advanced, and professional – are invited to play along at these rehearsals. Music fans are welcome to come and listen; refreshments are available. Electronic Musicians Collective Sky Room, Cinema Arts Centre, Huntington May 30 at 10 pm; (631) 423-FILM; This series presents new music from the area’s electronic music artists,

emceed by Huntington electronic artist Meme, whose debut EP is To Learn.

Send arts notices to one month before your first event.

for most Library programs at the ASK Desk; call for complete information. Theater Plaza Suite John W. Engeman Theatre at Northport May 29 through July 13; (631) 261-2900; Engeman Theatre: Neil Simon’s classic comedy gets the just-likeBroadway Engeman treatment.

Spring Awakening CM Performing Arts Center, Oakdale May 29 through June 15; (631) 581-2700; CM Performing Arts: This Tony-

Port Jefferson Through May 24; (631) 928-9100; Theater Three: The wacky musical about every grandmother’s favorite pastime.

Spring Alumni Showcases Bares Bones Theater, Northport May 21 and 23 at 8 pm; (800) 838-3006;; Also on May 21: An improvisation showcase. Call for details. 42nd Street Gateway Playhouse, Bellport May 21 through June 8;

The Drowsy Chaperone

Film Screenwriter Disccussion Group Sky Room, Cinema Arts Centre, Huntington Every other Monday at 7:30 pm; (631) 423-FILM; This free series offers networking, information, feedback, and readings by area screenwriters. Log on for schedules and information.

Health Community Yoga Wang Center, Stony Brook University Each Tuesday at 6 pm; events.shtml winning new era Broadway musical lauded for its Duncan Sheik score makes its Long Island debut; for mature audiences.

Bare Bones Theater

Multi-level yoga classes, appropriate for both beginners and more advanced students.

Hobbies Long Island Auto Replica Society Henrietta Acampora Recreation Center, Centereach Third Thursday of every month at 7 pm; (516) 884-2270; (631) 946-6335 The L.I.A.R.S. monthly meetings are open to anyone with an interest in building scale models of automobiles. Call for more information.

Learning/Lectures Freeport Memorial Library (516) 379-3274 Upcoming events: The Baking Coach Inc. will give lessons on how to make diabetic desserts such as puddings and cupcakes on Tuesday, May 20 at 7 pm … Lupe Velasquez returns with knitting and crocheting instruction on Thursday, May 22 at 7 pm … An exhibition of Frank Gordon Thomas’ steel sculptures is now on display through May 31. Pre-register

24 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

The Drowsy Chaperone BroadHollow Theatre, Elmont Through May 25; (631) 581-2700; BroadHollow Theatre Company: The “musical within a comedy” finishes its hit run. Little Shop Of Horrors Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst Through May 24; (516) 775-4420; BroadHollow Theatre Company: Seymour and his murderous plant return in the campiest comedy/horror/rock musical of all.

Months On End Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst May 31 through June 24; (516) 775-4420; BroadHollow Theatre Company: A comedy by Craig Pospisil. Bingo! The Winning Musical Theater Three,

(631) 286-1133; Gateway Playhouse: The first production of the 2014 season. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest BayWay Arts Center, East Islip Through June 1; (631) 581-2700; BroadHollow Theater Company: Ken Kesey’s classic novel brought to life.

Little Shop Of Horrors

Photos Provided By The Artists And Their Representatives

Melanie Martinez Hot Baldwin Singer Signs With Atlantic Records

Who: Baldwin’s Melanie Martinez, one of the most unique talents to emerge from Long Island, is breaking out nationally in a big way: The 19-year-old recently signed with legendary major label Atlantic Records, and has an important new release hitting the streets today (May 20). Martinez first made her mark as

a contestant on the third season of NBC’s mega-hit talent competition show, “The Voice.” The Artist & Her Sound: Atlantic announced the signing of Martinez in early April; the debut release from the singer/songwriter is The Dollhouse EP, now in stores. The first single, “Dollhouse,” is available now at the iTunes Store. In addition, the track’s popular companion video is fast approaching one million individual views at Martinez’s

official YouTube channel, x3. Co-written by Martinez with Kinetics & One Love (B.o.B, Neon Hitch), the dark pop dream of “Dollhouse” has already earned critical notices and some fervid fan adulation. Having spent much of 2013 selling out clubs across the country, Martinez will celebrate the release of the EP with her biggest national tour to date, kicking off June 4 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s World Café and continuing through the end of June ; late in the tour, she’ll perform in New York City. Additional live dates will be announced soon; visit for updates. Martinez – currently hard at work finishing her debut album alongside collaborators Robopop (Jessie J, Lana Del Rey) and the aforementioned Kinetics & One Love – has been hailed as a provocative singer, songwriter, and visual presence. The Long Island native first captured the country’s imagination with her arresting performances during the 2012 season of NBC’s megahit talent competition show “The Voice,” driving her unique renditions of “Too Close” and “Seven Nation Army” to Top 5 sales in the iTunes Store. In addition, Martinez’ rendition of “Toxic” lit YouTube on fire, earning more than six million individual page views.


By Jimi LaLumia

Thunder Roars Anew: Congratulations to Danny Garcia, Phyllis Stein, and Hilary Hodgson on the super-successful launch of the most talked-about pop culture documentary of 2014, Looking For Johnny: The Legend Of Johnny Thunders. It’s a rocking love letter to the unsung hero of the 1970s New York City rock scene, as well as a major force in punk rock. There have been attempts in the past to get this subject matter (notably Lech Kowalski’s The Last Rock And Roll Movie) out into the world, but legal matters and music publishing clearances always kept it from happening. Thunders and his second band, The HeartBreakers, got great exposure last year when “All By Myself” was heard in the film CBGB, and it also

York Dolls, without whom there wouldn’t have been the 70s NYC rock scene that came to be – nor would there have been punk rock as we knew it. All that we love about these scenes sprang forth from The Dolls, and the guitar sound that typified New York City glam and UK punk was the guitar sound of Johnny Thunders; it’s as plain and simple as that. He was not a company man when dealing with record labels, so his best work was never released in America, or played on the radio; the truly hip sought out his import albums and CDs and filled concert halls wherever he played, either solo or as a member of The HeartBreakers, Gang War (with Wayne Kramer of The MC5) , Cosa Nostra, and all the other names he adopted through the years.

showed up on the soundtrack album. “All By Myself” was one of the invincible tunes on L.A.M.F., the finest, most enduring album to emerge from the first wave of punk, now available through Jungle Records U.K. Alan Hauser, the main man at Jungle, helped with music clearances for “Looking For Johnny,” and Jungle U.K. will handle the worldwide release of the DVD after the film finishes its tour of the arthouse circuit. For those who don’t know, Thunders’ first band was The New

While we have Looking For Johnny on the horizon, a scripted Thunders film is also in the works, with lifelong scene maker and observer Nina Antonia running the show (find yourself a copy of her JTbased book, In Cold Blood). This will truly be exciting, and will turn a new breed of kids out there on to the greatest star that they never knew about, but will instantly love: Mr. Johnny Thunders. Start collecting those import albums now before the movies are released and the prices go through the roof.

96 Tears The New Single From


Released by Chrome Orange Music/Media

Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014 • 25


much longer. In the Summer of 2013, Zeso woke up at 6am to work on a mural at a local recording studio in Garden City. After putting in a 14 hour day of painting, the work was finally finished. He proceeded to coat the wall in white paint, erasing all traces of the art that existed only for a brief moment. All that is left of the marathon painting session is a reverse time lapse video in which Zeso “reveals” his artwork from under the white paint. “I was fascinated by his ability to paint over his art,” said Zeso’s manager Nino of his work. Painting over artwork is an integral part of the unspoken code of conduct that all graffiti artists abide by. “There are not many spots to paint, so you take a picture and move on,” Zeso explains. Hailing from Lyon, France, Zeso began his artwork at a young age. He was influenced by

26 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014




When the graffiti mecca 5Pointz in Long Island City was whitewashed, artists looked for an alternative spot to showcase their latest works. Filling a small part of the void is Oil City Skatepark in Oceanside, where noted graffiti artist Zeso curated over 20 artists who redid the park interior. Many local residents considered the loss of 5Pointz a tragedy. Artists like Zeso consider it part of what makes their art form unique; beauty is only temporary, but the impression it leaves lasts

ing increasingly hard to come by, forcing them graffiti artists like Dondi, to make due with what they have. who was ultimately Of the whitewashing and eventual inspired by the fine art that closing of 5Pointz, Zeso says: “It was more makes France a perennial sad to lose the spot than the paint.” tourist destination. Zeso came to the United States in Luckily, there are still some places that welcome graffiti artists with open arms. Oil 2005 and began focusing City Skatepark is a place where works from more on murals while honing his craft. The French fine art influence, mixed with the NYC “Wildstyle” graffiti produced interesting and unique results which can be seen throughout Zeso’s work. At one time, his works included about 120 paintings at 5Pointz, 20 of which were enormous murals. The size and scope of these works are impressive, especially when viewed in person. The closing of 5Pointz is a somewhat anomalous event in a society that has become more Zeso and other talented artists can be accepting of the controversial art form in recent years; artists like Banksy have achieved enjoyed by anyone who is willing to seek them out. The results are impressive notoriety and fame with their political street art. Graffiti artists have been fighting an uphill – the detail and sheer size of the artwork itself encapsulates the pure ethos of battle in this regard; the public perception of what graffiti truly represents: art and street art and graffiti is radically different. beauty are only temporary. For more “Street art is all about the planning and the information, visit or message,” explains Zeso. “Graffiti is all about call 516-442-0703. the name.” Where a graffiti artist tags their To learn more about Zeso and his amazing name is part of the piece and adds to the overartwork, visit all aesthetic value. It is a mix of creativity, bravery and speed that are the hallmarks of a – Peter Mancini great graffiti artist, LONG ISLAND’S which Zeso BEST Indoor Skate Park displays with each Open 7 Days a Week new work he creates Email: SKATEBOARDING • BMX • INLINE SKATING on the fly. Although they both incorporate the same THE FORCE IS WITH OIL CITY elements, graffiti is still viewed as vandalism by some, while street art or a mural are lauded by the masses. Nino views Zeso’s work as vandalism prevention. LONGBOARD SALE “Graffiti artists have a 10% OFF DECKS AND COMPLETES loose association of respect,” he explains. “You have to commit to painting over CATCH SERIOUS AIR WITH someone else’s work DC SUPERHERO DECKS by covering the whole thing and put the old piece to rest.” Painting DeVille “under,” which means painting something of lower quality, is considered disrespectful. It is this unspoken code of conduct that prevents Lucky Lady I Diner Lucky Lady II people from painting HELMETS REQUIRED RESERVE NOW! PRIVATE LESSONS AT ALL TIMES SIGN UP FOR over Zeso’s work, GROUP LESSONS DAILY Fees/Rules 1 ON 1 SATURDAYS 9:30AM - 11AM You must have a insurance waiver on which ultimately file to skate. One time waiver fee is SUMMER SKATEBOARD • SCOOTER 1/2 HOUR $35 $15, and a waiver form must be filled SUNDAYS SKATEBOARD ONLY 9:30AM - 11AM $ All waivers must be signed by prevents vandalism. 55 1 HOUR parent in person or SKATEBOARD/ Ifout.youchild’s IF YOU CALL 1 DAY IN ADVANCE (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) are under 19 years of age you 516-442-0703 New canvases for graf- $35 need to have your parent or guardian sign the waiver form and NOT PERMITTED SCOOTER CAMP attach photo ID if not present 6 PACK $145 NON-SKATERS BEYOND LOBBY fiti artists are becom(ONLY $24/LESSON) (MUST BE USED WITHIN 8 WEEKS)


Photos: Sexy Chef provided by Centerfold Strips; Courtney Barnett by Leslie Kirchoff

can also provide topless waitresses and bartenders.” For more information, contact Centerfold Strips at, or call (877) 427-8747.

... For Porn Career?

Drummer Quits ...

Hot & Spicy Dishes:

‘Sexy Chefs’ For Your Kitchen

What will they think of next: For horndogs who love corn dogs, Centerfold Strips, an adult entertainment agency, is offering a new service with a simple but appropriate name: “Sexy Chefs.” The hype: “Fire your old boring caterer and let a gorgeous centerfold model dressed in sexy lingerie and heels prepare your meal,” stated a press release. “The exotic dancers at Centerfold Strips are trading in their stripper poles for a spatula. Centerfold Strips Sexy Chefs have basic culinary experience and are able to prepare your favorite steaks, seafood, pastas, salads, and more. The clients provide the kitchen, cookware and the ingredients. You can book Sexy Chefs from Centerfold Strips to cook gourmet meals for your next dinner party, bachelor party, barbeque, pool party, or corporate event. They also provide sexy male chefs for a bachelorette party or bridal shower. Centerfold Strips

One Days Notice

Five-piece punk band One Days Notice will be slimming down to a quartet after the recent announcement that drummer Phil Evans Jr. will be leaving the group to pursue a career in the porn industry. “It doesn’t really surprise me at all,” said vocalist Chris Bassitt when asked about Evans’ decision. “He was always whipping out his giant sausage at band practice.” Evans was unavailable for a comment, but his last show with the band will be in his hometown of Kent, Ohio at The Euro Gyro on June 28 with Firestarter, Far From Proper, and other artists. One Days Notice will continue on with its four original memRockers’ bers, and have Benefit started working on the follow-up to their 2013 release, When Dinosaurs Get Drunk, still available at iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

Rockers Against Trafficking

Raising Minds (& Cash): Photographer Kevin Estrada’s Rockers Against Trafficking benefit to help raise awareness of human trafficking on April 11 at a California nightclub raised more than $10,000. The proceeds from the show will be used to rebuild the lives of young victims with housing, medical assistance, legal

aid, and job placement, and the donations will also be used to build and set up border monitoring stations between countries that are known for human trafficking. Appearing at the benefit were members of Megadeth, Slayer, Stone Temple Pilots, Montrose, and more music artists. Performance highlights included a set by Helmet, a debut performance by Randy Piper’s F-4, and a set by Chris Broderick (Megadeth), Dave Lombardo

Courtney Barnett

late April. She performed the single “Avant Gardener” from her new album, The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas. Critics have lauded the new album, and after wrapping up two performances at The Coachella Festival, Barnett headed out on the road for shows and a string of summer festival slots in support of the album, which will include shows in this area: June 16 at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg, and June 17 at Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Information:

Newest EDM Superstars?

Air Supply:

(Slayer/Philm), Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots), and Keith St. John (Montrose). The heaviness was balanced out with acoustic sounds by Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory and Gonzo and Phil Sandoval of Armored Saint. To Humans, Spiders and Snakes and Edge Of Paradise and Ann Boleyn’s Hellion set helped round out the night. More information:

Ready To Take Over Pop World

Courtney Barnett:

One of the fastest-rising music artists at this writing is Australian Courtney Barnett, who could not have made a bigger U.S. television debut: Her first appearance on our airwaves was on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” during

At press time, soft rockers Air Supply had reached the #4 Breakout position on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart for its single, “Desert Sea Sky.” The song’s chart placement brings Air Supply’s Billboard chart success to a tally of five decades. “Remixed by The Wideboys from Great Britain, the 80s balladeers with 37 million records sold have successfully reinvented themselves for the Electronic Dance Music culture,” said Brad Mason LeBeau, the founder of dance music promotions firm Pro Motion. The Wideboys have worked their studio magic for scores superstar artists since 2000, including Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, and Enrique Iglesias.

Air Supply

Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014 • 27

28 • Good Times Magazine - May 20 - June 2, 2014

Good Times #1145  
Good Times #1145  

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