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Your Soapbox 4 Student agency in schools - how radical is your student voice work? Jennifer Charteris & Dianne Smardon 5 Living and Learning Outside Formal Schooling Anon 8 The non-cognitive conman John Hellner 10 They’re Not “Refugees,” They’re People Matthew Baganz 12 Gifted Students In The Classroom Elaine Le Sueur 16 The Super STEM Fair … MOTAT 18 What does it take to learn? Laurie Loper 24 Aussie teens forgo sleep for screens Vic Health 27 The Kitchen Science Cookbook Dr Michelle Dickinson 28 Introducing: Dr Collette Foster 36 Recapturing the Joys of Teaching and Learning Dr Collette Foster 37 Freshwater Fishes of the Kimberley (A field guide) Book 40 Two P’s in a Pod: Michelle LaBrosse 42 Reasons My Students Aren’t Doing Their Work Stephanie Jankowski 44 Yes They’re Ready to Teach in the Fourth Industrial Revolution! C.M.Rubin 46 Improve productivity on Android and iOS devices Media Release & Review 50 Artist Recreates People’s Childhood Memories Giedre 52 The Mind Lab and MOTAT join forces MOTAT 62 Report signals a better path forward for Timor-Leste youth Flinders University 63 Graduates return to run Programme NZ School of Dance 64 Dear Parent Secret Teacher 68 Harvard student helps crack mystery of Inca code Cristela Guerra 70 How changing the narratives you tell yourself can help you Bruce Kasanoff Retro Birdhouse Camper Kit Makes the Perfect Backyard Outpost Kate Sierzputowski Books with Heart on Issues that Matter EK Books review First Master of Professional Practice Graduates WelTec NVPF launches an important 3-year project to reduce youth violence Are You as Good as Your Robot? C.M. Rubin Paper Cutouts Transform World Landmarks into Quirky Scenes Christopher Jobson Lonely Planet Kids’ Marco and Amelia are Back Review Front Cover: Back Cover:

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Good Teacher Magazine 2018, Term 2  

Term 2 Issue of the Good Teacher Magazine for 2018

Good Teacher Magazine 2018, Term 2  

Term 2 Issue of the Good Teacher Magazine for 2018