Tortelli di Natale al Forno o Fritti - A Traditional Christmas Recipe from our Blog

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Tortelli di Natale al Forno o Fritti Christmas Tortelli Baked in the Oven or Fried Ingredients For the dough

For the custard:

500 g of flour 150 g of sugar 50 g of butter 1 small bag of baking powder 2 eggs 1 small glass of Sassolino liqueur

6 level tablespoons of flour 6 heaped tablespoons of sugar 6 yolks half a litre of milk lemon zest or vanilla

Make the dough by mixing all the ingredients on the working area. Blend the sugar into the yolks, add the flour and slowly pour the milk in a casserole pan, to make the custard, stirring continuously. Put the custard on the stove on a moderate heat, and always stirring, let it thicken. Flavour with vanilla or with the lemon zest to taste. At this point you can prepare the “tortelli”, by using the appropriate moulds, and bake them in the oven, placing them on a buttered plate sprinkled with breadcrumbs, or fry two or three “tortelli” at the time in boiling oil. Serve dusted with plenty of icing sugar. Notes: The “tortelli” can be stuffed with sour cherry jam or with Christmas pesto. The “pesto” is prepared by mixing the plum jam with the sour cherry jam, pine nuts, cookies, sultana raisins, sweet cocoa, Sassolino liqueur, coffee powder and mustard.