Polpettine di Rape e Ricotta al Pomodoro Fresco - A Traditional Recipe from our Blog

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Polpettine di Rape e Ricotta Al Pomodoro Fresco Spinach and ricotta balls with fresh tomato salsa

Ingredients (serves 4) • 400 g cooked spinach • 200 g ricotta • 2 eggs • grated parmesan cheese • a garlic clove • parsley • breadcrumbs • handmade breadcrumbs • olive oil • salt and peppercorns

For the Tomato Sauce: our recipe!


Finely chop the garlic and parsley together. Place a handful of the roughly broken up breadcrumbs to soak in either water of milk. Chop the rape and mix with the ricotta, the eggs and a couple of teaspoons of parmesan, salt and pepper. Squeeze out the bread and mix this in also. Mix all of the ingredients well and then form small balls with your hands, roughly the size of an egg. They can be round or oval in shape. Rolls the balls in the fine breadcrumbs and fry them in a sauce pan with some the preheated olive oil. Finish the cooking with some tomato and basil sauce.