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Letter from

editor L ove! “So many people use

your name in vain.” ~Musiq SoulChild. This was one of many songs I vibed to (post setting the atmosphere with Gospel of course) while editing this issue. As you turn the pages, reflect on Love. Love in all facets. Love centered on God’s Love. Love that embraces self, so that it can, in fact, love others. May all of our movement be a true reflection of our Savior’s grace. When we fall short, may it be God’s grace and mercy that places us back on God’s righteous path. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast…” “And the Greatest of these is love.” ~ Excerpts from 1 Corinthians 13

Many Blessings for a Valentine’s Day filled with Love! As always we thank you for your support you give us with your readership and through the purchasing of advertisements. GPGT’s core belief is that, “God uses good (regular, ordinary) people to do great things” and it is our goal to feature them in this publication. Please send your letters to the editor at with GPGT in the subject line and your feedback or inquiries to Would you like to view our media kit or recommend a feature? Please visit! God’s Blessings to You! May You Be on Path to Purpose! ~Valencya Thompson

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Purpose Pusher!

Valentine’s Day



No fear.

Push past doubt.

Just trust.

Just move.

It is my belief that in identifying our spirit (God) - led passions, we might be propelled into purpose. Valencya Thompson ove. I dare say, love is enough. Genuine love from God spread throughout humanity does conquer all, indeed! The question we must ask ourselves with every action we take is, “what are our motives?” We all enjoy a good laugh every now and then, but there is a new social media craze for being team #petty. Perhaps, you were hurt by someone and your response is often grounded in revenge. If this isn’t your issue, perhaps you’re the Mom who has taken on too much (uh-oh…raises hand) and instead of submitting your best work, you’ve become partially available to a priority task.


Well, do not be dismayed! I assure you, there is enough grace for us all. God’s Word tells us this in 2 Corinthians 12:9-11 (NIV). See scripture meditation on right panel! So repeat after me, I vow to put down this Superwoman Complex today! This cape is far too heavy for me to bear alone. I will give it over to Jesus, in Him whom I put my trust. Yes, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but I must seek Him first and in that order (Philippians 4:13, Matthew 6:33)! On this day of love, first remember to love yourself. Love yourself enough to let go. Let go of selfridicule. Let go of negative thoughts.

Let go of, “I am not enough.” Let go of, “God has clearly forgotten about me and my situation”. Put on, “God loves me.” Put on, “I love myself.” Put on, “God knows the plans He has for me and they are all good things” (Jeremiah 29:11)! As always, I am standing in agreement with you for your breakthrough. May You Find Yourself Completely Wrapped in God’s Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Passion for Purpose: Scripture Meditation 2 Corinthians 12:9-11 (NIV) 9 But

he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.


MADE IN HIS IMAGE: TO Love By: Candace D. Green Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” I’m sure many of us have spoken this verse at some point in our life, yet so many young women struggle with selfesteem and letting insecurities get the best of us. The world has a view of beauty that is constantly shoved in our faces by the media (TV, Magazines, Internet…) and most of us compare ourselves to this standard of beauty. Many of us will never measure up, and guess what? It doesn’t matter! No one is perfect. It’s simply an illusion made by perfect camera angles, photo shopping, and good lighting. If you are reading this and struggling, the good thing is you aren’t alone. None of us have to feel this way! Growing up I definitely suffered with an extreme lack of self-esteem. I literally didn’t like the way I looked at all, and constantly talked down about myself to myself and other people. Needless to say, it took a toll on me emotionally. It’s important to realize that looking down on yourself doesn’t only affect you! People can sense when we aren’t confident, and unfortunately they can prey on that. Let’s talk about why there is no need for any of us to feel “less than.” Again, the scripture says “…because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” God took the time to design (yes design) each one of us


with unique looks and talents in such a way that no two of us are exactly alike. What a joy to know that each of us is unique and that nobody else can be you! That alone should be enough to give us joy, but in-case it isn’t, let’s take a look at the next part of the verse. One translation says, “…marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well.” We are a product of

the most divine and inspired creator, and He took the time to create each of us! That means that His work in creating you is marvelous. There is no room for self-doubt or to feel less than. In case you need one more piece of evidence that you were created for a purpose, here is one: In Genesis 1:31, it says that “God saw everything [including you!] that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” So how do we change the way we think about ourselves? Experts say that repetition helps, so try writing these scriptures on a sticky note and putting it in a place where you can see it and say them to yourself daily. I promise this helps! Saying we don’t like ourselves is like telling the Creator that we don’t like how He made us, and as we saw, everything God created was very good, and fearfully and wonderfully made. Let’s hold our heads up ladies. Remember that you were created for a purpose by an awesome God! We are all perfectly imperfect!

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ast edition, we talked about the wealth gap and some practical steps we can take to do our part in eliminating that gap. I will now provide some simple steps that we can take today to position us powerfully, tomorrow.


STEP 1. Start Living:

There is a HUGE difference between living and existing. Existing is working 40+ hours a week just to pay bills, with just enough energy to go back to work to do it all over again. On occasion, life does happen, and some individuals end up in situations similar to this due to no fault of their own. However, I see this behavior most often when individuals fail to do something that is simple and vital to the wealth building process, and that is budgeting. If we are to ever build substantial wealth, it starts with us actually having a realistic picture of what’s going on in

our homes financially. That means we should have a detailed budget, complete with a spending plan, debt plan, and supported by an emergency fund with at least six months of expenses. This can be done simply and easily by initially monitoring the budget and sticking to it. Put boundaries in place for your spending and hold yourself accountable to ensure budgeting success.

STEP 2. Start Protecting:

While we are working on our budgets we should also be preparing to protect what we already have. As a young professional you may say I don’t have much and I would suggest that you are greatly mistaken. You protect your home, your car, and even your cell phone, but have you thought about how you can protect your paycheck and lifestyle? Creating a solid risk-management plan that protects your greatest asset (your

TIPS FOR THE FINANCIALLY FAITHFUL ability to earn income) is critical. If we truly want to build wealth, we must ensure that our households will be taken care of despite injury, sickness, premature death, etc. This is done by obtaining additional long-term disability insurance on your job and with a private entity to maintain 100% of your income for as long as possible. Equally important, is having the right amount and type of life insurance. Many will say you should have 10 - 12x your income in life insurance, but I suggest you consider the following: mortgage and all debt, funeral expenses, college planning for any kids, and enough to be intentional with legacy planning. For some, that is an amount per child (i.e., $250K or $500K); for others, it’s a function of monthly income (i.e., $5000/mth for 15 years). Additionally, if you are a business owner with partners, you should also consider buy/sell agreements and health and home protection.

STEP 3. Start Growing:

Growth is typically the fun and exciting part, yet when completed prematurely, this may cause more harm than good. The growing /wealth accumulation stage is very important and works best the sooner we start. In this phase, we start retirement planning, college planning for kids, tax planning, and the development of additional income (leveraged or residual) through real estate, business planning and/or investing. Don’t have the money to start a business or invest? Consider picking up more hours or doing something flexible like Lyft, Uber, or Air BNB. It’s in the growing stage, that we start to put our money to work and allow our money to make money. We also find what works for us and what does not in this stage. I like to challenge individuals in this stage to focus on personal growth and development in all areas (finances, career, relationships, and spirituality)!

STEP 4. Start Duplicating:

As we grow, we quickly begin to realize what works for us and we begin the process of duplication.

Duplication happens in several ways. First, we simply expand what we have been doing that has worked well. Sounds simple, but this is the first step to duplication. If you are knowledgeable of, and have an interest in real estate, buy investment property. If you started a business, expand it. Whatever you have done in the growing process that can be increased and/or duplicated, do that for yourself. Share what you learn. As you begin to duplicate this process, not only will you see success, but those around you will as well and true wealth begins to be a real possibility.

STEP 5. Start Giving:

It may be in the Duplication stage for a while, but if we really want true wealth we have to start giving. Now, I’m not talking about paying tithes and things like that (you should be doing that from day one), but what I mean is let’s start to strategically, and tax-efficiently, transfer assets from one generation to the next. Let’s leave gifts and donations to our churches, universities, and non-profits that we support. The big difference between riches and wealth is that riches come and go, while wealth remains. Our wealth should be generational. In order to achieve generational wealth, we must be intentional in planning, and then be willing to give it away. Giving strategically allows us to ensure wealth for the next generation as well.

Build Wealth Leave A Legacy


Beauty Defined .

You Are Beautiful ! Yes , You.


The Abundant Life! A Valentine’s Day Special Look Into The Lives of The Chavises, A Millennial Couple We Can Learn From.

By Valencya Thompson

Kendra: I don't need his stuff, but I want him. I want the endless possibilities of us. The difference between marrying a man and dating him is purpose. Date to discover; marry to fulfill: Meaning you date to discover more about your partner (and yourself because sometimes you don't know certain things about self until you've seen what someone else evokes in you); You marry, with wisdom and love, in order to fulfill a purpose together. Yes, be a strong woman but also ask if God has aligned you, then why? What exactly are your gifts, personalities, and histories coming together for? You can do great by yourself, so why are you together? In tough times, I remember this pairing is bigger than either one of us, so I die to self daily and apologize even when my ego hurts so bad I could scream. Because: maturity, destiny, love, purpose.

1) How long have you been together? Travis: This year will be 18 years; we began dating in the 11th grade (October 8, 1999). I proposed to Kendra on October 8, 2010 and we were married on October 8, 2011. Kendra: More than half of our lives...that's a lot to take in actually! 17 years of memories, growing, and lots of jokes. 2) What have you learned from being in relationship with each other as long as you have? Travis: People change. Kendra and I are much different people than when we were 16 years old and in high school, and that’s O.K. Change is good and requires flexibility and grace, you have to be flexible to understand that your spouse may be trying to figure things out and have grace enough to let them be human when they make mistakes or let you down. Kendra: Don't take yourself too seriously, apologize often, show grace, and a relationship is only (as fun, adventurous, honest, passionate, Spirit-led, growing, loving, fruitful, enjoyable, et al.) as you two decide it will be. 3) In an age where marriage is now seen as an option for women, versus a necessity for survival, what has kept you together through tough times?

Travis: I had this ah-ha moment when Kendra went away to Rwanda for several months. When she was gone I realized how big of a role she played in our house and in my life. Doing life just didn’t feel the same, so when times get tough I try to recall what it felt like without her and that snaps me back into reality, quickly.

4) Though you are millennials, you've celebrated Valentine's Day together for many years, how do you find fresh ideas to show your love to each other? Travis: In the early years I think it just came to me intuitively. One of my favorite Valentine's gifts was a photo album I created for Kendra our first year in college. I went to Kinko's, printed off pictures of us and made them made into a book. Cheap, but thoughtful. What I realized is that when you have money you become so concerned with the most expensive thing that you forget the day is really is about caring enough to do the most thoughtful thing. Kendra: Pay more attention than you do money. Valentine's Day is an extension of attention you should already be showing. I’ve bought an engraved pocket watch, cufflinks and watches because that’s what he loves. I’ve also made the obligatory mix cd in the early 2000’s! Think about what he/she has said about themselves. Don't be lazy, don't make excuses. I try not to expect love I don’t express. *hint to ladies: Valentine's Day is for men too! I love watching his face light up knowing I care too. 5) Why monogamy, what are its benefits? Travis: I like knowing that I belong to Kendra; there is something intimate about knowing that she feels a sense of responsibility and is very protective. I think that is a benefit of monogamy. Have you ever tried sharing really good food? You may be glad you got to taste the food, but in reality you wanted the whole thing to yourself. I don't want to be shared nor do I like sharing what we have. Kendra: 1. Because it was God's original and best design. Marital monogamy is a mirror of God's

commitment, discipline and faithfulness. God doesn't want us sharing our love with any other god. And if our ultimate example of Love insists on being the one-and-only, who are we to decide we know better? 2. I'm not sharing. After ONE month of marriage you've put in too much work to share. Be stingy! ...I don't apologize for it. 3. A divided heart will at certain points have to choose one over another, necessarily setting aside partnership and priority. And a house divided is a house destroyed. 6) You've talked about fighting fair in some of your online teachings; please share some of these nuggets on this topic with us. Travis: In our videos when we talk about fighting fair, the best nugget I can give is to know when to hit the pause button on the conversation. When one person is angry it is important for the other person to try their best to stay calm and listen. Once the conversation gets to a certain level and it appears that talking is becoming more destructive than productive, hit the pause button. Be your own referee. Say, "hey let's take a breather and address this a little later." Then actually address the conversation later on, once both people have had a chance to calm down. Kendra: We’re Christians and we approach our family that way. John 10:10says, the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy, but Christ’s purpose was to give us more abundant life. We believe this applies to every area. We’ve lived it. The Adversary (devil, Satan…) hates marriage because a partnership that’s rooted, and purposed, in Christ is a threat to his deception. This is why we started The Abundant Life. It’s a platform to support and encourage families from a modern, realistic perspective. We have seen what this deception and offense can do – make you think your spouse is the real enemy. The ongoing plot to kill, steal and destroy homes has turned a disagreement about juice into a


discussion about divorce. How is that abundant? How is that God? Remember, a fight isn't the end of the world. Nope, it won't "always be this way.” It just feels like it in that moment. Coach yourself! "This is not forever, it’s for now." Now get your bag out of the trunk, walk back in the house and figure it out. 7) What have you learned about love as a result of loving each other? Travis: Love makes you vulnerable to hurt, while at the same time bringing some of the best memories. When I look at our relationship there have been moments when I really hurt Kendra in ways that others would never be able to because of my closeness to her. That's because as her husband she has opened herself up to me in a different way, therefore, I must always be aware and ensure that my words and actions toward her are always laced with affection, hope, and truth. Kendra: I’ve learned that God loves me. That God knows me. That God knows what I need. And humility; more humility than I've ever had to have for anything. Love is humble and gracious and generous and kind. Love gives and receives. Being loved is so amazing, and there is nothing like looking into the eyes of someone that receives yours. I love his face when I say ‘I love you.” 8) How does your faith play a factor in your marriage? Travis: Our relationship with God plays a huge role in our marriage. God is the cornerstone of our marriage. The Bible is full of instructions on how a husband and a wife are to relate to each other in marriage, and what I have found is that often times those instructions are taken out of context. The passage that I try and rest my principals as a husband on is Ephesians 5:25. Many love to go to Ephesians 5:24 and quote "wives submit," but never go to this important verse or verse 21, "Submit to

one another out of reverence for God." As Christians we follow Christ because He was an example of all we need to be; the same holds true for a husband, as a man you need to be an example of what love looks like for your wife, an example of what being of service looks like for your wife, and much more. Kendra: Two adult people, raised separately, separate memories, experiences, hurts, lessons, preferences, and quirks. Now you're trying to decide what you both want for dinner, and you discover they are crazy! You can't do this basic thing or the things that mean life and death without faith. God is our “why” and “how” of life together, not our reaction to life together. 9) How do you navigate individual purpose with your collective purpose in life? Kendra: It takes balance & trust. Our starting place is that we are together on purpose and in purpose. So, God will not assign work to our individual hands that hurt our home or each other. We talk, pray together daily, check in, and check in again. Travis: It took time and we are definitely still working on it, what we realized is that we are both created for uniquely different things that complement our overall family vision. As a family we believe in service, love, and being great stewards. When we take those values and place them beside our individual goals and dreams we see that it comes together quite nicely. 10) Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers? Travis: Relationships are work, but they are definitely worth it. Kendra: Don't quit. It keeps getting better and better! Love grows and you will be amazed by it if you commit to the fullness of it in every season.

People change. Kendra and I are much

different people than when we were 16 years old and in high school, and that’s O.K. Change is good and requires flexibility and grace, you have to be flexible to understand that your spouse may be trying to figure things out and have grace enough to let them be human when they make mistakes or let you down

A Dillon Decade in Paradise

By Valencya Thompson 

1) You recently celebrated a Dillon Decade in Paradise, what was it like to experience your dream wedding after 10 years married?

difference in having a successful marriage and business! The second thing is it is so important that you have a vision and plan that you and your spouse are fully committed to completing.

It was an amazing experience! Although I wanted a wedding when we first got married waiting to have one for our 10-year anniversary was so worth it! It made me value and appreciate the experience that much more! Saying our vows knowing that we've experienced so many different seasons of marriage and to know that we are still standing, just makes me so emotional!

RESILIENCE: It is incredibly important to remember that the hard times will come and that is a part of the process in both marriage and business! You must be resilient! You must be committed to put in the work in good times and bad! It won't be easy but I can guarantee you it will be worth it!!!!

2) How old were you and your spouse when you married 10 years ago? How did you know you were ready for marriage?

4) You have a significant social media presence most noted for your style, beauty, thriftiness, and faith. How did this all begin?

I was 20 years old and Aaron was 19 years old when we got married! We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and I wouldn't say we were ready either! We had our daughter earlier that year and she became the most important thing in our lives! We loved each other, but we also wanted to provide her the absolute best life and we knew becoming one as a family was the foundation for that! So we said, “Let's do this!�

I joined social media shortly after having my daughter so that was over 11 years ago! It was a way, then, for me to stay connected with all my friends who moved away for college! As it evolved, so did I! I guess you can say I grew up with Facebook, lol! Once family members started joining, it was a way for me to share my life with them. And it's crazy because I saw, not just my family was interested in my life, so were strangers! Then, I started getting messages about advice on motherhood, Â marriage, style, etc. I figured I should start sharing these things publicly and from there it has grown to what it is now. I think that what people love most is that they can relate to me. Whether it be shopping on a budget, my daughter and the crazy things she does, how I struggle with eating healthy and working out, to my marriage; we all go through the same things and I love being transparent and letting people know they are not alone! Social Media has such a special place in my heart! I really do love it and I've made some life-long connections through it.

3) You have built a family and businesses from the ground up. Tell us about some nuggets you have learned along the way as a result. JESUS: Having a real relationship with God will give you the strength to endure good seasons and bad when it comes to your family and business! FINANCES: We've learned that being financially-wise is so important. It will make or break you when it comes to building your family and business! You become financially-wise by setting budgets in place. You stick to those budgets by having an accountability system. Your accountability system should be made up of people who are also financially-wise and who you can trust to counsel you when making financial decisions that aren't so easy! If you don't have one in place, get one and start laying the ground work now. It really makes the

5) Share with our readers the way you celebrated your BIG TEN TOGETHER fabulously, but on budget. Please include the beautiful story about your dress! We, well I, started planning for our 10 year anniversary in 2012. I put our deposit down to book the place and I immediately began telling my family and friends. The resort was the Beaches by Sandals Resort on the island

really nice, but I also knew, I wasn't trying to break the bank.We actually totaled around $500 for all four of us! That was literally all of us dressed from head to toe. We were extremely blessed through our closest friends. It, honestly, was just God showing His love for us. I felt like God was saying, “I know it hasn't been easy and because you all have made it to this point let me bless you.” He literally blew my mind and I'm so incredibly grateful! 6) It's Valentine's Day. Tell us about your most memorable V-Day.

of Turks & Caicos. The great thing about Sandals is that their deposit is only $400 and they give you up until 60 days before the trip to pay the full balance off! You can also book pretty far out in advance (i.e., we booked four years out so that gave us the perfect and affordable plan to pay off our trip). The ceremony and reception is all planned out by the resort. For the ceremony and reception, I literally only had to pick my flowers and color scheme! So it was stress free! I knew from jump that I wanted a vintage gown so I started looking for my gown in December of 2014. I was going to consignment shops and thrift stores all in the Atlanta area. I was in a group on Facebook specifically for Thrifting called Thrifting Atlanta when someone posted a picture of a vintage wedding gown in Goodwill in Savannah, Georgia!!! I saw it and I was like OMG I have to have it! I called them and they told me that I couldn't purchase the dress over the phone. I was devastated! I contemplated for 30 minutes driving there and when I came to the conclusion that, “Yes, I was driving,” I got a Facebook message from another member of Thrifting Atlanta (someone who I didn't know at all, but saw the seriousness of my need for the dress) saying she would purchase the dress and ship it to me. I was freaking out! I had literally prayed for a dress like this! The only change I made to the dress was to have it altered to fit me like a glove. The seamstress and I had such an amazing connection that she gifted me a cathedral veil. I was on cloud nine at this point. Once I had my dress, it was pretty much easy to find everything else. My hair and makeup were also gifted to me by my amazing sister, friend, and mentor, Brandy Wells ( Because of the style of my dress, I only needed earrings and shoes. My earrings were from the beauty supply store and they were also gifted to me. They cost about $6.00! I bought my shoes from a little boutique at Cumberland Mall, called Windsor, and they were $16.00! Both of my kids’ outfits were thrifted! Aniah's dress was actually borrowed from a close friend who just had a wedding and her daughter & Aniah wore the same size! AJ's outfit was thrifted from the Kids to Kids Thrift Store and cost $8.00! My husband’s suit was custommade and was gifted by our very best friends, Robert & Sara Kelly! My initial budget for our outfits was like $1,500 for the four of us. I knew I wanted all of us to look HU


It actually was our very first one that means so much to me. It was February 14, 2005 a Monday and a school day. We were seniors in high school attending separate high schools so I wasn't expecting much. Back then, Aaron wasn't really too sentimental. Lol! Well, it was like 6AM and I was knocked out! Aaron woke me up with the biggest bear, card, flowers and candy. I was literally in shock! I was like you woke up at 5AM on a school day to make me feel special on Valentine's Day, a day that you really don't care about. That showed me that regardless of how Aaron feels about something, if it will make me happy, he will do it. I greatly appreciated that then, but just thinking about the gravity of it now blows my mind! His selflessness has been consistent throughout our marriage. I thank God for that! 7) And finally, as a woman of God, how has being in relationship with God, shaped your marriage? We were so young when we got married. And we weren't saved. The first few years without God at the center were tough! We didn't really understand what the purpose for marriage was. Once we both got saved, it was year four of our marriage. Things really started shifting for us. We both started to study what God's purpose for marriage and family was. I began to heavily study what it meant to be a wife and mother. That's when my deep relationship with God began! It was in God teaching me how to be the best wife and mother I could be that everything started to fall into place. My pastor's wife once made an excellent point, "If your iPhone is broken, would you call Whirlpool to fix it? No! They make washing machines and refrigerators! You go to the maker--Apple." The same is true for marriage and family. Once Aaron and I stopped seeking advice from novices and went straight to the Creator (THE Expert on all things family-related), it was like the chaotic sounds of our lives melded into a beautifully orchestrated symphony. Our love is my favorite song.

Wedding Photos Provided by Mrs.Santana Dillon Other Photo by Akia Ng  HU


We were so young when we got married. And we weren't saved. The first few years without God at the center were tough! We didn't really understand what the purpose for marriage was. Once we both got saved, it was year four of our marriage. Things really started shifting for us.

I Corinthians 13…I Peter 1: 22… I Peter 4:8…MORE LOVE Love is a gift that keeps on giving beyond romance. It is strength displayed in friendship. Like virtue, a form of devotion, reflected with a village that chooses to sail the waves of life in high tide and rough currents of any season. The essence of family graced with tenderness and care. An unconditional decision to accept no human being is perfect. A complicated, yet cherished emotion which yields to “The most beautiful various relationships, character of love is be it: Eros, Phileo, Agape, or Storge. As that it never loses a form of passion faith, always hope throughout the ages, and endures.” we know love has - Corri-Rose variant degrees of expression. The window to our souls beyond a heartbeat. A memory of good times. The sting of hurt and disappointment. This charming gesture reveals true intentions, while having the tendency to unmask impure motives from a personal acquaintance to committed relationships. Yet, you may ask, how does this connect to Valentine’s Day? Great question. In an era where self is promoted, it could be suggested the character of L.O.V.E. is fleeting. For decades, we’ve been captivated with the thrill of Valentine’s Day. From commercials to Valentine’s day advertisement, February 14th is the day to celebrate the heart. Still, there are people without the option to experience happiness on this special day.

This time of year, can leave an array of happy, sad or no emotions. From the cries of the broken hearted to the strength of fainted hearts, love is PATIENT and love is KIND. Empowered to bear all things, anchored by grace to bring comfort and gripped by endurance to fight through the unimaginable times. No matter how society attempts to desensitize the soul, compassion teaches us no man is their own island. Hal David wrote the words, but Dionne Warwick added soul to the song, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only Loyalty thing that O pen-Mindedness there’s a little of…”

Vigilance We all can benefit Empathetic-engagement from more caring respect in our relationships, friendships and connections with others.

As February 14th whims, away, let’s challenge ourselves to intentionally be the example of unconditional L.O.V.E. Always remember, true love NEVER FAILS. Real L.O.V.E. never leaves you empty.




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