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At the university will conduct a conference about Christmas which will have a duration of two days, in which to talk about the development and preparation of holiday meals, will also talk about the Christmas decorations of home is to make cooking and there will be prizes for the participants this in order to keep the Christmas spirit in homes.


1. On that day the conferences will be held?

The conference is the second week of December.

2. That there will be prizes?

The prizes will be Christmas baskets and ornaments to decorate home

3. How many people can attend?

Can assist people who wish to acquire his pass upon registration.

BY :Fernando Aguirre and

Javier Sanchez


By: Alejandra Erazo, Johnny Aragón, and Bryan Aguirre

STUDENTS Alexander is a student in college and pursues Carreca systems at level 4. The only son is his father’s Musulman , his mother is from Ecuador and therefore live in the city of Ibarra. From childhood he did not have many friends and had a taste for the study, was a child isolated from others. The university is not a good student and his friends tease him a lot every day and feel very bad in the environment in which they live. He plans a bombing attack against their peers and kill them all in revenge for the abuse he suffered. Every day he looked at his companions, your schedule, and your attitude and had to increasingly enter the hatred for their fellow students. In carrying out his revenge against his fellow college stayed with much panic for what happened to students in the career system. The young man was arrested and is accused by the authorities and goes to After 20 years out of prison and wants to see back to school and people are not allowed out of fear. ¿WHO IS A MUSULMAN? Father of alexander ¿WHEN IT HAPPENED? Happened In The Year 1994 On December 14. ¿WHO INVINTED THE RUMORS? Narrator This Rumor Is Student Students.


Largest Pizza in the PUCESI by Bizmark Paspuel Gastronomy students break Guinness world record. Ibarra, Ecuador -- The world's largest pizza was baked in the PUCESI and contains 19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 1,488 pounds of margarine, 551 pounds of rock salt and 220 pounds of lettuce. Young students worked for 48 hours to cook this amazing pizza, they were exhausted at the end of the day but very happy too. Gonzalo Rubio organized the event and mentioned that he was very proud of his students. All students of this university could enjoy the delicious pizza. It cost $ 2and the money collected will serve to honor the poor children in the holidays. Bismarck Paspuel was one of the students who cooked the huge pizza and mentioned "I am very pleased to have collaborated in this event, I am very proud of the whole team and I hope that all students can buy pizza� All students and the authorities hope that events like this are repeated in the PUCESI.


Six years ago in the classroom 1.5.3 of building 1, one teacher died in this classroom because the cause of death was a heart attack. The students was very worried because they didnツエt thought what this going to happen. The ambulance became after to fifteen minutes and the teacher was dead. This notice was very terrible for the students and teachers of the university. Since then the teacher will appear at ten o'clock at night and he walks by this building every night in search of the cause of death.

This teacher stood out because he was the best math teacher I had this school and this tragedy was terrible and say every night appears and begins to write on the blackboard the year remained unfinished on the day of his death Security guards of the building say that every night the teacher laughs and when completing the exercise and he laughs because his students could not solve, he completed this exercise leaves that classroom and walks in search of why students and teachers spoke he was dead if he appeared to be alive for him. Students are taught in this classroom say there are days that the blackboard is written math formulas, they ensure that the previous day had other stuff not related to mathematics students then say this teacher wants to settle scores and see the cause of that he was dead.


By Alejandra Lizeth Pantoja Calderón and Carla Mishell Terán

Your group needs to write the final version of your story for PUCESI news. Make sure you answer the questions from your classmates. In the catholic University of Ecuador will do perform a charity event to help poor families for Christmas. The party involves all students from differents schools, the must buy a ticked to help. This festival is held at the tsunami on Friday December 20 at 8 pm. This event will be very fun, because many artist will come.

What schools will benefit?

We will benefit poor families, but also will go to cover deliver a Christmas to school September 28 •

Why do this activity?

Because we want to help the poor families

What price of each ticket?

Ticket price is two dollars

PUCESI NEWS By Johana Castro In the stage of PUCESI there was problem between two girls that was best friends forever But their friendship will end by the boyfriend of one of the girls and was terrible see that their friendship was so beautiful and term for a man who was not worth it and decided to discuss and solve the problem because it was not this happens is by him


- Why they were end?

For lack of communication between friends 2.

- When the girl found to the man?

The woman was found with a weekend 3. - Why they were discuss? Because of the lock of trust between the two friends which is very important in a that.




Monday, November 18th, 2013

Students in Law School attended a conference. But the speaker came after an hour. This upset the public and also not gets dressed according to the occasion. The authorities did not say anything because the person who was gonna talk was a Dr: Sanchez Miguel with experience and already knew him as was his way of presenting. For students was new arrival speaker, as had never seen anything like it, he was not wearing a suit casually dressed, but after listening to all that aside and stay even attended because I had the gift of dominating the public.


♦ Why the conference came after he?

♦ How many people assisted to the conference?

Because it came from a conference in the city college Teodoro Ibarra.

The conference was attended by about 100 people including; estudientes, college administrators, faculty and distinguished authorities.

♦ Who the conference celebrate? Dr Miguel Sánchez a lawyer well known in town for their experience and special knowledge on the subject, since all cases the cattle.

Pucesi News History candidates By Margarita Flores and María Fernanda Pinto

Monday, December two, at the opening of the games of Gesturh of the Pontifical University Catholic of the Ecuador headquarters Ibarra school step an accident at the time of the election of the Queen of sports to Miss third tourism is you broke the dress and are fell into the stands and she began to cry shame. In that time professors and students went to help her, this happened in the skies at our university. We hope that our beautiful queen be better 1. - WHAT HAPPENED AT THE OPENING OF THE SPORTS? The candidate's third tourism is key and is you broke the dress 2.-WHY YOU FELL INTO THE STANDS THE MISS? Because it made too much force when I jump and the dress was not well sewn 3. - DO THAT STEP AFTER THE ACCIDENT WITH THE YOUNG LADY? She started to cry and went running to hide so that doesn’t see you people because I had shame

PUCE-SI NEWS PUCESI THE GIRL WHO FELL INTO THE COPIER By Johanna Herrera, Elizabeth Andrade and David Tocagon

A student of the (puce-si) two weeks ago when she brawn the steps of the building two started to play with their friends slipping downs the railing on she falled.

On top of the roof of the copier and the roof broke the girl was very scared and sore because beating in the roof.

The girl was very sore because she roofed with copier but she was distressed and get out running to see that many students were watching him felt very shy, not know what was the name of the girl or where it was, luggage roof was restored by the owners of the copier because they did not know who was the girl

QUESTIテ誰 Why the girl fell? Because the girl was played in the handrails for the stairs How is the girl? Do not know What happened the copy shop? The copier was roof broke

FIGHT BETWEEN FRIENDS By Roberto Ibarra In the stage of PUCE-SI there was problem between two girls that was best friends forever. But their friend ship will end by the boyfriend of one of the girls and was terrible see that their friendship was so beautiful and term for a man who was not worth it and decided to discuss and solve the problem because it was not this happens is by him.

QUESTIONS: 1. Why they was end? For lock of communication between friend. 2. When the girl found to the man? The girl found the boy a weekend at a mall in the city then they went to the cinema to see a movie 3. Why they were discussing? Fought for the lack of trust in friendship very important to continue to be friends but began secret and slowly friendship that ended with

By Tania Lomas and Santiago Vilca

The past 16th November the student Antonio Vasquez was chosen for the men's basketball selection, the Pucesi made a small event to unveil new player. Antonio Vazquez commented feel very proud to wear the emblem of the ECCA and promised to make this team the best in the Pucesi.

1. What Antonio Vasquez was chosen as part of the men's basketball? Because you really like this sport 2. What study Antonio Vasquez? Antonio studied Environmental Engineering 3. Antonio Vasquez winner the play? Antonio did not win was injured in the first game


Pucesi News Fall 2013  

A short newspaper written by English students.