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ď‚ž Presentations

about majors at the PUCESI

Katy lomas María José Silva

ď‚ž Accounting

is the social science that is responsible for studying, measuring and analyzing the assets of the companies in order to serve in decision-making and control, presenting the information previously recorded in a systematic and useful for different stakeholders

An accountant always directs controls and manages the asset and liability accounts. Records with bases in technical system and procedures adapted to the diversity of operations that con perform a particular entity.

The accountant talks with some people because; he needs to do business with other companies. It´s very important speak some languages for this communication The accountant works in a company, bank, municipality’s, cooperatives.

Classify transaction recorded as a means to abtain goals. Interpret the result in order to grive a detailed and reasoned.

Ecuador's tourist attractions Roberto and RubĂŠn Aguinaga

ď‚ž Our

major is interesting because we learn to cook, make cocktails and serve.

learn to cook.

make cocktails



A hotel manager is a person who is responsible for all their employees meet their functions, is also capable of managing a hotel, motel, cabins and shelters.


We always worry of service and customer care. This major demands sacrifice, time and discipline.

ď‚ž Our

objective is that customers are satisfied with the services that we offer.


A hotel manager has to learn to speak many languages ​and know how to socialize with people.


He takes care of managing a group of people.

ď‚ž Also

make much money and have fun.

 Gabriela

León  Cristina Chauca  Tamy Fuentes

   

 

 

VOCABULARY Hotel manager: Administrador hotelero Major: Carrera Learn de cooK: aprender a cocinar Employees: empleados Capable: capaz Managing: manejar, gestionar. Shelters: Refugio

   

 

Meet their funcions: cumplir sus funciones. We always worry of service: Siempre nos preocupamos del servicio Customer care: Atencion al cliente Demands sacrifice: Demanda sacrificio. socialize whit people: socializar con personas.

Science that the money from the company. ď‚ž Summary of a mercantile business operations for interpreting results and accountability to shareholders. ď‚ž

 Regulates

the financial transactions of a

business.  Prepare financial statements.  Controlling income and expenses.  Interpret results.

 Offices.

Banks.  Public enterprises.  Private enterprises, 

 Ordered

 Responsible  Reliable  Clear  Kind

 Hard


It is very important this race because this race because companies can always meet its earnings, or sometimes to know their losses.

ď‚ž In

this major In this race is done several operations to protect and care for the environment

ď‚ž Because

the training is instructed students to these fundamental principles

Environmental Engineer.

Environmental = Ambiental  Damage = daño  Improve = mejorar  Goal = objetivo  Caring = cuidado  Pollution = contaminación del medio ambiente  Wisely = con prudencia  Environment = medio ambiente  Quality = calidad




ď‚ž An

judge is the public authority who serves on a court that is vested with the judiciary. Judge works for the state. The judge always has in its hands the power to judge good and bad. A judge is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws. The judge serves the community and those who are applying the right to administer justice.


judge should always judge people who have missed the law. People who are almost always judged guilty. they usually tell the truth. The judge should never lose their ethical and moral values​​. The judge should never lose their ethical and moral values​​. the


a lawyer is a person who exercises professional legal defense of the parties at trial and also advises and gives councils on legal matters

the lawyer is a professional whose main objective is to us to work together to defend the value of justice, is involved in conflict resolution and extra-judicial public function of the judiciary, education, and research.

The lawyer must act honestly and use respectful forms to speak. The legal profession can exercise free exercise in the public or within various departments of corporations (legal counsel, prosecutor, judge and administration and management).

The lawyer is professionally obligated to cooperate in the administration of justice within that set ethical standards compliance.


Environmental Engineer.

Environmental Engineer is a new professional whose mission is the analysis, prevention and correction of environmental damage, protecting the environment and improve environmental quality.

We have the goal of caring for the planet and preserve the environment, water pollution, air and soil.

To care for our planet we can use water wisely. Reuse paper. Reuse bags. Do not cut trees.

The planet earth is in our hands, not destroy it.


ENGLISH 2 WORK IN GROUP «COMMUNICATIONS» TEACHER: KEVIN RAMS NAMES: Damián Recalde, Katherine Flores, Paola Rodríguez. DATE: July 8th, 2011

JOURNALIST It is a work of much effort, must be know the subjects of national and international news. The journalist is friendly and respectful, the ethics of his work is always in all press releases, the journalist has many risks may be in danger for not telling the truth. It collects various information to verify the truth, is a constant search for the news. A reporter hates lies.


The personality of the spokes person is very friendly, they can to communicate very easy with other people. This person has to know all the companies with that relations their place of work. This person can to make steps internal or external their companies. A spokes person always has to investigate different important themes about the work of the company. A spokes person has to know all actual themes about the society. Every information that we receive and give always has to be truthful and it uses discreetly.

SPORTS ThisJOURNALIST person reports themes about the sports. A sports Journalist has to know and investigate constantly to give the actual information. This person must have a commitment of responsibility to the audience.

Sports journalist is an essential element of all organizations of the information currently. There are sports journalists associations in different countries at the regional and international levels that are dedicated to transmit information, especially sports.


Names: •Alexandra Obando. •Alexandra Aguirre. •Ana Gabriela Narvaez.

Course: 2° SA

ď‚ž An

international business woman works in a seaport or in the airport.

ď‚ž They

export many products made in Ecuador such as: flowers, bananas, oil, wool or coffee.

ď‚ž They

also import products made in other countries such as: wine, gasoline, cars and clothes.

ď‚ž They

usually travel around the world because they need to do business with other people.

ď‚ž They

always manage the money of small and large companies in our country.

ď‚ž An

international business woman is never idle.

"Our reward is in the effort, not outcome. A total effort is full victory. " Mahatma Gandhi Executed by: Paulina Andrade. Berenice Romo.

ď ą

A Business Manager is a person with vision, able to apply and develop the skills of planning, organizing, directing and controlling business to achieve the purposes of the institution in whichi serves.

ď ą This

race is for students to make decisions that effectively guide the business and available resources towards strategic objectives such as innovation, competitiveness and generate economic and social value.

The functions of the Bachelor of Business Administration include: developing policies for the organization, effective use of both human and material resources, guidance and control activities of the organization, according to established plans and maintenance in the best possible conditions of an administrative structure to respond adequately to the needs of change


Organization of methods




Enterprise Manager can be developed in the following areas: Organization and Methods, Production, Planning, Finance, Marketing, Supervision, Sales, Training, Personnel Selection

Adm. Operations

Adm.Human Resources Adm. Financial

Can serve as Finance and Accounting Manager, Operations Manager, Manager Human Resources, Purchasing and Sales Manager, Public Administrator, University Teaching, Audit Management, Business Consulting, among others. Adm. Purchases and sales.

Adm. Educational

Adm. Business Consultant

Adm. Public

VOCABULARY Effort = esfuerzo Outcome = resultado Able = capaz Purposes = fines Allows = permite Available = disponible Competitiveness = competitividad Social value = Valor social Guide = orientar Bachelor = Licenciatura Guidance = Orientaci贸n Policies = pol铆ticas Training = capacitaci贸n Purchasing = compras Reward = recompensa Achieve = alcanzar Develop = desarrollar Skills = habilidades




•ARCHITECTURE An architect is a person trained in the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings. The architect offer services in connection with the design and construction of a building and the space within the site surrounding the buildings, that have as their principal purpose human occupancy or use.

•ARCHITECTURE An architect is a chief builder and he works with some masons and engineers.


An architect's decisions always affect public safety, and thus the architects must be specialized, where the practice and experience are the fundamental base for a good architect.

ARCHITECTURE In the architecture often use the landscape, space, environment, culture and the society for get the concept of this.













Enviroment: entorno Internship:








Practice architecture: ejercer la arquitectura Sapace:


Specialized: especializado





English 2 Major Presentations  

presentations by an English 2 course about the majors at PUCESI

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