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Couples Who Pray Together Will Stay Together

Couples Who Pray Together

32 // April 2020 Will Stay Together! by Laura Perdue

My name is Laura Perdue and I am married to my best friend, Brian Perdue. God has truly blessed us both and I could not imagine life without my prince, My promise. Brian and I reside in Marietta Georgia and serve on the ministry team of Fivestones Church in Canton, Ga. About The Author W hen I was asked to write and article, my heart was sold on writing about prayer in our marriages. The Lord sure has a sense of humor sometimes when He reveals things to me and gives me direction for what I am to write for that month.

This month I felt it so heavy that I needed to write on the power of prayer in our marriages because the enemy is seeking out marriages and wants to destroy them! Instead of our celebrating being one in our marriages, he would love to make you see that being single and apart is so much better. If you’ve been dealing with challenging issues in your marriage for a while, it may seem like your relationship will never change. But don’t let your frustration get the best of you. While your and your spouse’s own efforts to change may fail, God will change your marriage if you pray. Prayer has the power to accomplish what nothing else can.

I am not saying I see prayer as a magic pill, and it’s certainly not a demand, but when we yield our hearts to the Lord in prayer, when we are open and vulnerable, He begins to change us. And when we begin to change— whether it’s our attitudes, our actions, or our outlook—our circumstances also begin to change. Ask yourself, when was the last time that you took your spouse’s hand and you guys prayed together for protection over your home, your children, and your jobs? If it has been a while, I would start today because your marriage needs covering!

I know every morning before my husband goes to work, he comes in, kneels by the bed, and prays for our unborn son and our home. I believe it is something that sets my day in motion and puts angels in charge over me, and it is so reassuring to know that my partner loves me enough to stop his day to care for my spiritual needs and well-being.

It is time we need to put prayer back in our homes. Why? It is simple—because marriage matters!


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34 // April 2020 City Florist & Gifts W hen folks in Murray County need someone to create the perfect flower arrangement, design a joyful Christmas tree, or decorate for an elegant wedding, they reach out to Mickey Sanford and his wonderful staff at City Florist of Chatsworth. At a young age, Mickey knew he had an innate gift with colors and design. Mickey began working in the floral

business in his early 20’s, and he eventually purchased City Florist in 1989.

Mickey graduated from Murray High in 1979, and he has spent his entire career serving the people of Murray and surrounding areas creating floral arrangements for funerals, weddings, and home décor. He also knows how to create the perfect “I love you” gifts and arrangements for spouses, children, and friends. Mickey and his staff can create “Thinking of You” arrangements and gifts that say get well, happy birthday, or I miss you. Of course, school dances, proms, and Valentines Day celebrations are among the busiest times of the year for flower arrangements.

City Florist was recognized in March by the Murray County Chamber of Commerce as the 2019 Business of the Year. Mickey and his staff are very honored to be recognized for their hard work and their contribution to the community. Mickey’s favorite season of the year is Fall. As the trees make their autumn transformation, he loves to fill the store with pumpkins, scarecrows, and sunflowers. Fresh fragrances from pumpkin spice candles and potpourri fill the air. Halloween and Thanksgiving displays create a cozy ambiance to get everyone in the festive spirit. Each year City Florist hosts a Christmas Open House. This annual event is a wonderful time to share all the latest colors and designs that make Christmas special for each family. He enjoys displaying the new and contemporary designs. He has several trees decorated from top to bottom with garland, ornaments, and ribbons. Along with the contemporary décor, Mickey loves to design more traditional Christmas trees and decorations. Customers who attend the Christmas Open House get to purchase new things for their own Christmas celebrations, but while they shop, they enjoy yummy Christmas treats, such as: punch, candies, cookies, and chocolate covered pecans. Mickey says, “Flowers say what words can’t.” He loves to share the joys with families when they are preparing for a wedding or adding a new baby in a family. He enjoys the smiles of patients when delivering flowers to hospital, so people know others are praying for them. He is thankful that he can also create arrangements for families who are bereaved and hopes that the flowers bring a little peace is the toughest times in life.”

The City Florist staff includes: Mickey Sanford, Donna Frost, Debra Satterfield, Greg jones, Sonja Pritchett, Billy Sanford, and other holiday helpers who help as needed. They are all thankful for the citizens of Murray County and their patronage through out the years.


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