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All Breed Grooming By Rachelle Mellanby By Rachelle Mellanby

Spring is here! And that means Spring is be here! Andback thatindoors means we won’t going we be going back indoors untilwon’t the Fall. Restaurant patios, until the Fall. patios, festivals, and Restaurant farmers markets festivals, and more farmers are becoming dogmarkets friendly are becoming more dog friendly which is a great opportunity to which is alocal greatbrews opportunity to sip some with your sip some localinbrews furry sidekick tow. with Hereyour are furry sidekick tow. inHere some things toinkeep mindare in some things to keep experience in mind in order for a positive order for a positive experience for everyone. for everyone. First and foremost, your dog First foremost, your dog must and be well socialized. This must bethey well socialized. This means are comfortable means they ofare comfortable with all types people, sounds, with all and types of people, touch, new spaces.sounds, If your touch, and spaces. If your dog can benew anxious or reactive, dog can anxious reactive, there are be better times or and places there are better times andtoplaces to condition your dog new to condition your new environments underdog the to careful environments thetrainer. careful instructions of under your dog instructions of your dog trainer. Know your dog’s limitations. Know yourtodog’s limitations. Continue check in with Continue your dog to and check watch in for with any your dog and watch for any behavioral changes. If your behavioral changes. your dog is starting to showIf signs dogstress is starting to show heavy signs of (i.e., whining, of stress yawning, (i.e., whining, panting, tuckedheavy tail, panting, yawning, ears pinned back)tucked they tail, are ears pinned back) communicating that they are communicating Respect that they uncomfortable. thisare as uncomfortable. Respect thisitas a signal that it’s time to pack in a signal that it’s time to pack it in for the day. for the day. Come prepared. Pack plenty Come prepared. of poop bags to Pack avoidplenty any of poop bags to avoid any

embarrassing accidents and a embarrassing a short flat leash.accidents A flat leashand is an short flat leash. A flat leash an easy way to tie up your dogisand easy way to tie upby your dogside. and keeps your dog your keeps your leashes dog by can yourcause side. Retractable Retractable leashes cause severe injury, are can a tripping severe injury, are the a tripping hazard, and allow dog to hazard, allow theitsdog to be up toand 25 feet from owner be up to feet from in its owner which is 25 unsuitable dense which environments. is unsuitable in dense social social environments. Remember to pack a portable Remember pack aare portable water dish.toThere lots of water dish. are on lotsthe of on-the-go dog There products on-the-go Many dog products on put the market. storefronts market. Many storefronts put out dog dishes, but they can out doggerms dishes,such but athey can spread kennel spread germs such so a best kennel cough and parasites, to coughifand parasites, so best to avoid possible. avoid if possible. Be considerate of others. For Be considerate of others. For larger breeds I have them wear a largerbandana breeds I or have themItwear a cute collar. works cute bandana or collar. works wonders for people who Itmay be wonders for people afraid of larger dogs.who may be afraid of larger dogs. Most importantly, make Most importantly, make sure your dog maintains sure your behaviour dog maintains acceptable when acceptable behaviour when out in public. You wouldn’t out in public.iceYou wouldn’t grab a child’s cream cone grab child’shands, ice cream cone out ofa their so neither out of their so neither should your hands, dog. Have your should your Have for your dog draw a lotdog. of attention all dogright drawreasons. a lot of attention for all the the right reasons.

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