WHAT'S ON! BURNABY Print & Online Magazine - January-February/2019

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By Rachelle Mellanby

As a dog trainer, I want to address some common complaints that I hear from both new dog owners and those struggling with a dog who has picked up poor habits. My dog plays ‘catch me if you can’ when off leash. Regardless of whether your dog is predominantly an on-leash GRJ L H UHDFWLYH RU XQĂ€ [HG you need to have a backup plan if they were to get off their lead. Practicing some basic UHFDOO H[HUFLVHV VXFK DV FDOOLQJ your dog between you and a partner, playing with your dog at the park, along with abstaining from playing fetch will help gain a solid recall. This will not only avoid embarrassing visits to the dog park, it can also be lifesaving! My dog jumps on people. Small dogs and puppies may get away with jumping up, but this habit can become a real problem once fully grown. A JUHDW H[HUFLVH LV WR WDNH \RXU dog to a storefront or park with \RXU GRJ¡V OHDVK Ă€ UPO\ XQGHU your feet. Allow greeters to say hello with a pat or treat. Your dog will learn that it can still get plenty of positive attention with four paws on the ground.

My dog barks at the window all day. Most often the case is that your dog is bored. They perch themselves facing the street and give themselves a ‘job’ to do by barking people away. To curb the barking and boredom, put out interactive games such as a VQXIĂ H PDW RU .RQJ SRSVLFOHV and move the sofa from the window. My dog walks me. Does your dog drag you down the street to greet another dog or to investigate a smell? To correct this, you need to gain and maintain your dog’s focus. This can be achieved by making yourself more enticing while on your walk. A few tricks include talking to your dog, using a visual target and/or a word to get their attention. If your dog pulls towards an on-coming dog, change directions until you have regained your dog’s focus and then try it again.

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WED MAR 27 PADS Volunteer Info Session 7 PM – 9 PM PADS Training Centre 9048 Stormont Ave Want to volunteer for PaciďŹ c Assistance Dogs Society (PADS)? A end a volunteer info session that will answer ques ons and give you the chance to meet some of our people (and pups). For info visit pads.ca.

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If you’re looking to create a more harmonious life for both you and your dog, practice some of the tips provided and consult a positive reinforcement trainer if you think you could use further guidance.

Happy Training Everyone! Sign up your pup today! Rachelle Mellanby is the Owner and Canine Trainer of Dogs Crossing: Canine Training and Pet Services in Burnaby, %& 6HH DG RQ WKLV SDJH ,I \RX KDYH a question you’d like Rachelle to answer about your pet, please email us: info@whatsonburnaby.ca


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