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Thank you for picking up this rag. It’s called “The Good Morning Revolution Free Zine”. Or... “Freedom Zine”. Or just “Good Morning Revolution”. Or “crap”. Or whatever you call it, I suppose. Anywho... Good Morning Revolution is a little group of radicals that are trying to promote mutual aide and free culture in Grand Rapids. We started from the core organizers of the Really Really Free Markets and have recently started publishing a zine in order to present our ideas to the public. With the hope that like minded and unlike minded people alike will like what we do and start doing it too! Here's our webpage with a little more info: [more to be added “soon”]

Or on Contribute to this zine or inquire about something or tell us we’re jerks by emailing:

In this issue: • • • • • •

Fuck Rick Snyder & How! I'm down with Bartertown! July FreeCal! Water as Inspiration! Art by Emory Douglas...and who that is! Peace & Titties! & you have yourself a great day, now!

Created by the people in the interest of the people to energize our community in a more sustainable way from the bottom up.

There are a lot of cool people doing cool things in this city but either no one cares or they're promoting like shit. I'm leaning toward the later because I haven't heard about a lot of this stuff until I started looking—and looking hard. I can see why people just don't give a shit. It's too much work to, say, march on the capitol when no one tells you when it's gonna happen. Or even why! I guess that is what this zine is for. I guess. At least I hope so. Trying to unite to the anti-this-or-that's and the pro-what-not's to get a bunch of radical progressives stomping around at city hall, making art together, eating real food with each other, and being general awesome/loving/other good stuff. I heard a quote once, "We preach to the choir to hear them sing." So let’s start singing. Singing together! Our off pitch voices will blend in. We’ll all be rock stars. ―Zachariah Malachi

So... There are a couple of petitions going around these days to take back our state from the power hungry, cooperate right. One to Recall Rick Synder and one to Repeal Public Act 4 - the Emergency Financial Manager shit. Here’s the deal:

The Recall

With: 807,000 signatures For good measure: 1.1 million signatures* By: August 5th • • •

A Recall Election will be held to vote him out. [Lt. Governor Brian Calley will serve in interim.] A Special Election will be held to elect a new (improved) Governor

Petitions are circulating to get Snyder out of office completely. We feel Snyder and his allies are systematically attacking Michigan citizens’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Snyder’s implementing all kinds of political attacks on the working/middle class. Things he never informed the people about during his campaign. He’s offering corporations 86% tax cuts and paying for it with our retirees pensions and increased taxes on low income individuals. Cutting funding to our school systems which puts them in a state of “economic emergency”. More info at

ly signing any petition

! Knowing Only sign each one once se are legal documents so use is a crime. And the multiple times breviate. proper names, e.g. don't ab

*For Good Measure: With any petition, there will be a legal battle and some signatures will be thrown out. By having more than enough, we ensure the efforts will not be lost.

Repeal of Public Act 4

With: 161,304 signatures For good measure: 250,000 signatures* By: October • •

Immediately freezes Public Act 4 and removes power from the Emergency Managers Brings the issue to the people on the November ballot

Public Act 4 directly attacks the democratic voices of Michigan citizens by allowing state takeover of local governments and school systems. When the governor appoint an Emergency Financial Manager (EMF), the struggling, local community pays his/her paycheck. So far Public Act 4 has already dissolved local officials in Benton Harbor, Pontiac and Detroit Public School. Unless we stop this, it will never go away! This power to destroy cities will always be in the hands of the governor—whoever that may be. More info at

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They will be doing free workshops on some Wednesdays. You can check the website for upcoming events @ We went to the first one on June 15th. The topic was vegan eating on the cheap. Ryan Cappelletti made some mind blowing Beans and Greens, all the ingredients were from this benevolent Mitten. There was a smart holistic health care provider there too (forgot to write down her name, shit!). Some highlights from the discussion:

[adults don't]

Free Calendar

for July/Julie/ Korrik/Jüli/Yūlia/Xunetu/Uztail/miz Gouere/Juillet July 3rd: Interdependence Day RRFM @ MLK Jr Park 12-5pm [Corner of Franklin and Fuller] July 7th: Emergency Financial Managers Discussion @ Institute for Global Education 7-8:30 pm [1118 Wealthy St Se] July 9th: Mini Comic Con: Trade Buy & Sell Comics @ Main Library. Ryerson Auditorium Level 3, 10am-noon. [111 Library St Ne] July 11th: Get your Slurp on fo' FREE! @ Every 7-11 Ever July 12th: La’Ron Williams Story-telling @ Library Main Branch Ryerson Auditorium Level 3 10:30-11:30 am [111 Library St Ne] July 17th: Peep: Nat Geo (Workshop to Make Art) @ DAAC 7-11 pm [115 S. Division Ave.] July 18th: Bollywood Dance @ The Public Library 6-7 pm [111 Library St Ne] July 18th: Committee Meeting @ DAAC 7-9 pm [115 S. Division Ave] July 19th: Cirque Amongus @ The Public Library 10:30-11:30 am [111 Library St Ne] July 21: Nick Hartman Presents: An Art Show that Dare Not Speak it’s Name (Name TBD) @ DAAC 6-11 pm [115 S. Division Ave] July 30th: Geneology Lock In: Learn about your families Ancestry & History: The Public Library 6-10 pm [111 Library St Ne]

Email any and all FREE events to

Reoccurring Events Mondays: Peace Presence Vigil @ NE Corner of Division & Fulton 4:30-5:30 pm Comedy Improv @ Dog Story Theater 10-11 pm [7 Jefferson SE] Jazoo: Free Jazz @ John Ball Park Zoo. 6-8 pm [1300 W Fulton] Jazoo: Hula-Hooping Skill Share @ John Ball Park Zoo 6-8 pm [1300 W. Fulton] Wednesdays: Wednesday Evening Ride meets @ parkinglot across from the DAAC/next to Pikositos [110 S Division] Thursdays: GVSU Downtown Toastmasters Club: Public Speaking Competition @ Devos Center Room 107 C. 7:30-8:30 am [301 W Fulton Ave] Fridays: GRAM on the Green (Starts July 8th): Live Music @ Museum Terrace 6pm-7:30 [135 Monroe Center Nw] Zoomba Exercise Class @ Rosa Parks Circle 5:15-6 pm [135 Monroe Center Nw] Ballroom Dancing @ Rosa Parks Circle 8:30-10:30 pm [135 Monroe Center Nw] Sundays: Free Tacos @ Birch Lodge [732 Michigan St Ne] Free Dinner @ Degage Ministries 7:30-9 pm [144 Division Ave S] Monday-Friday: the Art Studio is Open @ Heartside Ministries 9 a.m-3:30 pm [54 Division Ave S] Every day (except the 1st Friday of the month): Free Lunch @ God’s Kitchen 2:30-4 pm [303 Divison Ave S]

Stolen Land Breathes Under my feet, stolen land breathes. Slow and distant breath. Waiting for redemption. Dormant like a stone longing for moving water. Max Lockwood Growing Out I don’t want to be trapped in the echo-chamber of adolescence like hipsters like the Beats the Vandervogl the Summer of Love the myriad discontented youth professing bullshit like “Our lack of purpose is our strength” and squandering their oppositional energy in alternative distractions hallucinations and sleepless nights the well of solidarity sucked dry by narcissistic preoccupation with identity with Self whatever that is making art that sacrifices its potential when it’s shot like a silver bullet inside a hermetic steel sphere vacuum ricocheting wildly but only reflecting back on itself and the self-professed heretics swallow the bullet through stoned yellowtooth grins. God it can be so goddamn revolting! And god, please let that not be all that I am accomplishing.

a Doodle by Zachariah M


Emory Douglas was born in Grand Rapids in 1947, and has lived in San Fran since age 8. He grew up surrounded by horrendous police brutality. Black people were subjected to Gestapo-esque regulations. They had to wear dog tags with their names and ages on them. If they were out past curfew they could be arrested. Being subjected to things like this and generations of injustice shaped Emory Douglas into a Black Panther and social justice activist. The Panthers, like all radical groups, have had many misconceptions circulated around them. They used violent tactics in response to police brutality. Armed Panthers would patrol neighborhoods, follow cops and stand up against racial discrimination. Panthers and police both died. Regardless, there was a strong focus on education and building community. They gave away food, clothes, started a free breakfast for children program, had a free medical clinic and an Intercommunal Youth Institute. Emory Douglas served as the Minister of Culture for The Black Panther’s newspaper from the time it began in 1967 until the group fizzled out in the 80s. His art illustrated the belief in international unity among the oppressed and working-class people of the world. It also unified the eclectic activists of the day. It was common to collect his illustrations and pin them up as inspiration. The critiques of corporations and corrupt institutions found in his work are still quite relevant. In an interview this year, Douglas said, “You can’t import a revolution, it has to come from within.” True as that is, his artwork is an inspiration, water to our roots.

―Jesicka Crunch

Last year, in Spring lake the Borough Council voted to oppose a wind turbine. They won. Apparently turbines are visually offensive and “appear to be impractical.” Residents fear that the “obtrusive and overall negative impact to the community and property values, and tend to lessen the quality of life for residents living in proximity to the turbine.” I wish I could remember the last time I saw a news report highlighting the positive impact of an oil spill or coal mining on those local residents. Instead, we hear all about British Petrol’s carelessness has property values in the coral reef all in a tizzy. Or mountain habitats reduced to rubble to get at Earth’s limited fossil fuels. And it’s the windmills that are too ugly?

The universe is not conscious and is not telling you anything... Or maybe the universe is consciousness and we are all it’s thought experiments. Rizing up out of the astral plane to assert our individuality upon existence. If this is true, the greatest evil is imitation! So stand up! Be brave! Do your thing! Show us what you got!

July 3rd @ MLK jr. Park [corner of Fuller & Franklin]

12:00–5:00 PM

[no drop-offs after 3] It's a party with FOOD NOT BOMBS bringing the eats! Bring unused items & take what you need. Teach a skill, make friends, have fun and be free!

Action...more important than apathy. ...more important than idleness. ...more important than the perfect plan.

Good Morning Revolution Freedom Zine - July 2011  

Good Morning Revolution is a little group of radicals that are trying to promote mutual aide and free culture in Grand Rapids. We started fr...