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LIZZIE PRICE'S NOTE Hi Team, I hope you all had a great weekend! Quarterly was lots of fun as always, things got a little out of hand when Matt decided it would be funny to repeatedly lick Dykey’s head. I then spent the rest of the weekend recovering at my parents’ house with the new-born lambs, which were super cute. I&C temp have had a busy start to the year, exceeding budgets by £175k. We’ve entered Q2 with lots of new jobs thanks to a successful BD competition, so we’re hoping for a strong start to Q2. We’re also really excited that last week we confirmed that Rebecca Rooke’s cousin will be joining our team as an AC to help us ensure we have a good candidate pipeline. I hope you have a great week and lovely Easter weekend! Lizzie


DEALS FROM LAST WEEK ANDY'S BUSINESS Ollie placed into Informa for a fee of £10,440. Jack C placed into Mercer for a fee of £19,000. Jess S placed into Kempen Fiduciary Management for a fee of £29,250. Tiago placed into Dsirf for a fee of £4,667. Jamie placed into the Pure Food Company for a fee of £5,225. Lucile placed into Camca Luxembourg for a fee of £11,000. Saman placed into Grant Thornton for a fee of £4,230. Scott placed into BP Integrated Supply & Trading for a fee of £15,750. Chris B placed into Enquest and Neptune Oil & Gas for a combined fee of £24,500. George H placed into Equitix and Blackstone Group for a fee of £22,875. Luke placed into Capita for a fee of £16,060. Kesi placed into Xafinity Consulting for a fee of £9,000. Josh placed into Group M and Lipsy for a combined fee of £11,200. Chris P placed into Tradeweb for a fee of £8,625. Bradley placed into Forester Life for a fee of £21,250. Lizzie R placed into ICBC Standard Bank for a fee of £8,100. Byron placed into ICBC Standard Bank for a daybook of £157.50 Rochelle and James placed into NFU Mutual Insurance Society Ltd for a daybook of £337.50. Mia placed into M&G Prudential for a daybook of £245.00 and into Brooks Macdonald Asset Management for a fee of £3,750. Harriet and Jake placed into ENI Trading & Shipping for a fee of £9,900. Kane placed into LabTech Investments Ltd for a daybook of £211.40. Ben Stark placed into Easyhotel for a daybook of £36.54. Victoria placed twice into Palmer Capital Partners and NEX for a combined daybook of £316.15 and into Pictet & Cie for a fee of £3,288. Chris Jones and Beth placed into Pearson for a daybook of £397.25. Alex Osei placed into SecurIT BV for a daybook of £573.65.


DEALS FROM LAST WEEK CHRIS' BUSINESS Darren placed into British Land Company Plc for a daybook of £441.20. Lizzie placed into The White Company for a daybook of £308.80 and into Harrods Ltd for a fee of £7,650. GMS placed into CIBC World Markets for a daybook of £210.00. Zoe placed twice into Surrey and Borders Partnership and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital for a total daybook of £460.65. Chris Plank placed into British Heart Foundation for a daybook of £168.75 Magella placed into National Citizens Service for a fee of £4,575.



Last Friday we headed to China Tang for Quarterly Lunch. The food was fantastic as was the company! A brilliant afternoon. This Thursday, 10 of you are heading to Ask for Janice for Breakfast Club – ENJOY! If anyone would like to go on the waiting list for breakfast club then speak to Lou. We will be having some Easter fun this week… look out for the HTML’s. Looks like the sun will be out this weekend – enjoy the Easter break.


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Weekly Note by Lizzie Price  

Weekly Note by Lizzie Price

Weekly Note by Lizzie Price  

Weekly Note by Lizzie Price