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Treehouse Community and Faith Centre University of Bedfordshire J001 Vicarage Street LUTON, LU1 3JU Tel: 01582 743360 Email: Treehouse supports charities & works with BedsSU & Student Village: make a difference: volunteer with us and support Homeless Soup Kitchen, BedsSU RaG Week and more

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community and faith

2012-2013 programme

Open 10am-4pm most days Daily 12:00 Christian midday prayer

Saturday 1:00pm Mens’ Adventure Club last Saturdays

Monday 6:00pm Stage Addicts: Singing & Perform Society 6:30pm Film Night: 2nd Monday every month 6:30pm Games Night 3rd Monday every month

Events Week of Guided Prayer 12-16 November Carols by Candlelight 6 December Pancake Day 12 Feb Valentines Day 14 Feb Trip to Lindisfarne Island 8-12 June

Tuesday 5:00pm Guitar Lessons for beginners 7:00pm Globe Café: international student & English meetup 7:00pm Christian Union meeting in J012 Wednesday 1:00pm Hunger Lunch 2nd & 4th Wednesdays 5:00pm Womens’ Café first Wednesdays Thursday 1:30pm Holy Communion 6:00pm Big Story: food and storytelling - explore the meaning of life Friday: Jumm’ah 2:00pm Closed 6:00pm Chinese Student Fellowship 7:30pm Coffee House: open mic fun night first Fridays

Festivals Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas and more Activities • Relationship building and making friends • Listening: have a confidential chat with a Chaplain • M  usical instruments & art & crafts for your creativity • Use the multi-faith Prayer & Quiet Room to pray, meditate or have peaceful moments • Workshops to help you succeed: personal development, leadership, event management etc • Take action for peace, the poor and build good relations between people of different faiths, beliefs & cultures

Drop in anytime to relax, play, chat, read and pray

Treehouse Year Programme Card  
Treehouse Year Programme Card  

University of Bedfordshire Treehouse Community and Faith Centre Year Programme Card