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July l August 2013

E a s t s i d e N E I G H B OR H OO D N E W S

Darbo Family Picnic a 10-year tradition By Alfonso Flores V, President of Worthington Park Neighborhood Association

SASY :: Neighborhood Association update

Planning committee meets with city leaders Happy 2013 summer solstice! Great neighbors, food and ideas were shared while the council elections came together at the annual membership meeting for our Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara Neighborhood Association. We welcome Mark McFadden back as the newlyelected Elmside Circle Park representative. Facilitated by Kim Neushel, groups shared ideas about how we can build a healthier community for our neighborhood residents. We discussed safe biking by promoting safe riding and pedestrian travel, access to healthy food and how to share it with others (folding tables along bike path and community gardens for occasional shared meals), increased opportunities for art-making and neighborhood gathering spaces. Inclusivity was the common thread in the discussion groups. Our newly-formed Winnebago-Atwood Corridor Planning committee of SASYNA is up and running. This committee is a vehicle for neighborhood input, starting with the planned street reconstruction in our neighborhood.

Meghan Blake-Horst, Absolutely Art owner, helps make sure the pedestrian safety flags are kept stocked on the corner of Atwood and Ohio Avenues. The corridor planning committee met with Alder Marsha Rummel, Mayor Paul

Join our neighborhood association meetings on the second Thursday of each month at the Goodman Community Center at 6:30 p.m. Soglin and city staff from several departments. The committee asked if the city of Madison Engineering staff would work with our neighboring associations. By involving SASYNA, Atwood Winnebago Business Association and Marquette Neighborhood Association in advance of the planned reconstruction, we hope to avoid last minute discussions and neighborhood stress. City staff indicated there are about five years of improvements planned beginning in 2014. The committee asked that a comprehensive design-oriented, placemaking approach be used that keeps neighborhood businesses healthy and is created jointly, rather than how it is done with typical city reconstruction projects. SASYNA has resumed the use of the red flags where Ohio Street crosses Atwood Avenue with the help of Absolutely Art’s, Meghan Blake-Horst. Thank you, Meghan, for all you do for the neighborhood. There are many opportunities to get involved with SASYNA. One chance is at the Atwood Summerfest coming up July 27 and 28. Again this year, SASYNA will have a booth to grill corn to raise funds for our association. Please join us. For more information, contact James Montgomery at james.g.montgomery@ or visit l

Activity abounds in Darbo/Worthington this summer and we really hope y’all can make it to our community events. We’re quite busy coordinating this Alfonso Flores V year’s 10th annual Darbo Family Picnic which is Saturday, Aug. 24 from noon to 4 p.m. in Worthington Park. Returning to the event are Tate and the 008 Band, James the Magician and several local agencies providing information and activities for children. A new participant is Madison College with the Mobile Engineering Training Unit, complete with a robotics demonstration. Also returning, are the huge hits of the Mentoring Positives basketball tournament and Chocolate Shoppe ice cream. The latter should pair well with the Old Fashioned Root Beer from a new beverage sponsor, Blumers of Monroe. Facilities, food and fun are provided

free by volunteers, city of Madison and partnering community organizations. Much more information to come, please check WPNA online. This summer Darbo/Worthington children will engage in a drawing contest for a neighborhood yard sign. The yard sign project is made possible through the Goodman Community Center’s Asset Based Community Development project in the Worthington Park neighborhood and through a generous donation by Madison Community Foundation. The contest will launch in July and a winner will be announced at the Darbo Family Picnic. Area residents can find contest details and entry information on our website. For more information, visit or email info@worthingtonpark. org to keep informed and get involved in helping reshape this unique little pocket on Madison’s east side. Also find us on Facebook, if you haven’t already, at worthingtonparkna. l

Neighborhood timebank seeks to add members By Jonathan Garber, Dane County Timebank volunteer

Timebanking is a neighbor-to-neighbor credit exchange. For every hour you help someone, you earn an hour receiving help from anyone in the timebank. Timebanking offers new ways of thinking about how you value your time, skills and how we can grow our community. Hours earned can be exchanged for help from another timebank member. A timebank can help you reach your goals in exchange for just a couple of hours helping someone else meet theirs. Each member’s time is valued and everyone has something unique to offer. If you were to list your assets, they would most likely go beyond your job and include cool things like being a pianist, petsitter, party planner, triathlete, brainstormer of crazy ideas — well, you get the point — that you could offer others.

If you are one of the 150 current members in the Schenk-Atwood-StarkweatherYahara Neighborhood timebank, join us to welcome new members and find others to do exchanges with while learning about Neighbor-to-Neighbor Care teams. New member orientations will be held Thursday, July 11 and Tuesday, Aug. 13. Both orientations are from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Goodman Community Center. Timebanking makes our communities stronger. When you participate, you meet new people in your community you might have otherwise never known. Timebanking has been part of Dane County for almost eight years now and has more than 2,000 banks countywide with members of all ages and abilities interacting. For more information, call 241-1574 or email to l

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