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Dear Friends of GOODLIFE Youth Journal,

GOODLIFE Youth Journal is the only free, full color, high-quality, glossy, quarterly publication written by young people for young-minded people in the Hudson Valley. GOOD LIFE is published in conjunction with MountainView Studio in Woodstock, NY, a popular venue hosting a wide array of wholesome community activities and events. Please join GOODLIFE’S Publisher, Catherine McNamara, in her heartfelt mission, and share in her charitable goal, to provide a community service that supports the literary artistic work of young people in our area. By publicizing your business in GOODLIFE, you are reaching a target market niche of young people and their whole family while, at the same time, you are making an invaluable contribution to the voice and expression of our communities young adults. Market research studies reveal adolescents directly influence their parents and family’s purchasing decisions, and they determine what type of brand or product is bought more than any other factor. Surveys indicate teenage respondents possess the most purchasing power in today’s economy. Please contact us about how you can participate in GOODLIFE Youth Journal. Thank you, and best wishes,

Carolyn Handel Marketing and Sales Director 845-684-5138

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Making a GoodLife Goodlife Youth Journal offers the unique opportunity for young people to discover submitting to a publication of their very own. Kids and young adults age 10-20 have a platform to submit articles, poems and art that cover topics that really matter to them. The content they send is always refreshing and entertaining! At this age they are “coming into� the world.... a world filled with distractions and opportunities for bad choices as well as good. The Journal aims to offer an avenue that will open the doors to a creative job experience as well as give young people a voice and an opportunity to be heard. The public response completes the cycle by giving back of praise and recognition to these young authors and illustrators for their contributions ! It is our hope that GoodLife Youth Journal will be a unique place where people of all ages can come together and share.

Business Opportunities The Goodlife Youth Journal offers individuals, businesses and not-for-profits a platform to increase their visibility to a targeted local audience each seasonal quarter issue. Some kids request interviews or assignments that further help connect readership to local events, interesting people and places in our community. By placing an Ad Submission or becoming a Sponsor you help pay for printing and earned pay of Goodlife writers and artists. All Ad/Sponsor information can be found on the back page of each Goodlife Journal , in our brochure or on our web site

Mission: written by young people for young minded people

Who We Are Youth Journal

Created by Young people for Young-minded people

We comment on social interactions

We maintain our sense of humor

We are concerned about the world we live in and how it impacts us all

Cartoons, manga, photography, drawing, painting and more are pasted on The Wall

Purchase an ad to our free publication and help a young person get paid to write and create! The GoodLife Journal is a forum where young people can express their individuality through words, artwork, photographs and their own personal unique insights. Creating something special as part of a team while contributing to the greater good of the community reinvigorates a bond between all ages.

Please take a moment to look through this Media kit to find out how your business can be seen in a refreshing new way. Be young,

We travel the planet

We are interested in fascinating people

Marketing and Sales Director Carolyn Handel (845) 684-5138

GoodLife Youth Journal Advertising Rates and Information GoodLife Youth Journal. A FREE journal written by young people for young-minded people! 7,000 printed

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Display advertisments are high exposure ads that are placed in the front half of the magazine. These placements are highly effective for events, products and services. Thay are sold by size (refer to table at bottom). Get your ad listed for free on the Webite if you purchase a four-time contract.

SIZE D i m e n si o n s Back Cover 8.5 in. wide x 11 in. tall* Front Inside Cover 8.5 in. wide x 11 in. tall* Back Inside Cover 8.5 in. wide x 11 in. tall* 8.5 in. wide x 11 in. tall* Full Page Half Page Vertical 3.75 in. wide x 10 in. tall Half Page Horizontal 7.5 in. wide x 4.9 in. tall 3.75 in. wide x 4.9 in. tall Quarter Page Eighth Page 3.75 in. wide x 2.375 in. tall * For full page ads, add .125” bleed on all sides

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The Journal is distributed free to 100’s of shops and businesses throughout the Hudson Valley, NY State Thruway Travel Plazas, Dumbo parts of NYC.


Each new print issue sees 7,000 new journals circulated. In addition advertising is listed the online GoodLife Webazine, News Letters and NY State Thruway Travel Plazas, DUMBO and art district of NYC

Editorial Content

This journal is written and illustrated exclusively by young people ages 10-20. Articles range from celebrity interviews to fiction to advice columns and everthing in-between.

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3 reasons to advertise in GoodLife High Quality • Long Shelf Life • Readership

Marketing and Sales Director Carolyn Handel Call: (845) 684-5138 • Read the latest stories • Friend us on Facebook!

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Winter Issue Nov 15th deadline / Dec Release Spring Issue Feb 15th deadline / March Release Summer Issue May 15th deadline / June Release Fall Issue Aug 15th deadline/ Sept Release

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Rates listed are for 100% camera-ready ads. Files must be 3oo dpi in CMYK EPS, TIF or JPEG format. Advertisments are to be prepaid by publication time unless credit has been established.

Frequency 1X 4X $675 $600 $625 $560 $600 $540 $550 $500 $275 $250 $275 $250 $150 $120 $80 $60

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Distribution 7,000: Upstate, Thruway & now parts of Brooklyn and NYC

WOODSTOCK: • Hurley Ridge Market • The Tea Shop • Woodstock Library KINGSTON: • Adam’s Fairacre Farms • Rondout Savings Bank • Mother Earth Foods • Kingston Library SAUGERTIES: • Price Chopper • Krause’s Chocolates • Inquiring Minds Books PHOENICIA • Phoenecia Library • Mama’s Boy Coffee Shop • Emerson Resort

STONERIDGE/ ACCORD • Kenco • West Hurley Library • Ulster Savings Bank New PALTZ • New Paltz Library • Rock and Snow • Manny’s Art Supply Rhinebeck •Terrapin Restaurant •Bread Alone • Upstate Films Cinema POUGHKEEPSIE • Adams Fairacre Farms • Catskill Art & Office Supply • Poughkeepsie Nissan • Vassar College • All Price Choppers

GOODLIFE Youth Journal for the Hudson Valley 20 Mountainview Avenue Woodstock, NY 12498 (845) 332-3353/

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AMOUNT PAID: $_______________ Please send all graphic material (in high-resolution JPEG or TIFF format) to and make your payment to GoodLife Youth Journal at the address above. Thank you.

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