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Lisa Simmons says her life completely changed following the death of her father two years ago. “It was like I sort of woke up and started seeing life in a different way and asking a lot more questions,” explains Simmons, owner of Lemonberry, a women’s fashion boutique in Aurora’s St. Andrew’s Village. “I was confronted with the realization that life is really fragile and the choices we make on a daily basis really impact us. Our life, our health, the people we love and the nature that surrounds us—everything is so interconnected.” Recognizing that common practices in the fashion industry come with negative social and environmental impacts, Simmons was at a crossroads. Since she was a teenager roaming Toronto’s Kensington market in search of vintage finds, Simmons has been passionate about fashion and

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dreamed of one day opening her own store. But she found herself questioning her choices and the impact of Lemonberry. “I had to take a long, hard look at my life and the path I was taking as a person, as a mom and as a business owner, and I asked myself whether my choices were having a positive or negative influence on the Earth and my community.” Should she close the store and move onto something else? Or could she approach fashion in a way that aligned with her values? Choosing the latter, Simmons envisioned a store that offers amazing products that work with the environment rather than against it. “In order for me to evolve and run my store in line with my new values, I had to start carrying products that were sustainable and healthy for people,” Simmons explains. “When I search out new products, I look for things like

sustainability, eco-friendly, recyclable containers or packaging, upcycling, Canadian companies and manufacturing and non-toxic ingredients. It’s also important that companies be socially responsible and that people and resources are getting treated fairly while the clothing is being made.” Customers are reacting positively to the changes. “Lisa does a great job at bringing city trends to Lemonberry and offering them at a variety of different price points so all of us in the ‘burbs can enjoy great fashion too,” says Jane Reeves, a Lemonberry customer for 10 years. “Lisa’s increased focus on eco-friendly products and socially responsible brands speaks to her character and makes me even more committed to supporting Lemonberry.” The journey to transform Lemonberry into an

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Goodlife Newmarket September/October Edition 2016  

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Goodlife Newmarket September/October Edition 2016  

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