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Dry Your Restroom A disposable mat that keeps your restroom dry and clean Patented in Taiwan, Japan, European Union and many other countries

● Hygienic ● Anti-bacterial ● Elegant ● Improves image ● Creates results ● Reduces cleaning workload

It’s better than 1000 times reminding


Instantly permeable layer High-tech, anti-bacterial fibre layer to absorb water and eliminate smell Self-adhesive, Breathable,Water-proofing

Models and Specifications

50 50 60



Suspended urinal

Floor urinal

Dry-ace for Sinks

60 Pedestal urinal

Functions: ● Prevents wet floor. ● Reduces workload of cleaners. ● Improves service quality and image of commercial space. ● Hygienic and eco-friendly.

Dimensions: 75cm (depth) x 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 210cm , 240cm (length) 150

•Less than 120cm in length may be made to order


Replacement intervals: Daily or as and when necessary, depending on usage.


A secret of Dripping … Many people think that only elderly men encounter the problem of dripping when urinating. In fact, any man of any age may encounter this problem, only that it is more common and serious for elderly men. Dryace mat can instantly solve this problem and upgrade your restroom to the five-star class.

Functional relation between restroom cleanliness and tidiness (Example: For a restroom that is cleaned four times daily, the cleaning times will be 8.00am, 10.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm)

Scores Cleanliness 100

After cleaning

After cleaning

After cleaning Dirtiness after use by an average of five persons

50 0 0






Functions of cleanliness for restrooms using Dryace Scores Cleanliness 100

0 8:00



Next day 8:00 (Time)

Area under urinal dry and clean at all times without any urine stain. 3

Relation between Dryace and behavioural science The Dutch initially draw a fly in the urinal to make it more interesting for men to aim at when urinating, but of little or no avail in solving the problem of dripping ‌

Other people draw two foot-prints on the floor to fix the position for men to stand when they urinate, only to be totally ignored by them, especially when they are in urgent need to ease themselves (human beings do not like restriction).

Functions of Dryace’s behavioural science With a piece of Dryace under the urinal, restroom users would feel dignified and automatically stand on it when urinating, so that even if some urine drops fall outside the urinal, Dryace would be able to instantly absorb them to make the restroom floor dry and clean at all times. This will significantly improve your service quality and reduce the frequency of restroom cleaning.


A Secret of toilet spaces Japanese concern the hygiene of restrooms. This is because restrooms play an important part in our daily life, though they are hardest to maintain in tip-top condition. A restaurant, an eating-house or any other public place may have posh restrooms equipped with the most expensive fittings, but for lack of cleanliness, such establishments are left with nothing to boast of ‌

Urine drops usually contaminate the floor and cause corrosion and damage.


Just a small piece of Dryace can instantly improve your service quality and image, far better than deploying workers to do cleaning from time to time. It helps you to save cost.



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Dry-ace: Disposable urinal mat  

Dry-ace: Disposable urinal mat  

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