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CHONG PEI CHENG 1991.12.27學歷 Education: 台中一中 Taichung first senior high school -美術班 Art Class 台灣科技大學 National Taiwan University of Sciense and Technology -工商業設計系 Industrial and Commercail Design

工作經歷 Experience: 2013 國科會青草巷研究計畫 2013 舒華(中國)有限公司 產品設計規劃實習 SHUA Product design internship 2012-2013水越設計產品開發 AGUA Design product design internship 2013台科大設計周入圍參展 Taiwam TECH Design week 2012水越設計暑期實習 AGUA Design summer internship 都市色彩資訊設計City colour infographic 色彩工具設計Colour tools 台北市設計之都設計思考營企劃思考Taipei Design City, Design Thinking camp 表演藝術環境議題思考設計 Performing Art Emviroment Thinking Design 色彩漫步 Colour waiking and observation 2011台灣設計師周志工 Taiwan Designer’s week volunteer 競賽參與獲獎Participate In Awards: 2013光寶創新獎 LITEON award -Merit award 2013台灣國際創意設計競賽TIDC -Honorable mention award 2013工藝新趣 -入圍 2012第七屆通用設計競賽 Universal Design award -優選 2012全國玩具創意設計競賽 National Creative Toy Design award -佳作 2012技嘉奇想設計大賽 Gigabyte design award 2012銘盛杯設計競賽 Chang Ming deisgn award 2012red dot concept design award -final judge 2010全國學生美術競賽 書法類 -入圍 2009全國學生美術競賽 國畫類 -優選 2009全國學生美術競賽 西畫類 -入圍 軟體能力 Software abilities Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, AutoCad, Pro/Engineer4.0 Modeling Cinema 4D Modeling&Rendering Premiere





Name: SWATCH 2016 品牌產品形象策略設計 Year : 2013 Brief: 了解一個品牌的過去歷史,發展現況,分析現況,並推演創造出 2016年swatch的產品品牌形象策略 Understanding a brand’s history, current development, analysis of current situation, and to create a 2016 deduction swatch product brand strategy. Designer: Chung Pei Cheng, Tseng Szu Wei, Chang yu ling, Wu ming shaun, Lai jing ting My work part: Data research & analysis (Brand mind, core value, history, target, market position, product identity, SWOT, trends ), idea sketch, final render, image strategy, Elipse Time watch



keep innovation

1980 1983’s first birth of Swatch watches

“Swatch years,” said the 1984, Collaboration with artists

Brand mind & Core value Forever creative, always be different Swatch power portfolio covers technology, design,subversion of the traditional marketing practices

In 1989, a jelly texture transparent trendy color phone with swatch logo was on sale

From a performance point of view, the price is relatively cheap Surface and bracelet has unrestrained imagination, the most unusual and creative, bright colors, art and cartoons, for today and future dreams, etc.


1991 Pop Swatch Vegetables 1993 Musicall The first watch contains music tones of Jean-Michel Jarre 1991, launched its first branch in conjunction paging function Swatch Pager 1995 launch Acess watches, it can be an identification tool of riding ski lifts to the hotel and public transport


2009 autumn and winter latest watches - bronze timepiece 2010Mini sweet “Shock The World”

2004-2012 Swatch Olympic series

1983-2013 Swatch 30 Table Anniversary

2013 Target user

People who is: Young In a class Show off Brave Try everything


Core Technology High-tech materials

Watchmaking industry uses to watch these remarkable materials to build new look and features, Including cut sapphire crystal, ceramic case and watches, as well as wearable miniature bearings


Offer from “standard� to four different high quality grade of wheel components. Make full use of advanced design and technology to produce sophisticated components, and its products are widely used by world-renowned watch

Product Identity Calibration


Three eyes





Universal watchband


Image board

2013 Swatch series analysis Traditional


Development trend



2013 SWOT 1. S2 → Combination of fashion trends and becone more exaggerated 2.O2 → Swatch should penetrate all kinds of sports activities: SWATCH on behalf of sponsors, introduced the major sports watches styles and special features. (ex. immediate notice Scores) 3.W5 → Swatch has been more emphasis on design → SWATCH sell a life style Competitors do not need to blindly follow function competition 4.T1 → Development → SWATCH SWATCH fashion accessories industry have gradually developed to 5.T4 → Development of new customer groups, such as: parent-child watches, Ye Sun models, taking into account the relationship between buyers and users may have to create new markets 6.W2 + T3 → Explore the possibility of new material, so SWATCH under strict quality step can do more sophisticated (eg, consumers hate to wear watches wet sticky feeling)

Trend reaserch Screen out and focus on the 8 trends: 1.Smart watch 5.3d print

2.New material 6.Human identity

3.Fashion trend 7. LED art craft

4.Orange tech 8.East culture


2016 Theme - Seeing Invisible When technology improved day after day, there are to many dazzling things to see. After Forgetting how to think and feel Continuously installed. Why should we be so passive? In 2016, age of knowledge explosion The progressive technology seems to be able do everything However, Swatch don’t do that Things change so fast that we follow things in a hurry. So, let us catch time Catch the decision-making power on your own - Seeing Invisible




Design practice 委託設計實務 Clock Design // Commissioned to design the case: modeling clock design (wall clock, alarm clock, table clock) Design requirements and objectives: (1) bold innovation, but must consider the costs and production possibilities (2) quartz movement, appearance of the material mainly used for plastic injection molding, can be paired with other materials (3) three-containing wall clock, alarm clock, clock Designers, Chung Pei Cheng, Wang Zui Chi, Wu shu Fen, Chang Fnn Yu, Zen Shen Yen My duty: Data research & analyze, trend research, brand strategy, idea sketch, render


Trends Nowadays, clocks have became the enjoy and taste for the life due to the all-in-one function of the iphone.

Target group People who have excellent taste for the life.

Enviroment Research The clock should also fit in the enviroment.

Meterial analysis

Color analysis


Idea Sketch


Concept: Without needle Simple Morden Low cost& high quality


Alarm clock

Table clock

Simple Without needle Curious Special for the life Emotion Human consideration

Wall clock

Fit in the morden emvironment, making the design around your home and create new lifestyle.


Minimal Clock 2013

Simple and Elegant


Fitness equipments design intern


CITY COLOR TOOL Look at the city and you will find its changing color… the color is breathing in silence. You will be recording the colors of your city’s breathing under the changing light.

step 1. Choose a spot to observe the breathing of your city and take pictures without any editing.

step 2. Shoot the pictures at different time but at the same place

step 3. You will get your own color chart of view from different shooting time and put them in sequent order.

step 4. Upload the photos to Taipei City Color Facebook and name the album as “Color of Breathing_ Your Name / the number of photos you take”.

City Yeast - Books streetscape City Yeast: As intervene in living (space, people, and things) the shape and angle, through thought and action to enhance the city’s quality of life, is the city of yeast has been concerned about the issue. Continued use of an open approach, combined with the urban public participation issues, the idea of ​​a better future, toward a better direction.

Creative concept The concept of miniature implantable reading space, books, message mini streetscape device triggered public life filled with messages for reflection   Urban Space = human = From zero to full, full of architectural space to space, such as home building, schools, MRT stations, supermarkets, convenience stores, arcades, etc., as well as the participation of people over time, with significant changes, a variety of “Message “step by step and gradually occupy the entire field of vision.   Roland Barthes (Roland Barthes) said: people are living in a series of symbols inside; text, image is a need to be decoded in order to communicate with symbols, which constitute an important element of the language. And language is a system to be developed, we will not see the “sheep” I felt it was the word “sheep” but one China in the same cultural context (conceptual map) below, we have a system stipulates that “sheep” is that we memory / experience, bird furry, can produce milk sheep. Although the store “wants” are competing vision of attention, in order to survive, there is, there are a “diversity in unity, with the divergent” philosophy in it, so even if not specified, will in fact be a street atmosphere to form their own .  


Taipei color infographic Taipei city color from the Japanese era has since been with the history and the environment to develop their color appearance rheology, social group or individual consciously or unconsciously, are formed under the impact of urban color color image composition. Message through color image statistics (Taipei City Color Infographic) collected the elements constituting the color information in Taipei city, people will color for the status at a glance.


Taipei city cleaning equipment





Name:回收球 Recycle ball Year : 2013 Brief: 回收球在淨灘的過程中改變過去蒐集垃圾的無趣形式,使用者可以用 趣味競賽的方式來淨灘,除此之外也能夠當作公共垃圾桶,當小朋友 在玩的時候也給予旅客一個清理環境的動機。 Trash hexahedron not only make coastal cleanup lots of fun, but also give the tourists motivation to pick some litters up while kids are playing it. Dimansion: 75x75x75cm material: PP, PVC Designer: Chong Pei Cheng


Situation Nowadays, more and more people start to join coastal cleanup for our environment, many parents will bring their kids to this activity.

Why should it be so boring? Coastal cleanup is good for kids’ education, children can learn how to protect and value our environment when they are little. However, this activity is boring and dull just like ascetic monks. Plastic bags and the clamps is the common tool for collecting trash, however It’s not fit for the kids who are going to coastal cleaning up, because not only the wind will make the activity more difficault but also it’s boring for children.


Idea sketch Recycle ball not only makecoastal cleanup lots of fun, but also give the tourists motivation to pick some litters up while kids are playing it.

Concept & After Situation Hexahedron structure Modular benifit: Low cost for manufacture Easy to transport Combination for fun

2. Great Outdoor Games for coastal cleanup.

Modular benifit: Low cost for manufacture Easy to transport Combination for fun

Public trash mode after coastal cleanup

Detail Use flexible transparent rubber inlet, user can put the trash into the ball directly corresponding to the surface of the recycling category image, The moment user put trash through the entrance, the LED light in the entrance will shine and the garbage won’t run out while rolling the ball.

1.The shape of ball not only attract children but also fit in the beach (terrain, winds)

2.Gradient of the hole pattern while rolling with the rat-tat (voice) of the cans.

3.The hole make it easy to clean and child can see the change inside the trash Hexahedron.


3D printing odel

3D printing model


Cleaning Game

Recycle Ball make the cleaning process more interesting, users can recycle trash by rolling balls and playing collecting games with other people. Moreover, it does not only motivate kids to clean the environment, the most important thing is letting the next generation understand the benefit of ECO


Name: 共生體 Touch Plant Year : 2013 Brief: 共生體是一個智慧型的公共盆栽,使用者可以透過此產品來得知植物 的資訊並與植物溝通,除此之外共生體有別於植物互相競爭,可將較 多水分或是養分的盆栽輸送到較少的盆栽,並促進街道的蓬勃意象。

Touch plant is a service offering the passerby an opportunity to understand the plants’ needs and communicate with plants and the plants in the services can help each other plants by delivering the water or nutrient to the neightborhood by themselves. Dimansion: 18x18x10cm Designer: Chong Pei Cheng


Concept About Plants

People are difficult to understand what the plants need, how the plants feel. Touch plant is a service offer the passerby an opportunity to understand the plants’ needs and communicate with plants and the plants in the services can help each other by delivering the water or nutrient to the neightborhood by themselves.

A. Symbiosis

B. Open the secret of plants & Commucation with plants

Plants can help each other through the service.

C. Understand immediately Needs

Value 1. Special function of plant 2. Produce O2 reduce CO2


A. Near by

The service can sensor the closing people and show the interface.

B. Touch and see User can touch the screen to enjoy the fun of service

C. Play with fun

By using the electric sensor, we can see the change inside the plants from the screen when we interacte with the

Need Including water, sun and nutrient, this section show the detail about what plants need.



Status explain the phenomenon of the plants. The face will change with different status.

Show how much carbon dioxide the plants reduce and how much oxygen the plants produce. It also show the special fuction of plants such as avoiding the mosquito and make the air fresh.




Name: 順便鎖 Trash hexahedron Year : 2012 Brief: 結合鎖跟腳架,讓鎖腳踏車變成一個順便的動作 Some people have to lock their bicycles everytime to prevent being stolen from other people, however, it becomes an inconvenient thing in daily life. Truth is that thieves have lots of way to stole your bicycle, most of time the lock is to prevent the normal people. So, the convenience of lock is very important for riding a bike every day. Dimansion: 15x4x20cm Designers: Chong Pei Cheng You Chen Shiun


For some people, they need to lock the bike every day, even if they have railings to lock, but they still lock their bikes casually and don’t lock to the railings. The reason -Prevent their bikes from taking away by normal people -Expert thieves are too hard to prevent -More conveniently

So convenient mode Lock the bike without unnecessary steps

Ease mind mode After choose right number, user can push the silver botton and detach the lock.

Lock to the railings and feel more relieved.

Benefit 1. Won’t foget to lock or unlock the bike 2. Won’t forget to tilt the stand before riding a bike 3. Don’t worry about where to place the lock 4. Adjusting one side code = Adjusting whole code for others


Name: 引路浮標 Float Guide Year : 2013 Brief: 近來由於氣候變遷,常常會有大量豪雨引起排水不良的淹水現象,此 設計是結合反光板與浮標系統,讓人處於突發淹水的情況可以有路指 引。 Float Guide is a simple traffic signal that shows you where the potential dangers are without complicated electric system. It will elevate while the water level is rising, make sure you can see it all the time. Dimansion: 15x10x180cm material: PP Designers Chong Pei Cheng, You Chen Shiun


As the rain falls, we always have to face the temporary flood. It’s hard to tell what kinds of potential danger will be right under your feet, while the water level is rising up,such as the gap between level, the drain cover, the boundary between lane & side walk...etc. Furthermore, suburbs is much more danger than owntown, because there are less preferences(buildings, street lights,..etc) in the uburbs to help people and vehicles to find the correct ways to go.

As the flood comes, we can’t see the potential dangers under the water. In the suburbs, sometimes we can’t find the way without preferences. These all make us under a dagerous situation.

Reflector: It can become a warning signal that tells you wheredangers will be, and let you see clearly while the place is dark.

Buoy: With empty space inside, thebuoy can be lift up or dropped due to the changing of water level.

Extended Pile: Extended pile is formed by several units, and with the light weight, the extended pile also can float.


Float guide is intalled nearby the drain cover, beside the boundary between lane & side walk.If there is no flood , it become a traffic signal on ground.

While the flood come,the water level is rising. The float guide also elevates to the water level by using the buoyancy without electric system.

Float guide can warn people from being underpotential dangers,and also give them preferences about the direction.

After Situation:

Float guide will become a traffic signal that tells you where the potential dagers are and shows you the way home.


Name:翻轉學步車 Transformer Year : 2012 Brief: 學步車由於產品壽命短暫,時常小朋友在學玩步之後就學步車就面臨 丟棄的命運,此設計結合搖搖馬與學步推車,只要簡單的翻轉就能夠 變換不同的動物也切換功能。 Transformer consists of rocking hours and pushing walkers, by simply rotate the transformer, it can be different function and make learning walking more fun. Dimansion: 60x30x75cm material: PP, PVC Designer: Chong Pei Cheng


The circle baby walker blocks the kids’ psychosocial development of the walking ability learning process.

Besides, the mobility of using circle baby walker is over the baby’s management. It is very dangerous while using walker near the stairway or uneven ground.

Although it was a product necessary for a baby’s growing process, Traditional baby walker will be of no use after a baby learns how to walk, thus making the product life span short and wasteful in the end.

Purpose Make the walker’s life span longer. Children can get more imagination and more fun while learning walking.

Rocking for balance and fun Children can grow up with more imagination.

Easy to transform

Learning walking


Transformer consist of rocking horse and pushing walker, so children can use the different functions in all the development stages, making this product’s life span longer.

Mothers can teach their children by telling stories of children learning how to walk or balance with the animals’ company. With simple reverse, it can simply change into two functions. By doing this, it makes learning walking more interesting and better parent-child relationship development.




Name: 互助急救拐杖 First mutaul aid Year : 2012 Brief: 針對心臟病高危險群的患者使用,讓老人在無意識時,當 拐杖倒下會顯示使用燈光給予旁人使用的動機,同時傳送 訊息給醫院作為溝通的工具,在黃金時間給予患者急救。 Touch plant is a service offering the passerby an opportunity to understand the plants’ needs and communicate with plants and the plants in the services can help each other plants by delivering the water or nutrient to the neightborhood by themselves. Dimansion: 18x18x10cm material: ABS,PP, PVC Designer: Chong Pei Cheng


Project Book

First-Mutual-Aid Portable emergency kit


Chung Pei Cheng


This project’s purpose is trying to find a solution to the elder people. It have the whole design process of the project.


Mind mapping

Try to help the elder find every aspect problems in the daily life .

+ Analysis

We also analyzed the products in the market recently, and try to put the products in different quadrant depending on the function and appearence. Find out we should not only solving the problems the elderly have, but also overcome the product’s stereotype for the elder people.


Old people is easier to get heart trouble than young people. It’s common to fall in faint anytime.

While the period of time is very valuable.

Most of people don’t know or want to deal with this situation before the doctor come.



When people cook or bake food, they usually add some ingredients like salt or sugar.

Traditional calculationg spoon always spill ingredients onto the table while transferring or changing spoons.

Design Concept: 1.

This spoon can extend its quantity by pulling the bottom of the spoon’s plate. The increment in each pull is 2.5 ml as same as the originated form, so people can calculate the ingredients more easily and effectively. The different color help user to see the quantity.


3. The ladle’s shape make it easy to hold.

Also easy to make any liquid pour out after cleaning because of the shape.


Concept: By using the paper, I try to make a vase formed of the organic style. Because of the texture of the paper, it also keep the function of the delivering the water to the plants.


Model design-Speed This project is to make the speed form of emotion and feeling.






Typegraphy: Transience is eternal Tool: C4D/Photoshop

Typegraphy: Free Tool: C4D/Photoshop


Mess Tool: Photoshop

Cancer is awkward 海報設計 tool: ps


Individual Web Design //

This web is my webside, there is something about me, and the porfolio, some porjects i have done, my works, hobby, and some practices in the class. It honestly show how i have done and something i’d like to share recently, The web design concept is “Slow work yields fine products “

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