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5th Annual

Pharma eMarketing summit Two Day Conference 3rd - 4th March, Hilton, Berlin

Engage Physicians and Consumers with Innovative eMarketing and Social Media Strategies Benchmark your strategies against our


Head of Digital Marketing & Sales, General Medicine

Bayer Schering

Pete West Marketing Director


Aaron Uydess Use Social Media channels to enhance physician engagement and build patient trust Re-focus your marketing mix to integrate best practice with innovation Mobile Marketing: The future in your hands The regulatory horizon‌expert insights to get ahead of the pack "Best Pharma Internet event in Europe, great location, perfect organisation" Martin Hensen, UCB Germany

Gold Sponsors

Senior Global Project Manager

Novo Nordisk

Tom Pryzgoda

Director, International Marketing Operations


Christoph Ferse

Global E-Marketing, Head of Innovation & Community Management

Bayer Schering

Garett Dalton Global Head, eMarketing

The Activation of Evidence

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Dear Colleague... Since June 09 I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of your peers about this. In every conversation the same issues, challenges and concerns have arisen. This is your invitation to join pharma’s leading minds in eMarketing and online communication on March 3rd & 4th in Berlin. A meeting which will draw key decision makers from pharma to discuss the key challenges you face. At the centre of this year’s meeting is the need to transform your business culture from being product-focused to customer-facing. The summit has one goal - to offer you a road map for e-channel success.


The only meeting you need 1 / The Speakers 5 VP insights in addition to a host of expert speakers including 9 of top 10 big pharma. You will profit from their vision and take away powerful new strategies and solutions to give fresh impetus to the way you tackle the challenges you face. 2 / The Networking During the 12+ hours of dedicated networking, you’ll rub shoulders with the sharpest minds in marketing. No other event can provide you with 2 days of business focused networking with some of the most influential people in your field. 3 / The Topics We have thoroughly researched this area in a bid to uncover the hottest topics specific to people in your position. Senior marketing and brand executives from all top 20 pharma including AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Proctor & Gamble were consulted to ensure you get exactly what you’ve asked for. If you have any additional suggestions for the agenda we can hold a round table on the subject. 4 / The Case Studies Learn through a proven formulary of marketing examples, with take away best practice techniques. No other event can deliver such knowledgeable insights and answers to key challenges you face.

By learning from our expert speakers, case studies, and key opinion leader panel. In particular, Pete West’s keynote will offer a step by step guide to implementing a regional platform that is being used across Europe. Turn to page 4 & 5 for more on this, and other presentations. We will deliver an independent, unbiased platform where pharma, solution providers and stakeholders can meet, network and learn how as an industry we can drive e-marketing forward.

Very informative - and definitely an event I would participate in again Mark Petersen, Boehringer Ingelheim

There was great buzz that was caused by great content. A lot of learning took place! Lawrence Sherman, Physicians Academy

Best Regards, Jon Gwillim VP Europe eyeforpharma P.S. Save €600, register before December 11th

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Summit at a glance

World Class Speakers at a glance Aaron Uydess

Garett Dalton


Senior Global Project Manager Novo Nordisk

Speaker Training

Jens Krause

Jody Myers

Bernie Ruszala

Deputy Director, Global e-Marketing, Bayer

Day One // Regulatory overview, challenges and opportunities // Marketing mix and Analytics // Mobile Media & eCme // Physician Marketing

eMarketing Manager, Novartis General Manager of Ferring UK

Tom Pryzgoda

Director of International Marketing Operations , Abbot

Heather Simmonds

Executive Director, ABPI

Christoph Ferse

Global eMarketing Information Manager, Roche

Pete West

Marketing Director, Wyeth

Len Starnes

Head of Digital Marketing and Sales, Bayer Schering

Irina Osoyska

e-marketing manager Janssen-Cilag

Day Two

Global E-Marketing, Head of Innovation & Community Management, Bayer Schering

Duncan Arbour

// Social media performance measurement

Rupert Watts

Lawrence Sherman

// Interactive round table sessions

12+ Hours of Networking Over 250 leaders and innovators in marketing will be in the same room as you and eager to exchange ideas and share experiences. The design of the event maximises networking time with over 12 hours applied over the 2 days. The highlight being the networking party after the close of business on Day One of the Summit, March the 3rd . Enjoy a drink with the people who are pushing the boundaries to discover new ways of improving marketing.

Senior Consultant, Blue Latitude

Senior Manager, eMarketing, Wyeth

CEO, Physicians Academy

Jens Monsees

MD, Across Health

Industry Head, Google

Meredith Abreu Ressi VP Research, Manhattan Research

Wayne Page MD, Big Pink

Carwyn Jones

Head of Pharmaceutical sales and Marketing,

Fonny Schenk

Silja Choupuet


Kay Wesley

Director of Digital Media, Complete Medical Group

Dr Mariann Hardey Social Media Expert

Maximise your time at the summit with pre-event networking We know that only 2 days to meet the people you want in a conference will be pretty tough. That’s why every delegate will be able to network online, both pre and post event on the eNetworker – think of it as your very own LinkedIn! So what are you waiting for? Sign-up now and start meeting those people that can open your eyes to a new way of thinking!

Have you got something to say? Email Jonathan Gwillim at to learn more about speaking opportunities

Day One / Conference Agenda Visit the website for more information DAY ONE SESSION ONE: Regulatory Review

The True Web 2.0: ”Service” as a brand // Increased competition makes it harder to

Future for pharma and the changing landscape of legislation

distinguish actual products

case study

// The true differentiators are those who add ”service”

// Understand the regulatory challenges and how

they influence your e-campaign // Hear the latest code updates and what this means to you // How to avoid code breaches Heather Simmonds, Executive Director, ABPI

to the brand

// Customers demand easy access to information and

support services but pharma has yet to develop a consistent approach

Aaron Uydess, eMarketing Manager, Novartis

The Analytical Challenge

SESSION TWO: Marketing Mix & Analytics

// Identify what to measure and learn to apply the

most appropriate methodology // Learn to interpret your analytical output to enhance the accuracy of your message

See How Easily You Can Leverage Your Online Potential. A 7-Step Guide for Efficient Pharmaceutical Marketing

Irina Osoyska, eMarketing Manager, Janssen-Cilag

// How to connect at the relevant moment of truth // The importance of efficient and targeted

Learn from some of the most advanced and innovative thinkers on e-communications in a serious 90 minute workshop. Visit to see the latest line up.

communication for future growth

// What new technologies are in place to allow

personal, one-on-one conversation with your target consumer and physician

Jens Monssees, Industry Head, Consumer Goods & Healthcare, Google

Developing a regional e-marketing platform

case study

// Understand the importance for a regional

e-marketing platform? // Lean the practical considerations when implementing this campaign // Discover where the ROI lies Pete West, Marketing Director, Wyeth

It’s all in the mix: beyond gut feel // Understand how YOUR customers (and customer

segments) value key and emerging channels in marketing, sales, service & medical mix // Discover how your COMPETITORS are leveraging the tried-and-tested as well as new channels? Do you know the opportunities they leave untapped? // What is the relative spend you can & should allocate to NEW channels? Which channels should be toned down/weeded out? Fonny Schenk, MD, Across Health

Interactive Workshops

SESSION THREE: Mobile Media & eCME Mobile media: The past, present and case future of mobile applications study // Learn about the latest applications available

to pharma and where the ROI lies

// Establish the importance of mobile media // Hear a 5 year case study on mobile applications and

future developments Jody Myers, Deputy Director of eMarketing, Bayer

Best practices in eCME and technologybased CME from the point of needs assessments through outcomes case study evaluation // Discover how the true power of eCME has only

recently been unlocked

// Learn about the latest devices and technologies. // Hear the best approached for measurement of

needs and outcomes

Lawrence Sherman, CEO, Physicians Academy

SESSION FOUR: Physician Marketing E-Detailing, current trends and future developments case


// Best practice approach: On demand? // What holds their attention? // Do you offer snippets of info or do you pitch in one

hit through skype/video? Wayne Page, MD, Big Pink

The only eCRM presentation you will need to attend for successful physician marketing // Best practice examples of effective eRCM // Opportunities and pitfalls with the reliance of

case study

for CRM

// Listen to a case study insight into the realistic

returns available Senior Level Pharma speaker TBC

Closing the loop.

case study

// Establish best practice methods with closed loop


// Essential tools all marketers must use // Discover where the true ROI lies.

Christoph Ferse, eMarketing Head, Bayer

Panel Discussion // How should we overcome the regulators?

Len Starnes, Head of Digital Marketing and Sales, Bayer Schering. Other senior level pharma speakers TBC

Networking Drinks Party The Networking Drinks Party at the end of Day One is your chance to catch up with old friends and network with the sharpest minds in Pharma eMarketing.

Day Two / Conference Agenda Join our Linkedin Group at / Group Search: Pharma eMarketing DAY TWO SESSION FIVE: Social Media Getting Social – How Europeans Connect Online for Health

case study

// How are patients and caregivers connecting with

each other through Web 2.0 applications like online

// patient communities, social networks, blogs, and

wikis, and how can pharma brands become part of the conversation? // In what ways are physicians sharing clinical information and treatment advice, and are there opportunities for pharma to take advantage of this trend? Meredith Abreu Ressi, VP Research, Manhattan Research

Facing the change of the information

How pharma needs to adapt its

Innovation: Is the lack of innovation holding pharma back?

the digital world

// What does the connected patient look like? // Understand the importance of mobile, gaming

// From selling products to delighting customers // From mass marketing (deliverables) to personal

interaction (relationships) // From command and control to transparency and trust // // From short-term launches to long-term value // From local autonomy to global collaboration

Ready for Health 2.0? Pro-active patients & practitioners // Patient information, health records & privacy

issues it’s all online, are you?

// Understand what the true model of Health 2.0 // Time to change: User-Generated information &

consumer choice Dr Mariann Hardy, Social Media Expert

case study

// Understand the importance of allowing doctors

control how and what they engage with online: the end of push marketing // Establish how trust from doctors drives behaviour // Learn the key elements in creating a website for healthcare professionals Carwyn Jones, Head of Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing,

Joining the dots of social media, what image will be left?

case study

// YouTube, twitter, facebook, webpage, Wikipedia…

how you should manage these channels

// Understand how & why the pharma target

audience uses social media. (ex. patients, physicians, journalists)


these people

// Best and worst case examples of social media


Silja Choupuet, Owner and CEO,


Interactive Round Table Discussions Brain storm and discuss your key challenges and ideas on series of round table focus groups. Each table will have its own topic and expert. Challenge the speakers Workshops head to head. Interactive

Online engagement v representative calls - who wins? // How multi-wave online campaigns to doctors

can work


interaction // Push marketing v pull marketing // Measuring sales for online campaigns - the ultimate R.O.I Bernie Ruszala, GM, Ferring UK

Develop trust through an online network of professionals

Enterprise 2.0 // How to develop social media channels within the

// Understand the risks within social media news

Jens Krause, eMarketing Manager, Novartis

and other paths to biometric and behavioural measurement // A new role for social networks? // What the ‘connected patient’ means for payers, pharma and device manufacturers and the impact on the core industry business model. Duncan Arbour, Senior Consultant, Blue Latitude

Kay Wesley, Digital Director, Complete Medical Group

case study

reporting // Learn a step by step guide for social media control. // Who should we monitor and when?

case study

case study


R&D in new development through the development of clear transparent channels? Senior Level speaker TBC

Digital Marketing in a regulated world

case study

// // Understanding how to leverage the social tools to

build your brand without breaking the DTC rules

// Learning where the ROI lies on your eMarketing


Tom Pryzgoda, Director, International Marketing Operations, Abbott

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Business Opportunities For Solution Providers > Do you have something to offer marketing executives to help implement successful marketing strategies? > Are you confident that you have the best solution on the market? > Do you want to meet and do business with decision makers from pharma and biotech?

Then come to this event to strengthen current business relationships and build new ones! Maximise your return on investment at this industry-leading event by increasing your profile with our exciting range of sponsorship opportunities. Just take a look at the agenda and you will see that we are totally committed to ensure a great ratio of buyers for our confirmed partners to ensure that the integrity of your campaign is guaranteed. Put your company in pole position to make the connections and clinch the deals you’re coming along to make. For more information on the opportunities available, email Natasha at:

Group Discounts Take advantage of eyeforpharma’s unique team discounts. The more people you bring the more money your company saves and the more it gains in knowledge building. Contact the eyeforpharma team on +44 (0) 20 7375 7576 or email to make big savings!




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+44 (0) 20 7375 7576


ONLINE /emarketing

Organising for the “FUSION” future … I am very pleased to be part of eyeforpharama’s 2010 eMarketing summit. Digital and e-CRM strategies are no longer a “nice to have”, but are fast becoming a critical component of the new commercial model in pharmaceuticals. Clearly, according to a recent eMarketing survey Across Health has done in EMEA, a platform for change exists in pharma to increase digital budgets, at the expense of less-performing channels. However, it is certainly not a “burning” platform, but rather a “lukewarm” one. But is pharma particularly slow vs other industries? Not necessarily so. Most marketers take several years to adjust their budgets to where their customers are spending their time – regardless of the industry. A recent Forrester report (North American Technographics Benchmark Survey 2009) mentions that while customers are spending 30+% of their time online, only 12% of budgets go to this channel, a modest 4% increase vs 2007. The same gap exists in pharma: prescribers spend up to 10x more time online for professional reasons than they do with pharma reps, and for consumers, the internet is the primary destination for health-related questions. So, there is a big opportunity to move “beyond presence” and about “getting online”. Pharma needs to stop piloting isolated digital initiatives not integrated with day-to-day business and move to full-blown “fusion marketing”. Indeed, pharma needs to blend in online channels with their offline offerings, thereby creating a more cost-effective and customer-centric integrated mix. It is not about “digital OR traditional” but about “AND”, “TRUE INTEGRATION” ... in short, “FUSION” .... and tightly link these efforts to the strategic imperative of the new business model in pharma. Are you ready to welcome the coming wave of “digital native” patients and professionals to your digital world? I look forward to seeing you on March the 3rd and 4th for what is always an inspiring thought provoking event. Best Regards,

Fonny Schenck, Managing Partner, Across Health

Don’t miss a single presentation! We know it will be difficult to see every single presentation so we will be videoing almost every single presentation. You don’t have to miss a thing! Simply purchase the Platinum Pass when you register and you’ll be given access to the Online Video Recording after the conference.

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Earlybird Price Save €300

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Regis t Dece er before mber 11th

5th Annual

Pharma eMarketing summit Two Day Conference 3rd - 4th March, Hilton, Berlin

A wide range of Engage Physicians and Consumers with Innovative eMarketing and Social Media Strategies companies attended in

2009, here are just a few:

Reasons to attend

Use Social Media channels to enhance physician engagement and build patient trust Re-focus your marketing mix to integrate best practice with innovation Mobile Marketing: The future in your hands The regulatory horizon…expert insights to get ahead of the pack

Meet 250 senior level marketing executives Breakdown of last year’s attendees: Head of Marketing / Marketing Director Head of eMarketing / eMarketing Director eMarketing/Marketing Managers Brand / Product Managers & Directors Consultants / Press Other Media Partners

Schering Plough Boheringer Ingelheim Boehringer Novo Nordisk Sanofi-Aventis Bayer Healthcare Bayer- Schering Sanofi Pasteur AstraZeneca Abbott Bristol Myers Squibb Nycomed Pfizer Astellas Pharma MSD Wyeth Roche Merck UCB Pharma Google

Janssen-Cilag GlaxoSmithKline Across Health Big Pink New Media IMS Health Seven Four Pharma Antwerpes Grünenthal Agnitio RepublicM! Spirit Link EPG Health Media Complete Medical Group Antwerpes Ogilvy Healthworld Wacker Chemie Amgen Macter Pharmaceuticals OnMedica


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ONLINE /emarketing

emarketing 2010 v1.0.4  
emarketing 2010 v1.0.4  

Emarketing 2010 brochure