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Noodle Street Restaurant


Docklands, London


Ver-T-Fix panel system – Anodised Aluminium Panels


Smooth Matt

Project Background Noodle Street restaurant, based in the popular Docklands area, London went through a refurbishment earlier this year which resulted in a brand new seating and bar area. Gooding Aluminium’s anodised Ver-T-Fix panel system was used to clad the bar/counter feature in this contemporary eating establishment. The restaurant has taken on a heady gastronomic challenge: to expand the principally Chinese-based menu, now speckled with speciality dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia.

The restaurant's owner explained that he has found his way through this Asian maze by employing several chefs with strengths in each area. Project Solutions The relatively neutral appearance of the new bar counter marries entirely with the surrounding seating area. The secret fixed silky smooth minimalist style matt anodised aluminium panels have been used to offset some of the stronger colours and decorative features within the eatery. Bar/Counter fascias are just one of the many aluminium products that Gooding Aluminium fabricates for the interiors sector. About Anodised Aluminium Natural Anodised Aluminium provides an attractive matt metallic easy to maintain effect that will normally last for many years. The anodic film is extremely durable, corrosion resistant and light-fast. The anodising process interacts with the surface of the aluminium. For this reason it is important that a suitable aluminium alloy is selected, together with the surface finish being in good condition. Most of our aluminium is kept in anodising grade suitable for processing, and we also stock pre-anodised ‘GA Ano-Sil’ items, ready for immediate dispatch. Further information can be obtained from visiting our website: Aluminium awareness information Key Facts: •

Aluminium is great for incorporating into environmentally sensitive applications, such as this one.

Environmentally friendly aluminium is the only recyclable material that more than pays for it’s own re-cycling costs!

Re-cycling aluminium into new forms only requires 5% of the energy that originally produced it.

All manufactured aluminium is effectively a stored energy bank for future generations.

Aluminium is only 1/3rd the weight of steel.

Aluminium’s surface has a self generating and repairing oxide coating which makes it corrosion resistant and therefore less expensive to maintain than steel and other corrodible metals.

About Gooding Aluminium Gooding Aluminium was established in 1979, continuous growth and innovation has led GA to become an established and respected national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium sheets, aluminium profiles and 'made to order' aluminium products with 'invisible' fixing solutions. We are dedicated to providing a highly responsive service to match the requirements of each ‘made to order’

customer and alternatively in providing a quick and easy on-line facility for those wishing to purchase aluminium stock materials and products for immediate dispatch. Gooding Aluminium is based in the rejuvenated Docklands development area of London, about 3 miles from the Olympic Park, reflects the dynamic nature of an industry that is in the midst of continuous change to meet the commercial, environmental and social challenges of the 21st century. Our products and services are continually recommended by leading Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors having successfully been incorporated in many outstanding projects and applications. You can read our testimonials here. You can see more images of this award winning project by visiting

Contact Details Gooding Aluminium Limited 1 British Wharf, Landmann Way, London SE14 5RS, UK.

T: + 44 (0)20 8692 2255 F: + 44 (0)20 8469 0031

Noodle Street Case Study Gooding Aluminium  

Noodle Street restaurant, based in the popular Docklands area, London went through a refurbishment earlier this year which resulted in a bra...

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