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Once upon a time there were three penguins. One was fat. Another was short. The last one was petite. Their were waddling to go find their mom then they fell thru the ice and passed out .

Two hours later they wake up in this new place. Then they meet this massive sized walrus. They started talking and soon became friends. Finally it was time to eat. Fred asked ‘‘what are we eating.’’The walrus said ‘‘YOU.’’ The penguins then ran out of the house. The walrus came running after them. ‘‘Run run run ’’said Fred. ‘‘Help‘‘said Lexie ‘‘my barrettes are falling out’’. ‘‘Just run’’ said Shorty. The walrus was running out of breath as he said ‘‘I will get you! ’’

Then the penguins stopped. ‘‘Where did he go?’’ He was nowhere to be found. Then Fred Asked ‘‘where are we?’’ “I think were in Africa.” Said Lexie. No were in Ice Cream Land you dimwit, I mean, look around its all ice cream. Then, POOF! a cloud of green smoke appeared and it smelled of apples. A fairy appeared.

‘‘I will help you ’’said the fairy but, you will have to learn respect before I will help you. “What?” said Shorty “I thought we were respectful” “I guess not” said Lexie well, lets go talk to the hippo. When they got to the hippos house, they rang the doorbell. Hippo answered. “Hello what would you want on this wonderful day?” “Well we talked to this fairy she said we needed to learn some respect.” Don’t you get it when it smelled of apples you have to bring apples to

her. “Ohh” thanks said the penguins. So then went to the apple orchard and picked the best apples they could find. Then they yelled fairy puffin mother several times. Then Poof. A cloud of green smoke appeared “Did you get it ?” “yes” said Lexie Here Are your apples” thank you said the fairy, now the walrus will be gone. Just say I want you gone 7 times. Then he was gone and the penguins lived happily ever after.

The Three Little Penguins  

fractured fairy tale, 5th grade project

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