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Once upon a time there was mom duck and three little ducks. The mom duck went to wash the clothes and fell in a whirl pool and died. The small lazy duck built a small and shallow pond. The medium strong duck built a medium pond it was shallow and kind of deep pond. The biggest duck built the biggest and deepest pond and built a diving board.

The pig is mean because he tries the get the ducks. The biggest duck is the nicest and the richest duck in the neighborhood. First the pig went to the smallest pond. The pig was about to jump in. He closed his eyes when he was about to jump in an elephant drank the water. He jumped in and he hurt his touchy. The ducks ran to the medium pond. The pig ran to the medium pond too. Then two elephants drank the water. He closed his eyes.

Bam! He hurt his touchy .The ducks ran to the biggest pond. The pig ran to that pond too. The ducks were in the middle and the elephant drank the water .It was to hot so the elephant spit it out and ran away.

The pig saw the ducks looking for food and tried to get them but they ran away. When the pig chased the ducks, the pig jumped in the pond and sunk to the bottom. He was never seen again and the ducks lived happily ever after.


The Three Little Ducks and the Big Bad Pig  

5th grade project