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Once upon a time there were three little cows. They are coming from Candy land, now they are in Farmland. They heard that a big bad farmer was on the loose. “That big bad farmer doesn’t look that bad” said the first cow. “He looks really scary” said the second cow. “He doesn’t look that big and bad” said the third cow.

The first and second cow are messing around and playing. Meanwhile the third cow is building his house out of hay and glue. “You guys are done building”? said third cow. “Ummmm noo, thought you were building our houses “said first and second cow. So the first and second cow decided to stop playing tag and build a house. The first cow made a house of bricks and the second cow’s is made of sticks and duck tape. The third cow’s house was made of straw and glue.

Meanwhile the first cow spotted the big bad farmer. He was in a bulldozer coming towards his house .Then it happened the farmer bulldozed the brick house down .Then the first cow ran to the second cows house made of sticks and duck tape .There they met there old rat pal Joanne. “Hi guys “said Joanne. “Hi Joanne” said first and second cow’s. ”AHHHHH the farmer is coming” Joanne yelled .The farmer bulldozed the second cow’s house made of sticks. First, second cow,

“Help me!” said first, second cow, and Joanne.” Peek-a-boo I know you’re in there.” said the big bad farmer. ”He knows were in here”, said Joanne. Then he tried to bulldoze the house down, but it ran out of gas!’’ “What happened’’ said the farmer. “It stopped,’’ said first, second, third cow, and Joanne. “Where’s Joanne”, said the three cows. ”Owwwww said the farmer “What happened” said the three cows “I bit him” said Joanne. Then the farmer was running and screaming like a girl. The three cows lived happily ever after. The End

The Three Little Cows  

5th grade project