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Once upon a time Mary lived in a cottage with her mother, and the giant lived in his castle with his wife. The giant is a nice person Mary is a very mean person. So one day she went to buy some oranges, and she bought some oranges. She met a stranger, and he said I will trade some of these magic seeds for those oranges”, and Mary says “yes” Mary brings it to her mother, and she says we already have a lot of seeds”. And she threw them out the window.

The next day, there was a huge cornstalk that went to the sky. “It was enormous’’ she said. So she decided to climb it. “Oh goodness gracious’’ she said. Finally she got to the end of the cornstalk. Mary was up in the sky at the giant’s castle. Mary said ‘‘that giant is gigantic.’’

The giant said ‘‘hello, how are you?’’ Mary said “why do you care” “I was just trying to be nice to my friend” said the giant and he ran away crying. So then Mary decided to steal his pet goose and then his wife said “you aren’t going to steal this are you” “maybe” she replied and she did all of a sudden she realized that she should return this stuff and she did so the goose and the harp where returned to there rightful owners. the end

Mary and the Cornstalk  
Mary and the Cornstalk  

5th grade project