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While she went out for tacos the three bears came to Goldifox`s and stole all her food, broke all her chairs, and slept on her couch. Meanwhile the mice are watching the bears cause trouble. The mice call Goldifox. The Bears wakeup

They shut off the light and the TV. The bears go downstairs. All of a sudden there was a crash out through the ground came 5 families of mice. The Bears were sitting rocking chairs playing checkers. The mice are ready to shoot the Bears with squirt guns! The Bears say “you can’t hurt us “, and the captain of mice says “FIRE”. The Bears ran back and the mice pull a string to trip the Bears.

The Bears jump out the window, and they run off. They meet Goldifox and say” how do you do”. Then Goldifox pushes them in a big pond. The police just happen to be walking down the road and there siren goes off. The police say “you caught the bears”. Goldifox goes on to say” yes I did it” The police were very tall broad and strong. The police went on to say that Goldifox gets a thousand rocks

Once upon a time there was a girl named Goldifox. There were three bears named Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear. One afternoon Goldifox`s friend called and she was coming to town. So Goldfox went out for tacos with her friend.

Goldifox and the Three Bears  

5th grade project

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