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memphis in motion Arthritis Foundation Walks for Awareness

Mary Tate-Smith of Cigna, pictured at the Church Health Center Wellness facility, prepares for this year’s Arthritis Foundation Walk

may 2013

West Clinic Rides for the Cure • Pg. 12

Freedom. Our specialized joint team is focused on giving you back the freedom to participate in the activities you enjoy. Your care begins with our fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeons and physical therapists designing the optimal rapid recovery plan for you. We care for patients with a multitude of diagnoses for the knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow. Discover more about our team and how we can get you back to an active lifestyle by visiting us online at

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6286 Briarcrest Avenue

A division of MSK Group, P.C.


Foot & Ankle

Tim Krahn, M.D., Randy Holcomb, M.D., Michael Neel, M.D., Jared Patterson, M.D., and Kenneth Weiss, M.D. Fellowship Trained Surgeons

Memphis, TN 38120

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from the editor


elcome to the May issue of Good Health magazine! Like our cover says, Memphis is definitely in motion this month. In the following pages, you’ll find the stories of organizations that bring awareness to serious diseases through

exercise-centered events like the Arthritis Foundation Walk (p.6) and the Ride to Conquer Cancer (p.12). What better way to support a cause than to get out in the spring air and get moving? May is National Arthritis Month, and inside this issue, you can find invaluable information on this chronic condition, like an arthritis checklist (p.9) and exercise classes specifically for arthritis sufferers (p.10). Over five years ago, this publication was created with the goal of becoming the definitive resource for healthcare in the Mid-South. From expert-written articles on the latest treatments to stories about individuals who have overcome illness with the help of local physicians, Good Health is all about the medical community of the Mid-South. As we look ahead to our next five years, we want to add to this foundation by expanding our focus. In this issue, not only will you notice a “facelift” in our layout, but you will also see new types of articles that promote healthy living, like practical workout how-tos, nutrition tips, the best fitness gear, success stories, and more. I’m very honored to be the new Editor of Good Health magazine, and I can’t wait to share what our area has to offer for an holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle at every age. What’s more, I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas. Feel free to drop me a line at and let me know what you think. Cheers to your health!

Holly Whitfield, Good Health Editor

Associate Publisher Elizabeth Williams

Editor Holly Whitfield

Creative Director Jason Prater

Good Health Magazine, a monthly publication from Scripps Howard, serves as the medical crossroads where top local physicians bring patients the latest news about treatment, technology, and medicine. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is prohibited. Copyright 2013.

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may 2013

the arthritis issue

cover story

The Arthritis Foundation Walks For Awareness 6 Cover Photo By Jason Terrell


The West Clinic Rides For A Cure 12 departments

first class A New Spin on Your Workout Routine 18 outfitter Pedal Pushers 20 work it out Move Over, Arthritis! 28 success story Back in the Game 30 good food Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad 33


special features

Keep Moving For Prevention and Treatment of Varicose Veins 17 Memphis Vein Center

Listen Up! May is Better Hearing Month! 23 Hearing & Balance Centers of West Tennessee


Hearing Loss in Children 25

Ear, Nose and Throat Group, Inc.

Makoplasty Partial Knee Resurfacing 27 Saint Francis Hospital – Memphis

A New Approach to Hip Replacement 32 Orthomemphis

The Secret of Life 35

Mays & Schnapp Pain Clinic and Rehabilitation Center


Arthritis Walk速 National Sponsors 速

memphis by Holly Whitfield | photos by Jason Terrell

Cigna team members Kenya Holmes (left), Mary Tate-Smith (center), and Russell Henderson (right)

in motion Arthritis Foundation Walks for Awareness


n June 1, 2013, hundreds of local

of the community. “We are partnering with the

condition can impact a person’s daily activities,

teams and thousands of individuals will

Arthritis Foundation this year in order to raise

such as dressing, maintaining a home, or

gather at Shelby Farms for this year’s Let’s

awareness. Our whole office is going to be at

attending work or school. This is why the

Move Together Arthritis Walk. That Saturday

the walk,” she continues.

Arthritis Foundation has dedicated resources to

morning will mark the end of May, National

Nothing could be more appropriate for an

fighting arthritis for the last 60 years. The Let’s

Arthritis Month, as well as the culmination of

arthritis benefit than a group walk. Low-impact

Move Together Walk is their signature event.

months of coordinated efforts to benefit the

exercise and movement can provide pain relief,

According to the foundation, “the Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation. “We’re going to have fun

increase mobility, and even delay the onset

Walk is a way to conquer this debilitating and

while raising money,” explains Meghan Beasy,

of complications from arthritis. Promoting an

unacceptable disease by raising funds for

Development and Services Director for the

active, healthy lifestyle is another positive tie-in

arthritis research, education, and programs in

Arthritis Foundation, which organizes the event.

with the event. “At Cigna, we have really been

communities across the country.”

“Several teams host bake sales or prize raffles,

focusing on exercise and eating right,” Mary

and a few teams even invite their executives

shares. “We all want to exercise and lose

to step into a dunk tank,” she laughs. The

weight, and it’s good to remember that losing

light-hearted approach supports an important

weight can help reduce some of the stress on

mission: to bring awareness to a disease that is

joints that can contribute to arthritis. I’ve noticed

the number one cause of disability in the nation.

a difference in my joints from my own efforts to

When three out of five Tennessee adults suffer

increase exercise.”

from arthritis, compared to the national average

Those unfamiliar with arthritis may think that

of one in five, it’s even more important that Mid-

the condition only affects older individuals,

South organizations and individuals take time to

or simply causes aches and pains. The

focus on the effects of arthritis.

degeneration of connective joint tissue that

“So many people are touched by this

causes arthritis can result in the familiar “aches

disease,” shares Mary Tate-Smith of Cigna.

and pains” associated with aging; however,

“My sister-in-law and my mother are currently

there are over 100 different forms of arthritic

suffering from arthritis, so I understand the pain

conditions that affect people of all ages.

that can come from this illness. Almost every

Juvenile arthritis is one of the most common

individual knows someone.” Mary serves as

childhood diseases, with as many as 6,000

the Corporate Chair for the Arthritis Walk, as

kids and young adults suffering in Tennessee

part of Cigna’s mission to improve the health

alone. More than just discomfort, this chronic

“The Arthritis Walk in Memphis is going on

It’s good to remember that losing weight can help reduce some of the stress on joints

its 8th year and running strong.” Meghan shares.

in the country!” The success of the local chapter

Aquatics, Land Exercise, Tai Chi, and Walk with

“The foundation will use the funds to continue

of the Arthritis Foundation’s work is crucial, as

Ease. According the Foundation, participation

supporting Memphis-area initiatives, including

Tennesseans are disproportionately affected by

increases mobility, reduces pain and stiffness,

health programs and eleven research programs.

arthritis. The foundation’s “Programs for Better

lessens the need for physician visits, and

That makes us one of the largest funded areas

Living” are evidence-based exercise curricula in

improves overall health.

We’re going to have fun while raising money

Want to get

moving? Registration for the walk begins at 8:30am on Saturday, June 1, 2013, at Shelby Farms. The walk begins at 10:00am, with an afterparty at 11:00am. For more information, please call 901-322-1517 or visit Wright Medical is the presenting local sponsor for the event. Information and statistics for this article provided by the Arthritis Foundation.

5 Facts About Arthritis 3

Arthritis impacts more than 50 million adults and nearly 300,000 children in the U.S.


In Tennessee, more than 1.2 million adults and nearly 6,000 children have a doctordiagnosed form of arthritis.


Arthritis is the nation’s leading cause of disability.

Exercise can provide relief from pain, improve physical function and quality of life, and delay the onset of disability without worsening symptoms or the progression of the disease for some forms of arthritis.



There are more than 100 types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile arthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation’s “Programs for Better Living” are evidence-based exercise programs. Participation has proven to increase mobility, reduce pain and stiffness, improve overall health, encourages social interaction and lessens the need for physician visits. See page for a list of classes in the Memphis area.

programs for better living

class descriptions Arthritis Foundation Aquatic ProgramSM Incorporates the buoyancy of water and the soothing warmth of a heated pool to make a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness. Gentle movements increase joint flexibility and range of motion, while new exercise variations help build stronger muscles and overall stamina. For those seeking a more challenging workout, resistance equipment and a deep water option can be incorporated. The ability to swim is not required for classes in shallow water. Led by Arthritis Foundation-certified instructors.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise ProgramSM Gentle, joint-safe exercises developed specifically for people with arthritis to help relieve stiffness, decrease arthritis pain and improve balance. The coursae incorporates the optional use of resistance bands and weights for an added workout as well as interactive health education lessons and stress-reducing relaxation techniques to help participants better manage their arthritis. The lowimpact exercises can be done while sitting, standing or on the floor. Led by Arthritis Foundation-certified instructors.

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi ProgramSM Tai Chi is an ancient practice proven to reduce pain and improve your mental and physical well-being. The Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program, developed by Dr. Lam, uses gentle Sun-style Tai Chi routines that are safe, easy to learn and suitable for every fitness level. The program was designed for anyone seeking a joint-safe exercise routine; particularly for those with mid to moderate arthritis. Led by Arthritis Foundation-certified instructors.

Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease ProgramSM The Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease program is designed to help people living with arthritis better manage their pain and is also ideal for people without arthritis who want to make walking a regular habit. Individuals can use the Walk With Ease workbook to do the program on their own or can join others in a six-week group series led by a certified leader. Shown to reduce pain and increase balance and walking pace, Walk With Ease provides participants with the information and tools they need to develop a safe exercise routine that fits their unique needs and goals.

Programs for Better Living

Memphis Area Classes

Classes are subject to change. Please contact the locations listed for more information.

Arlington Senior Citizens Center (901) 465-5233



Schilling Farms YMCA (901) 850-9622



St. Georges Episcopal Church (901) 767-8898

Tai Chi


LaGrange Civic Center (901) 465-5233

Tai Chi


Church of the Holy Communion (901) 359-5580

Tai Chi


Kirby Pines Retirement Community – Flagship Facility *Kirby Pines Residents Only*

Aquatics, Exercise Tai Chi, Walk With Ease


Memphis Jewish Community Center (901) 761-0810

Aquatic, Exercise, Tai Chi


St. John’s Episcopal Church

Tai Chi


Town Village Audubon Park (901) 537-0002



Trezevant Manor – Flagship Facility (901) 251-9223

Aquatics, Exercise Tai Chi, Walk With Ease


Wellworx Sportsplex (901) 758-0266

Aquatic, Exercise


Somerville Church of Christ



Somerville First United Methodist Church (901) 465-5233

Tai Chi


Immobilized by an

Arthritic Ankle? You may be a candidate for ankle replacement. INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement

If you have experienced ankle joint deterioration resulting in pain, reduced range of motion, and decreased quality of life, total ankle replacement may be a viable solution for you. Wright’s INBONE® Total Ankle provides surgeons with a bone-conserving, less-invasive surgical approach than previously offered in the past. Wright invites you to learn more about this treatment option. Call us at 800-238-7117 for more information or go online to find a local surgeon at:

“I never thought I would be able to really live again. It is incredible to do things that haven’t been possible for me for 30 years.” — Roxanne, INBONE® Total Ankle recipient

INBONE® is a registered trademark of Wright Medical Technology, Inc. ©2013 Wright Medical Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 007478A 25-Mar-2013 Every patient is different and patient results may vary. Only a physician can determine the best treatment for you. Ask your doctor to explain the benefits and risks to see if the INBONE® Total Ankle is right for you.

The West Clinic

by Holly Whitfield | photos by Jason Terrell

Rides for the Cure

Dr. Todd Tillmanns of the West Clinic is part of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, an effort to bring the most advanced cancer care to adults across the Mid-South. He’s also an avid cyclist and a member of the Wolf River Racing cycling team.


he inaugural Ride to Conquer Cancer

Center will immediately translate into clinical

to the Center’s offerings.

is a unique event designed to bring

care,” he explains. “We’re talking about the

together cyclists of all ages and skill levels and

latest technology, survivor programs, patient

introduce the community to this effort, as well

draw awareness to the Comprehensive Cancer

navigation, and other opportunities to help

as promote a healthy activity. “We hear about

Center, a collaborative effort between The

patients.” Another goal of the collaboration

Memphis being an unhealthy city,” Dr. Tillmanns

University of Tennessee Health Science Center,

is to reach out to people who have not had

explains. “But things are changing. Why don’t

Methodist Hospital, and The West Clinic. Dr.

access to cancer screenings and treatment,

we link cycling, a great way to exercise, with

Todd Tillmanns of the West Clinic, an avid

with a special focus on healthcare disparities.

our goal of conquering cancer?” On Saturday,

cyclist, will be participating in both days of the

Patients in north Mississippi, Arkansas, western

May 4, a Kick-Off Ride will take place as an

Ride to Conquer Cancer on May 4 and 5. He is

Tennessee and even Missouri will have access

opportunity for more elite riders to participate

The upcoming cycling events are a way to

also a part of the Center,

in an exclusive race and

which he describes as an

raise additional funds for

unprecedented way to

the Comprehensive Cancer

provide the best cancer

Center. The Astella Pharma

treatment to the region.

Domestic Elite cycling

“We want to bring together

team will lead the way on

the finest clinicians,

a 22-mile, police-escorted

scientists, and patient

ride through the city.

advocates on the front

Several other dedicated

lines to search for a cure,”

teams from Memphis have

he explains. “And that is

committed to the Kick Off

our number one goal: to

Ride, where cyclists plan to

cure cancer.”

keep a 19-20 mph pace.

Dr. Tillmanns, a

On Sunday, May 5,

gynecological oncologist,

the Main Event Ride to

explains that the “center”

Conquer Cancer will

is not meant to be a

be open to the entire

new building, but rather

community, including

a system and a plan to

families and children. The

provide integrated cancer

route is a 3.5 mile loop

care to adults across the

that begins at The West

Mid-South. “The research

Clinic on Humphreys

that comes from the

Boulevard. The route is

Why don’t we link cycling, a great way to exercise, with our goal of conquering cancer?

That is our number one goal: to cure cancer.

Local cycling teams are ready to ride for cancer awareness. Most of the teams in the city will be represented at the Ride to Conquer Cancer on May 4 and 5. Left to right: Dwayne Accardo, BPC Cycling; Bryant Funston, Marx-Bensdorf Cycling Team; Dr. Todd Tillmanns, Wolf River Racing; Dr. Brad Somer, Memphis Thunder Racing; David Jones, 901 Racing; Michelle Bingham, Los Locos

open from 9:00am to noon, and afterwards

wish to make continuous loops, everyone is

two days set aside to say that we care about

there will be team and individual awards for

welcome. “We deliberately want to open the

cancer, we are making a difference.”

speed and number of laps. Dr. Tillmanns

community’s eyes to the focus of cancer: the

explains that the goal is to raise awareness,

prevention, the treatment, and the surveillance or call

so from riders who make one lap to those who

of cancer care,” he explains. “By having these

901-683-0055 ext. 1312.

For more information visit http://

Heart Disease is the

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• Do you want to know if you have an abdominal aneurysm?

Stern Cardiovascular Foundation’s screening tests will help answer these questions, determine your risk of stroke or heart attack and possibly save your life. • Abdominal Ultrasound • Carotid Ultrasound • ABI-Ankle-Brachial Index (marker indicating peripheral vascular disease) These special screening tests will be interpreted by our Board Certified Cardiologists in our accredited labs for only


• Blood Pressure Screening

3/27/13 11:55 AM

• Lipid Profile • hsCRP (marker indicating coronary risk) • EKG-Rhythm Strip Coronary Calcium Scan, which helps tell if you currently have coronary artery disease, also offered for additional


Call 901-271-4087 to schedule your Heart Health Check-Up! 8060 Wolf River Boulevard Germantown, TN 7362 Southcrest Parkway Southaven, MS

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lly Locarown G

Locally Produced

Good Health...

the Easy Way. EBT CARDS

people in the United States do

cur olow ing hat e is uses led omely

egs. to in our to me the ure the the as

Show off your legs again with...


Varicose Vein TreaTmenT

Painless Results

Minimally invasive. No scar. Just great legs.

“[Laser treatment] lasts less than an hour, other than the pinches from the local anesthetic, is relatively painless. After the

Get dramatic results without drastic measures. Banish varicose veins without painful surgery and lengthy downtime.

procedure, patients can walk right out of the office.”




ngs is


an important of any vein treatment


Anti-inflammatory medication – Medications like ibuprofen (Motrin) can help alleviate symptoms Venous Treatment Laser treatment – This treatment eliminates varicose veins and is done in our office. Your lower leg is numbed with a local anesthetic. Using ultrasound, the doctor finds the abnormal vein and punctures it with a small needle. A long plastic tube, called a catheter, is then passed through the vein up to the leaking valves, usually found in the groin. Through the catheter, the laser is passed. The laser is activated and slowly pulled out of the vein, closing it down so it will no longer leak. This procedure lasts less than an hour, other than the pinches from the local an-

esthetic, is relatively painless. After the procedure, After patients can walk right out of the office. They wear a support stocking for at least two weeks and follow up in a week. If symptoms are not relieved with conservative medical treatment, most insurance plans cover the endovenous laser treatment. Kishore K. Arcot, M.D., F.A.C.C., established Memphis Vein Center with the goal of providing quality vascular care in a relaxed and convenient environment. Dr. Arcot is a board-certified interventional cardiologist with 15 years experience in interventional cardiology and management of peripheral vascular diseases. He received his cardiovascular training at the University of California, San Francisco.

Contact us for a scr eening tod ay...

Memphis ein Center

“My legs hurt all the time. They were tired and achy. I couldn’t keep them still when sitting. I had the endovenous laser treatment done and my symptoms have improved. I would recommend anyone to Memphis Vein Center.” “I had excruciating pain for 10 years! After having the varicose laser procedure with Dr. Arcot, my PAIN has gone. I can finally go back walking everyday without any pain!” “I came to Memphis Vein Center, and I had suffered from venous stasis for years. I’m a nurse, and I had constant pain in my leg. After treatment with Dr. Arcot, my leg looks really good with very little pain. I have already referred my sister to him. Great job Dr. Arcot and all your staff!”

• 45 minute procedure with no general anesthesia or hospitalization • Relief from swelling, pain, ulcers & discolorization • Covered by most insurance carriers

6005 Park Ave., Suite 225-B • Memphis, TN 38119 • Phone: 901.767.6765 • Fax: 901.767.9639


k t i b w b p s

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Moderate excerise can help prevent or ease symptoms of vascular problems. Stay active for your veins and for your overall health!

f you’ve ever found blue, twisted, enlarged veins on your legs or ankles, then you know what it’s like to live with varicose veins. the common but relatively harmless condition is caused when the valves that normally keep blood flowing from your legs to your heart weaken and start to leak. It’s believed to be hereditary, but it happens most often to people who are overweight, pregnant, or who stand or sit still for long periods of time -- all

of these situations cause increased pressure on veins in the legs. Getting regular exercise is one of the methods recommended for preventing varicose veins, but does it make any difference -- good or bad -- once you already have them? the answer depends on the type of exercise you’re doing, since different exercises affect varicose veins in different ways. not all exercise is good -- you need to be careful not to overexert when you have varicose veins because strenuous activities can put too much strain on your legs. For example, high-impact exercises like running aren’t usually recommended, because they may aggravate vein swelling. But several other exercises will allow you to keep yourself fit and can help with blood circulation. Moderate, low- or nonimpact exercise can be effective both as a deterrent and a treatment. simple exercises like taking daily walks and flexing your ankles and calf muscles can help ease the symptoms and may keep the varicose veins from getting worse. to put it simply, keep your legs and feet moving whenever you can.

Kishore K. Arcot MD, FACC, FSCAI, RPVI

even while sitting down, flex your calf muscles and rotate your ankles to maintain blood flow. these light exercises work because they increase blood circulation in your legs and keep the pressure from building up. You’ll also want to avoid crossing your legs for long periods of time -- be sure to shift your legs while getting up to stretch every 30 minutes when you can. While exercising won’t remove varicose veins, it can help ease some of the uncomfortable symptoms. exercising regularly will keep your veins and legs strong, which is a preventive measure as well as a treatment. the main rule of thumb if you have varicose veins: Be wary of overexerting your legs, but keep yourself mobile and active whenever possible. Memphis Vein is dedicated to treating all types of vascular problems including varicose veins. We offer the latest technology including endovenous laser treatment, microphlebectomy and sclerotherapy. Let us help you stay in motion! In less than an hour, you can be free from unsightly bulging, twisted varicose veins and back to enjoying your everyday activities pain free.

Kishore K. Arcot MD, FACC, FSCAI, RPVI is board certified in interventional cardiology, endovascular medicine and phlebology with 20 years of experience in management of peripheral vascular diseases. He has received cardiovascular training at the University of San Francisco and has trained several cardiologists in performing laser/RF procedures for varicose vein treatment. He received most compassionate doctor award for year 2010, 2011 and 2012.

first class

find new ways to get fit

A new spin on your workout routine


ood Health Editor Holly Whitfield and Bernadette Crawford, Call Center Manager at The Commercial Appeal, recently started their day at DAC Fitness

in Southaven trying out Tina McMurry’s Thursday Spinning Class. While Bernadette has been attending the class occasionally for over a year, this was Holly’s first time in a Spinning Class. Here’s what they thought right after they finished the hour-long class, with input from the instructor.

Holly: I admit, I was pretty nervous before the class because I’d heard that this particular group was very experienced. When I got there, Tina helped me set up my bike, and explained that I would have control of the pedaling resistance. That immediately made me feel less overwhelmed. Bernadette: This is a really great class to get you going in the morning. Tina is full of energy. You really have to have someone who is going to motivate you, and she played some great music to wake us up! Holly: I really liked how we used music with different tempos that matched our different intervals. Sometimes we were

Left to right: Holly Whitifeld, Tina McMurry, and Bernadette Crawford after class in the spinning studio at DAC Fitness Southaven

“running” - where we focused on speed and sometimes we were “climbing” - where we stood up on the pedals and pushed up our imaginary hill. That was definitely the hardest part. I know I’m going to feel that in my legs tomorrow. Bernadette: I’m exhausted. I feel like my legs are about to fall off (laughing) but I’m still standing so that’s a good thing. But I feel good, and I have more energy than when I started. As I’ve been coming to this class over time, I’ve really noticed a difference in my lower body - it’s more toned and tighter. Tina: You can actually do cycling as many times a week as you want, because it’s easy on your body and low-impact. It burns a

ton of fat, and it’s good cross training for running, when you can’t run everyday. I’ve run three marathons and all I used to do is run. But I actually lost weight when I started cycling. Holly: It was hard work from beginning to end, and I feel like I got a very good workout. But it didn’t seem like an hour; it was never boring. I’d like to do this class again, it’s much more fun to me than running solo on a treadmill or track! Tina: I really like the group setting. I feel like you push yourself harder. Sometimes when I am teaching a 5:30am class, I think ‘why did I sign up for this?’ (laughing) But once I get here and see my participants, I think, “Oh I love these guys, I love this.”

For more information on Spinning, or DAC Fitness in Southaven, Memphis, or Collierville, please visit Special thanks to DAC Fitness and Tina McMurry.

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Delta Medical Center Office Building (corner of Knight Arnold and Getwell)

May 7 Coping With Diabetes May 14 Positive Thinking May 21 Understanding Healthcare Power of Attorney May 28 Developing Power Communication Skills

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Elizabeth Hopkins, Hearing Instrument Specialist; Lori Frederick, Audiologist; Dr. Kay Tackett, Audiologist, Dr. Courtney House, Audiologist

earing loss currently affects more than 36 million Americans today. surprisingly, more than half of all hearing-impaired persons are younger than 65. With the increased use of personal music players and earbuds, the number of Americans experiencing hearing loss at a younger age is growing. In an effort to raise public awareness, the American Academy of Audiology in conjunction with HeArInG & BALAnce centers oF West tennessee is celebrating Better Hearing Month this May. As part of Better Hearing Month, we are encouraging consumers to be more aware of their hearing health. In addition to hearing loss due to the normal aging process, hearing loss can be caused by occupational or recreational noise exposure, trauma to the ear, and ear diseases that can harm the middle or inner ear. In addition, certain medications can cause irreversible hearing loss. Hearing loss may also be acquired through hereditary factors. the first step in treatment of a hearing problem is a hearing evaluation by an audiologist. Although most hearing loss is permanent, an audiologist can determine the best treatment, which May AcAdemy is Better Hearing Month of Audiology may include a referral toAmericAn an ear, nose, and throat physician (ent), hearing aids, or other assistive listening devices. At HeArInG & BALAnce centers oF West tennessee, our mission is to provide the highest quality service and technology to the hearing impaired. We are dedicated to educating the public on hearing health care issues, informing patients of the latest advancements in audiology, dispensing products that enhance communication, and ensuring patient satisfaction. For a FREE HEARING SCREENING and consultation, May is Better Hearing contact HEARING & AmericAn BALANCE CENTERS WESTMonth AcAdemy of Audiology TENNESSEE at 901-842-4327 for an appointment.

Celebrate the SoundS of your life

Celebrate the SoundS of your life

Celebrate the SoundS of your life

May is Better Hearing Month

AmericAn AcAdemy of Audiology


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800-232-LAKE BVWa Wa O\ W\bS\aWdS ]cb^ObWS\b ^`]U`O[ O\R []ab W\ac`O\QS Wa OQQS^bSR POaSR c^]\ [SRWQOZ \SQSaaWbg ASZT^Og[S\b O``O\US[S\ba QO\ PS [ORS 4]` []`S W\T]`[ObW]\ ]` b] `SUWabS` ^ZSOaS Q]\bOQb :Oc`W\ ;ORRcf Ob

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Hearing Loss in CHiLdren When should I have my child’s hearing tested? Jennifer D. Bidelman, Au.D.


earing loss in children is more prevalent than you might realize. It is estimated that as many as 1/1000 babies are born with permanent hearing loss, and a greater number of children are at risk for temporary hearing loss due to various health concerns. Undiagnosed hearing loss can lead to speech, language and developmental delays in children. It used to be that children were often not identified with hearing loss until they failed to learn to talk. Universal newborn hearing screening in hospitals has allowed audiologists to identify hearing loss and provide amplification at a much younger age. However, some children are at risk for lateronset hearing loss due to genetic factors or other health concerns. It is important for parents to know the warning signs of hearing loss so that you know when it is time to ask your pediatrician for a referral to an audiologist. Indications That Your Child May Need a Hearing Test: • Delayed speech Children who have no words by age 18 months or less than 10 words by age 24 months are considered to have a speech delay. These children should have their hearing tested to rule out hearing loss as a contributing factor. • Ear infections Having an ear infection is like listening under water. Hearing loss caused by an

ear infection is typically temporary, but if recurring ear infections are not treated properly they can lead to permanent damage to the ear. • Trouble paying attention Children with unidentified hearing loss often have difficulty with attention. Spoken language at home and school may sound like a very quiet whisper to them, making it difficult to stay focused or follow directions. • Family history of hearing loss Your child should be tested if childhood hearing loss runs in your family, especially if you are concerned about their hearing or speech. • Certain medical conditions Certain genetic conditions may predispose your child to hearing difficulties. Your pediatrician should recommend regular hearing testing if your child has one of these conditions.

amanda L. scott, au.d., Molly M. Fenwick, au.d., Jennifer d. Bidelman, au.d.

Nose and Throat Group, Inc. have the latest diagnostic equipment which will allow them to fully and accurately assess your child’s hearing ability. If our audiologists find that your child has an ear infection or other medical concern, the physicians at Ear, Nose and Throat Group, Inc. are available for consultation regarding medical treatment. If your child is diagnosed with a permanent type of hearing loss, our audiologists will discuss several options for rehabilitation, including hearing aids. The goal is to develop the best plan for you and your child. With our state-of-the-art hearing aid fitting equipment we are able to fit hearing aids on children more accurately and simply than ever before. All children deserve proper hearing healthcare, and you can find it with the Doctors of Audiology at Ear, Nose and Throat Group, Inc.

You may want to ask your pediatrician about hearing testing if you notice any of these behaviors or if you are curious about your child’s hearing ability. Hearing testing is simple and painless. Some testing requires your child to listen to sounds and respond by turning their head, playing a game or raising their hand. Other testing can be completed without any behavioral response from your child at all. The Doctors of Audiology at Ear, OUR PHYSICIANS SPECIALIZE IN THE FOLLOWING SERVICES:

C. Allan Ruleman, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. Christopher J. Hall, M.D., F.A.C.S. Leonard D Wright, M.D., F.A.C.S. Glenn Blake Williams, M.D. Jan H. Petri, MD Molly M. Fenwick, Au.D. / Jennifer D. Bidelman, Au.D. / Amanda L. Scott, Au.D. EAST OFFICE 5625 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38119 (901) 761-1220

• Pediatric and Adult Otolaryngology • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery • Image Guided Sinus Surgery • Somnoplasty for Snoring • Head and Neck Surgery • Nasal Allergy Testing and Treatment • Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery • In-Office Facial and Sinus X-Ray • Pediatric and Adult Audiology • Hearing and Dizziness Evaluations • Hearing Aid Fitting and Repairs

NORTH OFFICE 3950 New Covington Pike Ste. 390, Memphis, TN 38128 (901) 372-4643


Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis Is First In Memphis To Offer Makoplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing Minimally invasive procedure for early to mid-stage osteoarthritis may provide quicker recovery and more natural feeling knee post-surgery • Reduced pain.

programmed surgical plan. As the surgeon

• Minimal hospitalization.

uses the robotic arm, its tactile, auditory and

• More rapid recovery.

visual feedback limits the bone preparation

• Less implant wear and

to the diseased areas and provides for real


time adjustments and more optimal implant

• Smaller scar.

positioning and placement for each individual

• Better motion and a more


natural feeling knee. “MAKOplasty allows us


resurfacing, a minimally invasive treatment option for adults living with early to mid-stage osteoarthritis that has not yet progressed

common form of arthritis and a leading cause

osteoarthritis at earlier stages

of disability worldwide, according to the

and with greater precision.

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. recognized for excellence of care by Aetna,

patient’s natural knee, the

BlueCross, CIGNA, and UnitedHealthcare.

goal is for patients to have relief from their

We are in-network for more than 85 managed

pain, gain back their knee motion, and return

care insurance plans, including BlueCross-S,

to their daily activities,” said David Archer,

Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, CIGNA,


Humana, and United.

Through its innovative use of technology, MAKOplasty takes partial knee resurfacing to

MAKOplasty is less invasive than traditional

a new level of precision.

RIO®, a highly advanced, surgeon controlled robotic arm system. Saint Francis HospitalMemphis is the first in Memphis to acquire this technology. MAKOplasty potentially offers the following benefits as compared to total knee surgery:

Saint Francis Hospital is nationally

and preserves more of the

to all three compartments of the knee. total knee surgery and is performed using

is important as osteoarthritis is the most

to treat patients with knee

Because it is less invasive

aint Francis Hospital-Memphis now offers MAKOplasty® partial knee

The opportunity for early intervention

The RIO® system enables the surgeon to complete a patient specific pre-surgical plan that details the technique for bone preparation and customized implant positioning using a CT scan of the patient’s own knee. During the procedure, the system creates a threedimensional, virtual view of the patient’s bone surface and correlates the image to the pre-

work it out

step-by-step moves for a healthy body

move over,

Arthritis! 1

Neck Rotation Turn head to the right. Hold for 10 seconds. Switch sides. Repeat 4 times, several times a day.


Shoulder Flex Hold a stick (a broom or golf club will work) above your head, palms facing backwards. Hold for 20 seconds, then relax. Repeat 4 times.


Wall Stretch Avoid a posture slump by stretching out the chest. Stand with your back flat against a wall, abs tight. Reach arms up at right angles, pressing shoulders out and back. Hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat 4 times.


Hip Flex Stretch Kneel down on your left knee, with your right leg in front, bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold abs tight as you feel the stretch across the left hip. Hold for 20 seconds. Switch sides. Repeat 4 times.


External Hip Rotation Lay on the floor with a pillow

supporting the neck. Stretch left leg out straight in front, abs tight. Pull right leg up to chest gently using both hands. Hold for 20 seconds. Switch sides. Repeat 4 times.


Lower Rotation Lay on the floor. Reach out with left arm, gently pulling the left leg across the body to create a slight rotation. Hold for 20 seconds. Switch sides. Repeat 4 times.


Hamstring Stretch Lay on the floor. Bend left knee and raise the right leg up to a 90 degree angle, holding the leg as straight as is comfortable. Hold for 20 seconds. Switch sides. Repeat 4 times.


Calf Stretch Stand next to a wall. Bend right knee and extend left leg back, leaning forward slightly. Support the body by placing hands flat against the wall in front of you. Hold for 20 seconds. Switch sides. Repeat 4 times.


ccording to the Arthritis Foundation, movement is one of the best ways to relieve arthritis pain. Lowimpact exercise and stretching, under the supervision of your doctor, can make a huge difference in the prevention and treatment of arthritis. “The loss of range of motion from arthritis can be the most harmful effect of the disease,� explains Nanette Farris, a licensed physical therapist, personal trainer, and owner of Fundamental Fitness studio in Memphis. She offers up some basic, simple stretching ideas aimed at preserving range of motion from head-to-toe, particularly in the hip area where tightness can contribute to arthritis in the hips and lower spine. Photos by JAson terrell




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The exercises provided are general and may be difficult for some individuals. If any difficulty or pain occurs with the performance of these exercises, it is recommended that an evaluation by a physical therapist be performed to modify and correct according to the individual’s specific mobility needs.

success story

inspiring true accounts of health victories

Back Game in the


Robert Wilson and his grandson Jake Criswell at Robert’s Germantown home. Jake, a student at Harding Academy, is an All-American pitcher who also competes with the Dulins Dodgers baseball team. pHoto by nAtHAn beRRy

little over a year ago, Robert Wilson decided it was time to do something about his knees. The former runner had long since given up his daily outdoor runs due to arthritis and cartilage deterioration in both knees. “I couldn’t do much of anything because of the pain,” he recalls. “I ran my last race on the day I turned sixty, and after that, it was downhill.” Worst of all, Robert missed activities and sporting events for his three grandchildren due to his condition. His grandson Jake Criswell is a talented pitcher for Harding Academy and the Dulins Dodgers competitive team. “I missed a lot of his games,” Robert explains. “I couldn’t go up bleachers at the fields, and it was hard to travel.” Robert also thought of his own father, who spent the last years of his life confined to his home due to knee and joint pain. “I knew I was too young to be stuck at home,” Robert explains. Last April, he went to see Dr. Patrick Toy, an orthopaedic surgeon at Campbell Clinic, who also serves as the Team Physician for The University of Memphis Athletics. Robert had his right knee replaced first. After three weeks of Campbell Clinic rehab, he was able to tell a major difference. “I suddenly realized how bad my other knee was,” he explains. “I went right back in August and had surgery on the left knee.” Dr. Toy chose the Stryker Triathlon Total Knee Replacement System for Robert’s knee implants. The Triathlon System was developed by Stryker to more closely reproduce natural knee motion, provide stability, and resist wear and damage. The operations went smoothly, though Robert had one scare about a week after his second surgery. “I was in the carport, and I slipped on an oil spot. I went straight down and landed on my knee,” he recalls. “I just thought, ‘oh no, I’ve undone everything’. But then I got up, and everything was fine. This knee took a full-impact fall. I’m a believer!” For the first time in over five years, Robert is now able to move pain-free. He’s back to walking outdoors with his wife, Jackie, and back to traveling with family to Jake’s baseball games and tournaments. “I’m back among the living,” Robert laughs. “I’m ready to roll again.’

Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics is my team’s MVP. My team includes three boys, and a husband who still thinks he’s 18. I rely on Campbell Clinic to treat breaks, sprains, and all sorts of pains. Campbell Clinic’s team features more than 40 of the world’s best orthopaedic specialists, so good they actually wrote the book on orthopaedic care. That’s why I picked the world’s best for my team.


Collierville Germantown Medical Center Southaven | ©2013 Campbell Clinic P.C. All rights reserved. Campbell Clinic is a registered trademark of Campbell Clinic P.C.


2/28/13 12:11 PM

Quality vision care close to home in the heart of Midtown. 1225 Madison Ave., in the Midtown Medical District



A New Approach to Hip Replacement T

he most frequent cause of discomfort and chronic hip pain is arthritis. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States. In fact, it’s estimated that one in five people in the United States has some form of arthritis. Two thirds of the people who have been diagnosed with arthritis are under the age of 65. When medication, physical therapy and other conservative methods of treatment no longer relieve pain, total hip replacement may be recommended. Total hip replacement helps relieve pain and may allow patients to perform some activities that before were limited. Between 200,000 and 300,000 hip replacement operations are performed in the United States each year, most of them in patients over the age of 60. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), only 5–10 percent of total hip replacements were in patients younger than 50 in 2002. Due to limited life expectancy of the prostheses, doctors had traditionally advised to put off hip replacement operations as long as possible to prevent undergoing another replacement later. However, Americans rising expectations of quality of life have meant having surgery sooner. Less people are willing to tolerate years of pain or limited activity. Newer, more advanced technology means longer lasting prostheses. Experts are estimating that well over half a million hip replacements a year will be done by the year 2015. Each patient is different and has different needs, so surgical approaches are chosen with those needs in mind. However, the direct anterior approach (from the front) for hip replacement is gaining in popularity.

For the patient, there is reduced tissue trauma and less muscle damage, because an area is used where there is an interval—the muscle actually spreads apart. So, unlike other hip surgical approaches, there is no detachment of the muscles during surgery. The hip has more normal mechanics because you have not disrupted muscle connections, and through healing, the patient has a more normal gait with less limping. During surgery, the patient is positioned on the back versus laying on his or her side, propped up with special implements, in more traditional approaches. There is a smaller incision and less scarring, usually less usage of pain medication, a quicker return to function, reduced physical therapy requirements and a reduced dislocation rate. Most people are candidates for the surgery. Things that would make this approach inappropriate would be a previous hip surgery for a fracture with rods inside the bone, people with a hip malformation or hip dysplasia and then people with significant differences in leg length. In these cases, other surgical approaches would have to be used. Benefits of this approach to surgery include: the muscles aren’t detached from the bone as much, so there is an easier recovery and the patient gets a head start with physical therapy; an X-ray machine can be used during surgery to check the parts to see they are in best alignment; better conditions for leg length assessment during the procedure; decreased chance of dislocation because muscles haven’t been cut off at the hip joint. Risks are: bleeding, infection, scar tissue,


w Small Incision in Upper Thigh

Muscle Easily Parted to Expose Joint

dislocation, blood clots, and weakness. These are the standard risks for a hip replacement regardless of the type of procedure. With anterior hip replacement, one risk factor is lessened—the chance of sciatic nerve damage. Due to the positioning of the body on the back, the surgeon is not near the sciatic nerve. In traditional surgery, the surgeon makes an incision along the side of the leg to access the hip joint. The natural head (ball) of the femur (thigh bone) is removed during surgery. The remaining preparation of the femur and acetabulum (socket) involves reshaping to allow solid, accurate alignment of the hip components. The femoral stem is inserted inside the thigh bone, and the acetabular shell is inserted inside the socket of the pelvis. I tell my patients that it is not wrong to do the surgery one way or the other. It’s just another technique to use. The direct anterior approach is gaining in popularity nationwide. Physicians are taking extra courses and visiting other physicians to learn the approach, which caught on in the United States in the 1990s. This technically difficult procedure has gotten easier due to new technology and modifications in hip replacement hardware. Refinements in stems of implants lend themselves better to the direct anterior position. All of these modifications mean a less invasive procedure for the patient.

Dr. Patterson Dr. Patterson is a partner of OrthoMemphis, a division of MSK group, P.C. He completed his fellowship in Adult Orthopaedic Reconstruction & Arthritis Surgery at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute. He is also a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. For more information: 901-259-1600 or

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wholesome recipes and nutrition tips

Strawberry & Goat Cheese Salad with toasted pecans

by Sarah Matheny Gordon

Forget rabbit food, the textures and flavors in this dish make for a satisfying salad that will add color and nutrition to any meal. Greens, especially spinach, and strawberries are full of antioxidants and vitamins. Pecans, like walnuts, are high in protein and omega-6 fatty acids, and goat cheese is lower in fat than other soft cheeses. A vinaigrette keeps it light without sacrificing flavor.

ingredients 1 lb. (about. 6 cups) fresh spring greens, such as mesclun and baby spinach mix, rinsed throughly 1 pint strawberries, rinsed, cored and sliced thinly

directions Combine the first 5 ingredients and toss. If serving immediately, drizzle with vinaigrette and toss again. Otherwise, serve dressing alongside salad on the table.

1/4 c. toasted pecans, lightly chopped 3 oz. soft goat cheese, crumbled 3 Tbs. green onions, white and light green parts only Kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper, to taste Balsamic vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette, or sherry vinaigrette


The Secret

of Life By Moacir Schnapp, MD


t has been said that the secret of life is making your money and your health last as

long as you do.

and ligaments in top shape. If you don’t know where to begin go to

Not always easy you say, true? I’ve got, a website

some advice that may help you accomplish

created by the doctors

that. Let’s start with one of the most common

from our clinic. Just

ailments likely to strike us in our old age.

remember to ask your

No, not cancer or heart disease but simple

own physician first if

arthritis, more precisely osteoarthritis (OA),

you have any questions

not the bad kind but still a common cause of

about your tolerance to

pain, stiffness and disability. Sooner or later

a fitness program. There

we will all look like we could star in one of

you’ll find exercises

those Aleve commercials, but we can still

possible we prefer that people exercise

ranging from very basic to very difficult. Build

address some of the causes of OA to slow

in the gym instead of at home; there are

your own routines by mixing and matching

down its progression.

different sets. Don’t get discouraged by some

fewer distractions at the gym and a greater

If you are obese or a smoker, just stop.

initial muscle soreness since it tends to get

Both are likely to speed up the natural

better with repetition, especially if done more

aging of your joints and can substantially

often than three times a week.

compromise your quality of life. As the

We recommend a combination of

likelihood that one will stick to the program. Now for the money part: every day you hit the gym it will save you in medical costs as much as $50.00 a day. In addition, a regular exercise routine allows the body to produce

cartilages in your joints wear off, the pain and

cardiovascular exercises such as walking,

disability progress to the point that the only

a stationary bicycle or an elliptical machine.

viable treatment becomes a joint replacement,

Be careful with treadmills if you have any

and postpones the development of memory

a costly proposition even if you carry good

problems with your balance. Add a resistive

loss by allowing the nerve cells to build


program using weight machines or elastic

more numerous and stronger connections.

bands and don’t forget a good stretching

Consider for a moment what the monetary

moderate fitness program is the best, most

routine to elongate the muscles and tendons

cost will be if you lose your independence to

cost effective way to keep your joints, muscles

and to increase overall flexibility. Whenever

either physical or mental problems.

If you don’t exercise regularly, just start. A

chemicals that are natural antidepressants

Dr. Moacir Schnapp Dr. Moacir Schnapp, a neurologist specializing in interventional pain management, along with his partner Dr. Kit S. Mays, established the only CARF certified clinic in the Mid-South for the treatment of chronic pain, the Mays and Schnapp Pain Clinic and Rehabilitation Center.


Still the one. Period.

The only *accredited outpatient Pain Clinic in the Mid-South.

Mays & Schnapp


Kit S. Mays, MD & Moacir Schnapp, MD

55 Humphreys Center Drive • Suite 200 • Memphis, TN • 901-747-0040 • *Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

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