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p12. Louise Redknapp talks hair & beauty


Forget about crying over pasties and Editor Contents: petrol. It’s Easter - a time for chocolate, eggs and more chocolate. Of course, I’ve Cover image from Matalan already guzzled a vat of the stuff and Page 3: News been wearing bunny ears since March. Why? Simply because this is my Page 4: Easter Gifts favourite time of year. It offers hope, Page 6: The Closet De-Clutter happiness and lots of calorific treats after Page 9: Fashion For Men the torture of Lent. In short, Easter is a bit Page 10: Anti-Ageing like Christmas but with the bonus of Page 12: Inside & Out sunshine, daffodils and frolicking lambs. Page 14: Flower Power Of course, there are bad bits. Most Page 16: Recipe notably the need to make closet space for Page 17: What’s On Guide spring’s new candy coloured clothes. But Page 18: Party People there’s no sweetening the pill. DePage 19: Tarotscope cluttering is horrific. But our experts will Page 20: Picture Power guide you through the pain. Just breathe deeply and keep ingesting the Cadbury’s Page 20: Personal Power creme eggs. Page 22: Networking Penny x


Opus One has just launched its Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea service. Located at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester Hotel, the masculine menu is ideal for the sophisticated manabout-town. Pretty pastries and dainty finger sandwiches are replaced with warm homemade scones and hearty pork pies. Also included on the menu are mini hot Yorkshire puddings with Cheshire beef and onion gravy and a selection of ‘blokey’ brews. Prices start from £16.95 per person.

Great thrift shopping usually requires sharp elbows and the patience of a chocaholic during Lent. It’s time to bypass the melee and visit Take Two on Liverpool’s Bold Street. Sandwiched between Utility and a fancy dress place, this chic looking boutique is easy to miss. But it’s worth staying vigilant because its donated clothing come from a variety of well known retailers - and the prices are nothing short of amazing. I recently bagged a brand new LBD from F&F for under £2 and a pair of designer wellies for £5. Even better, all the profits go to Barnados. Charity shopping has never been so chic or cheap.

The Reporter Get the lowdown on what’s hot & happening now Forget the blaring neon lights and powder-caked showgirls of Vegas. New Brighton is set to become the new Sin City. Okay, so that’s a slight exaggeration but the seaside town is about to host a glamorous new casino. The new Grosvenor G venue will open late April and will include electronic and live gaming as well as a competitively priced bar and restaurant. And just in case you’re a poker virgin, there will even be packages teaching you how to play.

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Little Chick Range, from ÂŁ2.99, at The Last Detail


Easter Parade You may not have fasted for Lent but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sweet treat on April 8.

Fabergé Egg Inspired Vanilla Biscuit, £7.50, Fortnum & Mason

Simnel Cake, £10, M&S Sea Salt Caramel Egg, £14, from Prestat Hen Print Plate, £8.25, Nelly Pepper

Trio of Polka Dot Tea light Lanterns, £5.99 each from The Contemporary Home.


Melanie C clears out her closet for TK Maxx’ charity event


Clearing The Clutter Streamline your wardrobe to make morning dressing even simpler, says Louise Parker and Penny Fray. There’s the faux orange fur that’s never seen the light of day, the white body con dress that’s several sizes too small and the ‘it’ll pay for itself’ designer handbag that’s just too valuable to use. So many fashion follies, so little closet space. I’m currently on my seventh wardrobe and yet only ever forage in the shower room (now used as an overspill closet). Thankfully, I’m not the only hopeless hoarder around. According to research, the average British woman owns about 100 items of clothing, yet only wears a third of them. The rest are left to gather dust - because - let’s be honest here - the wardrobe purge is just too painful. Not only will you have to admit that the content of your closets cost more than the average Greek villa, you will also have to acknowledge you’ll never fit into a size eight again. Sigh. Nevertheless, it’s time for a much needed fashion exorcism. Sorting a messy wardrobe(s) may not top your list of spring chores but it will ultimately save you both time and money. To help with this task, we asked Alison Finnerty, Fashion Advisor for John Lewis for a few tips on de-cluttering. “Culling your wardrobe of unnecessary items will ensure that there is a cohesive blend of new, old and stored items,” says the expert. So, where to start? “Taming a closet full of clutter can be done simply by following a few simple rules. Start by saying goodbye to items that you haven’t worn in the last year,” directs Alison. “But consider keeping classic items which transcend seasons.” These include the little black dress, a crisp collared white shirt, a tailored pair of trousers and a trench coat. Just make sure they fit and are in good condition.

Everyone has a different method of purging and organising. Alison prefers dividing clothes according to season but you could always create sections based on occasion and lifestyle. “After storing the seasonal garments you do not need (more on this later), separate your wardrobe into categories such as trousers, shirts and dresses,” adds Alison. If necessary, break sections down further into colour, material and hem length. “This will ensure a tidy and organised closet and help avoid any unnecessary wardrobe clutter.” Jumpers and T-shirts should be folded and stored on shelves or a chest of drawers because hanging can pull them out of shape. Keep all your paired up socks in single rows on one side of a drawer and your undergarments on the other to make it easy to see what you need. Expensive lingerie should be stored in paper or silk bags to stop them getting tangled with everything else. Slips, singlets and camisoles should also be stored in a separate drawer. That way you can grab one quickly whenever without rummaging through all your other clothes. Handbags and shoes should be stored and stacked in clear boxes or placed on a rack. This will keep them neat, scuff free and visible. You’ll find these in most department stores. In our view, Lakeland,

John Lewis and Ikea are particularly good at coming up with innovative storage solutions. Meanwhile, belts and jewellery can hang on hooks inside your wardrobe doors. Now you have a clear view of what to choose from, you can easily assess what goes together and what new items you may need. To stay on trend, Alison advises adding essential pieces to your wardrobe at the start of every season and replacing classic pieces which are showing wear and tear. “Getting an old ‘favourite’ properly fitted or drycleaned can make a world of difference to your wardrobe,” she says. “But when it comes to updating your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and fabrics. This season it’s all about colour, from sorbet pastels to dazzling brights. Bold prints have exploded down the runway, influencing everything from skinny jeans to bikinis. Texture is also huge, with flowers, netting and lace adorned on key items for a fun and stylish take on embellishment.” If you have a creative eye and basic sewing skills, you can easily re-vamp dated or tired items cheaply. “Sale items are also handy to update your wardrobe for less,” says Alison. “Timeless classics are usually worth the investment - just

make sure you have a good range of items already that you can mix and match them with.” When it comes to dealing with discards, decide whether to donate, swap or consign to storage. If you have time and fairly decent pieces, it’s worth selling them online. There are loads of resale sites out there - the most popular being eBay. Otherwise, consider getting some cash back with car boot sales and swishing parties. But check the condition first. Turn items inside out and look for flaws such as moth holes, fading, stains and bobbling. Time poor professionals and philanthropists should always donate pieces to their favourite charity. Anything you want to keep must be carefully stored. “To protect clothes from moth bites ensure you keep them in a cool, dry place,” concludes Alison. “Before you store the clothes ensure they are free from food-stains, and invest in moth balls or antimoth draw liners to ensure a hole-free wardrobe.”

Empty Your Closets & Help Raise Funds for Kids With Cancer Cancer Research UK is partnering with TK Maxx for the UK’s biggest clothes collection, raising valuable funds for research into beating kids’ cancer. Give Up Clothes for Good asks everyone in the UK to clear out their wardrobes and be part of the biggest clothing collection ever. Supported by celebrities like Melanie C and shoppers across the country, Give Up Clothes For Good has already raised a staggering £10 million worth of donations funding vital research into kids’ cancer and aims to raise a further £2.5 million for groundbreaking research by the end of 2012. To be part of the action, just fill any bag with unwanted quality clothes and drop it off at a TK Maxx store in April. These will be sorted and sold in various Cancer Research UK shops.


Striding Out Boys - it’s time to ride this season’s rainbow wave in statement pants, says Penny Fray. 1.






1. Outfit from New Look 2. Raspberry chinos, £12, from Primark 3. Kenzo yellow chinos, £145, House of Fraser 4. Kermit coloured chinos, £22, Matalan 5. Next chino shorts £22 6. Red cargo shorts, £24.99, from Blue inc.

Image from Transformulas


Botox Backlash After a face fix but scared of needles? Penny Fray investigates the rise of subtler beauty treatments that claim to turn back the clock. Frozen faces, hamster cheeks and overblown lips. These are just some of the tell tale signs of a beauty jab junkie. They can also lead to accusations of surgical ageing (when the work is so obvious, people think you’re older than you really are). With more and more celebrities waving ‘bye-bye’ to Botox and other minimally invasive procedures, creams have made a come back. But not any old kind. We’re talking about cosmeceuticals - potions with pharmaceutical prowess. “There will always be a market for aesthetic procedures but cosmeceuticals are ideal for those who want to look younger the more natural and less invasive way,” says Rosi Chapman, Managing Director of Transformulas - a company that specialises in anti-ageing and lifestyle treatments. “All our products offer instant results, semi permanent effects and long term benefits.”

Their cult product WrinkleBlock, nicknamed Botox in a bottle, reduces wrinkles by 52% while LipVolume stimulates the production of natural collagen for visibly plumper lips. Of course, Transformulas isn’t the only company on the market delivering younger looking skin. From La Prairie’s Platinum Collection to Rodial’s Dragon Blood - the beauty shelves are groaning under the weight of miracle creams packed with increasingly exotic sounding ingredients. Even budget supermarket Aldi has jumped on the lucrative band wagon, offering a £4.99 product that has been proven to help reduce forehead wrinkles by 53% after just 28 days. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily translate into women completely eschewing the injections or the knife. Neither Botox or fillers are showing signs of abating. It’s just when it comes to antiageing, the smart money is finally on the subtle.

Tried & Tested Champneys Super Rich Cleansing Balm, £11, This aromatic blend is a perfect weekly pick me up, deeply cleansing, toning and exfoliating in one indulgent treatment. Verdict. Containing natural floral oils, jojoba and avocado, this sweet smelling balm lifted most of my make up and left my face feeling super soft. My only criticism is that it felt a little heavy on the skin. 8.5/10


Eternal Beauty Singer turned presenter Louise Redknapp discusses going darker and dressing to suit her shape. What is your ultimate style tip? Dress to suit your shape. By all means experiment with new trends but work with what you’ve got and pick the trends that work for you. Also invest time in finding a good pair of jeans.

What is your budget beauty tip? For an intensive hair treat use your usual conditioner and then wrap your hair in a warm towel. It will really replenish your locks. You’ve gone from blonde to brunette recently, what advice would you give to anyone thinking about a drastic hair colour change? Do your research, consider your skin tone and always ask for advice if you’ve already got a colour on your hair - but otherwise I’d say go for it! Hair colour can always be changed back. I’ve had so many women approach me since turning brunette, saying they’ve been considering a change for some time but haven’t had the guts. It’s so refreshing to have a complete change, it can really give you a confidence boost. LIVE Salon Style has a great app on their Facebook page which allows you to try out different shades before you commit, they also have experts online who can advise if you’re still not sure

While everyone else is relaxing on a Sunday morning, you’re presenting Something For The Weekend. How do you make sure you find time to relax? I’m really lucky because I do get a lot of help. My mum helps with the kids and we have a lady who lives with us, so when I get home I can just chill. I also know I’m lucky because we get to have nice holidays where I can fully relax. I know people who work a lot harder than me and don’t have the same opportunity, so I’m grateful for that. What top three beauty products could you not live without? LIVE Salon Style is great as it gives you a fantastic professional-quality result at home. I’ve just gone a rich Chocolate Brown [1] I love Korres’ lip balm [2]. It’s a great all-rounder creamy, luxurious and comes in a whole range of lovely colours. My favourite shade is Berry. Finally, the Formula by Dr Frances Prenna Jones. It’s amazing. It’s like a toner but I use it instead of moisturizer. I literally wash my face and then apply The Formula. I use it day and night. It’s quick, easy and does the job.

How do you keep in shape? I’m fairly active and go for regularly runs but I find Pilates is really brilliant for targeting all of those stubborn areas like arms, bums and tums.


What are your top beauty tips? I always use a really good facial scrub before a night out. It gives your skin a lovely natural glow and I love the slightly flushed/rosy look. A good bio oil on your skin also works wonders.


Accessories from Matalan


Darling Buds

lower, Framed F

Flower Burst Weather Resistant Vinyl Print, £25, Art House

n £5, Matala

Gardenia Lights, £19.95, DotComGiftShop

From sculptural flowers at Comme de Garçons to the vibrant graphics of Mary Katrantzu - the floral print is everywhere this spring. Help your home become blooming marvelous with these fabulous high-street finds.

Tropical Delights Floral Cushion, £60 from Plum Chutney

Geisha Bowl, £7.50 from M&S


Good Friday

Fishy and flavoursome - tuck into this Thai salmon with a sticky chilli sauce. Serve with • 4 tbsp freshly chopped coriander • Shredded spring onions


Ingredients • • • • • •

1 tbsp Thai Taste Fish sauce 4 tbsp Thai Taste Chilli Dipping Sauce 2 tsp Kaffir Lime Leaves 3 tbsp Soy Sauce 1 tsp Rice Bran Oil 4 x 200g salmon fillets with skin on

• In a small bowl, mix together the fish sauce, chilli dipping sauce, kaffir lime leaves and soy sauce. • Heat the oil in a large frying pan until hot before adding the salmon. • Cook the fish skin side down for 4-5 minutes until the skin is crispy and the bottom of the fish turns opaque. • Turn over and cook for a further 3-4 minutes. • Wipe out the pan to remove excess oil, return the fish to the pan, skin side up then pour over the sauce ingredients. • Cook over a low-medium heat, spooning the sauce over the fish for a further 1- 2 minutes, until the sauce is sticky and the fish cooked through. • Serve the fish with Thai sticky rice and garnish with freshly chopped coriander and spring onions.

Little Black Food Book You can’t beat Home Bargains for cheap, branded chocolate. We spotted (and bought) these uber cute Lindt bunnies for 10p each.


What’s On Film To mark the centenary of the ship’s loss Titanic, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, is being re-released in 3D from April 4. The only downside is having to listen to Celine Dion again. Meanwhile, a new exhibition ‘Titanic & Liverpool - the untold story’ launches at the Merseyside Maritime Museum from March 31.

commissioned for the Deer Park, Mansion and Formal Gardens, who needs a stuffy gallery?

Visit Even if you’re not into horse racing, it’s worth attending the Grand National at Aintree from April 12-14 to see all the Scouse fillies in their fabulous frocks.

Theatre All you need is love and laughter. So, go see Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert at the Liverpool Empire on April 27-28.

Art Calling all creative types. Tatton Park in Knutsford stages its third Biennial of contemporary art from May 12 to September 30. With new works

Music Kym Marsh has been cast to play the vivacious Elsie Tanner in Street of Dreams - the Coronation Street live musical event which is to premiere at the Manchester Arena on May 9-10.

Book Launching Skagboys - the much anticipated prequel to Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh will be visiting Waterstones in Deansgate, Manchester on April 20.


Party People Our pick of the best celebrity strewn events. Victoria Beckham launched her new label ‘Victoria’ at luxury store Harvey Nichols during London Fashion Week. The chic affair offered rose champagne, canapes and a collection of flirty, feline inspired dresses. Guests included Vogue Japan’s Anna Dello Russo, actress Olivia Palermo and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. Meanwhile in Manchester, Uber Lounge opened it’s doors for the first time. The new cocktail bar in Castlefield oozed late night sophistication. Guests

were greeted by glamazons on stilts and treated to complimentary cocktails and hand made chocolate. Finally, celebrity hairdresser Andy Phelan officially opened HIS’ first North West clinic in March. Dealing with male hair loss, the Oxford Street launch featured a live demonstration of MHT scalp pigmentation with a Q&A session.

Clockwise: Guests enjoy complimentary cocktails at the new Uber Lounge. Victoria Beckham launches her new clothing line at Harvey Nicks. The founders of HIS clinic help men with hair loss in Manchester.



Your forecast for April and May from The House of Good Fortune. Aries (March 21-April 19) You are about to benefit from some sound financial advice from an earth sign woman, says the queen of pentacles. Taurus (April 20-May 20) The two of pentacles says you need a sense of space at the moment. Take up a new hobby or just find some time to relax. Gemini (May 21-June 20) Embrace the positive changes that come your way this month, says the wheel of fortune. This is no time for cynicism. Cancer (June 21-July 22) doesn’t share your feelings, says the devil A love affair isn’t going as well as you’d hoped, says the reversed ace of cups. Then card. Be reasonable. again, you have awfully high expectations. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) This is a time to be calm, says the hermit Leo (July 23-August 22) card. Don’t look for drama. Instead, enjoy The sun card foretells of renewed the tranquility of reading and meditation. confidence. Expect a new job, promotion or an enhanced social life. Capricorn (December 22-January 19) The king of pentacles foretells of financial Virgo (August 23-September 22) success. But it’s been hard won. You know You enjoy learning new things, says the heirophant card. April sees you taking up a there is no such thing as luck. new course and making money from it. Aquarius (January 20-February 18) You’re a little bored with domestic bliss, Libra (September 23-October 22) says the four of cups. You need to spice You feel like an all action hero/ine at the moment, says the ace of wands. Just don’t things up with an adventure this month. over do it. Your sign is one of balance. Pisces (February 19-March 20) Everything seems to be such an effort at Scorpio (October 23-November 21) the moment. Brace yourself for a Obsession can be a dangerous thing, downward run in late May. Woo-hoo1 especially if the object of your affection

marketing strategy

For bespoke readings and astro charts, email

Model wears outfit from TK Maxx


Picture Perfect Want positive publicity? Follow our expert tips on getting photographs published in the press. When someone instructs you to take a shot, it usually involves too much vodka and a walk of shame. But in business terms, a good photograph is an extremely useful publicity vehicle. Local newspapers, trade publications and some consumer magazines will always consider using high quality images that are supplied to them, especially if they come with a decent news story. The result? Easy, low cost publicity. The best way to ensure that your photographs are of an acceptable quality is to use a freelance media photographer. “The biggest mistake people make is thinking that a decent camera will turn them into a decent photographer,” says award winning press photographer Colin Lane. “If you want a good shot at getting your image in the press, hire a professional. That way you’ll avoid distributing images that are so far from the mark, they’re untrue.” Of course if your story or subject matter is good enough, most publications will send out their own photographer, especially if there’s a high profile celebrity involved. So, according to media specialists Culture PR, it’s worth phoning a publication’s picture desk well in advance to see whether they’ll cover the event. If not, ask them to recommend someone. As industry experts, they’ll know who’s good and who’s not in the region. If, however, you want to take your own photograph, Colin’s advice is to keep it high res and simple. “A profile image should be a full length portrait and group shots should be kept to minimum numbers,” says the chief photographer for The Post and Liverpool Echo. “Keep the background plain and make sure there’s enough space for

potential cropping. If you have to use ‘props’ don’t be too cliched or cheesy with them.” Large cheques, logos and banners all fall within this category. There are hundreds if not thousands of individuals and businesses competing for editorial space, so you need to stand out from the crowd. “And that means being a little creative,” says Colin. “Try active rather than posed shots. You could even experiment with black and white images.” It’s always worth studying the publication you’re targeting. After all, what works for a free sheet won’t necessarily appear in a glossy magazine. “When sending photographs to a publication, make sure they’re captioned,” adds Colin. “State who is shown on the photograph, listing people from left to right.” If you’re emailing them, make sure you have the right recipient and the resolution is high enough but not so high that it grinds everything to a halt. Huge files should be sent through an online file sharing software or be downloadable from your website. Happy snapping. For more information on PR, log on to


Connected Network from your desk. In every issue we’ll introduce you to a new business contact. This month, it’s Anjali Roberts, Investment Manager for Charles Stanley in Liverpool. Work philosophy: I believe in offering a bespoke investment service to clients. No two clients’ circumstances are the same so each client should be treated as an individual. Charles Stanley is the right firm for me as the company’s philosophy is the same as mine when it comes to managing clients’ investments. Highlights: My current role here has been my career highlight. Being part of a firm which is establishing its presence in Liverpool and helping to grow the business. Your biog in brief: I have been an investment manager for 10 years. I started my career with Laing & Cruickshank in London, then I moved to UBS. In 2009 I relocated to the Wirral before joining Charles Stanley to help them establish their office in Liverpool. Describe yourself in three words: Professional, personable and upbeat Why do you do what you do: I know it’s a cliché but no two days are the same. All sorts of factors effect movements in global stock markets. This sometimes involves lateral thinking. I am also lucky as I get to meet lots of different and interesting people from all walks of life.

Worst moments: It’s not really my worst moment but currently trying to find enough hours in the day to fit everything in is proving difficult. I can’t really complain though as I enjoy the challenge of being really busy. Best business advice: It sounds cheesy but always believe in yourself. If you are confident in your own skills then others will want to do business with you. Who you’d like to connect with: Lawyers, accountants, IFAs and anyone who is looking for investment services. As well as private individuals we also look after charities, companies and trusts. You can contact me on: Direct Dial: 0151 255 2646.

Charles Stanley & Co. Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is a member of the London Stock Exchange, the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange and the International Capital Market Association.



Image from the Rainbow Club


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