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Dress from F&F, £30, Tesco



You should change your ideas for the same reason that you change your socks it keeps things fresh and interesting. For me, spring is a time to sweep out the old and embrace the new - starting with the contents of my wardrobe. That’s why we’ve asked a selection of ‘fashionistas’ to guide you through the new season’s styles. Also in this edition - career guru Dr Nicola Bunting is on hand to show you how to live your dream life. A tall order? Maybe. But change doesn’t just happen. What you do now affects what becomes of you in the future. Stay still and you become a fossil. Penny x ps. If you have a fab story, don’t forget to email us on


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La Redoute Black Lace all-in-one (£95) and mask (£23)


The Power of Love Whoever said you can’t buy love doesn’t know where to shop, says Penny Fray.

Lulu Guinness Clutch, £275, House of Fraser

Jumper from River Island

Single? Find out if you’re about to find a tall, dark, handsome stranger with a tarot reading - from £25, at

Tiffany & Co Selection of Heart Tags - from £140.

Chocolate Love, £25, Marks & Spencer

Christian Louboutin shoes, £375, Net-A-Porter


Model wears outfit from Hobbs


New Season Style It’s spring. So what does that mean for your wardrobe? Our panel of experts help you navigate the latest runway looks.

Blazer, £5

0, Next

She just gets better and better and her pieces were so wearable. • High on my wish list are shoes specifically Kurt Geiger's strappy Harlequin heels (£350). They’re just gorgeous. I plan to update my bag collection with a Mulberry Postman's Lock bag (£650) and I NEED one of Michael Kors neon mini dresses. Oh and anything by hip Danish label Gestuz they are my go-to brand for cool-looking easy-wear pieces. • On the high street, you can't beat Topshop for bringing in designer looks at discount prices but my own personal favourite has to be Zara. I absolutely love the place. I have a number of dresses from there that people always mistake for designer pieces. If you are looking for fabulous footwear then Emma Johnson. Fashion Editor of The Office is the place. Their shoes are the Liverpool Post most daring on the high street and they really last. • I’d describe my style as high fashion • If there's one piece that everyone meets high street. should have in their wardrobes this • The new season show that appealed to season, it would it be an acid bright me most was Sarah Burton for blazer. Alexander McQueen. McQueen has long been one of my favourite designers and following his suicide I feared whether the house would be able to maintain the cutting edge looks he was famous for. However she really proved herself to be a worthy heir with her SS 2012 show. It was sexy and daring and the out-there catwalk looks have translated well into the ready-to-wear collection. Stella McCartney also blew me away this year.

Nadine Merabi (below). Fashion Designer and Managing Director of MERABI by Nadine in Manchester. • My personal style depends on my mood. I dress to reflect how I’m feeling, so long as it’s quirky, well fitted, different and a little bit sexy. • My favourite trend for S/S 2011 is full on glam with tasseled trims, lavish beading and ostrich feathers. • This season I’ll be buying a white suit and a coral dress. • I design and make all my own clothes. I only spend money on shoes and bags - which I love! • Saying that, my fantasy buys include the white fur coat with long sleeves from Alexander McQueens A/W 2011 collection. The white cage bag from Louis Vuitton S/S '12 collection and a new pair of black over the knee Louboutin boots with silver fastenings going up the front. • The one thing that will never go out of fashion is the little black dress. It’s an investment buy. • Accessories can make or break the look. So, choose wisely to funk it up or add some edge to something too pretty. But don’t over do it. Rachel Dutton. General Manager of • My personal style is casual and quirky. • This season I’m really into lace tops, bright colours and skinny jeans. Most of the S/S 2012 shows embraced vibrant yellows, pinks and blues. • I’ll be buying lots of bright and block coloured tops. This silk amber top, £11, from So In Fashion has adjustable sleeves and is a great trans-seasonal buy. • I generally shop online for fashion as I find it more convenient but I always hand pick what I eat. • My summer wish list include new sunglasses, a killer swimsuit and a good quality beach towel. • A great investment is gold jewellery. • My fashion tip for Good Fortune readers is like what you wear and wear it with a smile.

Editor’s Note: This season’s hottest looks aren’t all about sharp shapes and shocking colours. Chanel, Valentino and Lanvin all embraced pastels. You’re unlikely to go far wrong this spring in a full skirt and fine knit in sweet ice cream colours.


Here’s The Plan

New Year’s weight loss plan fallen by the wayside? No time for a complete body overhaul? Here’s the greedy (and impatient) girl’s guide to losing weight. Guess what? The body is designed to process stuff called “food.” Not mealreplacement bars. Not a regular intake of nothing but Diet Coke and chewing gum. Which may be why your last few attempts at losing weight haven’t quite worked out. Eating healthily and exercising more may be the ideal way to lose weight but it can be a little boring and, let’s face it, s-l-o-w. And if you’re anything like me, you find the whole idea of calorie counting a crime against numbers. Rather than relying on gargantuan willpower or a whole heap of cash to fit into those skinny jeans for spring, here are five ways to nudge yourself thinner. 1. Every girl needs an entourage of experts. But if you don’t have a celebrity budget, then a trip to your GP may help you access an army of nutritionists, cut price fitness classes and handy health schemes. Alternatively, check out http:// 2. Use Psychology. We’re all vulnerable to that overwhelming urge to wolf down a whole bar of Dairy Milk and a bottle of vino after a stressful day. When your willpower runs out, it’s good to have a back up plan in the form of the ‘if then’ technique. It’s simple, and according to research, an effective way of training your brain to stick to goals. So, instead of saying to yourself “I’m not going to eat chocolate” - think “If I get a craving for something sweet, then I’ll eat a banana.”

3. Go Green. We all know that green tea helps break down fat in the body but if you hate the bitter taste and want better results - try Kukicha tea instead. Experts say it not only facilitates weight loss but it regulates blood sugar and boosts the immune system to boot. 4. Grab a Grapefruit. Really. Researchers have found that people who include grapefruit in their diet, lose weight faster. Something to do with the digestive enzymes found in the fruit. 5. The 4 minute work out. Forget about spending hours in the gym. The LWR Fast Fat Burning Method from celebrity trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read is all about doing short bursts of exercise as hard as you can. It can help you lose up to 7lbs in a fortnight and is available from iTunes.



Hair in a Hurry Looking good doesn’t have to be a chore for time poor women. Tame your tresses with these expert tips. This season’s lady-like look would be great if it weren’t such a time commitment. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a Mad Men extra in contemporary Prada? But come on. It’s hard enough to find the time or the inclination to apply ‘lippie’ let alone tease your hair into Stepfordwife perfection. And the days of daily blow drys are over since penny pinching became de rigeur. But who says sophisticated hair has to be a distant memory? Our panel of experts believe that tidy tresses on a tight schedule can be easy with the right techniques and products. If you’re stuck with flat and oily hair that really could do with a wash, but just don’t have the time, try dry shampoo. Gerald Cuthbertson-Smith, Assistant Manager of Trevor Sorbie’s Hampstead Salon says: “A few sprays of Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Dry Shampoo (£5.10) on the roots will be your saviour. It will give you a fresh start to boost volume, put the movement back and banish those flat greasy fringes.” Want glamorous waves without a blow dry or rollers? Try this easy trick.

“Section your hair off into four when slightly damp and twist each one until it curls itself into a bun,” advises Bree Davie, a Salon Director at Trevor Sorbie. “Simply pin the buns up and let your hair dry and you can even sleep on it. Then let the buns down and rake your fingers through with a little serum for loose tousled curls, or brush through for a classic soft wave.” Too much effort? Let the experts do all the hard work for you. Bruce Masefield, UK Creative Director for Sassoon, believes the secret to stunning hair lies in the basics - a great cut. “Your stylist should cut your hair according to your lifestyle and then teach you how to style it,” he says. “My other tip actually belongs to my wife. To blow dry your hair with greater ease, sweep it into a high pony tail, pull out sections and style. This makes sure you dry the underneath as well.” Finally, learn the art of ‘Martini’ styling. Shop around for travel sized products and straighteners. That way you can style your hair any time, any place and anywhere.

Tested The des Vignes, £28, Caudelie. Available from Imagine the scent of the Smith Haut Lafitte vinyard at sundown. Then, bottle it. This limited edition fragrance, created by perfumer Jacques Cavalier, is infused with the notes of musk, ginger, orange blossom and jasmine. Verdict. Sweet yet strangely sensual. This unusual fragrance attracted loads of compliments. I only wish I could have kept my new beauty find a secret.



Hot To Trot Welsh eventer Sian Wynne Morris reveals the health benefits of horse riding and yoga. advanced level you also need to be aerobically fit. Apart from horse riding, do you do any other kind of exercise? Running and yoga. I find the stretching in yoga helps to ease the aches and pains and improve core strength Any other interests apart from horse riding? Skiing, art and eating. 3 What designer piece would you love to own this season? Cashmere is my favourite fabric and I’ve had my eye on a few pieces from Joseph [1]. I also think Stella McCartney’s skiwear and Dubarry coats are fabulous. What will you be bulk buying this season? Hay straw, horse feed and jodphurs. Riding ten horses a day I go through many pairs and the ones from Pickeur are my favourite. Working in all weathers must play havoc with your skin. Which beauty treatments do you swear by? I love products from Bobby Brown, Clinique and Decleor. [2] How do you keep you fit? It’s not hard working in the yard, riding horses all day and competing at one day events [3]. It’s easy to become strong but to ride at an


Who do you admire and why? My Mum. She stays strong when things get difficult. And my trainer Tuffy Tille. She is an amazing rider and trainer. Positivity is important for horse trainers. How do you stay upbeat? The horses give so much back. It’s easier to stay positive when training and competing nice horses. What would people be amazed to discover about you? I was offered an unconditional offer to study fine art and sculpture at a number of universities. Finally, what are the best things in life? My boyfriend and my horses of course! 2



Room by Laura Ashley.


The Blue Room Forget the winter blues and embrace this season’s coolest colour at home, says Penny Fray After several seasons of neutral and natural tones, there seems to be a shift towards colour in interior design - the most prominent being blue. From cobalt to cornflower, most shades add a sense of calm to your home. Just make sure you use cooler tones in moderation. Grey based blues can seem a little austere and chilly when used to excess. Instead, try layering shades and textures for depth and interest. Print is big at the moment, so why not experiment with blue and metallic patterns on walls or cushions? If you’re more classy than quirky, you could always stick to a gentler blue with cream accents. Laura Ashley is the obvious stop for

tasteful floral and stripe prints - although we were also delighted by Dunelm Mills’ toile bread spreads. Finally, if you’re on a budget and just need to update a neutral room, you could add a few touches of blue via well placed accessories. We love Emma Bridgewater’s new Walk in the Park pottery collection as well as Iittala Kastehelmi bubbled glass (pictured below left).

Above: Thunderbird Armchair from Rume. Price starts from £1,550

Above: Iittala Kastehelmi Bowl, £11, Cloudberry Living

Aspen Cushion, £14.99 from Dunelm Mill


Dunelm Mill Toile Blue Bedspread £44.99


Sweet in Spring Celebrate the new season with lemongrass, ginger & coconut cake Method

Ingredients • 175g (6oz) butter (at room temperature), plus extra for greasing • 175g (6oz) caster sugar • 3 large eggs • 175g (6oz) self-raising flour • 50g (2oz) desiccated coconut • 6 tbsp bottlegreen lemongrass & ginger cordial • 50g (2oz) icing sugar • 50g (2oz) stem ginger in syrup • Fine strips of lemon zest


• Preheat the oven to 180°C, fan oven 160°C, Gas Mark 4. Butter a 1.2 litre (2 pint) capacity non-stick ring cake tin or a 20cm (8 inch) round cake tin. • Using a hand-held electric mixer, beat the butter and sugar together until light and creamy – this will take about 5 minutes. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, whisking well between each addition. • Fold in the flour using a large metal spoon. Do this very lightly, without beating, to keep the air in the mixture. Add the coconut, then gently stir in 2 tbsp of the bottlegreen lemongrass & ginger cordial. • Spoon the mixture into the cake tin, leveling the surface. Bake on the middle shelf of the oven for about 45 minutes, or until the cake is risen and golden. Test with a fine skewer pierced into the centre of the cake to check that it is done – the skewer should come out clean. Bake for a little longer, if necessary. • Cool the cake for a few minutes, then turn it out onto a wire rack. Dilute the remaining cordial with 4 tbsp of justboiled water. Spoon this slowly and evenly over the top of the cake, allowing it to soak in. Leave the cake to cool completely. • To decorate, mix the icing sugar with a little cold water to make a thin icing. Drizzle this over the cake. Arrange the sliced ginger on top with the lemon rind, then serve.


What’s On Book So Valentine’s Day is a-coming and you need someone to send you some eye wateringly expensive roses. Forget Cupid, take the first step towards finding your dream date with Carolyn Boyes’ Spiritual Guide to Attracting Love. Out on February 6, priced £12.99. Visit If you love Jane Austin and fashion, then you must visit Liverpool’s Sudley House before May 7. This amazing historic house is currently showcasing rare outfits and accessories from 1790 - 1850. See for more details. Music In a fabulous new production, one of our most loved British musicals - Oliver! is


coming to the Palace Theatre in Manchester on February 7 - March 10. Theatre Tennessee Williams’s tender yet powerful Pulitzer Prizewinning 1947 play - A Streetcar Named Desire will be hitting the Liverpool Playhouse from February 17 - March 10 Film Forget trawling dusty old books to learn about ancient mythology. Wrath of the Titans, featuring the very delicious Sam Worthington, will be hitting the big screen on March 30. Buy We’re ready for our Ab Fab moment when the new Harvey Nicks concept store opens in Liverpool One this Autumn. Happy days.


Party People Our pick of the best celebrity strewn events. Fab, famous females showed how a fun night out can make a difference. Lauren Laverne, Miquita Oliver, Caroline Flack, Caitlin Moran, Dawn Porter, Gemma Cairney, Grace Dent, Cherry Healey, Brix Smith-Start, Jo Good and Whistles’ Jane Sheperdson (photographed right) all gathered to launch Get-together Oxfam’s new fundraising campaign to support women around the world. A new era for Liverpool’s oldest newspaper began last month with the launch of the new Liverpool Post. The city’s great and the good all crammed into the Radisson Blu on Old Hall Street to celebrate the momentous occasion - and to get a sneaky peak of the new weekly publication. It seemed that news of the paper’s demise has been greatly exaggerated. Don’t Miss... The grand opening of The Dome From Home in New Brighton on March 24 @ 10.30am

Left: Television producer and screenwriter Phil Redmond, editor Mark Thomas and football legend Mark Lawrenson celebrating the launch of the new look Liverpool Post.




Your forecast for February & March from The House of Good Fortune. Aries (March 21-April 19) The ten of wands crossed by the seven of swords foretells of hard work and disputes. Grit you teeth and prepare for battle. This tough time will eventually pass. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Expect extra money to come your way this month, says the king of pentacles. But remember - it’ll be the result of prudence and foresight rather than luck. Gemini (May 21-June 20) Your verbal flexibility means that you love a good debate. Just beware of picking on the wrong opponent in May, says the Scorpio (October 23-November 21) queen of swords. You want to believe in love, charity and all things nice, says the seven of cups. But Cancer (June 21-July 22) your cynicism gets in the way. We all need to believe in something. But sometimes we allow bad people to dupe Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) us. Trust your instincts when it comes to Change is inevitable, says the death card. an air sign flirt. So, be prepared to welcome the new with enthusiasm and an open mind this month. Leo (July 23-August 22) You’ve made too many sacrifices for Capricorn (December 22-January 19) someone who doesn’t deserve your support, says the hanged man. Walk away. The five of cups indicates that you feel a little sad at the moment. Take solace in happy memories until the clouds disperse. Virgo (August 23-September 22) After a rough time, you’re finally getting Aquarius (January 20-February 18) the chance to bask in the warm glow of You've met your match, says the two of success. Enjoy it, says the sun card. swords. And you’re delighted. At last, you can indulge in some intellectual sparring. Libra (September 23-October 22) Looking for love or security? Answer Pisces (February 19-March 20) honestly before you go on a date with a Life’s wheel is finally turning upwards, poor but lovely person, says the ace of offering you an exciting adventure and a cups. new love interest.

marketing strategy


Image from Microsoft


Sleep, Pray, Love Need to de-stress? Get thee to a monastery, says Penny Fray. R&R. What a joke. May as well stand for rushed and raging. By the time you get from your morning meditation class to work, you’ve built up enough road rage to render all that om-ing ineffectual. Feeling calm in an increasingly speed and stress driven society is difficult. That’s why finding a place where the world won’t intrude is becoming increasingly popular. Whatever your religious beliefs, retreats have become modern sanctuaries for harassed professionals. “Most of us have lives that are rushed, confusing, too challenging and with too many responsibilities and relationships to balance. Time has become an enemy to conquer,” says Stafford Whitaker, author


of The Good Retreat Guide. “Going on retreat gives you a break from all that. Suddenly, there are no radios, televisions, friends, children, pets and the constant background of human activity. There is no gossip, no grumbling, no meetings, no decisions, no interference with where you are inside yourself. At last you have some space.” And the benefits are obvious. Once you get the chance to slip into a lower gear, you relax. Your body starts to heal, your mind finds clarity and your spirit starts to soar. “Human beings aren’t just flesh and blood - there’s also the spirit, which we often neglect,” says Canon Olivier Meney from SS Peter & Paul in New

Brighton. A retreat is an opportunity to enter a new consciousness and open the door to God. But it’s not just about having a spiritual experience. It’s also about reassessing your life. So, where do you find a place to find peace, enlightenment and spiritual renewal in the UK? Well, the choice is huge. Whether you’re a Christian, Buddhist, philosopher or just someone who wants to de-stress, there are more than 500 retreats to choose from. Here, our panel of enthusiasts select some of their favourite places: • For many years I‘ve enjoyed superb retreats at the hospitality of the Sisters of Jesus Way in Redacre, West Kirby, Wirral. In an atmosphere of gentle devotion to Christ, you are invited to join in the rhythm of life in the community through prayer and meals, and also allowed space for your own quiet and reflection. The house itself is very calm and the garden is laid out so as to aid a spirit of meditation. Add to this the proximity of a lovely windy beach to escape to, and it’s always been a refreshing time for me. Rev Alan Ward, St Hilary’s Church, Wallasey.

World Peace and Health, directed by a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master. Penny Fray, Editor. • The sense of awe and wonder that visitors get when first viewing the magnificent Liverpool Cathedral often inspires questions about our place in the world. The Awesome and Intimate trail allows the visitor to guide themselves on a spiritual journey with carefully crafted reflections to help them make sense of their relationship with God and the world. Stuart Haynes, Media Manager for the Diocese of Liverpool.

Top Tip: If you don’t fancy a religious retreat but need some time out in sacred splendor, why not indulge in a luxurious monastic hotel? Italy hosts some of the best, including the Villa San Michele in Florence, the San Clemente Palace in Venice and the magnificent Hotel Certosa di Maggiano in Siena.

• My personal favourite is Pantasaph, a Franciscan retreat centre near Holywell in North Wales. It’s set amid beautiful, rolling countryside and has a huge selection of retreat programmes. I’m not Roman Catholic but I find something incredibly spiritual about its quiet little church and grotto. Another special place is the Holy Isle in Scotland. Formerly home to the 6th-century Irish hermit St Molaise, the island is exceedingly remote and now hosts a Centre for


Image from Microsoft

• I'd recommend the following places to go on retreat: Hillfield Friary in Dorset, Worth Abbey in West Sussex and St Mary's Abbey West Malling. They are all beautiful locations with wise and holy priests, monks, friars and nuns. They are experienced at hosting retreats for people and knowing what works - when to leave you alone and when to speak with you, etc.” Fr Robert Mackley, Little St Mary’s Church, Cambridge.

Who do you want to be? Dr Nicola Bunting helps you embrace change and live your dream life. Did you wake up this morning feeling confident and happy about where your life’s heading or did you feel tired and apprehensive? Sometimes the plans you’ve made for your life, career or relationships can suddenly need dramatic adjustment. Indeed, like medicine, change can do you good but taste bad. The agony of resisting change, however, is far worse. But breaking routine, taking chances and chasing your ideal life isn’t always easy. “Change is scary and trying to live your dreams is scary too,” confirms personal and executive coach Dr Nicola Bunting. “What if you fail? What if it brings you up against challenges that might feel too hard? I think you need real clarity of vision, dedicated commitment, a structured plan and strategy and support to navigate change successfully and live your dreams.” According to the expert, fear has to be conquered, time taken to consider your options and panic avoided to get on the right path. “People can miss the very real opportunity to turn the change into something wonderful by not taking the time to understand what they really, truly want and how they will get there,” continues Nicola. “For example - if you lose your job in the city, rather than taking time to clarify what your ideal career is, you jump at whatever job opportunity is offered to you next as a quick, easy solution, even if you've been unhappy in your last job.”

That’s why Nicola has developed a holistic and practical step-by-step guide to get you through any kind of major change in your life in her new book - Who Do You Want To Be? Incorporating successful strategies from years of experience working with highprofile clients and companies such as Chanel, Proctor & Gamble and Whitbread, her aim is to help people visualise the lives that they want. Here are the highlights:

Model wears outfit from Debenhams


A New Chapter

Here are her top tips for transformation:


1. Make sure you have some fun and are inspired every day. Make a list of several things you can do each week (that will lift your spirits and enhance your life). Everything from visiting a painting you love, to writing poetry, to doing a Zumba class. Try laughing with a friend, reading an inspiring book or creating a ‘happy’ dvd. The list is personal to you and endless. 2. Plan ahead. Create a clear vision of where you want your life and work to be in 10 years time, five years time, next year and so forth.

3. What do you need to do each year/month/ week/day to create your vision? If you take baby steps, you will gradually increase the momentum and feel more and more inspired. The daily drudgery will decrease. 4. At the end of every day, reflect on what you enjoyed and what you're grateful for and what you did well. This exercise if done regularly will orient you more towards happiness and satisfaction and help you enjoy each day more 5. Celebrate every little achievement, every little step. Take time to recognize and enjoy your successes

How To...

Attract Media Coverage

Image from Microsoft

• Identify the most interesting, unusual, unexpected or different story from your list.

Positive media coverage can enhance the reputation of your business, build its credibility and win new customers. You can do this by identifying news or feature worthy stories within your organisation and issuing an effective press release to target publications, websites and broadcasters. • Start the process by brainstorming ideas that may interest journalists and researchers. Are you about to launch a new product or service? Are you expanding and creating new jobs? Have you made any kind of breakthrough that separates you from your competitors?


• Now consider who would want to know about this story? Build a profile of your ideal reader and consider what publications, websites and programmes they’re likely to read, hear or watch. Compile a list and find who to contact by looking at their brochures, websites or even the media outlet itself. • Send them a press release or story with an attention grabbing title. Keep copy short and snappy. Make sure you’ve covered: WHO the story’s about. WHAT is happening. WHEN and WHERE it’s taking place. WHY it’s being done. If you can - add photographs, videos and quotes - and never forget to tell the journalist or researcher how to get in touch with you • For more free PR and marketing tips go to



Alex Leigh as photographed by Paul Jones

Network from your desk. In every issue we’ll introduce you to a new business contact. This month, it’s Alex Leigh, creative director of The Point Studio in Manchester.


image industry, I wanted to share my expertise, creativity and amazing contacts with others. There’s no reason why businesses have to go to big, expensive London based agencies to capture what’s special about their products or services. We can create great fashion or corporate shots here in the heart of Manchester for a fraction of the price. We have state of the art studios, an industry respected team and a passion to please. Work philosophy: Be professional, polite, punctual and always aim for perfection. Highlights: There have been many professional triumphs over the years - and surviving in a competitive industry is definitely one of them. Worst moments: Where there are professional highs - there are always lows. I guess the worst moments revolve around Your biog in brief: I’ve been a model and being too generous. presenter for 17 years. I’ve strutted down Best business advice: Be like a ball the catwalks of London, Paris and New never lose your bounce. York. I’ve been photographed by the likes Who you’d like to connect with: Fashion of Rankin and graced the cover of several houses, designers, boutiques, actors, glossy magazines as well as starring in marketing and PR agencies - basically TV advertising campaigns for Lynx, Boots anyone who wants amazing photo and TK Maxx. Now, I also direct fashion campaigns and pictures. shoots and campaigns at The Point Studio You can contact me on: in Manchester. or call 0161 Describe yourself in three words: 236 9991 Professional, personable and positive. If you’d like to be profiled for free on Why do you do what you do: Having this page, please contact worked for so long in the fashion and

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