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Sign from Littlewoods


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Welcome Getting blitzed on sherry trifle, wearing naff Christmas jumpers and singing ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ with Mary Poppins. I’m a sucker for the festive traditions. As far as I’m concerned, Christmas is one big excuse to eat, shop and torture people with my carol singing. I even start wrapping gifts in October. Which is just as well because this year I’m off to Muscat to edit another glossy magazine. There’s little point dreaming of a white Christmas but it’ll certainly be a novel one. So, wish me luck and don’t forget to follow my Middle Eastern exploits on Twitter @PFray. Salaam Alaikum, Penny x

Contents: Page 3: News Page 4: Fashion Trends Page 5: Party Dressing Page 7: Gift List Page 11: Kid’s Play Page 13: Make-Over Page 14: Celebrity Interview Page 16: Deck The Halls Page 18: Recipe Page 19: What’s On Page 20: Panto Perfect Page 22: Tarotscope Page 23: Prayer Power Page 25: Business Page 27: Connected Cover Image: Model wears outfit from TK Maxx


BEAUTY BAZAAR As the song ‘kinda’ goes - you’re so vain, you probably think this article is about you - and you would be right. Liverpool has the largest concentration of beauty fiends outside London and spends four times the average on the latest cosmetics. So, it’s only natural that the UK's first, one-stop destination for all things cosmetic has just opened in the city. Harvey Nichols’ Beauty Bazaar offers a wealth of products, brands and services in an opulent and envy inducing environment.

The Reporter Get the lowdown on what’s hot & happening now...

COOL CHRISTMAS SERVICES We’re not sure how it came around so quickly - but it’s already time to start sharpening your elbows for the Christmas crowds. Find some calm in the midst of all the consumption and stress of the season at the Shrine of Ss Peter Paul & Philomena in New Brighton. Enjoy a myriad of traditional services and Latin Mass in a landmark church. A warm welcome is offered to all. For more information, please contact Canon Amaury Montjean at

Trending: Spanxplosion An eruption of blubber caused by wearing more than one pair of slimming pants.


THE STREET STYLISTA Name: Nadine Ackers. Spotted at: Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port. Wearing: Black cashmere roll neck jumper, trousers and bag all from Hobbs. Glasses, brogues and jewellery - all vintage. Vivienne Westwood bracelet. Personal Style: Eclectic and eccentric. This Season: “I’m really into the English heritage trend at the moment. I’ve just bought an amazing Harris tweed blazer from Pop Boutique in Liverpool. It has the most amazing silk lining and stitched label.

SKINTED V MINTED < We’re already queuing up to buy these Prada-esque earrings from Wallis. They cost just £10!

FASHION NOTES Online label Tegan is fast become a favourite at Good Fortune Towers for chic, easy to wear pieces. The highlights of their AW12 collection include silk blouses in bold plum tones contrasted with sleek, sharp tailoring. Prices start at £49.

Prada’s collection of rose jewellery were last season’s lust-have accessories. Prices ranged from £195 to £990 >



Dress from A-Wear


Party Perfect Stand out from the crowd with our selection of fabulous frocks and statement accessories. In an ideal world you'd be the ever elegant invitee. Girly and groomed, you'd never freak out about last minute parties. There would be no closet meltdowns, fat days or laddered tights. You'd simply slash on some red lipstick and slip into a little black dress, perfecting that socialite's élan. Alas! Reality is never a kind companion. So, here’s a little guidance. Always put fit ahead of fashion. And remember - getting dressed for a big night out doesn’t have to mean wearing yet another LBD. Yawn! If you have to wear black,

give it an edge with leather or lace embellishments. M&S always comes up trumps on wearable goth. Otherwise, embrace this season’s obsession with sequins. The high street is currently awash with sparkly dresses and statement necklaces. We love Asos and J Crew on this score. If, however, you don’t fancy looking like a Christmas fairy, there are always winter florals. Next does an amazing black shift with a splattering of blooms for £60 - very Christopher Kane A/W 12. We seriously heart.

Sequin and chiffon dress, £17, Primark.

Faux fur stole, £19.50, Marks & Spencer.

Glitter shoes, £27.99 and spiked cuff, £5.99 - both from Pilot.



Christmas Gifts from TK Maxx


Present & Correct The countdown to Christmas has begun, so it’s time to get stocked for a super celebration. John Rocha side rushed leather gloves, £26, Debenhams

Chanel Lipstick, £25, Selfridges

Countryside brooches, £45 from Hobbs

Robe, £35, from John Lewis

Gemma Bling Ballerina Shoes, £30, Accessorize

Lyn Harris, Rose Perfume, £25, exclusive for Marks & Spencer

For Her 8


Christmas Gifts from TK Maxx


Daisy Print Shirt from Next

i-Dock f

rom TK

QR Code Cufflinks, £12.50, Marks & Spencer


Ben de Lisi mug and coaster £7.50 from Debenhams

For Him Elemis King of Skin Collection, £25, John Lewis

Slippers from £7.99 at TK Maxx




Build A Bear

Fill your child’s Christmas with the magical memories of creating their own furry friend, says Darleen Lee. We have entered the month of gift giving madness, and by now you are doubtlessly hyperventilating at the thought of what to buy your wee angels. Their letter to Santa is longer than the Bible and their demands make even despots look positively charitable in comparison. They want EVERYTHING and meeting their expectations can be a challenge unless you have the buying power of a Russian oligarch. It is at this point I let you into a secret. The best presents are those that emotionally resonate in some way. Of course, little people will rarely squeal with delight when they receive some manky mittens, hand knitted by great aunt Mildred - no matter how much love and cat hair may have gone into the mix. But think of something that offers your time, their creativity and a cute creature at the end of it, and you’re on to a winning formula. That’s why I love the Build A Bear Workshop in Liverpool One. Here, children can make their own furry friend with maximum ‘awwww’ factor. Now, as a kid, I was pretty impressed by the whole idea of having a birth certificate for my Cabbage Patch Kid. But there days, children want to play god. And Build A Bear lets them dictate everything - from the kind of creature they want to how they should look, sound and dress. You can even add a heartbeat for an extra £4.50. Amelia chose a leopard and was thrilled that she could decide how soft her little cub should be during the stuffing process. To add extra sentimentality to the process, a name is chosen and an identification tag is inserted into the bear along with a heart, which the child is encouraged to kiss. It’s lovely. Much lovelier than the reality of birth but less about that.

After ‘Summer’ (the aforementioned leopard) is stitched five times to match Amelia’s age, it’s off to the teddy salon for a bath, brush and blow dry before going to ‘wardrobe’ for an outfit. This is the stuff of Hollywood dreams. And yes, it’s all very American, but the attention to detail is astonishing. The bear is even registered with its own individual code and certificate before being boxed and presented to the child. The whole process is amazing with a capital A - but I think what really made the 30 minutes special for me - was the cheerfulness of Jon, our helper. Now, to the matter of moolah. Building a bear costs less than you expect, especially when you consider how much care is taken to make the experience special and the aftercare package. A basic bear starts at £9 and by the time you’ve added all the extras like sound, clothes, shoes etc - you’re looking at around £35. If you’re on a budget, it’s probably a good idea to tell the helper how much you want to spend beforehand, otherwise your little darling may go mad and create the bear version of Paris Hilton. If you want to fill Christmas with happy, meaningful memories, then I’d definitely recommend the Build A Bear Workshop. For information, visit or call 0800 542 0635.



A Festive Face

Right : Stephanie Sherlock has a make-over

The party season is finally upon us. Make-up virgin Stephanie Sherlock discovers how to look glamorous the grown up way.



The one thing that the party season always presents is the impetus to sparkle. But as anyone over 40 knows, it's a dangerous game. Too much glitter and you could very well be mistaken for a Strictly Come Dancing contestant. Too little, and people will think that you’re being a bit of a bahhumbug. The perfect compromise is a youthful glow that says ‘I’ve made an effort’ without looking like a Christmas bauble. It is at this point that I ought to admit that I’m a make-up virgin. I didn’t even wear cosmetics on my wedding day, so the idea of suddenly experimenting with lipstick and eye shadow at the age of 49, is pretty intimidating. Luckily, Sian Faye, the

make-up artist at the Estee Lauder counter at John Lewis Liverpool, is kind. “If you’re not used to make-up, the secret is to build it up gradually,” she reveals “For youthful luminescence, start with a good base. Mix a little Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair with your foundation. Here, I’m using Resilience Lift foundation because it softens lines and lifts the skin.” A graphite shadow make the whites of the eyes pop and was seen on the catwalks of both Viktor & Rolf and Sonia Rykel. Another big trend for A/W 2012 is a bold lip with lashings of pout enhancing gloss. But in my case, the look was kept more natural with a woodland berry lip and a subtle, smoky eye. “It’s all about individual preference,” says Sian. “But this Christmas. it’s about going bold on both the lips and eyes for a dramatic look.” Berry and violet shades are bang on trend - but the full, runway hit is a little too Joan Collins circa 1980 for my liking. All in all, I’m impressed by my makeover. It adds a shot of glamour without looking like mutton dressed as lamb. And walking out of John Lewis, I attract a compliment from a passing stranger. What a delight! I’m now resolved to learn how to apply make-up like an Estee Lauder pro with their video tutorials, available at flash/video_tips.tmpl? CATEGORY_ID=CAT8234



Fab Falconer Television personality Jenni Falconer talks about Christmas, motherhood and balancing it all. How will you be spending Christmas this year? We are just so excited that we are going to be having a really big family Christmas. My brother, his wife and children will be coming over from South Africa. We’ll be with Mum too, and we’ll be seeing James’ family, so it’s going to be just amazing. Do you have any special memories of your own childhood Christmas? I always remember my dad making my brother and I wait at the top of the stairs while he checked downstairs to see if Father Christmas had been. He’d disappear and come back a few moments later and say ‘He’s been!’ – it was such an exciting moment. We’d then go down to our living room and find presents on each of the arm chairs as lots under the tree for everyone else. So how has life been since becoming a new mum? There are two words to describe this first year as a mum – life changing. Of course, for the better - but it has made me re-evaluate my priorities completely. It sounds like a cliché but it really is all about family now and making sure my life fits around our daughter’s needs as much as possible. What has been the best bit of motherhood?

Oh, just getting to know this amazing little person. She’s so inquisitive and entertaining and wonderful to be with. It’s just brilliant. What will you be getting your daughter Ella for Christmas? Probably lots of lovely clothes. I have far more fun buying things for her than I do myself now. I’m also going to see if Father Christmas will bring some more of the Lil Princess’s range from Mega Bloks - she just loves them. And no doubt she’ll be getting lots of other little bits and pieces. It’s amazing how the most simple and small toys please babies. How do you manage the work life balance now that you are a mum? It’s been surprisingly easy. Mostly because Ella has been a delightful and relaxed baby but I’ve also made a conscious decision to reduce my traveling commitments so I’ve not had that pressure. How do you cope with tiredness when you are working? Luckily for us, Ella has been a pretty good sleeper. There was just one short phase when she had us up in the night when I was working which was exhausting!.The make-up team tried (and failed) to make me look less tired.


What would be your dream job in TV? I love live shows – it’s just so exciting, so presenting my own live programme would be it. What would you do if you didn’t work in television? That’s really difficult because I’ve always worked in television. When I was at school I always wanted to be an architect but I was warned it might be tricky finding work in the recession so I concentrated on languages instead. But honestly, TV is all I know, so I’m just glad that I’ve been able to work pretty constantly in a field that I know and love.

You are very well known for running. Is this your preferred way to keep fit? I’ve always loved running as a way to keep fit. It’s so easy to fit into my schedule as I can just take my running kit with me wherever I go and I can simply run for as long as I can spare, unlike yoga or spinning classes. Running also burns loads of calories and it just means I can eat what I like within reason. I also hate the thought of not being a fit mum. It’s so physically challenging with all the lifting and chasing around – it’s great to be able to take it all in my stride, and be able to run up and down the stairs without getting out of breath. You regular run for charity – what have you got in the pipeline? I hope to run The London Marathon for Clic Sargent again in 2013.

Image from Mega Bloks

How do you and James spend a typical weekend? Sunday is our family day as one or other of us frequently ends up working on a Saturday. We usually spend our time either going for long walks with the dog and Ella, or visiting really close friends. Occasionally we might get in the car and go off to a place of interest but we tend

not to stray too far from home. It’s just lovely to spend quality time all together.



Christmas Room from Next


Deck The Halls

Create the ultimate festive atmosphere with a sparkling selection of Christmas treats, bits and baubles.

Bunting, £10, Next

Ashley Thomas Bon-Bon Jar, £15, Debenhams

Festive Lantern from Matalan

Decorations from Matalan

Tartan Bauble, £2.50, from Next

Butterfly clips, £1, Pound-land

Chocolate coins, £1, Pound-land



Luxe Chicken

Celebrate Christmas with Alma de Cuba’s Serrano wrapped chicken breast stuffed with roasted Portobello mushrooms, spinach, garlic and shallots. INGREDIENTS 2 x 8oz Chicken supreme 4 x Portobello mushrooms 10 x Banana shallots 10 x Garlic cloves 6 x Slices of Serrano ham 1 x Bag of spinach Olive oil Salt & Pepper 4 x Sprigs of thyme 250 ml Red wine 500ml Veal or beef stock

METHOD • First toss the mushrooms in a little oil, season with the salt and pepper, then roast in the oven at about 180 degrees for 15 mins until cooked. • Slice two shallots and two garlic cloves and gently pan fry in a little oil until golden brown. Add shallots to the mushrooms and pulse in a food processor until finely chopped. • Lay out three pieces of Serrano next to each other, long sides slightly over • lapping each other, on top of a piece of cling film. Lay one of the chicken breasts across the middle and open out. • Spoon the mushroom duxelle across the middle of the breast and close over. • Carefully fold over and wrap the chicken with the ham using the cling film. You should have a cylinder shape now. Repeat this process with the

• • •

• • • •

other breast and place both in the fridge for later. Take six shallots and peel, drizzle with oil, season and wrap in two layers of tin foil with a sprig of thyme Repeat this process with six garlic cloves. Place both parcels in the oven at 150 degrees, the shallots will take 90 mins while the garlic only 30 mins. Take out of the oven when ready and cool. Slice the remaining shallots and garlic and pan fry till golden brown, add the red wine and boil until it’s reduced by three quarters. Add the stock and remaining thyme to the pan and reduce again by three quarters. You should now have a gravy like consistency. Remove from the heat. Heat a frying pan add a splash of oil, remove the chickens from the cling film and seal all around before placing in the oven for 15 minutes. Rinse the frying pan and place back on a medium heat, add the roasted shallots and garlic with a little oil and butter, add the spinach until wilted and season. Heat the 'gravy'. Divide the spinach , garlic and shallots between two plates. Slice the chickens into three equal pieces and arrange on the plates. Drizzle over the gravy and a little olive oil and serve. Recipe from chef David Critchley



What’s On Film Anyone who loved the Booker Prize winning Life of Pi, will love this film adaptation directed Ang Lee. It tells the tale of Pi Patel who is left adrift at sea after a freak accident. Released nation wide on December 14.

Sunrise is about sex, scandal and spies. Out on January 17. Music Forget about last minute shopping. Carols for Christmas Eve at Liverpool Cathedral is a lovely way to unwind and start celebrating Christ’s birth with the whole family. The service begins at 3pm. Alternatively, visit the Metropolitan Cathedral for the ultimate classical Christmas Concert on December 8.

Do Put on your padded jacket and prepare for ‘pratfalls’ a-plenty at Liverpool One this winter. The Ice Festival at Chavasse Park boasts two giant skating rinks, ice sculptures and a slide. There's even an ice Theatre For a must-see hybrid of comedy and bar for when you need a warm toddy. panto, don’t miss Fred Lawless’ latest Open until January 13. Chrimbo show at The Royal Court in Liverpool. A Nightmare on Lime Street Book is a laugh a minute musical starring After unwrapping and ignoring several Christmas cook books in favour of ready David Guest, Michael Starke and Mark meals, it’s time to tuck into a well written Moraghan. It’s on until January 12. novel. William Boyd’s Waiting For



Image from the Liverpool Empire


The Power of Panto As Liz McClarnon returns home to play Cinderella, the former Atomic Kitten star shares her Christmas plans and panto secrets with Stephanie Sherlock. What characteristics do you think you possess that are similar to Cinderella? My friends call me ‘gullible’ but I like to think of it as naivety. I am a bit away with the fairies and I am always happy apart from that time of the month.

got on today, love?’ Definitely singing because I’ve done that for as long as I can remember. Cooking is not working but good fun and it is relaxing. I’ll never be a Jeremy Paxman but interviewing is like chatting. With acting, I am still learning.

You once said that you never stop learning. What are the challenges of doing panto for you? Panto is very similar to musicals. But in musicals there are more strict events and exact tensions that you have to follow. I am used to playing comedy (Paulette in Legally Blonde) but I have to remember to let myself go a bit in panto.

Do you see any similarities between preparing a meal and performing on stage? Presentation is what matters in the end. When I was doing a demo at the Ashburton Cookery School in Devon, I had to connect with the audience by having a laugh or they would start to get bored.

What attributes will you need to help you through the panto season? It is essentially a children’s show so it is important to stay bubbly and upbeat. Young children actually believe that I am Cinderella rather than just acting.

What techniques do you use to learn your lines? I highlight my lines. My good friend Catherine (Eva Price from Corrie) told me to record on my phone everyone else’s lines and to miss mine out. I never learn my lines with friends and family. They look at me and say ‘do it like that.’ And I say back ‘I’m still learning!’

What is it like returning to your home town of Liverpool? Anyone will tell you that Liverpool [audiences] are at the top with Dublin, Glasgow and Newcastle. When they heckle – there is nothing sinister or negative about it. They are always on your side and they get the jokes. I haven’t been home for Christmas for twelve years. So, on Christmas day, thirty of us are going out for lunch, which saves me visiting everyone. You sing, act, cook, present - which facet do you enjoy most? I dropped my dog off at my Auntie’s today and she asked ‘what hat have you

How do you relax after a performance? By enjoying a large, expensive glass of white wine like Chablis - Dad and I know our wines. I relax in baggy clothes and Uggs or bare feet because I love to sit on the floor. How are you going to celebrate the last night of the panto? Go to a large party with Coleen (Nolan) and Ray (Quinn) and probably get slightly inebriated. Cinderella is on at the Liverpool Empire Theatre from December 14 - 31, 2012.




Your forecast for December and January from The House of Good Fortune. Aries (March 21-April 19) If you’ve recently been disappointed by love, you must be gentle with yourself. Stop having flings and give yourself time to heal, says the three of swords. Taurus (April 20-May 20) The darker side of your imagination is working overtime, says the nine of swords. Don’t let silly work worries drag you down this month. Gemini (May 21-June 20) New and interesting insights have given you hope that things are about to change for the better in 2013. Time to celebrate. Cancer (June 21-July 22) December is a time for harmony and happiness, says the nine of cups. Don’t let a Scorpio friend dampen your spirits. Leo (July 23-August 22) Don’t let your ego stand in the way of success this month, says the hanged man. Be honest with yourself and others about your capabilities. Virgo (August 23-September 22) You are sympathetic to the plight of a youngster, says the page of cups. Help them and you’ll attract positive karma.

A difficult family situation calls for fairness not judgement this December. Make morality your friend and keep your mouth shut.

marketing strategy

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) A sensitive acquaintance is about to change your life for the better. Let them. There is no hidden agenda to their kindness. Capricorn (December 22-January 19) This is a time of abundance and domestic joy, says the empress card. Try to spend more time with friends and family. Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Your over attachment to the material world will hold you back spiritually, says devil card. Put love before money.

Libra (September 23-October 22) Let your childish side come out to play, says the page of wands. You’ll be surprised how much fun being frivolous can be. Pisces (February 19-March 20) Trust your psychic instincts when it comes Scorpio (October 23-November 21) to work, says the high priestess card.


Most of us see prayer as something to get us through difficult times. But psychologists are discovering that it can also help us lead happier, healthier lives too. Forget yoga retreats and being mollycoddled on spa breaks - as stress busters go, you can’t beat talking to God. Okay, so prayer class has never equalled ‘cool’ in any hip, young thing’s diary - but things are changing. Disaffected, anxiety ridden individuals are now searching for spiritual guidance to give their lives meaning. It’s about filling a void that no shopping spree, holiday or luxury car can fill. Feeling calm and cared for in an increasingly speed and stress driven society is difficult. That’s why finding a quiet place to pray is becoming increasingly popular. This January, Anglican Churches through out Wallasey will be embarking upon a special campaign called 100 days of Prayer. This will include people’s prayers being seen daily on the Diocesan website. There are also several prayer groups in the area, including a monthly session called Time 4 God in St Hilary’s Church Wallasey as well as daily worship at Ss Peter, Paul & Philomena in New Brighton. “To the unbeliever, prayer may be seen as a strange, even ridiculous, activity to be involved in,” explains Rev Alan Ward, the rector at St Hilary’s Church in Wallasey.

“It’s not natural – it’s a spiritual activity, it’s supernatural, it’s a mystery. But it’s vital. “I once heard a preacher say that prayer is the Christian’s air. This is true both for us as individual disciples and as churches. We know we wouldn’t get very far without breathing or without oxygen – likewise we won’t get far with God without prayer.” The benefits are obvious. Once you get the chance to slip into a lower gear, you relax. Your body starts to heal, your mind finds clarity and your spirit starts to soar. You enter a new consciousness and open the door to God. Amazing, huh? Of course, a bit of celebrity endorsement helps. Olympic athletes and pop stars,

Images from Microsoft


Prayer Power


including Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, have all been publicly effusive in their thanks to Him when accepting medals and awards. Deepening your experience of God through prayer can provide a sense of meaning and purpose. “We often forget that our spiritual selves need to be nurtured as well as our minds and bodies,” says Jane Jones, a 35-years-old member of a prayer group. “That’s why it’s important to take time out and speak to God. How it works is a mystery but it really does make a difference. You feel more loved and less burdened.” According to psychology experts, having a belief in something bigger than yourself is a vital route to happiness. In fact, studies show that those involved in religion report less depression than those who don’t. In another test, students were asked to complete a survey about

earth. Once you have worked thr ough your physical life and accepted this, you released free of are then all the issues and problems that you may have encountered wit h your life here earth. Ultimately on , you will be hap py and at peace, ready to watch over your loved ones still here earth today. on

dog was shakin g and it wasn't a cold day outsid The house nee e. ded to be blesse d by the Churc have been able h. I in the past to mo ve lost energies out of people’s homes but this one wasn’t in my remit. The clie nt did have a pri est bless the hom and as far as I e know all seems well now. Donna will be appearing on the 19th Octob 2012 at The Flo er ral Pavilion, Ne w Brighton, Wirral .Ticke ts are available directly throug their box office h . Ticket price is £12.00. Call box office on 015 the 1 666 0000 or visit www.floralpavi

their religious practices. Those 2012 Why do you thi nk psychic ses sions have becoften ome so popula who went to churchWe and r? live in a materi alistic, high pre Predictions ssure world, striving for succesones prayed regularly were the s in both our bus iness and private lives. Th is pressure leads to anxiety that from Donna makes people loo k for answers els who scored the highest ewhere. It’s about findinin g reassurance and guidance that sometimes can 't be given by the Robinson world we live happiness. in. For those who have never bee n to see a medium what for? So, what are you waiting can they expect ? A reading with me is simply like having a conversation wit Step away from the television h your lovedor ones who have crossed over. It’s as if they’re in the room with of course they are in iPhone - it’s timefeeyoutol ,scabutcultivate the spirit. You will red or worried not but you will fee to them. It is alw l connected ays a wonderfu l and uplifting power of prayer and feel more experience . Sometim es though, if a closed to the pro person is cess, it can ma ke it more difficu for a medium shopping fulfilled. No therapist, lt to read you. Saying this, the greatest gift we can all give our loved ones on the other side is mall or expensive treatments just to acknowledge the m. You don't nee d a medium like me to send tha t love and apprec required. iation back to them. Do you You don't have to know any ever get any thing bad or evi through? l to come Being a spiritual me prayers - in fact,can words can often dium and cla irv oyant, you encounter spirits who are not so give you an exa le of this, I wa get in the way. Just saytmpyeawhat iss onwemylcowamey.toTo read a client las r, but while dri ving, I started to feel really ill. It felt like I had food in your heart, what you feel. earlier on tha poising, yet t morning I wa s fin e. I knew an energy didn't want me at this Bu t I’v God hears every prayer but nothouse. e learnt to hea2013 will herald new vily protect my energies like this self from . On arrival to my client’s hom Ianswered knew there wa e, all prayers are ver in the s a young girl in spirit wh advancements in y unhappy, cau o was sing a disturban ce to the family ng there. The ene way we might liviexpect orrgydesire. was so intense medicine. Expect to that the We don't always pray for his will hear news of a break to be done. through on how 19 doctors can treat For more information on 100 cancer, resulting in days of prayer, go to longer life. missionwallasey. The second prediction is about the weather. We are likely to suffer dreadful conditions. Expect an onslaught of wet, cold weather. Unfortunately, the Government won’t be prepared for the conditions and lives will possibly be lost. Wirral clairvoyan

t Donna Robinso


DON’T FORGET... 2013 marks the year of the snake in Chinese Astrology. Expect lots of unexplained events and unexpected discoveries.



Dragon’s Den Television star Theo Paphitis tells Stephanie Sherlock what lies beneath his latest business venture.

It’s not every day you get to question an original Dragon about his latest business venture. But this larger than life tycoon listens intently as he surveys his brand new Liverpool One store. The ‘den’ in question is Boux Avenue, which sells a sensual lifestyle at an affordable price. The product, in case you’re wondering, is ladies lingerie. “It’s all about you, the customer,” Theo practically purrs. My eagerness to listen to his ‘pitch’ is compelling. Dressed in a white crisp shirt and dapper suit he lays out why he started small. “I’m incredibly fortunate that I can launch a brand like this, which is a capital investment in the middle of a recession. The customer feedback and more importantly the tills gave me the confidence to go out and open further stores. We started small with six UK stores a year ago, and this will increase to 40 internationally.”

Theo’s quick to impress when asked to name his outstanding achievements to date: “I know that there is a lot more in me yet,” he starts. A driven, pragmatic guy from humble Cypriot beginnings, he has overcome dyslexia and the usual business obstacles to become not only a success but a household name. His work ethic is simply: “I don’t sit back and think about what I have achieved. I look forward to what I can achieve.” Re-entering an arena that requires indepth knowledge of what today’s women want is notoriously tough, especially in a market saturated with celebrity designed scanties. Theo and his dynamic team, however, seem to have met the challenge head on as they show customers a wide range of luxurious lingerie from sizes 30A-40H and 6-20. There’s even a free, signature pink box adorned with tissue and fragrant petals.


Of course, with Christmas around the corner, lingerie gifting is one of the most delicate exchanges a man can make for the object of his desire - after all, it’s all about her fantasy not his. Something the ‘Dragon’ acknowledges: “You can’t go wrong,” he says. “But it’s better to think of her when you’re buying.” I had expected this tough-talking investor to deliver polished, closed answers. But his responses are attentive, genuine and contagious, so much so that I’m quickly lured into the whole Boux brand concept. No sooner than my measurements are taken, a wish list is sent to Santa, otherwise known as my husband. Theo’s top tips on surviving and thriving in a recession: 1. Make sure you have cash flow. 2. With the internet you can find anything out. These days, you have the same knowledge as a multinational. 3. Look for opportunities in the retail sector. There’s always crumbs under big tables.

I’m A Celebrity...

Six ways to attract media attention without going into the jungle or dating a footballer. 1. Establish your expertise. Tell the media that you’re the one to call for knowledgeable interviews in your sector. 2. Network, network, network. Build a file of media contacts. Call them to introduce yourself and buy them coffee once in a while. 3. Be interesting but not self obsessed. Journalists, researchers and producers are only interested in stories that appeal to their target audience.

4. Be polite but persistent. Follow up on all meetings, calls or press releases - several times if necessary. 5. Be a piggy backer. Attend events where you know there will be cameras or start associating with celebrities or charities. It’ll save both time and money. 6. Sign up as a television extra or apply to appear on popular TV shows and quizzes. For more advice go to




Fed up with business lunches or lengthy meetings? Network from your computer. This month, we get the low down on video marketeer David Pratt. video. I think it levels the playing field for business. Work philosophy: Remember that the client is not always right but they are never wrong either. Career Highlights First, as an entertainer in the seventies and eighties. I travelled all around the UK, Europe and America. Secondly, working with creative industries all over Wales and gaining an understanding of the intricacies of film and its delivery online. Worst moment: Not finding immediate solutions for projects – it frustrates me.

Your biog in brief: Having worked at the sharp end of broadband delivery for government, I saw the potential for online video marketing. As such, I built my business with the aim of being the best in my field. Now I deliver concise, vibrant videos for all business sectors. Describe yourself in three words: I am creative, consistent and persistent Why do you do what you do? I love the vibrancy and consistency of a professionally produced online marketing

Best business advice: The past can’t be changed and the future isn’t here yet, so work in the present. Who you’d like to connect with? We are predominantly working with manufacturing companies and the legal field but our service benefits all businesses. We eradicate the ‘I Didn’t Know You Did That’ syndrome. You can contact me on: The Business Video Company Ltd, Innovation House, Bromborough, Merseyside CH62 3QT. T:0844 683 0008


Good Fortune Magazine Dec 2012  

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