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RacquetTech October - 2009

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My Serve

DIRECTOR Mark Maslowski

We have a lot of organizational news this month. The new Stringers Digest 2009/10 is being prepared for publication. The new format is an A4 book instead of a ringbook. Please renew your membership if it has expired to get the latest issues of RacquetTech magazine and the new Digest. The 2010 Annual Meeting/Symposium is planned for the end of October in southern Spain. We will keep you informed of the exact dates and venue. The meeting is planned for three days with workshops covering different areas such as stringing, racquet tuning, marketing, etc. In 2010 ERSA will publish 6 magazines starting with February 1, then every 2 months. We have several new experts writing articles for us in 2010, along with a Questions and Answers Section and Stringing Tips in every issue. The six issues will allow us to offer more space for information for our members. We have been busier than ever with workshops. We are booked out through the end of this year and already have workshops (20) for Italy, Greece, England, Ireland and Germany planned along with the workshops offered by our testers in five countries. In tennis racket sales, the industry is still down, but stringingseems to be steady. It will be interesting to see how Klip USA and Pacific will fit into the market in these slower times as “new” racquet manufacturers. Bow Brand has also just announced it is going back into natural gut production for tennis after a short break. Bow Brand is a major producer of natural gut music strings. The new Tecnifibre stringing machine will be introduced in the next issue with many improvements and innovations. Best wishes Mark Maslowski Director


Wir haben diesen Monat viele organisatorische Nachrichten. Der neue Stringers Digest 2009/10 wird für die Öffentlichkeit vorbereitet. Das neue Format ist ein A4 Buch anstatt ein Ringbuch. Bitte erneuern Sie ihre Mitgliedschaft, wenn Sie abgelaufen ist um die neuesten Themen über RacquetTech-Magazine und dem neuen Digest zu erfahren. Das Jahreshauptversammlung/ Symposium 2010 ist für das Ende vom Oktober in Süd-Spanien geplant. Wir werden Sie mit den exakten Datum und dem


OFFICE MANAGER Sanda Maslowski AUSTRALIA MANAGER Anthony Aley UK MANAGER Sam Chan SPAIN MANAGER Richard Parnell GREECE MANAGER Petros Biris GREECE WORKSHOP MANAGER George Pahiakos Czech Republic & Slovakia Vaclav Smat FOUNDING MEMBERS Ashaway Babolat Head Isospeed Kirschbaum Luxilon Pacific Wilson COPORATE MEMBERS Ashaway Head Prince Völkl Fischer Dunlop Slazenger Carlton STRING SUPPLIER MEMBERS Apollo Leisure Bow Brand Kirschbaum Gosen Klip Europe Signum Pro TOA Strings Technical Consultant Rod Cross CONTACT European Racquet Stringers Association Lenaustr. 38 40470 Düsseldorf, Germany Phone - +49-(0)211-87511548 Fax - +49-(0)211-87511549

Racquet Tech - October- 2009

My Serve Austragungsort informieren. Das Meeting ist für 3 Tage mit verschiedene Workshops wie z.B. Bespannen, Schlägertuning, Marketing, usw. In 2010 wird ERSA 6 Magazine, beginnend am 2. Februar und dann alle 2 Monate, veröffentlichen. Wir haben etliche neue Experten, die für uns 2010 Artikel schreiben, zusammen mit Fragen und Antwort-Sektion und Bespannungstipps in jeder Ausgabe. Die 6 Ausgaben werden uns mehr Platz für Informationen für unsere Mitglieder ermöglichen. Wir waren nie zuvor so tätig was Workshops angeht. Wir sind bis zum Ende des Jahres ausgebucht und haben bereits Workshop(20) für Italien, Griechenland, England, Irland und Deutschland geplant, plus Workshops angeboten von unseren Testern in allen 5 Ländern. In Tennisschlägerverkauft ist die Industrie immernoch abgesunken aber Bespannen scheint stabil zu laufen. Es wird interessant sein zu sehen wie Klip USA und Pacific in diesen langsamen Zeiten als „neue“ Schlägerhersteller passen. Bow Brand hat eben auch angekündigt, dass es wieder geht in Naturdarmproduktion für Tennis. Bow Brand ist ein bedeutender Naturdarm Musiksaiten Hersteller. Die neue Tecnifibre-Bespannungsmaschine wird in der nächsten Ausgabe mit vielen Fortschritten und Innovationen vorgestellt. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Mark Maslowski


SPIKY SHARK The Kirschbaum SPIKY SHARK based on ten years of know how of the SUPER SMASH SPIKY with its diagonal surface structure. The new SPIKY SHARK is equipped with an octagonal profile parallel to the string. Using a specially developed technique we accomplish distinctive peaks for an optimum grip to the ball to ensure best slice and spin transfer (US Patent 6,117,383). Kirschbaum SPIKY SHARK – a new meaning of spin transfer! – no string slipping – enlarged acceleration and high comfort – best spin transfer (available in 1,25 mm / 17 and 1,30 mm / 16, 12 m- und 200 m-unit)


NEW Kirschbaum Sportartikel GmbH · Schweerstraße 1 · D-58456 Witten phone: +49 (0) 23 02-9 70 50 · fax: +49 (0) 23 02-7 76 76 ·

Ashaway ZyMax Ashaway ZyWeaVe Technology Ashaway Racket Strings has developed a new core construction technique that allows the production of lighter, stronger badminton strings than any yet produced. ZyWeaVe™ technology allows Ashaway to produce a string that is 25% lighter than standard 0.70mm badminton strings. The company has introduced a new line of strings using the new technology under the brand name ZyMax®. “Professional players like lighter strings in their racquet heads for more power on smashes and better feel and control on touch shots,” said Steve Crandall, Vice President of Marketing for Ashaway. “Early play testing of the new line has been very positive, and one player, Ruilin Huang, even won the 2009 US Open Ladies Doubles Championship using one of our new ZyMax strings.” Using a combination of high-tech materials and their proprietary ZyWeaVe core, the new Ashaway strings produce less elongation at professional stringing tensions and less creep. This means the strings maintain tension and consistent maximum performance throughout their playing life. In addition, ZyWeaVe technology allows Ashaway to make a string that can be strung at unusually high tensions. “We’ve been able to string a ZyMax .70mm gauge string at over 40 lbs. using special high tension racquets,” said Crandall. “You can tell the string is maintaining tension and repulsion power by the nice crisp “ping” sound it makes when you strike the shuttle.” Crandall did not disclose details of the new ZyMax string line, but indicated it would consist of several gauge models and would be rolled out during the late summer and early fall of 2009. And he added, “With this technology, we’re confident we can produce the lightest and strongest badminton strings ever made.”

Ashaway Introduces ZyMax® 70 for Badminton, the Strongest 0.70 mm String Ever Made Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced the first string of its highly anticipated ZyMax® line of badminton strings. ZyMax 70 makes maximum use of Ashaway’s patented new ZyWeaVe™ core processing technology which produces thinner, stronger strings. According to Ashaway, ZyMax 70 is the strongest 0.70 mm string ever made. Designed to provide durability and responsiveness at all stringing tensions, ZyMax 70 is ideal for heavy hitters who want a micro-gauge string but need to maximize durability. “ZyMax 70 is the workhorse of the new line,” said Steve Crandall, Ashaway’s VP of Marketing, “Power


Racquet Tech - October- 2009

Ashaway ZyMax players typically use thicker strings to avoid breakage, and increase tension to improve control. But with ZyMax 70, they can get a thin string that is both durable and can handle high tensions. ZyMax 70 has performed well in play tests at 40.6 lbs in a special high tension frame.� Key to the performance of the ZyMax line is a combination of high-tech core and braid materials, and Ashaway’s proprietary ZyWeaVe core process technology which allows the production of lighter, stronger badminton strings than any yet produced. The new ZyMax strings produce less elongation at professional stringing tensions and less creep. This means the strings maintain tension and consistent maximum performance throughout their playing life. In addition, ZyWeaVe technology allows Ashaway to make a string that can be strung at unusually high tensions. Recommended to be strung at up to 35 lbs, ZyMax 70 is very durable and responsive across a range of stringing tensions. The ZyWeaVe core allows less elongation at all stringing tensions. As a result, ZyMax 70 strings up tighter and plays firmer with maximum tension stability. It maintains string tension longer and displays consistent maximum performance throughout the life of the string.


String Test Badminton ASHAWAY ZyMax STRING TEST

Ashaway has introduced a new badminton string which has given us the highest marks of any badminton string we have tested. They spent the last 18 months developing this string with the goal of making the best badminton string in the world. The string was developed for good amateur to professional level players, so we tested the string with 25 top juniors, seniors and high level nationally ranked players in several countries. As expected, most of the players were using the number one played string among professional players, but found the ZyMax the same, somewhat better or much better than the string they now use. Ashaway has sent us 25 sets of each of 2 of their new ZyMax badminton strings to test at the same time, Ashaway ZyMax 70 (optic yellow) and ZyMax 67 (platinum silver). Ashaway ZyMax62 – is a multi-core string with a double multi-filament overwrap at 0.62mm the thinnest string available. It comes optic yellow,platinum silver and ivory white colors and is available in 10 meter sets and 200 meter reels. The ZyWeaVe core was developed to maintain tension over a longer period of time. Ashaway ZyMax67 – is a multi-core string with a double multi-filament overwrap and is 0.67mm. It comes in optic yellow,platinum silver and ivory white colors and is available in 10 meter sets and 200 meter reels. Recommended tension up to 30 pounds. Ashaway ZyMax70 - is a multi-core string with a double multi-filament overwrap and is 0.70mm. It comes in optic yellow,platinum silver and ivory white colors and is available in 10 meter sets and 200 meter reels. Developed for more durability and has a recommended tension up to 35 pounds, but has been tested at over 40 pounds. We received 25 sets of the ZyMax 70 and ZyMax 67 measuring 10 meters in yellow and silver. We sent one of each of the sets to 25 testers. We received results from 20 testers. STRINGING Almost all of the testers found both strings the same to string as their current string, with 2 finding it somewhat easier and one finding it somewhat more difficult to string. No one reported any problems with stringing, friction notching, ease of stringing, tying knots, string breakage and weaving. PLAYTEST Playability was rated the same as their string (10 testers) a little better (5 testers) much better (4 testers) and a little worse (1 tester). The average playing time was 16 hours with the longest 40 hours. Two strings broke during the play test. One from a mishit (10 hours) and the other from wear (35 hours). Here are the results of the two individual strings.


Racquet Tech - October- 2009

New Products RATINGS From the chart below you can see that our testers rated the ZyMax 70 Optic Yellow better in durability and power while the thinner string ZyMax 67 Silver rated better in feeling, control, comfort and overall playability as you would expect. 1 being the highest score and 6 being the lowest

playability durability power control comfort feeling tension loss string movement

ZyMax 70 Yellow 2,2 2 1,9 2,6 3 4 2,3 2,2

ZyMax 67 Silver 2,3 2,4 2,4 2,1 2,8 2,1 2,4 2

Comments – “A very good playability with both strings.” Top 50 nationally ranked player using Yonex BG65. “A very good string with excellent playability” Top 10 nationally ranked player using Head Super Power 69. “I rate it a somewhat better than my current string.” Tournament player using Yonex BG65. “Very good string but I will stick with my string.” Regionally ranked player using Yonex BG65. Summary – Ashaway ZyMax Badminton strings should become one of the top strings in the market in a short time. The UK Ashaway distributor, Goode Sports, said they are selling very well and better than they hoped for shortly after intoducing it. Zymax came out as good or a little better in comparison to Yonex BG 65, the most used string from tournament and top world class players. All the testers said they would carry the string in their business and more than 50% of the players said they would consider changing to this string even though they have contracts with other companies.


Racquet Tech - October- 2009

Wimbledon 2009 Apollo Leisure has taken over the Wimbledon stringing service. Below is a report sent in to us with some interesting information and statistics. See page 18 for selected player logs.

APOLLO LEISURE REPORT ON WIMBLEDON 2009 Apollo Leisure was honoured to be asked by the All England Club to run the stringing service at Wimbledon in 2009, taking over from Bow Brand who had run the service for over 20 years. We employed 20 stringers, 7 admin staff and 5 runners during the Qualifying Tournament and the Championships. We used 10 new Prince 6000 stringing machines. A Prince Precision Tuning Centre for customising players’ frames and a Beers ERT 300 tension tester for checking the dynamic tension of specific restrings. The booking in system was computerised for the first time and although there were some teething problems this was considered a success. We strung a total of 2316 frames during the 3 weeks of the Qualifiers and the Championships. A new record! The busiest day was the first Monday, 22nd June, when 286 frames were strung. The highest tension strung was 33 kgs/73 lbs for Jurgen Melzer. The lowest tension strung was 16 kgs/35 lbs for Peter Luczak. The most frames strung for one player was 55 for Serena Williams. The most popular string was Luxilon Alu Power.


Racquet Tech - October- 2009

BabolatPureDrive+ PrinceO3SpeedportBlack PrinceO3SpeedportBlack PrinceOzoneTour WilsonKͲBlade DunlopAerogel300 WilsonKͲSixOne95 HeadPrestige HeadPrestige HeadRadicalMP TecnifibreT.Fight320 HeadRadicalMP

HeadExtremePro YonexRDiS100 HeadRadicalMP HeadExtreme WilsonKͲBladeTour BabolatAeroStorm BabolatPureDriveLite BabolatAeroStorm BabolatAeroproDrive WilsonKͲBladeTeam WilsonKͲBladeTeam BabolatAeroproDrive

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IgorAndreev BobBryan MikeBryan JuanCarlosFerrero PhilippKohlschreiber JurgenMelzer DanielNestor DudiSela GillesSimon RobinSoderling FernandoVerdasco NenadZimonjic



18 LuxilonAluPower LuxilonAluPower BabolatVSTeam LuxilonAluPower WilsonNatural BabolatRevenge BabolatProHurricane LuxilonAluPower BabolatRevenge WilsonNatural WilsonNatural BabolatRevenge

LuxilonOriginal LuxilonAluPowerRough/BabolatVSTouch LuxilonAluPowerRough/BabolatVSTouch LuxilonOriginal LuxilonAluPower/WilsonNatural IsospeedProfessional WilsonNatural LuxilonAluPower HeadIntellitour LuxilonAluPower LuxilonOriginal BabolatVSTeam



62/61lbs 23/22kgs 24.5kgs 24.5kgs 52.5lbs 25.5/26.5kgs 23kgs 25/24kgs 21.5kgs 64lbs 68lbs 25kgs

25/23kgs 48/52lbs 47/51lbs 24.5/23.5kgs 23/22kgs 32kgs 52.5/50.5lbs 23kgs 20/19kgs 25kgs 23/21kgs 23/21.5kgs

2 18 19 7 2 10 4 35 6 55 46 9

6 32 29 24 13 15 7 9 10 31 21 13


Wimbledon 2009 Logs

Racquet Tech - October- 2009

Beat the Competition with ZyMax


Choose the ZyMax Badminton String that Matches Your Style of Game

Developed for the 21st Century ZyMax 62

ZyMax 70

The lightest string ever made; 25% lighter than standard .70 mm strings. Optimum repulsion The strongest .70 mm string ever made. Has with the crisp sound been strung over 40 lbs. players want to hear. in special high tension 175x Cross Section rackets. The best string for Magnification durability at all stringing tensions.

ZyMax 62

ZyMax 67 Lowest tension loss of any badminton

string. Exceptional tension stability insures an excellent combination of durability and repulsion at all stringing tensions.

Standard .70 mm String

Revolutionary ZyWeaVeTM core makes ZyMax 62 25% lighter than standard .70 mm badminton strings, maximizing repulsion on smashes and control on drop shots. Revolutionary ZyWeaVe core allows ZyMax 70 to be strung at 40.6 lbs in Panda Power Ultra badminton frame.

2!#+%4342).'3 PO Box 549 Ashaway, Rhode Island USA 02804

Available from:

”Excellent string for durability, feel and control with no tension loss. ZyMax 67 is perfect for my game.” Ruilin Huang, (left) 2009 US Open Ladies Doubles Champion playing with ZyMax 67.



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RacquetTech October 2009  

Magazine produced by the ERSA (European Racquet Stringers Association)

RacquetTech October 2009  

Magazine produced by the ERSA (European Racquet Stringers Association)