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BIG GREEN WEEK Reflective Walking for Leaders

7.30-9am Meet at Bordeaux Quay

Walks & tours

Friday 20 June and technology. A unique insight into what life in the future might look like. ticketed: £7.50

Many leaders have used reflective walking as an essential part of their lives; the walk introduces you to this innovative process. free but ticket required FREe EveNTs

Sathanao Trio from Tbilisi Georgia

1-2pm St Stephen’s Church


Sathanao means ‘something very precious to your heart’. For the women of Sathanao from Bristol’s twin city Tbilisi this is the Georgian Polyphonic Song Tradition, a heritage almost extinct after years under the Soviet regime. The green message? Resilience means delving into our own pre-capitalist spiritual roots. Free (donation appreciated) Family EveNTs

Catalyst - are you 18-25 years old?

10am-5pm Embercombe’s Volharding COnfErEnces & WOrkshops

Do you want to carve your own path and co-create the beautiful future you know is possible? Join us today to learn about Catalyst, a cutting edge leadership course for 18-25 year olds who want to push their boundaries and help shape the future. free Talks & DebATes

Paintings by Thom Gorst and Enya Lachman-Curl

Fri: 6pm-9pm, Sat & Sun: 12pm-6pm Coach House Studio and Gallery, 7 Barossa Place An exhibition of paintings by Thom Gorst and Enya Lachman-Curl whose works focus on the themes of ruination, decay, growth and entropy. free FREe EveNTs

Jonathon Porritt: the world we made Talks & DebATes

12.30-1.30pm, Arnolfini

The concept of Jonathon’s latest book, The World We Made, is simple. Writing from the viewpoint of a fictional woman in 2050, it looks back on how the world reached a more sustainable future, taking a look at diverse subjects such as energy, healthcare



Talks & DebATes

Eat.Drink.Dance Eco 5pm-12am, The Island

A social gathering, night market and immersive experience. Would you like to know how to source food knowledgeably and ethically? Eat.Drink. Dance Eco offers a platform to traders and associates that think and promote ‘green’: local, sustainable street-food traders, breweries, workshops, installations, talks, art, music and an independent market. Free, ticket required Family EveNTs

COnfErEnces & fOod & Markets WOrkshops



Hosting Transformation - Stories from the Edge of Changemaking

Beyond Flying

1-1.30pm Embercombe’s Volharding A Books on the Boat event There are no instructions for this kind of change; no manual for transformation, no universal rules or tricks. Rather than creating a handbook, Stories from the Edge of Changemaking is a collection of personal stories which aim to inspire and encourage you to host transformation in yourself and in the world. free

Talks & DebATes

5.30-6pm Embercombes Volharding

A Books on the Boat event In 2010 Adam Weymouth walked from England to Istanbul, an eight-month journey that takes four hours by plane. The freelance writer talks about how experiencing the world at a walking pace can alter how we see our place in it, and what we might be losing as we walk less. free

Special EveNTs Special EveNTs

Behind-the-Scenes Sustainability Tour Walks & tours

Introduction to Frack Free Bristol

3-4pm, At-Bristol

See Monday 16 for details. ticketed: £5 Talks & DebATes

Deep Green Resistance UK 5-6pm, Hamilton House

The natural world is being destroyed by industrial civilisation. The mainstream environmental movement is not being effective at stopping or even slowing this destruction down. Deep Green Resistance is offering a new perspective and strategy on how we can resist. More info at www.deepgreenresistanceuk. free

Talks & DebATes

COnfErEnces & WOrkshops

Talks & DebATes

6-7pm, Hamilton House

Frack Free Bristol is a grassroots group working to secure a ban on unconventional gas extraction in the area and help other places on the frontline of fracking. This workshop is a great opportunity to find out about the inspiring community resistance that’s building around the country and to get involved. free COnfErEnces & WOrkshops



Truth Mandala 2

6-8pm, St Stephen’s Church COnfErEnces & WOrkshops

See Monday 16 for details.


Special EveNTs


Good Bristol Magazine Issue 2  
Good Bristol Magazine Issue 2