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BIG GREEN WEEK Run your own BIG Business Green Week Special EveNTs

9am-5pm Mon to Fri

participating businesses city-wide Join our city-wide Business Green Week! Download our brand new step-by-step guide from the festival website full of tried and tested activities to help you engage staff in your workplace during BIG Green Week. An ideal way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability as we prepare for European Green Capital 2015. free FREe EveNTs

COnfErEnces & WOrkshops

UK Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel

Saturday16 Monday 14th June June

Lets Talk Education - Embercombe style

10am-5pm Embercombe’s Volharding

Talks & DebATes

Embercombe is working with schools, colleges and universities in the southwest to deliver transformative learning experiences within current teaching and learning frameworks. Come and speak to Jo Clark, Embercombe’s head of landbased learning, about what we are doing and how this can be replicated in your place of education. free FREe EveNTs

Mon: 9am-5pm & Tues: 8.30am-2pm City Hall

COnfErEnces & 11am-2pm WOrkshops Lawrence Weston Community Farm

During this two day event, Bristol hosts 12 world experts in sustainable development tasked with the question “What role can community-led development play in unlocking access to land or financing for small-scale sustainable urban development?” The experts will tour Bristol, holding a series of workshops & interviews before offering their conclusions in an open debate. by invitation only - see 2.30pm Tuesday for public debate

Join Lawrence Weston Community Farm’s Green Woodworking group to have a go at using traditional hand tools and techniques used to make spoons and bowls. The group is open to new members if you get hooked! Suitable for adults only. Please email if you are planning to join in. free with registration FREe EveNTs

Netwalking for Freelancers with Tots!

10am-1pm, Ashton Court, meet in Stables courtyard

Walks & tours

This event, with freelance mum Faye Dicker, is designed for freelance mums & dads with pre-school age tots, offering the opportunity to walk & talk with others in business whilst also getting out with your pre-schooler. Join us! free, but ticket required Family EveNTs

Talks & DebATes


Special EveNTs

Innovating for Future Cities: making big green ideas a reality

12.30-1.30pm, public talk 2-5.30pm, workshop (by invitation) Arnolfini, 5th floor By 2050 two-thirds of the worlds population will be urban. Cities create great opportunities but as they grow they face challenges: cities create around 70% of the globe’s carbon emissions whilst taking up just 2% of it’s surface. Cracking sustainable urban lifestyles is a major challenge of our time. The Future Cities Catapult is a global centre of excellence on urban innovation. They unite key players in the field to find new ways of tackling city challenges, and help British businesses grow. Together we can make cities better places to live for everyone. public talk: free, but ticket required workshop: free, but by inviation only



Talks & DebATes

1-1.30pm Embercombe’s Volharding

A Books on the Boat event The Passivhaus Handbook, one of the first comprehensive passive house books in English, is an essential guide for everyone wanting to realise a supremely comfortable, healthy and durable home with exceptionally low energy costs. free Special EveNTs

Behind-the-Scenes Sustainability Tour

Talks & DebATes

Green Woodworking Taster Day

Talks & DebATes

Passivhaus Handbook

Walks & tours

3-4pm, At-Bristol

Discover the future of green buildings by exploring behind the scenes at one of the UK’s most advanced low-energy installations. Key to At-Bristol’s award-winning sustainability is the innovative system that regulates the environment of this iconic building. Join sustainability manager Chris Dunford for a tour of this revolutionary technology. ticketed: £5 Talks & DebATes

Blazing Tales: the River Expedition

5.30-6pm Embercombe’s Volharding

Talks & DebATes

A Books on the Boat event Storyteller, story maker and director of combined arts company Blazing Tales, Sara Hurley leads projects that encourage a sense of place and belonging through story, environmental and heritage work. The River Expedition uses a project with rurally-based, mixed-heritage families as a springboard to explore these themes. free Special EveNTs

Truth Mandala 1

6-8pm, St Stephen’s Church When we face the darkness of our time, openly & together, we tap deep reserves of strength within us. If some of the things you have heard lately about the environment have felt overwhelming, come and experience the uplifting power of the Truth Mandala for yourself. free COnfErEnces & WOrkshops


Special EveNTs

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Good Bristol Magazine Issue 2