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The Return of The Magnus Puto The Bristol-based hip-hop/ska sextet primed to take their energy worldwide.


elding ska, electro,

hip-hop and indie sounds into a defiantly danceable concoction, The Magnus Puto have achieved big things in their time as a band. After only a few local gigs the band were invited to share a stage with Plan B at the Pilton Party, the annual post-Glastonbury megaevent held by Michael Eavis. Having achieved so much so quickly, Good Bristol caught up with Patrick, Andy, Chris and Pat to find out what's next. Tell us about where you grew up and how it influenced you? Andy: None of us are from Bristol originally, we came to here for Uni in 2007 and there was just such an energy on the live scene! Even in the smaller gigs around the city people were just going all out for it. Chris: I came to Bristol and just realised I wanted to party harder, which I think has influenced us all a little bit. Patrick: There are so many good gigs,

posters up everywhere, you can't get away from what's happening. Do you think we're seeing a bit of Ska over-saturation occurring in Bristol now? Andy: I have felt like that at times, but I think it's all good. There seem to be different waves of music that go through Bristol, you can kind of latch on to each and ride it as you please. Patrick: I do sometimes feel, though, that bands in Bristol are too focused on pleasing the crowd; making this big party. Sometimes bands just need to regroup and focus on the sound they want, then see if people want to hear it. Chris: You run the risk of trying to please the crowd you think exists. We've seen a lot of new-school ska bands smashing it on the festival scene lately, do you think there is an identifiable ‘Bristol Sound’ getting out there? Pat: The cool thing is that it doesn't feel like people are trying to copy old ska;

bands are always striving to create new versions of the sound. All the bands you'll find here have a bit of gypsy, funk, hip-hop or some other influence in there. I think the competition in Bristol really pushes you harder. Andy: We have been wary of shutting ourselves into this scene and almost being locked out from the rest of the country. It's quite an easy thing to do when this is such a special place. The job now is to take the ‘Bristol Sound’ everywhere else! Having just stormed an extensive UK tour with their incendiary beats, it seems unlikely that these rabble-rousers are getting locked down anytime soon. Catch The Magnus Puto on the festival circuit this summer at Download, Boomtown and more. Their new 5-track EP, Gettin' Trouble, is available now. ■

summer 2014


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Good Bristol Magazine Issue 2