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(TCO 7) Which of the following types of columns will automatically right-align the data when it is displayed? (TCO 7) Which of the following SQL statements will display the profit generated by each book currently stored in the BOOKS table? (You do not need to see the table structure for this question) (TCO 7) Which of the following will display the new retail price of each book as 20 percent more than it originally cost? (TCO 7) Which of the following operators would be most appropriate to determine whether or not the retail price of a book is at least $24.00? (TCO 7) The ______________________ comparison operator is used to indicate that a data value must fall within a range of values to be included in the query results. (TCO 7) Based upon the contents of the BOOK_ORDER table shown below, which of the following queries will display all orders that were not shipped for at least three days after the order was received? (TCO 7) ANSI-standard SQL allows the use of a special operator in conjunction with WHERE clause. A special operator used to check whether an attribute matches one from a subquery is_______. (TCO 7) A ____ occurs when a relationship is improperly or incompletely identified and, therefore, is represented in a way that is not consistent with the real world. (TCO 7) The ______________________ comparison operator is used to search for values which are not NULL. TCO 7) You want to write a query that will return the customer number, first and last name from

the book_order table (shown below) for all customers who have a P.O. Box and who live in either Trenton or Chicago. Write the query that will accomplish this task.

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