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Summer 2012 Lookbook

Ladies organic cotton hipster kinckers, the “hipknicks,� in blue, black and pink.

The clothes we wear tell a story. Good & Fair Clothing tells a story of dignitiy, respect, and love. Our story starts on the farms of India. We partner with an organic cotton farmers’ cooperative for the raw cotton that goes into our designs.

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Men’s organic cotton boxers in white with red or grey stitching and black with black stitching.

Good & Fair Clothing is a dream, a vision, and a mission to do good and be fair. Fair trade certification accompanies the cotton we use and the production of our tee shirts and underwear. We go all the way to the source and partner with certified cooperatives and companies in order to create clothes that reflect our values.

Organic cotton tee shirts, plain and printed, v-neck and crew neck.

Nau’s Family Story Farmers in India have suffered the abuse of unscrupulous money lenders and middlemen. Cotton farmers have found themselves under crushing debt, unable to pay back lenders. The major reason to barrow money is to buy pesticide to spread over the yearly crop. The cost of the pesticide is inflated, forcing them to borrow more than they can pay back. Launching them into a cycle of debt, continuing to barrow money for pesticide, pay it back, then borrowing more money, to again buy more pesticide. Tens of thousands of farmers across India's agricultural sector have committed suicide over the past two decades. Chetna Organic Cotton Project started in 2004 to address this and other pressing problems farmers and their families face every day. No longer dependent on pesticides to grow cotton our partner farmers receive support and training to farm according to organic standards. This gets them out of the cycle of extreme poverty and crushing debt. Chetna adopted fair trade standards and pays member farmers a certified fair trade price for their cotton. Being good to the earth has a direct financial benefit to the 6,000+ farmers who make up the coop. Now they aren't under the heal of lenders and are able to build a life free from debt. Nau's father is one of these farmers. Nau attends school in the small village of Agar. His father and the other Chetna Coop farmers used a portion of their profit to build a school for children. Not having to pay back massive debts allows them to give the gift of education. We met briefly when I first visited the school. He was shy and didn't say too much. He is just one of many children who benefit from the fair trade and organic supply chain Good & Fair uses. This is the story to which we are dedicated, a story of freedom and love. - Shelton Green, Founder, Good & Fair Clothing

Finishers laughing it up while having their picture taken. They work at the fair trade cut and sew facility in Kolkata, India.

Our Story


Shelton Green's passion to end modern slavery inspired him to launch Good & Fair Clothing. He didn't want any one hurt, oppressed, or enslaved for the sake of his fashion.

Good & Fair Clothing is a licensee of Fair Trade USA. Organic cotton certification is through the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Our designs are fair trade from farm to factory. When you purchase clothes from our line you support cotton farmers, garment workers, and their families with fair wages, access to education, and worker rights. Our cotton is organic and pesticide free. Together we have an opportunity to bring whole families out of extreme poverty and support them thru ethical fashion. Good & Fair Clothing is good to the earth and fair to people.

Good & Fair Clothing 5555 N. Lamar Blvd. #L107 Austin, Tx 78751 512-371-7747

Big Thanks! Web and graphic design: Dallas Peters Model and style photography: Esther Havens Models: Christen Gmitter Daniel Davis Hair and make-up artist: Knoxy Production Assistant: Constance Dykhuizen

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Good & Fair Clothing Summer 2012 Lookbook  
Good & Fair Clothing Summer 2012 Lookbook  

Lookbook for Summer 2012