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Dear reader, Constantly trying to achieve our vision (“Empowered diversity”) by following our mission (“Developing Students”), we strive to connect our three main stakeholders: university, students and companies. As an international student organisation, Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is continuously seeking the needs of students and we match them with the needs of our partners. We believe that in a fast, changing, dynamic world, students need guidance in their future career, thus we create cross-European connections which brings diversity, benefits and generates development. Through our services students and companies have endless possibilities to meet and find a perfect career or employee. Trust, honesty and transparency are only a few things our organisation values, which leads us to professionalism. I wish you a pleasant reading and I hope this booklet is just the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Kind regards, Mihai Tociu President XXVI Board of BEST


Board of European Students of Technology





BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a non-profit and voluntary European organisation for students of technology. Since 1989, we have been creating a growing, dynamic, innovative and well-organised network of students, which provides complementary education for future engineers by encouraging communication, cooperation and exchange of students in the exclusive technical universities and faculties. Our priority is to offer high quality services to technical students from all over Europe. Our vision, “empowered diversity”, means that we strive to achieve an environment that supports people in acting responsibly and applying their full potential in the academic and professional field. Through our mission, “developing students”, we help students achieve an international mindset and reach a better understanding of cultures and societies in order to develop their capacity to work in culturally diverse environments.

COMPLEMENTARY EDUCATION Throughout the year, we organise educational, skill development and leisure courses for European students. In these courses, we give students opportunities to broaden their minds, get to know the latest achievements in technology and management, learn foreign languages and experience other cultures. One of BEST’s flagship events are its engineering competitions. These competitions range from a few hours to a couple of days of subsequent tasks that aim to provide students from around Europe with an opportunity to gain valuable experience, test their engineering knowledge, use their creativity and develop their soft-skills in an innovative way.


BEST collaborates with thematic networks and educational organisations to improve several aspects of engineering education. European students opinions are taken in to consideration during BEST events on education and later on is disseminated in conferences.

Established on 1989 (in Berlin)

33 countries


Complementary Education


95 universities

+3 300


BEST aims to play a leading role in the career development for technical students. Through BEST Career Support, we would like to enhance the possibilities students receive when it comes to their careers and help them to make the best start possible. Organising job fairs and tools such as our CV database and Career Newsletter are just few of the features BEST uses to reach the technical students from 95 Universities.

Improving Communication

Career Support

+8 000

students attend BEST event

+1 300 000 students reached


Board of European Students of Technology

About BEST



COOPERATION WITH BEST Cooperation with BEST is an excellent opportunity to reach a large number of students throughout Europe, be it for recruitment or promotion. Our live events are the perfect way to interact with a diverse group of technical students that form the heart of our organisation. BEST members excel at combining their university life with extracurricular activities. Apart from live events, we also provide online services to reach these outstanding students.

PROFILE OF BEST MEMBERS Experienced managing


Local or International Teams Proactive and Creative

Undergraduate or Recent Graduates

BEST Career Support (BCS) is the totality of services provided by BEST towards students in order to attain career development and access career opportunities. We create unique opportunities to start an international career or even to embark on the adventure of studying abroad for internationally-minded students and engineers.In order to provide career support, we use our: • Website • Career Newsletter • CV Database 905 8 451 PEOPLE PEOPLE ● Social media: FOLLOW US LIKE US - - • Live events: - BEST Career Day during General Assembly; - Official Opening Day during Presidents’ Meeting; - Official Closing Day at European BEST Engineering Competition.

Successful in Project Management

Trained in Soft-Skills

Work and Study experience

BEST members

Experienced in Working in Virtual Teams

in International Environments

WEBSITE On our website, - which had almost 755 000 unique visitors during 2012, we create profiles for our partners which include all information about companies and their offers. In this way, students have the chance to find special offers for working abroad in their desired scientific fields and countries.

Travelling Comfortable with Travel Team Players


on Troughout Europe

Board of European Students of Technology

BEST Career Support


CAREER NEWSLETTER One of the main tools we use for reaching students is our Career Newsletter with a target of over 35 000 students who constantly follow our news. In order to make sure that these newsletters are sent to target audience, we filter them by language skills, universities, countries, study fields and graduation period. We want to make sure our partners get great results by using our services. Some examples of successful promotions with Career Newsletter: • DuPont European Operations Field Program, March 2013 - 2563 clicks • Procter & Gamble IDS Challenge, January, 2013 - 1874 clicks

CV DATABASE When taking part in various events we organise such as technological/managerial courses, jobfairs and engineering competitions, students fill in a CV as a matter of their interest in Career Support. With a continual increase, we currently have 2008 s 2009 more than 37000 CVs in our database. 2010

Number of CV

In order to ensure high quality of 2011 2012 the CVs, each CV template needs to be 2013 filled to at least 80% with personal data 40000 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000 of the student. This specifically enables a fine granularity of targeting options when defining a Career Newsletter recipients set. Furthermore, for making the research for companies easier, faster and more specific, it is possible to sort the list of CVs by different criteria, like study field, country, university, year of study and spoken languages.

BEST CAREER DAY BEST Career Day is an international jobfair that gathers almost 500 specifically selected students from the best technological universities throughout Europe. All of these students are either leaders of our organisation or their local BEST groups, either distinguished students in their universities that have been selected by the partner companies or successful and top students in the local university. ● 300 internationally-minded students or recent graduates in the fields of science, technology or management; ● 1 00 top students of Europe, who are in their final years of study and selected by partner companies from a group of applicants; ● 100 local students, who are the the top students in their university and in their final years of study. All of them willing to work in an international environment. Our first 10 partners are able to select 10 students each among hundreds of applications. During BEST Career Day, our partners have chance to establish a close and personal contact with all these premium students coming from 33 different countries and 95 different universities in Europe. It is the perfect place to promote your company internationally and the opportunities that it offers among the best students of Europe.


Board of European Students of Technology

BEST Career Support



GENERAL MEETINGS General Meetings are the highest decision making bodies of BEST. They gather the most dedicated BEST members, leaders of local groups and members of international teams. There are two general meetings each year.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY General Assembly is the biggest and most important decision-making body in BEST. In this event which takes place in April, we set our goals for following years, elect new international board, present and evaluate the current international projects. The first day of the event is dedicated to our partner companies and universities. During this day we organise our biggest job fair called BEST Career Day. The General Assembly 2014 will be held in Bucharest, Romania this year.

PRESIDENTS’ MEETING Presidents’ Meeting is one of the biggest and most important decision-making event in BEST. In this event which is on the middle of November, we discuss essential issues of our organisation and evaluate the first half of the year and the current international projects. Official Opening Day represents the second biggest job fair in BEST, gathering almost 200 top BEST members, including the presidents of local BEST groups and 50 top local university students who are often in their final years of study or recent graduates.

Our partners have the opportunity to give presentations and speeches about their company or institution, hold workshops with their own selected participants, communicate personally with targeted students, conduct interviews and access their CVs during these job fairs. Besides, they are promoted through the event’s promotion materials and website of event.


Board of European Students of Technology

The European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) gathers over 6500 students making it the biggest engineering competition in Europe. This activity challenges students to work in teams and use their technical and soft skills to solve engineering problems. The students start by participating in a local round held at 83 universities and the winners attend one of the 15 national or regional rounds they belong to. Then 120 top European technical students compete at the final event. Students compete on one of two categories: • Team Design where they devise a physical prototype • Case Study where they develop hypothetical solutions to real life problems within a limited amount of time. Our partners have opportunity to deliver Team Design or Case Study, communicate with participants during the job fair and give speeches and presentations. Besides this, partners are promoted through media channels, promotional materials and website of event. This year, the EBEC Final 2014 is going to be organized at Riga, Latvia in the beginning of August. Website:

ROUND TABLE Round Table is a special event which has the purpose of being main meeting of current and future corporate partners of BEST. Several presentations, discussions and evaluations are held during the whole day. Round Table is the excellent occasion to understand BEST Career Support, evaluate the ongoing cooperation with BEST and become informed in hot topics where new cooperation can erupt.

LOCAL CAREER EVENTS Our local groups organise their own career events and activities to gather their students with companies. The main goal is bridging the gap between and hundreds of companies cooperate BEST locally every year through these events. Live Events


PARTNERSHIP OFFERS The following pages summarise the four different levels of partnership proposed by BEST, Board of European Students of Technology. For more details to any events, please refer to the next chapter , that explains the benefits of our live events for your company.

CORPORATE PARTNER (1 YEAR) A Corporate Partner of BEST has close active contact with the organisation, shares common values and is interested in the members and development of the organisation. This partnership level includes: • Participation in events: - Participation at 3 of BEST internal events; - Updates on activities of local BEST groups and facilitation for participating in local career events; - 1 000 EURO discount for 1 General Meeting and 1 000 EURO discount for European BEST Engineering Competition Final; - Possibility to initiate personalised projects with BEST and to regularly evaluate present and future projects, e.g. contests, case studies, training sessions. • Full access to BEST Career Support:

- Access to over 37 000 CVs from BEST Career Support database; - Possibility to send 10 newsletters to our 35 000 subscribers including undergraduates, recent and experienced graduates and alumni in our database; - Partner’s extended profile in BEST Career Support; - Opportunity to post job and internship offers in BEST Career Support; - Promotion of your special programmes in BEST Career Support; - Career Advice Newsletter. • Promotion as Corporate Partner on: -

Website; Promotional materials; Social media: 15 posts; BEST’s intranet (;

BEST Intranet is an online working tool, where our members communicate and do their tasks virtually. Every member connects at least once per day to our internal communication tool and this offers our Partners an enhanced visibility. The annual contribution for Corporate Partner is 11 000 EURO.

CAREER SUPPORT PARTNER (1 YEAR) A Career Support Partner of BEST is a company willing to promote its image, values and career offers to participants of BEST events. This partnership level includes: • Full access to BEST Career Support: - Access to the CV database of BEST Career Support; - Possibility to send up to 3 targeted newsletters to our 35 000 subscribers including undergraduates; recent and experienced graduates; and alumni in our database; - Partner profile in BEST Career Support; - Opportunity to post job and internship offers in BEST Career Support; - Promotion of your special programmes in the BEST Career Support. • Promotion as Career Support Partner on: - Website; - Promotional materials; - Social media: 7 posts. The annual contribution for Career Support Partner is 6 000 EURO.


Board of European Students of Technology

Partnership offers


OVERVIEW Corporate Partner

Career Support Partner


Project Partner

Participation in Events 3 Internal Events

BEST Career Support

SUPPORTER (1 YEAR) A Supporter of BEST is a company willing to promote its image and values through BEST. This partnership level includes: • Access to BEST Career Support - Possibility to send 1 targeted newsletter to our 35 000 subscribers including undergraduates, recent and experienced, graduates and alumni in our database; - Partner profile in BEST Career Support; - Promotion of your special programmes in the BEST Career Support. •

Promotion as Supporter on: - Website; - Materials; - Social media: 3 posts. The annual contribution for Supporter is 3 000 EURO.


Access to CV Database Post Jobs/Internships Offers Company Profile

Career Newsletter







11 000

6 000

3 000

2 000

Article in BEST Annual Report Logo on Posters and Leaflets

This partnership level includes: Possibility to send 1 targeted newsletter to our 35 000 subscribers including undergraduates, fresh graduates, experienced graduates and alumni in our database; Promotion of your special programme on BEST website; Possibility to post a news item about the project in the website’s main page and student welcome page. Promotion on social media with 2 posts.

Social Media


Logo & News on BEST Intranet

News on

• •



A Project Partner of BEST is a company willing to promote a specific short-term special programme. •


Special Programmes


The contribution for Project Partner is 2 000 EURO.


Board of European Students of Technology

Partnership offers


WORDS FROM OUR PARTNERS «We value a lot the cooperation between P&G and BEST. Therefore, we have the cooperation for 20 years now. P&G offers really reach the students that we want to hire by sending BEST Career Newsletters to the vast database that BEST has with about 35.000 technical students.» Sophie Da Rocha & Anastasia Zisidou, P&G

«I’m very proud as we’ve been partnering with BEST over several years now.» Sandrine Humbrecht, Talent Sourcing Manager at Veolia Water


Board of European Students of Technology Words from our partners






With the support of the Youth in Action of European Union


Board of European Students of Technology

Our Partners



CONTACT ANDREEA NICU BEST Corporate Relations Coordinator E-mail: Phone: +40765079755

PATRICIA DIACONU Treasurer of BEST E-mail: Phone: +40721502676

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