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PGA Secretary & Communications Officer Brief Manifesto I am standing because I want to contribute to build a solid Postgraduate Association that both addresses the variety of needs of Postgraduate Students (academic, social, material) and also gets involved in UCLU campaigns and discussions, in order to collaborate in building a better university.

A strong student movement can drive important changes in society, as in my country, where thanks of our efforts the human right of education is now a relevant issue. Even though their contribution might be slightly different. Postgraduates are not exempt of this responsibility, particularly in the post-Brexit context. I am particularly interested in keeping PGs informed about UCLU and PGA activities, events and campaigns, and to help them to let the community know about their ideas or be part of their projects. That way, I think that we will be creating more socially cohesive communities and also communities that care about the university as a whole and about its surrounding society.

PGA Officer Brief Manifesto  

I am a student of the MSc Population Health. This is the Manifesto I wrote to stand as candidate for Secretary & Communications Officer of U...

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