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Manifesto Summary As an international postgraduate student from Latin America I think that I can give diversity to the delegation, and represent UCL in that sense. I will put efforts to give you the opportunity to express your views on the issues to be discussed at the National Union of Students Conference beforehand, so that they orientate the delegates participation. Furthermore, I am interested in keeping students updated with current campaigns and activities of the NUS. A strong student movement can drive important changes in society, as in my country, where thanks of our efforts the human right of education is now a relevant issue. I believe that the NUS must have a clear position on the Agenda, with concrete proposals for social policy to fight for. It is relevant to be active particularly around Brexit, that sets a lot of challenges for society. Also, it should promote free education as well as the strengthening of the NHS for it to fulfil the needs of the people, without discrimination to ethnic groups, migrants, LGBTI and others. I can use my experience as former president of the medical students of my university, and afterwards of all health-related careers, to build that strong movement.

Manifesto My name is Gonzalo Cuadra Malinarich, Bachelor Degree in Medicine, current student of the MSc Population Health at UCL 2016/17. I come from Chile, where I have been President of the Medical Students of my university, and also President of the Health Students Council, that includes all health-related careers. During my years of undergraduate studies, I contributed to the student movement, who fought for free education in the public sector and promoted very significant cultural changes in my society, that before 2011 was much more conservative. I am interested in contribute to the NUS because I think the UK is facing a crossroads in its history, and the student movement in here should take that responsibility and contribute to orientate the social forces and the whole country towards a good direction. Bigotry, intolerance, should never reign in here. Social rights, such as health and education, should not be taken away by the government or face any cuts, so even when the country might face difficult times e.g. in economy, the disadvantaged should not be the ones who pay for the political mistakes of last governments. So, to tackle inequality will remain to be a main task, in which the NUS must be actively involved, developing serious social policy proposals for education health, housing, among others. Those who share these principles and aims, should vote for me.

What would I achieve?

1. Give feedback opportunities to students and societies before the NUS Conference 2. Keep the community updated on the NUS campaigns and activities 3. Represent effectively the student community of UCL 4. Inform live about the NUS Conference 5. Organise activities and promote campaigns that turn the NUS Conference ideas and decisions, into action

NUS delegate manifesto  

I am a student of the MSc Population Health. This is the Manifesto I wrote to stand as candidate for UCL Delegate for the National Union of...

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