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Promotion of tolerance Tolerance is to accept behavior and beliefs of other people, although you might not agree with or approve of them. This value is very important to have in mind because thanks to this value we can be able to have better relations with people.

The problem now a days is that today’s generation is losing this value because they are not giving much importance to this, and that causes that they lose other values such as respect.

This value is very important because we practice it every day in our daily life, like in the school, with our friends, family, and help us solving our problems because this is value can help us to understand the way of thinking in all the people that surround us.

With the tolerance we can work better in every environment because it helps us to respect all the ideas or beliefs that the people have, and with that we can coexist with anyone without having any problem.

In conclusion we can say that tolerance is one of the most important values of all because if you have tolerance, you will also practice values like patience and respect. Finally, if you use it in your daily life, all the things will be easier no matter what.


Beauty In A Year Spring is full of fun times outside And a big sun with a blue sky Birds are singing, and flowers are blooming With a beautiful tunning

Summer is always the best for the beach Shinny sand, and beautiful blue sea No worries and new things to see And a hot weather to be in a good mood But a little rain is always good

Autumn or Fall is a beautiful time of the year This is when the trees and weather change Trees turn red, yellow and orange And the weather is perfect to have your friends near

Winter may be cold and it has less color But think of the fun times in the snow The hot coco and delicious food is all you want to know That feeling of cuddling in bed And not thinking of nothing more


Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day? (By: William Shakespeare)

O mistress mine, where are you roaming? O stay and hear! your true-love's coming That can sing both high and low; Trip no further, pretty sweeting, Journey's end in lovers' meetingEvery wise man's son doth know. What is love? 'tis not hereafter; Present mirth hath present laughter; What's to come is still unsure: In delay there lies no plenty,Then come kiss me, Sweet and twenty, Youth's a stuff will not endure.


The Best Once upon a time, in a little neighborhood of New York, two little kids, a little German kid of twelve years old named Julian Draxler, and a little Argentinian of twelve years old too, named Paulo Dybala made history in a very particular way.

One day, Draxler went to the basic forces of NYC Football Club to do proves to become a professional soccer player, and the next day, Dybala went for the same purpose. Two years later, Draxler and Dybala received an e-mail saying that they were accepted in the team and they will start training the next week.

Finally the day came, it was the hour to make history, and they were going to make her first appearance on the team. They made a dream debut on the basic forces, Draxler made two goals and three assists to goal, and Dybala made a hat-trick and an assist to goal, and that´s how it started a rivalry between this two future cracks.

In a training, the DT said that the player with the most outstanding performances in the week, will have an opportunity to join to the first team of NYC and the favorite candidates to join to that team were Draxler and Dybala.

On Monday of that week, Draxler defeated Dybala scoring 5 goals and Dybala only scored 1 goal. On Tuesday, Draxler defeated again Dybala making 3 assists to goal and Dybala only scored 1 goal again. On Wednesday, Dybala finally defeated Draxler scoring a hat-trick and Draxler can´t score any goal and any assist.


On Thursday, Dybala Humiliated Draxler scoring 8 goals and Draxler scored only 2 goals. On Friday, another teammate of Draxler and Dybala won that day. On Saturday, the DT finally took the decision, he said that Dybala will have the opportunity to play in the first team of NYC, but Dybala recognized the effort of Draxler and he made a request to the DT if he can have the same opportunity that he have. The DT accepted what Dybala said, and then Dybala said to Draxler what he talked about with the DT and Draxler got very happy and thanks to that Draxler and Dybala become best friends and Draxler had an opportunity to become a professional soccer player too. The DT told to Draxler and Dybala that their first training in the first team of NYC will be the Wednesday of the next week, they were very excited and anxious to make their debut there. When the day comes, 1 hour before they arrived to the training, Dybala made a bet with Draxler of whoever debuted first in the team in an official match, the loser will be tended to pay one thousand dollars to the winner, and Draxler accepted. Then was time to make their first training on the 1st team with legends like Villa, Pirlo and Lampard. Finally they were doing their 1st training with the team, but it was horrible because they were the only two new guys and the only guys under 16 years old in the training and everybody look them weird.

Several years later, Toronto FC and NYC FC were facing each other in the final, and the DT gave the opportunity to Dybala and Draxler to be in the game, but in the bench, because two of the players of the first team were injured. Minute 89, the NYC was losing 2 goals to 1, and the DT said to Draxler to stand up of the bench, Draxler looked Dybala with an ironic face and then the DT said to Dybala the same (to stand up).


Minute 90, Villa was changed by Dybala and Pirlo was changed by Draxler and was the moment of this two young players. Minute 90+1, Draxler recovered the ball, he beat 3 defenders, then he gave the pass to Dybala, he was alone, then Dybala shoot and score! The score was 2-2. Minute 90+3, the last minute of the game, Dybala recovered the ball, then he beat 2 defenders and then a defender makes a penalty to Dybala, and now was the moment of Julian Draxler. Minute 90+3, Draxler takes the penalty, make a rabona shot and scores! 2-3. NYC became champions thanks to Draxler and Dybala! Was an historical moment for the club and for this two players. Draxler and Dybala made their debut at the same time, so anyone had to paid the bet. Instead of paying the bet, Draxler and Dybala join their money to buy a dog that talks named esnupi to symbolize that moment. The first of the next month, Draxler received an incredible offer from Vfl Wolfsburg from Germany and Dybala received an offer from Juventus of Italy. The problem was, who would stayed with the dog? In the last training of them in NYC, Dybala and Draxler had a fight, thanks to esnupi, because they didn´t reach an agreement of who would stay with the dog. In the last minute of the training, finally they reach an agreement that says that the one that becomes the best player in 1 year, would stay with esnupi. While they are becoming the best players, the dog will stay in the hotel for dogs, in New York (NY). And well, it started a new life for Paulo Dybala and Julian Draxler, fighting of who will be the best player, starting a “friendly” rivalry between them. Few days later, Draxler arrived to Wolfsburg becoming the most expensive player of all the time for the Wolves, costing €39,000,000. In the same day that Draxler arrived to Wolfsburg, Dybala arrived to Italy, becoming the most expensive younger player (20 years old) of all the time, costing €40,000,000.


It was a Saturday on Italy, Dybala was ready and very excited for making his debut in the team. Juventus was facing against Milan, was very important this match because if Juventus win, they will classify to the champions league, and it was the moment of Dybala to shine. Minute 46, Juventus was winning 1-0, Dybala changed Alvaro Morata, and now Dybala was on the pitch, and few seconds later, the goal of Milan comes, everybody was questioning if Dybala was a good investment. Minute 90, the match was still 1-1, and then, Dybala recovered the ball, he beat one player, then he makes a rabona fake and then he beat another, and finally he only chop the ball over the goalkeeper and made a wonderful goal, and shouting all the haters mouths. When he arrived to the dressing room, everyone cheer Dybala for her great goal. Next week, was the turn of Draxler, on a very difficult match against Bayer Leverkusen because if they win, they would be Champions of the league. Draxler started in the first team, this was a very important opportunity if he wanted to defeat Dybala. Min. 1, Javier Hernandez scored for Bayer, the wolves were losing 0-1. Min 45, Javier Hernandez scored another, bad luck for Draxler, 0-2 Min. 80, exactly in this moment, Julian Draxler made history, in a corner, he scored an Olympic goal! 1-2 Min. 81, Draxler shoot out of the zone of the goalkeeper and he scored, 2-2! Min. 83, Draxler shoots from the half of the pitch and he scores again! 3-2 Min. 84, There is a penalty against Bayer and Draxler shoot and scored, 4-2! Min. 86, Draxler recovered the ball from the defense, he takes down one rival, then he takes another with two bicycles, then another with a roulette, then he lift up the ball and made a volley shoot, and he scored! 5-2 Min. 90, the match finished and all the stadium praised Julian Draxler.


Draxler broke a record of the fastest 5 goals ot the history in one match in only 7 minutes, beating Lewandowski´s record of 9 minutes. Few months later, Wolfsburg was facing Juventus in the Champions League Final, and this was the most important day of their lives, because in this moment it will define who will be the best player of the year, and well, the match started, minute one… Minute 2, Dybala scored from a free kick, 1-0 Minute 88, there is a foul made by Dybala to Draxler in the penalty zone, Dybala got a yellow card and Draxler was hurt, but he wanted to shoot the penalty. Minute 90, Draxler is about to shoot, he take a look to Dybala and he shoot without looking the ball and he slipped and fails the opportunity! Juventus and Dybala won! Finishing the match, Draxler goes to Dybala for saying: I let you win, I act my slip, because thanks to you and your request of our ex-DT, is where I am now. Draxler moves away from Dybala little by little until Draxler enter to the Dressing rooms of the teams. The next day, Dybala went for esnupi to NY and when he returns to Italy, his DT have wonderful news: Barcelona FC made an offer for Draxler of €105,000,000 and another offer for Dybala of the same quantity offered to Draxler. Finally, Dybala arrived to Barcelona and he met again with Draxler, and the both of them could stayed with esnupi because they would live in the same city. Thanks to the NYC FC and to Esnupi, they kept a teammate relation that never ends.



Grateful person that Only wants, wish and Needs a big beautiful Zebra to ride And a special and unique Lion to be Ordinary and happy.


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